International students at schools is “privatisation by stealth”

Two month ago, the chief lobbyist for the International Education Association of Australia (IEAA), Phil Honeywood, demanded Australia’s public high schools boost enrolments of international students:

Australia should be recruiting more international students to attend its high schools and marketing its school curriculum to overseas international schools more aggressively, according to the International Education Association of Australia.

The organisation’s chief executive Phil Honeywood said studying here in high school would help international students form bonds with local students and reduce the risk of them becoming socially isolated at university.

“If we are genuine about better integrating international students with Australian domestic students, then a lot more needs to be done with high school enrolments from overseas”…

“By having even a small number of international students, not only does it provide individual government schools with additional revenue but it also encourages inter-cultural understanding of Australian kids with students from other cultures”…
Only about 3 per cent of full-fee paying international students in Australia are studying at a secondary level…

At the time, I labelled this a stupid proposal, since it would worsen already chronic over-crowding across the nation’s schools, as well as add additional strains to economic and social infrastructure across Australia’s major cities.

To highlight the first point, projections from the Grattan Institute showed that Australia would need to build an additional 400 to 750 new schools (up from 9,400) in order to accommodate an extra 650,000 (17%) students by 2026:

Obviously, adding thousands of international student enrolments would make the schools requirement and overcrowding situation worse.

This proposal also risks undermining school teaching standards, as we have already witnessed across Australia’s university sector, in a bid to maximise enrolments and revenue from international students with poor English-language proficiency.

You can easily imagine situations where teachers in our classrooms are required to pause repeatedly to explain concepts to non-English speaking students. Or, in the case of Chinese international students, be prohibited from teaching blacklisted western values or other topics sensitive to the Communist Party of China (e.g. Hong Kong, Tibet, or Taiwan).

With this background in mind, education unions have lambasted a plan by the Western Australian Government to increase the number of international students at public schools, labelling it “privatisation by stealth”:

Education unions have “grave concerns” a program specifically encouraging Chinese students to enrol at Western Australia’s most prestigious public secondary schools will contribute to an over-reliance on fee-paying international students at the expense of locals…

State School Teachers’ Union WA president Pat Byrne said while international students were already paying for places in public schools, the program “exacerbates what is already an undermining of public education” in the state…

“Given the costs which these students will be expected to pay there is a strong possibility that schools will be tempted to choose students according to the income they bring with them.

“This would result in local students being denied opportunities which might otherwise have been available”…

“This is another form of privatisation by stealth,” she said.

Again, many public schools are already under-funded and over-enrolled. Therefore, the possibility of displacing local students with international students should be outright rejected.

Leith van Onselen
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  1. “By having even a small number of international students, not only does it provide individual government schools with additional revenue but it also encourages inter-cultural understanding of Australian kids with students from other cultures”



    Are our leaders lizard people?

    again WTF!

    • no Phil Honeywood is a visionary. Next he will be saying the public hospitals should take patients from overseas to help them make money and pay for themselves.

    • The government has already privatised most things, only a few things left and then they won;t have to do anything at all.
      This is merely greasing the wheels for a privatisation of schools like the one that universities have undergone in the last decade or 2.
      What could go wrong?

    • We already have more than 35 % of students in private schools. We already have the highest % of private school students in the first world.

      The wet dream of the IPA/happy clappies, etc. is to get this to 50 % then swap to equal value education vouchers for each student so they can destroy the public education system.

  2. China PlateMEMBER

    “…and reduce the risk of them becoming socially isolated at university.”
    Has it not become the native born that are the strangers in a foreign land due to the high numbers of internationals

    • The idea that Local teens will befriend international teens is laughable. When I was in high school there were about 10 international students all of whom hung out with other international students or a handful of local students who could speak their language.

    • Shuddup and eat your gruel, peasant!

      International student? This way please. The VIP lounge is right over here …

    • Walking around my alma mater leads me to believe that you are correct. I feel like a stranger in a strange land.

  3. You don’t have to “imagine situations where teachers are required to pause repeatedly for non-English speaking students”. A primary teacher we know, very green at the time, faced this in Newington Ghetto some years ago. She’s no orphan.

    She would explain stuff to the one or two English speakers, who would then translate to the others. Evidently, the LibLab mass migration program is world-class economics, which is why all the other OECD nations are copying it, not.

  4. I will try and avoid diversity when our kid goes to school as much as possible.
    The only way to protect your kids futures is to vote ON as any other party doesnt give a stuff

  5. The more of this pollie garbage I read the more I realise just how terrified and desperate our rulers (pardon me, public ‘servants’) are. The economy is literally sliding into a deep, dark abyss and these sweats are scurrying around frantically trying any pea-brained scheme to prevent the inevitable. I just hope ‘the people’ hold them accountable.

  6. A pommy mate and his polish/English wife were living vibrantly in London when their 5-7yr old daughter came home from school and ask ‘why was she the only white person in her class’ They Moved to rural Suffolk cause the mother didn’t want the daughter always feeling the odd one out. How ironic

  7. Stewie GriffinMEMBER

    LOL – as I have been saying, it is impossible to have common social capital in a Multicultural society.

    The majority of any AND every population group within it, will resent paying to help project forward other communities or population group’s values forward into the future.

    Who wants to pay for a bunch of remedial English teachers when your own kids could benefit from better facilities?
    Who wants to pay for special education classes for disruptive low IQ population groups, when your own kids would benefit from extra teacher attention?

    Inevitably the only ‘fair’ choice in terms of how such a diverse societies resources are distributed are via the market mechanism and price discovery.

    But hey – how good is the food?

    • Diversity + Proximity + Scarcity or Competition = War.

      Though; “War” can take many forms and occur on many different levels.
      The more you ramp up each of the factors in this equation, the more likely that the “war” becomes more overt.

    • I take issue with your statement that the market provides the only fair way for resource distribution.

      If a bunch of rich Chinese who made their $$ through corrupt wheeler-dealing in their country all settle in one location then they get to throw their dollars around and change the schools there? No, that’s not fair to the people who’ve had the misfortune of living in a country in which the only way to make money recently has been through property, which requires enough of a price of entry that not everyone could even get started in it, rather than living in a rapidly-gentrifying third world country.

      • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

        Of course it is not fair – that is the whole point I was trying to make.

        Diverse Multicultural nations inevitably slide towards a market based solution for solving all of their social problems, because the necessary requirements for mutually solving the problems, high trust, shared values, etc no longer exist.

        Each to their own – exactly as your example suggests.

  8. Another case of follow the money.

    At least it’s less of a problem for the younger kids since they pick up languages fast. I remember in grade 1 or 2 a boy whose parents had recently arrived from Germany started school and the teachers were going around the classrooms looking for anyone who spoke German (his parents spoke very little English as at the time, I believe). 6 months (probably not even that – hard to remember and contextualise timeframes from that age) he was fine.

    I remember when we lived in Switzerland many of the expats said the same about their kids (at least the ones using local schools) – struggled with language for 3-6 months but then settled in (and for the older ones, loved being able to have conversations their parents couldn’t understand).

      • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

        Anyone moving to work in Switzerland to work, is likely to have an IQ well above 100, which increases the chances of their children having an IQ above 100, which reduces the need for remedial teachers.

        Likewise schools in Germany are largely composed of the ethnic groups that live in the surrounding areas – no surprises that the kids will settle in pretty quickly if you live in a trendy suburb full of other high functioning expats.

        Typically state schools in East London are brimming with diversity – weirdly no one other than the desperately poor and needy want to send their kids there.

        I went to school as an ethnic minority in a fairly low IQ setting – it was a dreadful, horrible experience. I have no idea why anyone would think that turning a homogeneous, majority society into a majority minority society, will actually improve the life outcomes for everyone.

        The line of thinking seems to be, that if a majority is enjoying life it is unfair and that everyone if everyone is equally powerless and unhappy then suddenly enlightenment and understanding will fall out sky and the world will magically become a better place.

        It’s usually just idealists with their limited exposure to the wider world, mistaking their own privilaged existence of moving about in the company of other higher function IQ individuals, as the typical way society and people interact the world over.

        • exactly; it’s nothing to do with “diversity” and everything to do with social class. Educated professionals (and their children) are largely indistinguishable from each other. So what does “diverse” mean in this context?

          • Interesting take. I can definitely see your point but ….
            My kids have been in lots of schools where they just didn’t fit in and couldn’t speak the local language.
            Personally wrt the kids themselves language is only a problem if you let it be a problem, otherwise the kids will figure it out in no time at all, it’s just how young brains work they are incredibly malleable /adaptable and absorb information at an incredible rate.
            As for the all Expats are the same, yeah that’s true if you stick with the expat community, the real challenge for the parents is to break outside the expat community (leave the bubble, as we used to call it)

          • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

            Sadly diversity as it means in the West is seeking to populate our nations with as many people of different superficial traits as possible, skin colour, religion, etc, while pretending the most important form of diversity, IQ, doesn’t exist.

            Consequently social tension and social trust declines, as minority population groups blame racism when they fail to thrive in the West, as opposed to the innate gap in capabilities.

            The result then is that a raft of idiot do gooders, who put aside facts to protect their ‘feelings’ (least they appear impolite or racist), refuse to accept that these innate IQ differences exist, and then set about implementing social justice programs to unfairly increase the representation of such population groups in employment areas beyond their ability.

            “The sin which is unpardonable is knowingly and wilfully to reject truth, to fear knowledge lest that knowledge pander not to thy prejudices.” Crowley

            This results in those affirmative action hires either failing or doing a far poorer job, which then creates resentment by users who will avoid their services (falsely being attributed to racism) and other candidates from different population groups who would have otherwise been able to gain productive employment or study in those fields if it weren’t for such affirmative action policies.

            Then there are the social issues – with a median IQ of 85 vs 100. The implication of the differences in distribution means that 90% of Africans will have an IQ below 100.

            This in turn gives rise to confirmational bias among more highly educated do gooders, who mistake the small 5% – 10% of the overall African population with which they may encounter at work or within a professional or educational context, as being indicative of the behaviours and capabilities of the majority of that population group.

            Meanwhile the other 90% of Africans then start competing with the poor and less capable in our own society, who are facing their own problems. Understandably the existing poor and less intellectually equipped in our own society then start objecting to the increased competition for limited resources and welfare.

            It is usually around this time that the same do gooders, who have argued for the need to bring in such population groups, while pretending that IQ differences don’t exist, will then have no hesitation in accusing members of their own society for being racist bogans for objecting to what is being imposed on them – quite simply, it is a form of class warfare being waged by moralising do gooders.

          • Very well said Stewie. Not sure about quoting The Beast though, a bit of an unsavoury character. But do as thou wilt.

          • Eugenics much Stew?
            Btw IQ is primarily a measure of similarity it is definitely not a measure of Intelligence.
            Associating IO with “intelligence” is just one of these self aggrandizing functions by which all humans find rank and position within a society.
            It all starts with a statement like “People who are intelligent (like me) can do X, Y and Z!”….surprise surprise when the IO test tests the ability to do X, Y and Z but ignores the other 23 letters of the alphabet.

            As for languages that simply don’t have an alphabet ….well F’it they’re not even welcome at the IO testing party after all their ability to derive meaning from bits of scribble/scrabble is just not comparable to our idea development with words and sentences.

          • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

            Ideology much Miningbob?

            “The sin which is unpardonable is knowingly and wilfully to reject truth, to fear knowledge lest that knowledge pander not to thy prejudices.” Crowley”

            If there is any certainty in regards to the social sciences it is in regards to IQ tests which are fully replicate – a necessary condition for them to be accepted as fact.

            Yes, some societies don’t have written words, that is why IQ tests are usually built around pattern recognition problems. Pattern recognition is one of the behavioural attributes associated with IQ.

            “Eugenics is the philosophy and social movement that argues it is possible to improve the human race and society by encouraging reproduction by people or populations with “desirable” traits”

            I have NEVER said anything about improving the human race through breeding programs, EVER, but it is a common approach used by stupid (yes you) ideologues who’d rather slander an argument than attack a statement front on with fact and logic.

            The gist of all my commentary is that IQ matters in regards to the life outcome of individuals and the way societies are constructed. That is why Japan looks like Japan and Haiti looks like Haiti. (BTW – Haiti, delightful nation of Africans that it is, rebelled and killed every white person in the nation, man, woman and child over two hundred years ago. Then for good measure it killed every coloured person of mixed race – surely without the presence of evil white people oppressing them it would be somewhat higher than one of the last places on earth you would ever want to live?).

            Irreversible damage is being done to our society, a type of reverse Eugencis, by radical ideologues and ignorant feel gooders who are deliberately discarding science and fact, and pretending that these differences don’t exist and even if they do, have absolutely no impact on the composition of our society – a blatant self serving lie.

            By eliminating the possibility that differences in life outcome can in any way be due to innate difference, then the sole remaining explanation available is that it is due to environment, i.e. our society.

            Ergo, our society is an evil racist society, deliberately oppressing people on the basis of race. This is despite the multitude of evidence pointing that our societies are in fact the least, racist, most tolerant and most open societies that have ever existed anywhere and any time on earth.

            It is for this reason that I take the position I do and argue against stupidity and ideology of the likes of the Professor and yourself.

          • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

            Sorry for the tone Fisho/Bob – the Eugenics jab was completely unnecessary, and fired me up.

            IQ is a tool, it isn’t something that should define an individual, it may help to explain a portion of their life circumstance, but it will never explain all. Similarly in regards to societies.

            But pretending that it is of no importance when intelligence forms the foundations of who we are as a species is both annoying and does a serious disservice for our ability to analyse the problems we collectively face and why the world is the way it is.

            It doesn’t explain everything, but it does help to explain a significant portion – that is why I get annoyed up when people dismiss it as a factor.

          • Yup, IQ tests are not ideal but at the moment they are still the best at predicting ‘success’ in life.
            Don’t understand why you get so worked up about the eugenics thing. Reverse eugenics is exactly what Western countries are experiencing. Only problem I see with it is that people try to corner you with it and next thing they will call you an adherent of the NSDAP. These people are so predictable. Could not care less.

          • Comment further up should read: We would’t HAVE eugenics if the low IQ’s stopped invading.
            The dumbing down of the people by stealth is happening.

          • Yeah the Eugenics jab was probably low but I stand by what I said about IQ
            There are hundreds of different thinking capabilities that we either develop or not
            Intelligence is not as simple a test of abstract concepts and weird problem solving our brains are working all the time solving much more important equations like social position. We say and do all manner of things simply to affirm social position, we subconsciously get things wrong that we know how to do because getting the answer right would potentially change things in ways that we’re not ready for.
            IMO Anyone that believes they can devise a test which actually tests intelligence lacks the intelligence to ever do the task properly.

          • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

            You are fully entitled to your opinion Fisho and I won’t try to change it for you – all the context of my opinion and quotes are in relation to supporting my own views, which can be either accepted or rejected.

            You’re mentioning of many different types of ‘intelligence’ is correct – there are many different ways in which intelligence can be expressed, however thousands of studies across hundreds of thousands of individuals have concluded that there is a common underlying form of intelligence, which they refer to as “g” that best explains all of them.

            You can have a brilliant mechanic and a brilliant mathematician, when you test them using these IQ tests they will always score more highly than an average mechanic and average mathematician. The way that “g” is expressed in terms of interest, or the ‘many different types of intelligence’ is then influenced by the Big Five personality traits and sex differences in interest.

            BTW – IQ isn’t the only variable that has a significant outcome or influence on a person’s life outcomes. “Contentiousness” which is one of the Big Five personality traits also has a significant influence on individual success.

            Anyhow, as I have said before, IQ should never be used as the measure of a persons worth. It can help explain their successes, and indeed that is one of the reasons a lot of intelligent people often deny IQ is of any importance – because it robs them of their claims that their success was through hard work, when in many ways it was genetically pre-determined.

          • I can personally vouch for that. I am of average intelligence, and I’m not successful nor a complete disaster. QED IQ does matter. Heh!
            I enjoy these talks here. Hope to see you all over the weekend again.

          • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

            All good Sasha – glad you enjoy the commentary. No matter how smart a person thinks they are, there is always someone brighter than them in the room.

            “Don’t be jealous or proud, but be humble and consider others more important than yourselves.”

            – St Paul to the Philippians

            It is not always easy though, especially when dealing with zealots and ideologues.

          • Especially when those zealots and ideologues can’t handle/win a fact based discussion and all they want to do then is bash your head in. These people are truely scary. But I have a good feeling that they are going to end up eating each other with their holier that thou attitude.
            Thanks for bringing your eloquent sanity here Stewie. Enjoy the rest of your week.

    • Yep. It’s all about money. The international student “market” has been very very successful for universities from a financial perspective so I’m not surprised pollies are pushing schools to emulate the “success”.

  9. Could be a good way to have mass population growth (immigration) become a negative political issue.
    Most parents of infants, primary and high school kids are pretty focused on getting the best outcome they can for little Johnny or Jane.
    By bringing in a few hundred thousand extra Chinese kids it could change the mood among voting parents on mass immigration quickly from neutral to very, very sour .