Hong Kong goes to war

Via Bloomie:

Hong Kong police and protesters hardened their battle lines over the weekend as violent clashes showed no signs of abating, leaving the city bracing for a second week of upheaval that risks disrupting pending elections.

The weekend saw pitched battles with demonstrators launching bricks, molotov cocktails and steel balls at police, who in turn volleyed tear gas and deployed water cannons. A police media-liaison officer was hit in the leg by an arrow, while protesters tossed petrol bombs at residents clearing streets strewn with bricks.

Via Hong Kong Free Press:

Hong Kong police tightened their grip on the Polytechnic University after nightfall on Sunday, issuing a warning at midnight that live ammunition may be used against protesters.


The army is looming:

Members of the Chinese military have been spotted cleaning up Hong Kong’s streets after one of the most violent weeks the city has seen in over five months of demonstrations.

But the presence of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) has prompted concern from some in the city, including a group of pro-democracy politicians who have demanded that Hong Kong’s government explain whether it requested public security and disaster relief assistance from China.

The inevitable is coming. It is a glimpse of Australia’s future if we don’t stand up.

David Llewellyn-Smith


    • Who is this “we” you talk about? Our government is kept in power by a CCP member, Gladys Liu.
      Neither major party stands for “freedom”. They stand for what their rich donors tell them to.

    • Is supporting a minority group that becomes vocal and fistful with foreign financing indeed a support to freedom and HK?

    • Hehe, we don’t even support it in our own country, otherwise we would have:
      Freedom of speech -18C
      Freedom of the press – ABC journos getting pinged by the AFP.

      Yet we’re more likely to getting a bigger number in a rally protesting for Hong Kong that the two I mentioned.

  1. I cannot immediately a scenario where it’ll end well for the protesters. A siege without relief from the outside cannot win, and by placing everyone in one spot it makes it easier to arrest everything.

    • They are all in at this point though. I don’t know if the West can afford to let them lose. And I think they know that.

      • “West can afford to let them lose. And I think they know that.”

        Do they know that this ‘affordability’ is the most fluid factor in US history?

        If US could let go of Kurds and White Helmet guy (Syrian affairs), HK protestors will be just a silver coin pocket change in armwrestling with China on the global field.
        US cannot invade HK the way it could in Syria, Libya, Iraq etc and this Ukraina style intervention is doomed as there is no short term carrot to be dangled (e.g. EU membership) to create a critical mass.
        HK just has to wait patiently for “protests” to fizzle and react only with passive interventions (acting against individual ring leaders).
        As HK people grow fatigued of the one-sided violence, the support for them is doomed. IMO, the US is aware of this and the whole shebang is just to spice up the negotiations with China on a different front.

        • it is when it comes to ‘influence’

          The US has little influence in the middle east,so it can let the respective savages kill each other.

          But when it comes to East Asia, there’s going to be a whole bunch of other players like Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia… who if they seek HK obtain no protection from the US, will think to themselves “The US probably won’t protect us either”.

          the CCP are too far down the track of desiring tyranny on others, I think it’s best we do a ‘Manhattan project’ on anti-missile defence to shoot down Chinese nukes, just dedicate to the very best we can do. Then aim for a two year finish to nuke mainland China into oblivion.

          • @ RP
            The US has little influence in the middle east,so it can let the respective savages kill each other.

            the CCP are too far down the track of desiring tyranny on others

            Disconnect from reality is immense.
            Above two sentences contradict each other, indicatesnsufficie level of on Middle East affairs but notion on Kurds is pinnacle absence of knowledge on role Kurds played as US patsies in Syria (when they were needed).

            There’s a saying that a nation is better off to be a small enemy of US than a small ally.
            A red pill can help

          • That word ‘contradiction’, it doesn’t mean what you think it means.

            The Kurds have been thugs since time immemorial, their role as patsies was implied from the beginning. Anyone who thought otherwise is the one indicating insufficient knowledge of middle eastern affairs. You would know this if you were “really red pill”.

            China is seeking to do to much of the region what is has done to the peoples like the Guangxi, and are doing to peoples like the Tibetans.

            It is for example why the Vietnamese despise the Han so vehemently.

            – ‘ I prefer to sniff French shit for five years than eat Chinese shit for 1,000 years” Ho Chin Minh

          • “The Kurds have been thugs since time immemorial, their role as patsies was implied from the beginning.”

            The Kurds saw it not the same way. They received support in fighting legitimate rulers of Syria until they were not needed any more and handed over to other savage mob.
            Same applies for HG “protesters”, ISIS, A’Kaida… all former US allies.

          • “The Kurds saw it not the same way.”

            LOLZZOLOLZ… sure they did.

            The Kurds have been the thugs of whoever paid them. They were notorious for doing the Ottoman’s dirty work with rape and murder in the Balkans well into the late 19th century and their enthusiasm for participating in the Armenian genocide.

            The Kurdish workers party in modern times has been known to be an ultra-violent intiative with no restraint in harming innocents. No one ever views them as a noble people who will be rewarded with a home state, they’re viewed as some grubby thugs who will be offered another opportunity for rape and murder for the lulz, and they will gleefully accept.

            “They received support in fighting legitimate rulers of Syria until they were not needed any more and handed over to other savage mob.”

            Yep… that sounds about right.

            “Same applies for HG “protesters”, ISIS, A’Kaida… all former US allies.”

            ISIS and Al’Quadia were never ‘allies’, there were opportunistic thugs for hire that were ‘the enemy of my enemy’.

            What made them so convenient in all these cases is that they are so happy to play the role of thug when they’ve got an upper hand. You think ISIS fighters, who would enslave and rape auctioned-off Yazhidi’s sex slaves, are otherwise noble people?

          • @RP

            “…there were opportunistic thugs for hire that were ‘the enemy of my enemy’.”
            And thus we come, long way round, to the original point I made:
            US will (pick your own preferred euphemism): ally, use thugs for hire, finance their creation (e.g. Telaban) *anyone* that serves the purpose… until they serve no purpose at all and are let go down the river.
            Same applies for so called “protestors” whatever they demand now… silver coin in US geopolitics – one cannot get a loaf of bead being short of it, but not enough to buy anything…

            BTW, Kurds saw a chance to create national state from the rubble of Syria (as the most promising outcome at the beginning of the US’ attempt to deconstruct Syria) and thinking that US did not ignite that with napalm would be a nice definition of naivety (recipe successfully tried in Balkans in late 80’s onwards)

        • what crap…Djenka, Don’t believe everything you hear or see, the Cc-p are masters at deception, they have infiltrated the radical side of violence here and are filming the destruction, posting as protestors, HKers know this, they are not fatigued, what u are seeing is people shipped in from Mainland paid to be anti protestors etc, its how they do things!…arm chair commentary is what they want, they have turned another, they would say…wake up with US, the Kurds do not have any influence globally, no money bit of oil and centuries of religious wars, US don’t want to take part in that crap anymore and rightly so…HK financial Hub for Asia, and China a lot more at stake, do u see JP Morgan in Syria?..

          • what crap…Djenka, Don’t believe everything you hear or see,

            Love your opening argument.

            I don’t believe everything I hear or see hence my comment.
            But I do seek my info on both sides of the dark

  2. “The inevitable is coming. It is a glimpse of Australia’s future if we don’t stand up.”

    Yeah, but that’s in the future…. 😉

    Haha, I don’t mean it, but you know it’s what ‘Straya thinks.

    Too many quiet Australians being quiet, and either enjoying their property perks, or looking forward to doing so – now there’s something to look forward to!

    I reckon the CCP could run in the next federal election, and they’d get voted in on a platform of increasing negative gearing, capital gains and franking credit perks! Now, there is a winning formula!

  3. I cannot imagine a scenario where it’ll end well for the protesters. A siege without outside relief cannot win, and by placing everyone in one spot it makes it easier for the police to arrest them. In the worse case scenario, a fire will start inside the building and hundreds will die.

    • to free HK you need all the ingredients:

      Free HK, f**k the CCP
      Free HK, f**k the CIA
      Free HK, f**k the MI6

      Can’t have a banana bread without a banana, or bread.

      • crap again, are you saying those agencies are so powerful that they literally brainwashed 2 million HK people to go out and protest peacefully and are you saying that the local HK are stupid and are dumb enough to listen and don’t have the ability to think for themselves and need to be led by the almighty smart western agencies……typical arm chair commentary trying to be smug…

        • Ukraina is your red pill, should you choose to take it.

          But you probably think it was “democracy” taking it natural path.
          silly putty

  4. SnappedUpSavvyMEMBER

    classy protesters too, I like the umbrellas and using traffic cones to cover tear gas cannisters, cool street art, all dressed the same, they have really made an art form of it

  5. Locus of ControlMEMBER

    Anyone want to take a punt on how this will end? Will the CCP just roll right over HK? Or will the kids get their concessions (all or some)?

    • The CCP will roll in to “rescue” HKG from the chaos fomented by splittist elements who have been urged on by sinister Western powers.

  6. Fuck you with the restrained response by the police.
    The Chinese tear gas used by the police releases dioxin and we are already seeing medical conditions manifesting in journalists and regular citizens.
    The police is effectively utilising chemical weapons on the general population and you call that restrain?

  7. Half a million mature age Hong Kong useless, unemployed petty criminals, misfits & destitute youth on the streets… from a pool of 1.4 million destitute housing commission or homeless & unemployed poor.

    Let’s face it – anyone Hong Kong Chinese with an education and money got a foreign passport or residency escape path long ago.

    – Who is behind the mob of unemployed & petty criminals plus gullible youth who posture as ‘students’ in the Jimmy lai & Hong Kong criminal class orchestrated riots against China CCP?

    The Hong Kong tycoons who own all the wealth & the mainland criminals who fled to Hong Kong to hide behind the Hong Kong corrupted judiciary and no extradition treaty.

    None of these Chinese Hong Kong ‘protesters’ have any experience of democracy.

    No Chinese in Hong Kong has ever had ‘Democracy’ since 1841 – never given by the British and never promised by British or China in handover.

    Facts, easily checked.

    1. Hong Kong has 25%of its people destitute – in extreme poverty v China at less than 3%.

    SCMP – excerpt Nov 2018. “More than 1.37 million people in Hong Kong live below the poverty line, struggling to survive in one of the most expensive cities in the world on as little as HK$4,000 (US$510) a month, according to official figures released on Monday. A fifth of Hong Kong’s population is destitute, a seven-year high, while even with government intervention 17.5 per cent of the city’s children are classed as living in poverty.“

    2. Hong Kong has massive youth & now structural unemployment caused by the shut down and shift of Hong Kong trade and industry to the mainland.
    Hong Kong used to be 15% of China’s total economic output, now it is less than 1%.

    3. The Hong Kong criminal class blocked & then converted public housing into private criminal elite housing development.
    Fact check. 2015 Hong Kong Urban Development. Excerpt. “The shortage of affordable housing is becoming a huge issue – over 30% of the population is currently living in subsidized housing, and the number of people waiting to enroll in the public housing program is growing each day. Many residents are forced to live in divided units, cage homes, or rooftop settlements. Increasing rent pressure, inflation, and undesirable living conditions make homelessness the only option for many.
    Hong Kong wealth is extremely unevenly distributed. According to a study on 28 Asia-Pacific cities, Hong Kong ranked the lowest on its Gini Index – a measurement of income distribution. While the rich enjoy luxury condos with elevated swimming pools, the poor, which makes up about 20% of the population (a total of ~1.4 million people), struggle with ever-increasing housing prices”.
    “One in three of Hong Kong’s population, over 2 million people, rely on subsidized housing. Waiting time is on average 4 years. Almost half of the population in poverty are working poor.” These are just some of the alarming statistics published by Hong Kong Housing Authority. Although the Housing Authority operates 740,000 flats in 172 Public Rental Housing (PRH) estates, the high demand for affordable housing is not close to being met. As of December 2015, there are nearly 300,000 applicants waiting for an affordable place to live in, and the number is only going up. As a result, people who cannot wait are forced out onto the streets. Although homelessness is commonly associated with unemployment, there is a large group of people are in the labor force also suffer from the effects of poverty. In Hong Kong, this “working poor” group accounts for more than half of the population in poverty. In numbers, that is about 700,000 people from working families who cannot provide themselves with basic living needs”
    Exactly the same as what is happening in Australia.

    4. The criminal organizers of this faux ‘made for the west’ rebellion are being assisted by foreign influence & support as pressure on China. Notably Taiwan but also the many surrounding enemies of China.

    And it all goes nowhere.

    The inevitable outcome from the handover nearly 2 decades ago was for Hong Kong to be transformed from a pampered indulgent self absorbed highly racist Han Chinese criminal run ex colony – into a wider CCP Han Chinese run racist fascist collective dictatorship.

    A question.
    Why aren’t the Hong Kong unemployed & homeless rabble protesting against their Hong Kong criminal elite who are the root cause of their social division and issues?

    Because the Hong Kong Chinese are easily manipulated.

    The Hong Kong criminal class have successfully channeled the unemployment & housing issues – (caused by the Hong Kong criminal class) into a mass hysteria of anti mainland Chinese xenophobia, racism (yep Hong Kong Han Chinese racism against Mainland Han Chinese) & isolationism on complete falsehoods like:

    ‘Democracy’.. never had it & wouldn’t know what to do with it.
    ‘A seperate judiciary’. Yep, a highly corrupt one.
    ‘No extradition’ – see above.
    ‘Their own little Chinese criminal run island dictatorship like say Singapore’.. sure..

    Isn’t going to happen.

    It’s all about resentment of their inevitable destiny.

    And that is to be assimilated into wider Han Chinese fascist racist National Socialist regime.

    China will eventually step in, quash the rebellion, and clean out that criminal class.

    Maybe some token gestures (like the Portuguese street signs in Macau) will remain of this ex colony.

    That’s their destiny.

  8. https://freehk.live/

    2019 Hong Kong District Council elections are scheduled to be held on 24 November 2019 for the sixth District Councils of Hong Kong. The fix is probably already baked in. Wouldn’t be surprised if live rounds come out before then to protect a forgone conclusion.