Ever wondered if you would have fought the rise of Nazism?

On Friday, L-plated Treasurer Josh Recessionberg approved the takeover of Bellamy’s by a Chinese Communist Party owned enterprise:

This is clearly innapropriate on a number of fronts. Such state owned enties should be banned from acquisitions. Second, milk provider share prices have been thumped by Chinese funny business in import rules. So the CCP is literally buying BAL at an insider-trading discount.

The reason Recessionberg pushed it through is that BAL isn’t strategic and the Government is aiming to kow tow its way back into CCP favour.

But late Friday’s China did this, via News:

Liberal MPs Andrew Hastie and James Paterson have been barred from visiting China, seemingly for their public criticism of the country’s authoritarian regime.

Mr Hastie and Mr Paterson were set to visit Beijing in December, along with their Labor colleague Matt Keogh, as part of a study tour organised by the China policy think tank China Matters.

But on Friday it was revealed the trip would not go ahead.

“We regret the decision of the government of the People’s Republic of China, conveyed to China Matters via the PRC embassy in Canberra, that at this time Mr Hastie and Senator Paterson are not welcome,” the think tank said in a statement.

“We had looked forward to learning from the Chinese people about their culture, history and perspective during this visit,” Mr Hastie and Mr Paterson said in reaction to the news.

“We are disappointed that this opportunity for dialogue now won’t occur. We are particularly disappointed that the apparent reason why we are not welcome in China at this time is our frankness about the Chinese Communist Party.

“Despite this, we will always speak out in defence of Australia’s values, sovereignty and national interest.

“We look forward to a time when the Chinese government realises it has nothing to fear from honest discussion and the free exchange of ideas.”

Then late Saturday we got this from the CCP embassy:

China is open to constructive dialogue and exchanges with people all around the world on the basis of mutual respect, equality and seeking common ground while reserving differences. The Chinese people do not welcome those who make unwarranted attacks, wantonly exert pressure on China, challenge China’s sovereignty, disrespect China’s dignity and undermine mutual trust between China and Australia. The colonial days of Western powers are long gone. China will never yield to colonization of ideas and values. As long as the people concerned genuinely repent and redress their mistakes, view China with objectivity and reason, respect China’s system and mode of development chosen by the Chinese people, the door of dialogue and exchanges will always remain open.

So, we’re not allowed to discuss the CCP in our own country if that is challenging Chinese sovereignty? Meanwhile, the CCP conducts a media show trial of our few brave parliamentarians that have labeled the CCP the contemporary version of Nazism.

Which it is. The NYT exposed a fresh set of leaked CCP documents ordering the mass rounding up and incarceration of muslim Chinese:

The directive was among 403 pages of internal documents that have been shared with The New York Times in one of the most significant leaks of government papers from inside China’s ruling Communist Party in decades. They provide an unprecedented inside view of the continuing clampdown in Xinjiang, in which the authorities have corralled as many as a million ethnic Uighurs, Kazakhs and others into internment camps and prisons over the past three years.

And this horror is what happens to them as well, via Forbes:

Despite repeated denials, China stands accused of a systematic cover-up to hide the continuing practice of forced organ harvesting and murder. The practice, described as “state-run mass murder” and valued at $1 billion each year, has supposedly been outlawed in the country. But a new report, published on November 14 in the BMC Medical Ethics journal, refutes this, accusing China of a “systematic falsification and manipulation of official organ transplant datasets,” as the killings continue.

After nearly two years, our paper on the apparent falsification of China’s official organ donor registry data has been published! We used statistics to unravel state data manipulation. I believe the findings are both fascinating and important. (Thread…) https://t.co/S4W8APjivr pic.twitter.com/MFk0dKP6i8

— matthew robertson (@mprobertson) November 15, 2019

Israeili citizens are banned from medical travel to China because of these reonances with Nazism. Something that Josh Recessionberg might like to mull in his private moments.

But this is not about him especially. It is about all of us, as Australians, and there are two points to make.

The first is that grovelling to China only sends the signal that you are weak. That doesn’t mean you can’t chew gum and walk at the same time, and have cordial relations where it is right to do so. But if you think you can crawl your way into Bejing affections then you are making a grave mistake.

Second, there is only one reason why anyone not already surpressed by the CCP would want to live under its hegemony. They are either bought. So, it is best to limit that as much as is practicable.

If you’ve ever wondered if you would have fought the rise of Nazism, now you know.

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  1. “Israeli citizens are banned from medical travel to China because of these reonances with Nazism. Something that Josh Recessionberg might like to mull in his private moments.”

    Just medical travel? So as long as no Israeli receives organs, trade in medical gear, weapons, tourism and sales of hummus can go gang busters?

    I mean, that’s striking a blow against genocide…..with a warm lettuce…

    “As long as the people concerned genuinely repent and redress their mistakes, view China with objectivity and reason, respect China’s system and mode of development chosen by the Chinese people, the door of dialogue and exchanges will always remain open.”

    Sounds like it was written by an unreconstructed propagandist from the 1950s whilst waving a little red book and practicing his leap forward (or a 4th wave feminist on crack). No doubt, it would sound better if yelled through a tinny street PA system with some background Chinese opera and a few thoughts about ‘running dogs’…

  2. Messers Patterson and Hastie can still travel to China for their ‘study’ tour.
    They can travel to the Republic of China (Taiwan 🇹🇼) to observe how democratic processes “do not work” (according to the CCP) for ethnic Chinese during the lead up to Taiwan’s Presidential election.
    -Problem solved!!

  3. Why does the media keep calling them “internment camps”?
    They are concentration camps, plain and simple.

  4. Bellamy Organic buys milk powder from Europe, puts it in a can, and then sell it to the Chinese at grossly inflated prices. If the Chinese state enterprise wants to pay 1.5 billion for the right to a blue coloured tin, they should be allowed to.

    • and also belami always goes full PR with “we’ll never compromise on Australian made” while
      wouldn’t be surprised if belami buys ordinary milk powder that somehow becomes organic on the way here

    • Just waiting for the two dumb cvnts I work with to be absolutely gushing that the Chinese have bought Bellamy. They will now think they are stock market geniuses.

  5. Hastie has shown some spine.

    Patterson is an IPA lickspittle who has shown no spine to date. He comes from the Timmy Smith school of IPA toadies with a similar (lack) of moral compass.

  6. reusachtigeMEMBER

    Hey Moslem countries don’t even give a sh1t about those povvo weegas so why should we? Seriously? They should just get the fark back to the middle east and leave China for the Chinamen.

    Life is much more joyful when you just do what it takes to maximise profits. China has so much potential for our growth if we just do what they ask in exchange for wealth – as we should!!

    • “Hey Moslem countries don’t even give a sh1t about those povvo weegas so why should we?”

      I think it is because of this old chestnut:

      First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—
      Because I was not a socialist.
      Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out—
      Because I was not a trade unionist.
      Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
      Because I was not a Jew.
      Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

    • Jumping jack flash

      +1 China is our saviour and we must do our very best to make them feel welcome and comfortable, and any of our dastardly pollies who dare utter a single word of criticism against Great China should prostrate themselves in front of Führer Xi and beg for forgiveness immediately.

      • Yes, the sort of “market” you get with a state-backed player, which barely respects market rules, has 1.3 billion people at their command, and has a soft-imperilaist agenda….

        “Market” indeed! 😛

        • Oh, yes, as opposed to the other state which is captured by private interests and which barely respects market rules, has some other billion people at their command, and has a globalist agenda…

          Kinda the choice between being fvcked before death or fvcked after death.

  7. my Croatian friend send me a message recently asking what is going on here with Chinese influence because on the local TV geopolitical show some local journalist said that so far of all developed countries only Australia is under threat of falling under total Chinese influence, and that our intelligence agencies have trouble fight because political elite is all in pockets of China

    it looks like this is a common knowledge around the world, even in countries with heaps of their own problems while we are still too preoccupied with last week’s $2000 price increase of our houses

    • And maybe your banks are next in line after primary products – like ‘ours’ probably are?
      All the subsidiaries of the Chinese banks in NZ are chaired by ex-PM’s of this country. And the latest ex-PM we have ( Sir John Key) is cosying up to China in a ‘personal’ capacity. Perhaps nothing wrong with that except that he’s the local chair of – the ANZ bank…

      • NZ, because of Current Account Deficits is in exactly the same position as Australia. You have to sell the house and all your furniture to maintain your lifestyle. You can’t discriminate – you’ve already sold your kids….as we have.

        • https://tradingeconomics.com/new-zealand/current-account
          I know Janet is aware of this – so just for others.
          P.S. It’s not as bad as Aus and has a few more Quarterly Surpluses than we do. Using the Max tab is instructive. A mental comparison of the area below the line on the positive and the area below the line on the negative gives a great picture of the situation we are in. The rot starts back in the 70’s. That’s better than Aus where the rot started in the late 50’s/1960 and never got better.

    • “too preoccupied with last week’s $2000 price increase of our house”
      It’s not just that. We over-consume and we don’t bother about anything productive. As a matter of fact most here are wanting to shut ever more production. We still want all the lifestyle, cars, and trinkets. We want all the government and we want the government to supply ever more welfare. And we need our Banks to continue to be healthy and prosperous (Bwahahahaaaa!)

    • Thing is, lots of Muslim countries are very racist. The Arabs in particular, they look down on anyone who isn’t them or white even if they are Muslim.

    • Why is that amazing?

      Islamic theology is fundamentally cowardly. It is always is search of a ‘soft’ target.

      History shows that once a belt down is coming their way, they always back down. When Genghis Khan wiped out 1 million Muslims from Baghdad in 1258, the Abbasid Caliphate was pretty much polishing shoes at that point.

      If the west wanted to make the Muslim world yield, it could.

      The Western world rationalising away events like multiple major-city bombings, Bataclan nightclub and gang raping episodes like Rochdale and Rotherham is nothing more than apathy, self-guilt and a view the (primarily white) victims are really not worth protecting.

      • “Islamic theology is fundamentally cowardly. It is always is in search of a ‘soft’ target.”

        Good point… After all, Islam is the religion of submission to a higher power.
        Be it God … or otherwise.

  8. So from what I read, the company buying bellamy’s is the same company that poisoned babies in China with their baby formula years ago. And that is the reason the Aus companies like Ballamys got a look in to the Chinese market, all the people fled to the aussie brands.
    If Bellamy’s is bought by the same company, how long before the production line between the two requires “synergies” to “reduce costs” and “streamline processes”, essentially making the superior bellamy’s product the same poison the Chinese company had?
    I for sure ain’t going to be buying Bellamy’s now. Not because of Chinese takeover, it’s this Chinese company that had issues with poisoning babies… no thanks.

    • Maybe you can’t get your hands on it even if you wanted to in a year or so. If the product becomes corrupted it’ll call into question the quality of all Australian export products. We could end up like NZ who’s products have no country of origin rules and had become a gateway for suspect produce.

    • The company responsible for the baby powder scandal is Sanlu, and they went bust. The company is part owned by the NZ company Fonterra and they blew the whistle, otherwise it would be covered up.

      The people who added the Melamine are the milk producers. It allows them to dilute the milk but still pass the quality test. Then further testing shows pretty much all milk in China has melamine in it, but Sanlu however have it in crazy high concentration because they pay producers the least for the milk.

      • The best way for everyone who counts to make a killing is:

        i) Everyone buys shares in a rival to Bellamy’s.
        ii) Farmers stop selling any product to Bellamy’s
        iii) We ban import powder to anyone (including Bellamy’s)
        iv) Australians stop buying Bellamy’s.

        The CCP has paid a motza for a company quickly worth zero…. and rivals company take their share, and go up in price… Ka-Ching!

  9. Jumping jack flash

    With the gargantuan debt we have and the looming problems with growing it fast enough (although annualised 52% growth is rather impressive if we can keep it up) then we will desperately need someone to bail us out when the banks come knocking for their interest.

    Best to keep the Chinese happy and onside because I’m sure they would simply love to hand us all their precious money from woocareswhere in exchange for our debt if anything were to go wrong.

    • With zero interest the debt will never need to be repaid. Crashing dollar will bring some inflation along with it.

      • Show where/and when debt has ever decreased as a result of negative RAT interest rates.
        I know inflating debt away is a favourite MB meme but it is BS. Zero interest can only occur as long as the US can print unlimited USD and everyone in the world continues to accept it as payment for real goods AND they then spend all the accumulated USD on US Treasuries. That all has an end point. As Herb Stein said “If something cannot go on forever….It will Stop!” China Russia et al are becoming moe powerful and beavering away at the dominance of the USD. World Bank is calling for an end to its use as the world Reserve currency.
        The fanciful world in which Western Economists, and Western societies generally, live is coming to an end. Time frame I don’t know but surely coming. Meanwhile just because you can ‘get away with’ a bad policy for a while longer does not alter the fact that it is a disastrous policy.
        There is too much simplistic nonsense talked about this stuff in MB.

        • Believe me that I am no fan. I’ve always strived to remain debt free but it means falling further and further behind those who’ve just gone ahead and got a huge mortgage.

          • Me too!!! Till, uinder the influence of my son, I realised all these b….rds are ever going to do is print until it all blows up and that, until then, that will, as you suggest, result in those holding debt benefiting hugely. However one will need to step damned quickly.
            Perhaps I misunderstood your intent. I mistakenly thought you were advocating it as policy Cheers

  10. Calling China “Nazi” and not expecting a response? Funny. Macrobusiness and its commentariat suddenly caring about Muslims? Well maybe you could work with the Greens to bring more here as refugees seeing as you all suddenly don’t think Muslims are not how they’re regularly described here

      • If nothing else your feigned concern for democracy and human rights-in China only-provides a good smokescreen of cover for things like this weeks fascist coup in Bolivia or the thousands of muslims in Iran killed by US sanctions on medical supplies or the Venuzuealans killed by the same.

        • You want empathy and action taken?

          Stop flooding Australia with people.

          Otherwise, we don’t give a fock what’s happening elsewhere.

        • As was explained to Rex Tillerson, the west uses claims of democracy and human rights against countries that it doesn’t like and ignores it in countries that it does like. The west (mainly the U.S.) also fights against democracy and human rights when it wants to bring a country to heel, as you have pointed out in your examples.

        • Perhaps it is not getting through the firewall where you are so you might not have noticed people are fairly critical of America too. Including their own press 😉

    • Don’t include me in any group that cares about Muslims. It’s a foul and toxic socio-political ideology based on oppression, horror and death. It has no place in a civilised socety.

  11. If we did not want to be kowtowing to governments of other nations, especially hostile governments, then we should not have sold our sovereignty and the lives of our children for trinkets and a lifestyle far beyond our willingness to work, produce and save. Almost everyone in these pages thinks it is a great idea to shup down our main export industries and destroy the lives of everyone involved in them but in promoting that policy you are also promoting the subjugation of our nation and its future peoples to the whim of foreign nations – particularly powerful ones like China.

      • Most in here, including those running the site, want farms, coal, iron ore and all seirously energy consuming industries, shut down There is, generally, some sort of ruling dementia that we can all live in Sydney and Melbourne and live in peaceful harmony with the environment./sarc and drive our imported electric Teslas and BMW’s that magically get recharged from whatever. Maybe we all work for the government – I don’t know.
        There is ZERO attempt to match what is desired against our actual reality. This Chinese situation is a dawning reality – just First Light.

        • I certainly want see the end of fosil fuel use.
          Only because the consequences of using them will bring about our demise.
          It is Hobson’s choice, either we keep using ff with the ensuing catastrophe that is staring us in the face, or we do things differently and maybe bring the Climate disaster to heal. I say maybe advisedly.

      • Who do you mean by “almost everyone in these pages”?

        Anyone who thinks the future can look different to the past.

  12. Thing is, it’s hard to find any Han Chinese that are upset about what’s happening to the Uighurs.
    Does that make it Their Problem and Their Solution, or Our Problem with Their Solution?
    Can’t say that I have any answers but I am a strong believer in Godwin’s law: The debate is lost and reasoned analysis is impossible once someone goes down the Nazi path.

    • Thing is, they deny their citizens access to information and brainwash them with propaganda. Same as any socialist state.

      Wouldn’t surprise me if people on the ground are starting to murmur forbidden truths to each other.

      • You think the local government/media/big business isn’t trying to brainwash australians with propaganda?

        • Not anywhere near the same scale. And ultimately, we still have unfettered access to the internet. Plus, people are allowed to openly criticise the government here. And there’s no fear you will get chucked in a concentration camp if you don’t have the right beliefs, etc, etc…

          No country is perfect, but communism is a long way from even half-decent.

      • I don’t believe I’ve ever denied that propaganda is setting the agenda both in our society and their society, maybe we can summarize this outcome as: All Social values are the result of Propaganda, now that would be a worrying thought but it’s probably not too far from the truth.

    • The Han Chinese’s opinion on the Uighur is similar to the opinion of the Jews toward the Palestinians : the terrorist attacks have destroyed whatever little sympathy that may have existed.

      • Yeah that’s part of the narrative but the one that I hear more often goes something like our own Indigenous Australian story.
        Coming myself from a privileged white background the story that I learned growing up was that for 1/10th of the money spent to date on the Aboriginal welfare every Indigenous person in Australia could be a multi millionaire (back when that meant something) and set themselves and their families up anywhere and live in a grand style.
        The western Chinese narrative is similar and leads to a similar, when is enough enough? response from Han people….they’ll never learn to stand on their own two feet unless we teach them to be like us (some call it forced Education, others prefer the term Indoctrination, apparently for H’n’H it’s as simple as “Arbeit macht frei”)
        My point is that we don’t need to look at Nazi Germany to find examples of this sort of thinking, a quick glance back at our own history (Stolen Generation) should be sufficient to convince anyone that this sort of thinking is not something bizarre that only happens “over-there” rather it’s a thought process and follow through that we’re all capable of.

  13. So this is part of China’s strategy for total spectrum dominance, not only are they leveraging their status of the world’s most populous nation and second largest economy, they also look to completely dominate the economic and political policies of nations. For example, China is exploiting liberal immigration policies in NZ, AUS, USA and CAN to influence public policy towards China via the ballot box, Box Hill in Melbourne being the prime example. However, that is not enough and when the opportunity presents itself, China will also seek to dominate the economic life of a country by using it surplus USD dollars to buy strategic industries. Whilst baby formula isn’t strategic, it allows China to overcome the degradation of their own environment whilst fulfilling an important social need, i.e. ensuring the family unit by ensuring access to clean and nutritious food.

    • It hasn’t been “our own country” since Gough handed it over to Walter Lippmann and his cohort.

  14. Communism and Nazi or National Socialism – the twin ugly evil strains of socialist collectivism virus.

    All the communist regimes have evolved into national socialist (ethnic racist national socialism or Nazi ) & fascist (the word means totalitarian) regimes.

    🔻The Soviet Union – breakup into fascist or totalitarian regimes – Russia, the ‘Stans’, Ukraine, all ethnic masses highly racially based, fascist racist left wing national socialists (Nazi) dictatorships.

    🔻China – national socialism with “Chinese characteristics” – Han racist totalitarian (fascist) Nazi regime.

    🔻Vietnam – Ex communist, now Vietnamese racist aligned fascist military dictatorship.

    🔻Venezuela Socialist left wing racist national socialist or Nazi military dictatorship.

    🔻Cuba ex communist racist military dictatorship – left wing national ethnic socialist or Nazi.

    🔻North Korea – ex communist – now a highly Korean racist only military dictatorship (National Socialist) or Nazi regime.

    And so on.