China releases fraud trial video of alleged spy

Make of that what you will. All I will add is that say the CCP has a long history of using our own media against us.

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  1. Chairman MeowMEMBER

    Oh yeah right China must have staged the whole thing not you know, Australia and certain media got played by a person with motive

    • Even if Wang Liqiang is a fraudster, so what? We still have a dangerous communist dictatorship trying to infiltrate our political and social fabric.

      Our media runs stories about a dead car dealer who spoke to ASIO and CCP operatives stalking and harassing a key architect of our Foreign Interference laws and right on cue, here comes the CCP approved media with a distraction.

    • If CCP really thought she was criminal she would have been gone and her organs sold long ago. I actually believe this could be part of the plan – all staged. If she gets sniffed they release such clip in order to show she has nothing to do with CCP. The heat is on CCP and Gladys it seems. Just to add she could be innocent but too many things are very odd and against her. How did she raised $1m so fast. From where?

      Not that the west is any better. Look at Douma gas attack the whole thing was staged and US, France and UK bombed another country for no reason. MSM at that time all played along pretending to be some kind of evidence. CNN even showed a footage of one of their journos sniffing kids cloths that were supposedly gased by sarin and she confirmed by saying something along the lines “yes I can smell something”. LOL

      • Jumping jack flash

        MSM = propaganda for the promotion of the agenda of the people paying the most.

        In the age of debt it must be like that because everyone’s aim, including the people working in the private companies who produce the media, is debt maximisation. And for the moment debt is still linked to income even though, strangely, debt to income ratios mean very little.

        but I need to add my disclaimer that I’m also wearing my tinfoil hat…

  2. Isn’t the name Liqiang Wang was just an alias used by The Age and Channel Nine AFTER he came to Australia?

    • Yep, hard line brainwashed Chinese commo.
      False Korean passport & identity.
      Chinese ‘student wife’ ‘studying in Australia.
      No vetting or checks.
      No detection until he pulled the pin.

      How many more like this?

      Hundreds of thousands of mainland born Chinese communist infiltrators all brainwashed to the party line organised by the Chinese spies and controllers.
      Leaking in thru our broken borders and corrupted visa visa system, no tracking, no checks, no monitoring.

      The enemy within.

      When will we see checks and vetting by the Australian Intelligence & Immigration on this enemy within.

      When do we see the round up & deportation of hundreds of thousands of Chinese here on some visa pretext, fake education, fake investment visa, fake spousal or family reunion, in visa breach, laundering money, running or participants in the Chinese criminal vice industry, working & living illegally in visa breach.

      Hundreds of thousands who should never have been allowed in.

      • I sure hope ASIO are doing background checks on everyone in the military. If the CCP has the gall to place someone in our parliament, they would definitely have infiltrated the defense force.

  3. Who cares? He has made bold claims and now ASIO will need to investigate them, presumably he would have to have some pretty concrete, verifiable knowledge for them to ultimately accept his claims

    Also doesn’t change the other issues being thrown around, he is just a public face of them now.

  4. If this guy had anything worthwhile on the CCP he would have defected to the Republic of China’s National Security Service 🇹🇼 Or to the CIA.

  5. The CCP have obvioulsy hired this guy as a spy entirely because he IS a fraudster.
    As a fraudster he’s both easy for the CCP to control, and he’s well suited to the games of corruption, manipulation and illegality required of the CCP spy.

    • Jumping jack flash

      Indeed! Fraudsters would make the best spies. As we now see.

      “That guy? Pfft.. he’s a fraudster. Look, here’s the proof. So he couldn’t possibly be a spy.”

  6. Jumping jack flash

    How convenient, China now say the spy was a pretend spy.
    So I suppose the guy really didn’t die from anything at all. Maybe he intended to pretend to be dead, but pulled it off a little too well.

  7. When the story first came out, my impression is the guy is a fraud, even if some of what he claimed is true. If the guy is genuine ASIO would never let him go public, and the Chinese would not let him live either. There are simply too many hole in his story.

    Not that it bothers the Australian media though. I doubt Channel 9 believe the story either, but it brings in ratings..

  8. dfvfd vdfvdfvdfs

    Anyone actually watched the video? It’s got streams from 8 cameras merged together yet the one camera pointing at the defendants face is conveniently too blurry to actually see who the man is

    • US China trade deal by mid December?
      Maybe announced in Singapore or even possibly Australia?
      The US election cycle drives this event plus that China now has to acknowledge Trump will win 2020 with a massively increased ECV majority (65%+ up 8%) and they can’t stall any longer.

      The irony is that it will shatter Australia trade.

      China (30% of our commodity exports) will be followed by Japan, South Korea and Taiwan in a US trade balance deal (altogether up to 55% of our trade) – if they want US protection – then Japan, Korea & Taiwan will also have to ‘rebalance trade’ to import US goods.

      And what’s the US got to export?

      US gas, not Qatari or Australian Gas
      US ore & minerals, not Brazil, Australia or Indonesian.
      US food & supplements not NZ, Australian or Asian
      US plant, not European
      US vehicles & trucks, not European.
      US pharma & tech, Royalties, not stolen.

      $50 billion worth in US additional exports to China in the first stage increasing to over $150 billion.
      China will fold over trade.

      Then Hong Kong will be pacified & cleansed and just a few English street signs left as a memory of the ex colony.

      And Japan, South Korea & Taiwan will quickly follow.

      In Australia we are left with a hell of a mess.

      A collapsed economy and trade, a decade or third world unskilled non assimilating migrant overshoot and facing at least a decade of full recession.
      Our cities choked & overloaded with these non citizen third world migrant aliens & illegals.

      We have 1.46 million of the Chinese Hukou underclass mainland born communists exported by China non w onshore.
      Their south Guangzhou colony.
      Only 238,000 of these Chinese mainland born communists have become Australian citizens.
      The rest – the vast majority of these mainland born Chinese communists (1.22 million) are on a PR
      (438,000) a TR / SCV (588,000) or also living & working illegally as long stay & repeat stay Tourist visitors (120,000) & 20,000 or so Overstayers.
      The only pragmatic option is to revoke their PR, TR, TV etc round them up & deport them.
      An Australian in full recession with its key trade export markets lost can’t afford 5 million third world non citizens migrant guestworkers on foreign national passports.
      And the 1.2 million Chinese non citizens on sole Chinese passports inside Australia will be the first to be culled out.

  9. I believe that it’s a coordinate move organised by the CIA.
    1. This Wang Liqiang actually contacted ASIO back in April.
    2. ASIO investigated his claims and informed CIA.
    3. The release date of the interview was scheduled after Wang’s ex-boss and ex-boss’s wife were in Taiwan (on a spy mission?) (This is the proof that it’s coordinated by the CIA.)
    4. Wang’s ex-boss and wife were detained by Taiwan’s authority when they wanted to leave.
    5. The reason to go public on Wang’s information is because the USA does not want the KMT candidate Han to win the Taiwan election in 2020.

  10. SPY, F’me what is a spy apart from an emotive handle. While we’re busy focusing on 19th century romanticism we’re missing the 21st century reality of what it means to be a spy.
    Frankly my best guess is that this guy is channeling what he imagines he could be but it’s a long long way from what he is. The Japanese have a term Hikikomori which probably best describes this person, but as for Spy, don’t make me laugh, why would anyone value the information and influence of a Hikikomori.