Hartcher: Cutting immigration is White Australia policy

Via Peter Hartcher today:

Yet Australia itself, where sane and centrist politics has largely prevailed, isn’t immune to the danger of a xenophobic populism in future. The Lowy Institute’s Sam Roggeveen has written an essay with the disturbing title Our Very Own Brexit.

“The tacit agreement between among our political class to support high immigration levels is presently untouchable,” he writes, “but the forces that have held this compact in place are weakening, and the issue is ripe for political exploitation.”

Roggeveen doesn’t predict but warns that, in the worst case, one of Australia’s main political parties breaks the compact and proposes an indefinite stop to Australia’s immigration program. This would “see Australia make a symbolic and real-world break with its geography just as Britain did when it voted to leave the EU”.

We tried this – it was called White Australia – a great economic and social and moral gash in our country’s history. It was a mistake that our historical memory should warn us against repeating. As Cox puts it: “We must be conscious of what history has taught us not because we should fear it but because we should mobilise ourselves not to repeat it.” Lest we forget.

How ridiculous. Australia is already multicultural with 30% born overseas. Even if we canned immigration today we’d still have a “Coloured Australia” policy and getting more so as recent migrants have more children.

Beyond this absurdity, why does Hartcher insist on this false binary of all or nothing? It’s preposterous to suggest immigration cuts are always racist, populist or any other “ist”.

Australian immigration as it currently stands is the most violent class war anyone can remember. It is central to rising house prices. Central to the crushing of wages. And central to the crush loading of cities. If it makes sense to lift these externalities so that living standards can rise again then we should do it for Aussies of every variety.

Hartcher’s maddening racial obsession is much more harmful to Australian social fabric than an immigration cut that will benefit the many.

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. What if I told you, the White Australia policy was a very sensible idea?

    Since racially and culturally homogeneous nations are the safest, least corrupt and most efficient

    • +100. What’s really tedious is the cultural suicide of white nations. Douglas Murray is spot on about that.

      • The thing that’s oft overlooked is that the WAP was introduced to contain the threat to wages from cheap foreign labour . And if the policy hadn’t been enforced , our nation would not enjoy anywhere near the standards of living for the average person and we wouldn’t be in such a globally envied position.


        • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

          Leaving aside the question of if the WAP was good or not, I struggle to accept the proposition that Australia’s current living standards were built on crushing wages via unannounced class warfare, in order to compete with developing nations.

          In case it is not absolutely clear, our wealth is dependent on one factor alone – productivity. Other than minerals extracted from the ground or produce harvested from the earth, the ability to get more from less is the source of all the wealth in the world.

          Anyone who says otherwise is either economically illiterate or LARP’ing as an economist.

          • China PlateMEMBER

            “I struggle to accept the proposition that Australia’s current living standards were built on crushing wages via unannounced class warfare, in order to compete with developing nations.”
            Stewie you made the hairs stand up on the back of me neck……….ya bastard

        • The tard formerly known as bcnich

          Maybe they’re sick of limp d1cks such as yourself and just want a good reaming? Much like the ex-wife who cucked you?

          • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

            Ah this can only be the slime mold referred to as Maggot – as much as it will disappoint you, we’re still happily married and performed the Beast with Two backs this very weekend. The climax of which culminated in me shouting out:

            “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children!!!”.

            After which my missus went and got me a beer and we enjoyed a post coital reefer before going for a drive and seeing how many dark skinned Uber Eats deliver cyclists we could run over in our enormous modified Hummer.

            Hopefully a couple them were relatives of yours.

          • The tard formerly known as bcnich

            Come on stewie, you cant fool us…. even if you could actually get it up it would have been a rather dull 30 seconds. Probably why your ex wife cant get enough of that BBC!

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      • What’s the (reported) crime rate in China , cuck?

        I’ll give you a clue. Its about 1/5th of the USA

        Just lol at having to use North Korea as a counterpoint

        If you were a smart cuck, you would have asked me what the crime rate is in various racially homogeneous African countries. But you would never do that, because black skin good

    • “…homogeneous nations are the safest, least corrupt and most efficient”
      And that’s why the powers that be (and Lowy Institue, etc) would do anything to stop it here!

    • The WAP seemed to work quiet well. Australian workers were protected from the mass importation of 3rd World labor, living standards were high, houses were affordable, crime was low and people lived in a socially cohesive society. So I’m not sure what Peter Hartcher’s problem is. Maybe he just hates white people??

    • How about a culture Australia policy. Obviously a person wearing a full letterbox black cape is(was) alien to us in the past. We are not allowed to talk about issues like adults because on one hand you have the extreme nazi types/ corporate social strategists then the other hand you have the 55 yr old wealthy, know it all Greeny woman or ABC/ SBS who won’t allow debate.

      • He’s doing the racists’ work for them by allowing the problem to grow bigger and bigger. This will drive many into the racist camp. It’s very difficult for many people to perform the mental gymnastics required to “hate the game, not the player”.

      • Yeah Harcher’s contribution is agree with me or you are a ……. Hardly helpful, intellectually lazy and vastly below his usual standard.

  2. The comments show, what they point out in the article. The first party to break from this conspiracy of mass extreme growth urbanisation is the winner. Who’s going to blink?

    • We might need an actual recession first. That way, the end of the immigration number wang can’t cause it (which I really think is the issue for the LNP).

      • There is an irony here in that a recession could lead to a reduction in NOM, however, one of the very reasons the two parties are reluctant to consider it is precisely because it could CAUSE a recession – and neither party / leader wants that on their resume.

        • Yep – that’s the catch 22 we are in.

          That said, if Aust goes into recession this year, it’s not out of the question that, with the damage done, the LNP campaigns hard for year on reducing immigration and painting the ALP as they party that wants to further reduce your living standards.

  3. It’s also central to the environmental and ecological destruction of both our cities and urban fringes.

  4. GunnamattaMEMBER

    How about Net Overseas Migration just back to the levels at which it ran for a generation prior to 2005?

    Nobody ever has explained why it was ramped up afterwards or why it has remained at those ramped up levels ever since

    • Jumping jack flash

      It’ll all come out soon enough, just like how the RBA now counts asset price inflation as a favourable effect of interest rate manipulation. Their agenda is revealed sooner or later.

      I’m just surprised nobody joined the dots. After the massive problem of too much debt and too much wage inflation threatened higher interest rates, Howard was so scared he dreamed up policy to lower wages. It was rejected.

      Fast forward a decade and look what we have!

      Mission accomplished?

    • I’ll have a go:
      – every additional consumer adds to GDP (all else being equal)
      – the housing bubble needs sustenance and the building industry sustained
      – the Govt needs / wants all the taxpayers it can lay its hands on

      I can’t see the authorities being all that keen to admit any of the above.

  5. SnappedUpSavvyMEMBER

    the ego himself thinks its appropriate to put the words “Lest we forget” after such inane vile anti Australian globalist nonsense, the reason hartchers head looks like an anus is cos its progressed so far up his own ass its disappeared

    no soldier died fighting for a country with open borders and cities that may as well be Chinese

    • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

      People like Peter are just as much the enemy to ordinary Australians as useful idiots like Josh – indeed, the threat posed by Hartcher and his ilk of fawning Globalists is far more insidious, because as a “Journalist” there is a far larger portion of Australia’s population would would unquestioningly take is word as being the truth, and that his words were spoken in our interests, than a buffoon like Frydenberg.

      Make no mistake globalists like Peter have more affiliation with other like minded waaankers living in other Global cities like London, New York or Paris, than any Australian west of Sydney’s Latte line.

      • Global cities with their multicultural terrorism and social incohesion. Just part and parcel of living in them apparently. Thanks Sadiq and Dan.

        • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

          Terrorism is just a word, and something that they are unlikely to ever personally experience from the safety of their Ivory Towers.

      • SnappedUpSavvyMEMBER

        globalists are also the first to pack up and leave when things turn to shyt having no bonds with the country that has given them everything

        • They’re also the most likely to f*ck things into the ground because, again, they have no ties to the land.

    • If it was 10 – 15 years ago I would have tried. These days I agree with you, I think we would have been better with the policy still in place.

      I believe that the white Australia policy would have protected us from a good portion of government corruption.

      • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

        I disagree – while it inevitably set us on a path where this question or discussion should take place, it has added to Australia.

        To deny that our own lives haven’t been enriched in some way by what immigrants have brought to Australia is foolish – and leaves people arguing against unfettered Multiculturalism sounds as though they are as bigger, mindless, pig headed, anti-science zealots our resident bleeding heart progressives. The issue is the denying and downplaying off all the legtimiate concerns in regards to its impact on the rights of existing Australian culture, and the deliberate surpression of debate and discussion on these topics. Peter Hartcher’s vomitous article being a good example.

        The real issue is what is being deliberately done to radically transform our society, on the illogical basis of propositions built around the advantages of diversity, all the while denying that there are indeed differences between population and cultural groups, and how these impact on the composition and behavior of OUR society.

        The issue with population and cultural groups different to the majority Australian culture founded in terms of what emerged from post Colonial Australia at Federation, is that they should be intergrated and assimmilated into existing Australian society and culture, WITHOUT displacing, competing or threating any of OUR existing societies values.

        Basically this is the immigration policy that I support, this is all that is necessary:

        Conditions of immigration into Australia
        Australia’s immigration policy is directed towards the maintenance of a socially cohesive and homogeneous nation. It seeks to avoid the creation of permanent minority groups resistant to integration even through successive generations. The policy does not exclude persons of any ethnic origin; but it does exercise prudent caution in the matter of accepting large numbers of people with substantially different backgrounds, characteristics and customs who may resist general integration even in the long term.

        • You may be right, but, we are approaching the point where the benefits we have got from this prior immigration is being overrun by the negatives that current immigration is bringing. We would have missed the benefits, absolutely, but the ever increasing negatives would also not be happening.

          I don’t like what the white Australia policy was, but at some point in the near future, unless things change, it very well will have been a better option.

          It appears that the immigration policy that you support, and I 100% agree with, will never happen. At some point, people will be reminded about and become sympathetic towards the white Australia policy. Because, while racist in nature it would have prevented what the government has done to modern Australian immigration policy.

  6. The BystanderMEMBER

    >Beyond this absurdity, why does Hartcher insist on this false binary of all or nothing?

    He clearly doesn’t want anyone to consider the sensible idea that we reduce (NOT ban) immigration. If reducing our numbers from current historically high levels is racist, where does that leave almost every other developed nation and their significantly lower per-capita intakes?

  7. but the forces that have held this compact in place are weakening

    Well thank fcuking Christ for that. None too soon.

  8. As the comments here are starting to show, if anything will foment the next global war, it will actually be the unabashed globalist neoliberalism driving the extreme urbanisation dystopia that will in turn drive people to extreme positions and will then underpin the next tyrant. Hartcher is essentially lobbying for what he fears.

    If ever there was a time for sensible policy and sensible growth rates that reflect real social and environmental limits, now has to be it.

    • Jumping jack flash

      So true but we’re still a ways off from this scenario.
      People need to get desperate enough. Most people still eat enough to be satisfied and can afford subscription tv so everything is good.

    • All sensible comments but the powers that be have inadvertently perpetuated an economic ponzi scheme by pursuing the ‘growth at all costs’ model. Their choices are simple:

      – voluntary abandonment of this model (followed by deep and painful recession / depression)
      – kick the can down the road and pray

      I know you’re not a believer in an ugly denouement having waited so long but it’s coming. The GFC was just a gentle preview for what’s coming.

    • strange EconomicsMEMBER

      But some “voted” by donations and lobbying –
      big bank business looking for lower wage IT workers,
      , wealthy private investors, 7-11, Restauranters and Clive Palmer voted with their dollars.

  9. Does he have anything to say about how many immigrants Japan and South Korea let in? I thought so.

    Australia is 29% foreign born already – and the men coming over are exam cheats who agree to work for $10/hour.

  10. The reader’s comments in the Age/SMH website indicate that most people are not supportive of Hartcher’s opinions oh this issue.

    Good to see.

  11. “Beyond this absurdity, why does Hartcher insist on this false binary of all or nothing?”

    Because he is part of the war on white people. The premise, similar to how I have voiced the profit shares vs wage share ratio…

    Tomorrow being less than today is better.

    An example if from a self-appointed ‘hate-watcher’, Mark Potok… a noted fellow at the Southern Poverty Law Centre who in a selfie, captured a table tracking the declining percentage of white people in the USA


    From his voicing, the outcome is just less… less tomorrow, less the next day, after that, even less yet again.

    Now for what ends? Is it specifically implemented to deny white people a homeland, or a polity of self-determination? Or is there any contrasting hypotheses?

    Take Australia… is there a preferred band to reach? 70%… then we maintain these levels? 60%, then we stop? Absolute minority status, then we stop?

    Can a target even be discussed… for the purposes of ceasing this percentage reaching a minority?
    Is it permissible for the white people in this country to express “We will not be a racial minority in this country” (or most white countries for that matter)

    Is there a target? or is the goal, ‘just less’ for perpetuity?

    Now Peter Hartcher, who as a journalist is by definition dumber than most people, probably isn’t even aware of the actually mindset behind this. I think he is just voicing a Pavlovian response that when white people approach any act that resists or defies the war on white people….

    they are “LITERALLY HITLER ~#@!~#$~

    Hartcher doesn’t have an intellectual framework underlying his indignity, it’s a conditioning based on the war he has been brainwashed to fight.

    • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

      The sad thing is that most of this is true – I’ve seen that chart/selfie by Mark Potok before.

      There is a great deal of disbelief by most people, that replacement and reducing the white population to a majority minority status IS THE GOAL for a significant number of influential people and organisations of a certain cultural persuasion.

      The reason for the disbelief, as far as I can tell, is that if you dare connect the cultural values of those people and organisations promoting these policies, the immediate Pavlovian response is always “A….S…….”.

      The ‘eternal hatred’ has always been the direct result of attempts to transform the underlying host society, and the resulting clash of cultural values. It doesn’t simply spontaneously emerge like the morning dew because some greedy phucker is charging you interest.

      Look to the Boards of Directors on these organisations, look to those making these statements (eg “Fellow White People”) then search their names against key words – while never 100% the unifying cultural values are overwhelmingly apparent.

      • “There is a great deal of disbelief by most people, that replacement and reducing the white population to a majority minority status IS THE GOAL for a significant number of influential people and organisations of a certain cultural persuasion.”

        But the goal of (((Mark Potok))) perhaps?

  12. reusachtigeMEMBER

    I am so glad we ditched the wh1te Australia policy otherwise the massage lounges would be extremely boring, have poor service, and be way too expensive. Asian girls are just so much better at horing.

  13. Can’t be long now before MB is shut down for being a vile den for the promotion of hate-speech.

    • reusachtigeMEMBER

      Yep. As far as I am concerned any discourse against our current immigration posture should be classed as hate speech as it destroys our growth model and future profits.

    • Only a matter of time. The powers that be need to defend the pro-immigration narrative at all costs.

      While Lowy, Triguboff and their families can retire to the relative safety of another land the rest of us cnuts don’t have the luxury – we’ll have to stay and bear the consequences.

  14. John Howards Bowling Coach

    Hartcher is always useless, always has been. He’s been on The Drum so many times his virtue signalling has become a natural reflex action. He is a typical fellow of the type, still wears a jacket and tie to put a pretence of being someone who needs to be taken seriously when the world has moved on, but these people are dangerous because like it or not there are still people out there who believe that people like Hartcher are well researched professionals who’s opinion we should value and learn from.

    Time he was put out with the trash.

  15. Richard Branson even has a view!

    “The only thing I find slightly strange in Australia is that, whereas in Britain it’s a real mixed country with incredible amounts of restaurants and so on, because you have such a strict policy of not letting people into your country you don’t quite get that same buzz,” Sir Richard said. “It’s easy for me to say because I don’t live here, but I think to let a few more people in would help.”

    • Is that for real? England took hundreds of years to develop the infrastructure to deal with its population and its people are still freaking out about the extreme level of immigration there.

      Spoken like someone that never uses the roads, never uses the hospitals, never uses the schools, never has to help his kids get a job, never uses the local parks, never uses the local environment, never has to drive to the beach, never has to interact with the madding crowds in any way whatsoever. What a jerk.

      • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

        He’s a Londoner, not an Englishman – he has more in common with Peter Hartcher than anyone living outside the M25 ring road.

    • It’s the kind of comment you can afford to make when you have a personal island in the Caribbean you can flee to when the social unrest breaks out.

  16. Jumping jack flash

    Hating on the opponents to immigration is a new national sport. Everyone should realise that immigration is vital to the financial prosperity of thè country and our wonderful recession record. Our debt growth, though wanning, is supported by the wage theft the cheaper labour facilitates, and the gouging of the costs of living.

    Without the wage theft can you imagine how high inflation would need to be to be to support the debt growth that is required to stop this place falling into recession?

  17. In real terms what does multi culturalism bring to the average local in any part of the world? Other than a few different cuisines most people have little to no contact with any other culture than their own. Am i wrong?

    Faaark all i suggest. Total con job.