Foreign influence laws and Peter Dutton a complete joke

This is what Scummo sees as doing something about CCP influence operations in Australia, via Domain:

Australia’s flagship foreign interference scheme has issued only one notice to a potential agent of influence, despite sending out more than 1500 letters, as former prime minister Malcolm Turnbull urged the Morrison government to enforce the controversial laws.

Fifty individuals and groups, including four former federal politicians, have registered under the government’s Foreign Influence Transparency Scheme, but no Australian-based groups have declared any links to the Chinese government’s United Front Work Department.

…Eight full-time staff have been deployed to administer the national security laws, which came into effect last year to crack down on foreign interference in Australian politics.

8 people. This is what I’ve been banging on about regarding the grotesquely underfunded  National Counter Foreign Interference Coordinator in Home Affairs. Why has not been given a billion dollar budget to bring together an all of government approach to CCP activities? This is the only the most basic pushback against foreign influence that we might expect. Hardly offensive to anyone or anything.

But Scummo and his phony hard man Peter Dutton only pretend to care about national security.

Though that is better than WA which doesn’t care at all, also at Domain:

WA Premier Mark McGowan believes it is in Australia’s interest to keep human rights issues in China separate to trade with the resource-hungry economic giant.

Speaking to media, including reporters from Chinese news outlets, at the Resources Technology Showcase in Perth on Wednesday Mr McGowan said WA’s export relationship with China created thousands of jobs, and concerns about human rights should be kept separate from that discussion.

…”I just don’t think they should impact someone who has a job on a mine site in the Pilbara or someone who has a job in a manufacturing plant in Perth. I think we need to ensure as far as possible we keep those issues different, separate.”

China needs iron ore whatever comes. And those people with jobs in the Pilbara aloso need their freedom.

China will push grovellers as far as they can so long as they kow tow.

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  1. Just when I was thinking about dinner
    Kow Tow it is!

    I don’t know why this is suprising anymore

    FFS, this is poll gold for Labor
    Why are they not making merry

    • lol @ Labor making merry with anything in relation to China, their entire party are Manchurian Candidates in the pay of the CCP.

    • Jumping jack flash

      You can’t fight nothing.

      Libs have cracked the political code – do nothing, say nothing and commit to nothing and then there can be no criticism, and that’s how elections are won.

      Careful analysis, identification, and then proposing solutions to problems is a good way to attract criticism, because no solutions are ever perfect, so why try? Trying is precisely how elections are lost.

      • @jumping jack flash
        “Libs have cracked the political code – do nothing, say nothing and commit to nothing and then there can be no criticism, and that’s how elections are won.’
        exactly, although their inaction and covering up of systemic issues will lead the country to ruin.

      • Not being Labor is a sound election winning strategy, three elections in a row. Far more to come.

        Labor’s the problem.

  2. If ScoMo really wants to find out about CCP influence, he just have to speak to Galdy Liu, 😛 Maybe she’s actually a double agent working for Australia!!

  3. Dutton’s a flat-track bully at home. When a chinaman lands in front of him, he just can’t play it.

    • Nothing , and I repeat nothing, is as important as the Surplus.
      The Holy Grail of economic management.
      China can squelch it in a moment.

      • Actually, the yanks could squelch China and us in a moment. All it takes is a phone call from The Wig to Scummo, just after The Wig gets re-elected. “Scotty boy, no one knows more about China than me and I know China is screwed without your iron ore, coal and gas. So you’re going to stop selling it to them, and stop them coming to your universities to steal all your IP. Yeah, I know it’ll put you in a spot, but Scotty boy, don’t you worry, I’m gunna get you some Board seats for you and your mates on our big defence contractors. Yeah, I know your economy is going to shit itself, but all I can say to you is ‘Gough Whitlam’. Remember what happened to him?”

        • proofreadersMEMBER

          Do you think The Donald would be that polite to our ScoMao, whether or not he was Mr Titanium? Remember the serve he gave to Turnbull?

  4. The solution can be bought for the price of the materials to build a guillotine. I’ll build and operate it free of charge.

    • Mining BoganMEMBER

      Pfft…this is Straya. We don’t build, we buy from OS.

      Just go look at Ebay for one. They’re there…trust me, I’ve checked.

        • If so, and if they’re anything like the Chinese tools from Bunnings that I bought until I learned my lesson, the blade would be made of a metal called “steel” but with a hardness approximating solder or firm pooh, and would bend rather than cutting as soon as it hit flesh.

        • Mining BoganMEMBER

          No, it was a grand old American lady. Couldn’t find it so must be sold. Civil war use going by memory. Lovely workmanship. Squeak free to this day, except from the poor sod waiting for the blade.

          There was another in France that sold as well not that long ago. They’re out there. I’m a romantic at heart so I’d like one with a rich history before I give it a second life.

      • I’m doing my own version of MAGA (Make Australian Guillotines Again). They will be 100% Aussie made and operated.

        • Mining BoganMEMBER

          Good work. Take a hint from those nice Cambodians, stick ’em on the back of a truck. Mobile guillotines induce a frenzy when they roll into town so make sure you’ve got a coffee and bagel franchise lined up as well.

          You’ll make an absolute killing.

  5. Murdoch wanted Dutton but knew voters still had lingering Abbott after taste, so scomo was presented as a cardboard cutout.

    China this … China that …. when at the end of the day its a billion person market too make money off up or down is all you need to know ….

  6. Yes let’s keep shipping iron ore to China so they can complete building their force projection navy and pay us regular visits to make sure we understand our place in the equation.

  7. Give Dutton $1Billion and he will have better to do with it than watch Chinese activity, he will have a spy cam in all our toilets before doing that.