Fire chiefs return to set Scummo ablaze

As they should, at News:

NSW hasn’t even entered what’s traditionally the most devastating period of bushfire damage.

“We’ve got the worst to come,” former NSW fire commissioner Greg Mullins told

…“So we need to brace ourselves. If we don’t get summer storms to wet everything down, we are in dire straits.”

Mr Mullins, along with 22 other retired fire and emergency service chiefs, predicted this would be a horror year and urgently sought a meeting with Prime Minister Scott Morrison in April.

…“You don’t need a crystal ball, when you’ve been doing it this long, you know the indicators and it was very clear.”

He also dismissed commentary that it was not the right time to talk about climate change, sledging our political leaders in the process.

“It’s exactly the right time. Parliament is not sitting and politicians have no operational role in responding to fires so what else are they going to do?” he said.

“They are basically on holiday at the moment”.

It will be intereting to see how the polls track from here. Can’t be good for Scummo, though Paul Keating is doing his best to ensure minimal damage.

Between climate change and the CCP, I am tempted to reach for the tin foil hat.

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. proofreadersMEMBER

    Unfortunately, Mullins is wasting his breath. When it comes to climate change and basically anything else, the LNP know all the answers?

  2. Many typos today

    What an epic burn by Mullins.

    Northern Rivers, I’ve never seen so dry. No rain (serious) forecast until Feb-Mar (depending who you talk to). Dad was saying they’re having to use seawater for the fires up the sunny coast and beyond. There’s just no water. What happens when they dip into town water (lotta dams dry) and then there’s no rain and no town water (including for the non town water folks rapidly running out of water). Go long water tanks, pumps and plumbers. (And rainmaking equipment)

    Good luck getting that Nardi fire under control, or the Woodenbong one. Not to mention the epic sized MNC and slopes/tablelands. Will just keep burning and burning. I don’t think too many people in the cities appreciate how bad it is.

    We’re basicallyliving with a 2 pack a day smokes habit with the endless smoke, thank christ we’re close to the coast.

    It’s like the words from Bombtrack. A portent all the way back from 1990.

  3. Between climate change, the CCP, Scummo and his “quiet Australians” I’m tempted to move countries.

  4. There’ll be no charge in the polls. Australians are too fvck stupid to realise what’s happening around and to them.

    • (Respectfully) disagree. Slomo didn’t win the last election, Labor lost it with their last minute class warfare on franking credits and Shorten’s general slippery & rubbery demeanour. if they put up a half decent alternative (hint: not Albo) then Slomo and the LNP would find themselves in serious trouble. That said, from where I’m sitting right now it looks like it ain’t gonna happen.

      • darklydrawlMEMBER

        Yeah… You wouldn’t think it is that hard to come up with something viable that has some stamina and appeal. But nothing but blandness as far as the eye can see…..