“Double agent” Gladys Liu bought electorate with own cash

Her own cash says The Australian:

Embattled Liberal MP Gladys Liu personally poured at least $100,000 into her campaign at the last minute to win the marginal Melbourne seat of Chisholm after being told she didn’t qualify for a significant cash injection from the party.

Ms Liu donated a “six-figure’’ sum to her own campaign after internal Liberal polling had shown the party faced an uphill battle to hold Chisholm in the wake of Julia Banks quitting the seat.

Ms Liu’s donation will escalate the debate around the Hong Kong-born MP’s connections and fundraising ability.

Sure does. Where’d she get the money?

So, not only does Gladys refuse to personally endorse Australian foreign policy tenets around China, as well as mumbling alarming things about Hong Kong in the Party Room; courts and channels money directly opposed to Australian foreign and strategic policy goals into the Government; occupied senior positions in CCP propaganda outfits, misled Chisholm voters with dubious election day signage; used and abused the credibility of parliament house to aid campaigns for CCP control, she also  donated large sums of her “own” cash to buy the Chisolm electorate, then lied about much of it directly into the face of the Australian people.

Peter Dutton once described Sam Dastayari as a “double agent” for far less. Appropriately, he resigned plus answered all questions. How is it that Ms Liu qualifies as a fit and proper person to be in the Australian Parliament when “double agent” Sam Dastayari does not?

She is not. But she holds the Morrison Government’s majority in the palm of her hand so here we are, getting a picture of what favours she is facilitating for her CCP-associated donors in return.

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  1. Yeah, but she hasn’t broken any laws and General ScoMo is all about the LAW!!! Yep, follow the law and you get a go. Break the law and you fall into the category of “the undeserving”.


    • Strange EconomicsMEMBER

      So ScoMo needs to make some more laws.
      to keep those not quiet enough Australians quiet.

      And in the days of electronic banking statements, how about a law for instant publication of the donations (rather than 6 months later)….

  2. Gladys is small fry. Australia was sold _long_ ago.
    Why target Gladys when Trade minister Robb get $780,000 from the CCP, or our previous foreign minister got $450,000 thru her ‘Julie Bishop Glorious Foundation’?

    • Umm…because she is actually in parliament at this time. Not to deprecate the villainy of those other two or minimise the calumny that should be heaped upon them, but Gladys is the current face of the problem.

  3. SnappedUpSavvyMEMBER

    she’s also “found” the cash to put her kids through Harvard and Princeton

    a can of worms has less twists and turns

  4. Jeez, her tax returns would be interesting. She must have had a really great job. Imagine having a spare $100K lying around to gamble on an election campaign. I certainly don’t.

    What did she do for a living?

    • So if you or I had 100k in cash or in the bank it could be confiscated by police unless you explained where it came to you. But not if your a foreigner running for office here. Does anyone else think this comes under the category of beholden to a foreign government. I mean there has to be a record of transfer of this money. surely the press could chase this source down

      • I dunno if “beholden to” quite captures the flavour of her racket. I reckon “owned by”, or “creature of” are far better reflections of the reality of that woman’s connections to the Chinese state.

    • Not to downplay Liu’s mysterious ‘wealth’ but in the US things get even more egregious with so many career politicians being multi-millionaires. Susan Rice, National Security Adviser under Obama, was worth a whopping $50m by the time she left office. Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris all worth tidy sums. In fact the lowest net worth in the Top 50 Congressmen is around the $8m mark. Fair’s fair if you’ve enjoyed a successful career before going into politics but many of the career pollies do incredibly well while on the taxpayer teat.

      • In the USA it is not illegal to profit from insider trading and such if you in the reps or senate or I think a high level white house staffer. As in they can do it quite openly and it’s not illegal to profit from it.

    • Yes yes yes, but we must ban cash transactions over $10k, because you know, it could be proceeds of crime or used to avoid tax. But $100k transfers for political donations. No problem… more than welcome in fact.

      • Funny that MB haven’t said much about the cash ban. Treasury are setting us all up for a bail-in, but if you mention it here, you belong in the lunatic fringe

        • HadronCollision

          Does the ban prevent you stashing cash at all?

          I mean, you could have 100k in a cash stash to avoid and Not be in breach

    • Ronin8317MEMBER

      The 100k is not a gamble : it’s an ‘investment’. There is a guaranteed cushy job at a Chinese state-owned firm waiting for her at the other end of politics.

    • No, but a large number of our “representatives” do.
      Why would you expect people so far removed from the average person to have any interest in doing anything for them.

  5. Oh, lol

    She’s too risky, and needs to go.

    But I think Morrisini will have none of it.

    Better to have the LNP in power than have a transparent and accountable government it seems (sarcasm).

    I don’t want to see Fascism in the LNP – I really don’t – but they keep doing things like it…I don’t think they realise what their doing, good intentions and all…. 🙁

  6. Jumping jack flash

    “Sure does. Where’d she get the money?”

    Where indeed? Seems very fortunate that she could simply find enough when it was required.
    Maybe she looked under the bed or in the lounge?

  7. reusachtigeMEMBER

    So what. She had 100k laying around. All the Chinamen ladies I know only deal in cash. It’s a cultural thing and if there’s any place on the internet that hates other cultures it’s this place.

  8. I only know she is unlikely to feel the buyer’s remorse experienced by the donors of more than $1m to the successful campaign for Warringah.

    If she votes along government lines, is there a problem?

    • You don’t see a problem with any of this? – So, not only does Gladys refuse to personally endorse Australian foreign policy tenets around China, as well as mumbling alarming things about Hong Kong in the Party Room; courts and channels money directly opposed to Australian foreign and strategic policy goals into the Government; occupied senior positions in CCP propaganda outfits, misled Chisholm voters with dubious election day signage; used and abused the credibility of parliament house to aid campaigns for CCP control, she also donated large sums of her “own” cash to buy the Chisolm electorate, then lied about much of it directly into the face of the Australian people.

      Just because the spotlights rightly on her, there’s never just one cockroach! Prompting the valid question on just what are the Australian governments lines?

      • If she votes in unison with the Government, hard to see the problem. If she abstains, she raises questions. If she crosses and votes with Labor…

        Ultimately she likely has very little impact, apart from the obvious – her removal threatens majority.

        AEC deemed the signs did not change voter intent. Liu has a dual problem: anti-China interests don’t want her (despite her limited influence) and anti-Lib interests see her removal as prospect for winning Chisholm and ultimately forcing a new election.

        • Her removal threatens Majority – in a nutshell Party before Propriety, not a good look & she deserves scrutiny! By what’s presented I think there’s enough to show she’s unworthy & a CEO would likely punt her for damaging their brand, but they might have pride & be conscious that their income depends on a touch of class, Pollies otoh…… I also think there’s plenty of other players who need much closer scrutineering as well – Where’s that Fed ICAC that BOTH “SIDES” don’t want?

    • Hi 3d, welcome back (if you actually left),
      Still the same old 3d, at least we know with you it’s self interest all the way.

    • Strange EconomicsMEMBER

      Or the 60 million donated by Clive Palmer campaign… but then he gets the rights to a Coal Mine worth more.
      Or Turnbull and his $ 1 million..
      100k donation and then get a Parlimentary salary of 150k a year, – good investment.
      Publish donations the next day, not after the election.

  9. Come now. Everything you need to know is in Gladys’ wiki page:

    “She studied Speech Pathology and is completely deaf in her left ear. She worked for the Victorian Education Department for 14 years providing support to students with speech impediments. With her father and husband she ran two restaurants and a pharmacy until her 2007 divorce.”

    Note: She’s deaf in one ear and when it comes to her links to Chinese politics, Scotty-Happy-Clapper and the LNP are deaf in both ears. A miracle is called for – or a cochlear implant where the sun don’t shine.

    • FMD. A speech therapist at government schools, followed by participating in small businesses until 2007 and nothing after that? She is an undistinguished and uninspiring drone.

      She must’ve scored bigtime in that divorce settlement 12 years ago to end up having hundreds of thousands of dollars lying around to spend on political campaigns and send her kids to bigtime US universities.

      This is so blatant that she’s almost a caricature of an agent of foreign influence. Like something in a security agency video about “What to watch out for” and “How foreign spies work to compromise our government”.

      Where did her personal funds come from to support her political activities? Where did all the money she channelled into the LNP actually come from?

      This is disgusting. The CCP have bought a seat in our parliament and filled it with a dimwitted puppet.

      • I’d love to be a fly on the wall during the ASIO briefing in the PM’s office. Because if ASIO has found funny money sent to Gladys Liu our PM has both misled the parliament and involved himself in sedition – and flushed his political career down the Liu. However, if ASIO has not investigated this connection our sovereign independence is a sham. So, just what has ASIO turn up about Gladys Liu? Did she get the all clear from our state security apparatus Mr PM? A ‘yes’ or a ‘no’ would do fine – no need for the details.

      • Here is a link that says it costs about USD 270K for a 4 years degree at Harvard – much cheaper at Oxford, maybe AUD 30,000 per year. I don’t know if her kids did 4 years. But that’s a substantial cost to add to the 100K election kitty.

        More to the point, just why do you cash in your HK citizenship to run for an Australian seat whilst maintaining links with the CCP and send your kids to do business at Oxford and Harvard? My bet is that Gladys Liu is playing the long game and betting on a little bit of her own Belt and Road plan so that the kids benefit from the revolving door that she’s oiling for them right now. This maybe has less to do with political corruption and more to do with personal mercantile and strategic ambition where her kids are going to romp it in. She’s building the Liu Dynasty thanks to the corruption of representative government where helping yourself has become synonymous with good governance and a qualification for leadership.

        • Clive – you are perhaps forgetting that her ex-husband’s family owns restaurants so may be quite well off. In Chinese culture the wife joins the husband’s family and the children are added to the father’s family tree (much more so than in current western culture). I don’t know this woman’s personal circumstances but I would be fairly confident that the father’s family would have been quite willing to pay much of the education costs for the kids (particularly education costs).

          • Maybe you’re right, but if a hypothetical Sam Dastyari had kids doing business at Oxford and Harvard after just having given up his citizenship and was entertaining the oil Mullahs, that fact that his family worked hard made a killing from Persian fast food and were a close knit unit would hardly be a mitigating excuse, would it? Because that has all the overtones of of an Eddie Obeid arrangement as far as I am concerned.

            Is running Australia to be a tribal and family affair, or one where state and public interest come first? I love Asian and Latin family values – as long as they stay in the family. Once they are used to run countries and apportion influence they always end up at a very predictable endpoint. Problematically those with tight family and ethnocultural connections are somewhat of a greater concern unless standards of conduct are made very clear. Which one of the 100 present examples of nepotistic and ethno-national bas would you like to examine? Guatemala, Thailand, South Africa – all of sub-Saharan Africa and the Caribbean?

            I am not convinced that Ms Liu has been honest and there is plenty of smoke she’s generated herself.

      • Christian Porter has seen to it that no current or former members if the LNP will be caught by the Foreign Influence laws.

      • HadronCollision

        Jeez can we let up with the no sub Schtick

        It’s up to MB to make the value proposition clear

        Clearly unclear for many

        • Says another freeloader. Mate, I thought the comment made was on point and was not gratuitous. Anyway, you’ve just done what you were complaining about (HNH or Leif will tell us if they want us to back off on chipping the leaners).

  10. It is beyond bad!! I have resiled myself to the fact the Parliament is now controlled by the PBOC both (all? Most?) of our political parties being beholden to the PBOC