Hong Kong begins shooting protestors

It was a weekend of violence, via Bloomie:

The protests intensified throughout the city over the weekend in response to the death Friday of a student who was injured earlier near a recent clash between police and protesters. Activists vandalized shops and train stations, and threw Molotov cocktails at a police station, blocked roads, hurled objects at police, officials said in a statement.

The police said tear gas and special vehicles were deployed to disperse the crowds. The arrests were for offenses ranging from unlawful assembly to possession of weapons.

“Police reiterate that no violent behavior will be tolerated,” the police said in a statement. “Police will continue to take resolute enforcement action so as to safeguard the city’s public safety and bring all lawbreakers to justice.”

This morning it’s gotten worse as policemen shot two kids on camera:

It appears the revolution will be televised after all.

David Llewellyn-Smith


  1. China is a key trading destination for our resources…does NOT mean it is our friend or shares common values. This is an expected, but no less disturbing development.

  2. Don’t want to see HK go down the Chile or France road, or for that matter the occasional Oz police response or far worse, the US one.

    Tense times.

      • The people were standing there clapping.

        This is a media driven PR exercise backed by the CIA and the locals in Hong Kong want absolutely none of it.

        Look outside the ABC, Guardian and absurd coterie of American propagandists and the reality is vastly different to what is being portrayed.

        4,000 injured in France 20 dead – not a word from this website or any other.

        300 Killed in Iraq protests – not a word. (Tianamen was estimated at 200).

        • Exactly. Has US destabilisation written all over it. And yes, appeared to be met with some applause. HK cops must continue to exercise restraint in the face of continued and increasingly violent attacks against them. Australian is media has herd mentality on this and the other major topic de jour.

          992 shot and killed by US cops 2018. 783 so far 2019.

          • The chinese police have every right to shoot protestors after what has happened. In my opinion they have been far too restrained, no country in history has ever allowed such violent protests with such little response. Allowing anarchy leads to civil war or at best massive violence in the streets. All civil disorders only end after the military stops them.
            Just deal with it, the prejudice against China is why you can’t handle the truth. Hong Kong is a part of China so to use violence & destruction to try to succeed from China is treason. All countries would not allow this behaviour and would crack down far worse that china did in most.

            I’m all for demonstrating and anti police state but months of violent protests are different.

          • I suspect HK authorities want to minimise use of force under some influence from China. China is only too aware of the US agitprop underway and being of patient nature possibly prepared to let the protesters get to this stage where the majority of HKers now think things have gone too far and for too long. Time for back to business. Either the protesters self implode, a kind of civil war erupts or brief maximum force is deployed by the previously oh-so-restrained authorities.

        • If you try to stop the traffics like that in Sydney at the George Street and Bathurst Street intersection, it won’t be the police doing the shooting. I sympathize with the HK protesters but what they’re doing is just stupid.

        • Many. more than 200 died. It was in the thousands as I remember and the parents had to pay for the bullets.
          You’re right about France though. Never anything about violence there

    • 3dik and Rob Gel – cheap AstroTurf looks fake from day 1 and only gets worse from there.

      Just sayin.

      • GunnamattaMEMBER

        Yeah the return of 3d1k as a Xi spruikbot gives a real insight into just how far Chinese coin has come in (West) Australia.

        I bet he thinks those Uighurs are doing knitting and carpentry courses, and the Dalai Llama is a warmonger, and I do find myself wondering what his contemporary position on the dotted lines of the South China Sea would be…..

        • Well before your time here Gunna I was affectionately known as ChinaFanboi. For reasons unknown to me MB has long held a less than favourable view of China. Thought it may have been because China buys our resources, that China has become essential to our economy or possibly something climate related. I don’t know.

          US military interventions in Iraq, Afghanistan etc have overseen the loss of 480,000-500,000 lives. This does not include
          Syrria where conflict began 2011, US joined in 2014 and more than 500,000 have died over the entire period.

          A HK cop shoots two protesters posing threat. Some perspective is required.


  3. Wonder what forrest or McGowan think about this now. Still no comment. Still happy to take Chinese money.

  4. >”It appears the revolution will be televised after all.”
    No it won’t be. A curtain of censorship will fall over HK. Then the massacres of protesters wills start.

    The Australian government can already censor this material as it promotes “terrorism”

  5. “Activists vandalized shops and train stations, and threw Molotov cocktails at a police station”

    Vandalism and terrorism shall not be tolerated.

  6. Whatever the rights or wrongs, that black clad protestor showed incredibly poor judgement. Running at a struggling cop and grabbing for his gun when he’s pointing it directly at you from about 2m away will generally produce a poor outcome.

  7. just got tear gassed trying to get a coffee!….in central….the canister flew centimeters from my head….might have to change my coffee shop….