CCP buys south Pacific

Via News:

It’s undeniable that China’s influence around the world is increasing at a rapid rate and now countries just a stone’s throw away from our own are being taken over.

When you think about Australia’s island neighbours in the South Pacific, the first thing that come to mind are probably the relaxed atmosphere and pristine beaches.

But behind the scenes of these island paradises, China’s influence is growing and more and more nations are being convinced to switch their allegiance.

An investigation by Nine’s 60 Minutes shows how the communist country is using large amounts of cash to buy control in nearby island nations like Vanuatu, Kiribati, and the Solomon Islands.

China has long demanded that no country it has diplomatic allegiances with can recognise Taiwan, with the Solomon Islands and Kiribati becoming the latest Pacific nations to switch their allegiance to China.

Former intelligence chief of the US Navy’s Pacific Fleet, Captain Jim Fanell, told Nine’s Liam Bartlett that China’s interest in the area could have future impacts on Australia.

“They’re interested in this area because it’s essentially the lifeline or the choke point between America and Australia and New Zealand,” he said.

“China has built the navy that people said they were never going to build. China has deployed their fleet to places they said they were never going to deploy and they’re sending their fleets around the world.

“They believe that they’re supposed to be the rightful leaders of this new global order. The British century, the American century, now we’re going to have the Chinese century. That’s their vision.”

Here’s what comes next, via Reuters:

China has sailed a carrier group into the sensitive Taiwan Strait led by its first domestically build aircraft carrier as election campaigning kicked into high gear on the self-ruled island on Sunday.

Taiwan’s foreign minister, Joseph Wu, said they would not be intimidated.

Democratic Taiwan is claimed by China as a wayward province and is the Communist Party’s most sensitive and important territorial issue. China has threatened to attack if Taiwan moves toward independence.

Taiwan’s defense ministry announced the sailing in the strait just hours after President Tsai Ing-wen named as her running mate for 2020 elections a former premier who angered Beijing so badly last year with his support for Taiwan’s formal independence that a major Chinese paper called for his arrest.

The Chinese carrier group had sailed in a southerly direction through the Taiwan Strait, trailed by U.S. and Japanese ships, Taiwan’s defense ministry said in its short statement without giving details on exactly when it happened.

The island scrambled ships and aircraft to monitor the group…

Followed by the following from the cowards of Canberra, at The Australian:

A new balance, and a new calm, is needed in the debate about China, according to the elder statesman of Australia’s national security community.

Labelling the debate sometimes “hysterical”, Dennis Richardson said the security, commercial and human sides of the China relationship needed to be considered.

“The job of government is to bring it together in a coherent whole,” he told The Australian in an exclusive interview.

At certain point in the not too distant future we will have to stand up to this with our allies or our democracy will collapse.

Enjoy your house price, though.

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  1. >”CCP buys south Pacific”
    Well, they’ve already bought Australia. We sold out cheap-cheap. They own much of the land, many houses, companies, universities, and both Liberal and Labour politicians.
    The Greens and Pauline Hanson must be feeling left out that they’re too insignificant for CCP money.

    • Sure feels that way!
      The (good) ‘Strayan life of just 20 years sure seems like a Darwinian species that’s destined for extinction and nobody seems to really care.

    • They already own us. The property investment wankers and their banker friends effectively own this country and need the patronage of the Nazis, sorry I meant Chinese, in order to keep their scam going.

    • Fact check; Greens do not accept foreign donations
      neither do they impede hazard reduction efforts.

  2. Look. It’s quite simple, really. All those Ghost Cities in China’s Outback, full of endless tower-blocks of empty apartments? The CCP has provided a place for us to live, and it’s all ready and waiting….Australasia will be for the Peoples’ of the Ascending Power.

  3. ScoMo handed the South Pacific island to China on a platter with his outright climate change denialism. Our open support for coal has become a strategic liability.

    As to Taiwan, the US is on plan to remove their troops from South Korea with a 500% price hike.

    The only possible way China can capture Taiwan is with permission from the USA. Will the Taiwanese be sold out like the Kurds?

    • China’s reported emissions in 2017 were 10,877.218 Mt fossil carbon dioxide, which is more than the US and the EU combined, and 29.34% of global output. Australia’s reported emissions in 2017 were 402.253 Mt fossil carbon dioxide and 1.08% of global output. Don’t tell me the island nations of the South Pacific are choosing China over Australia because ‘we are doing more to accelerate climate change and sea level rise’. It doesn’t pass the laugh test. It’s all about $$$. Any island nation who takes China’s money will soon find out about the many strings attached.

    • Utterly!
      Scumbag seriously pissed off our pacific neighbors as did Dutts,& co with their “drowning ” comments on TV.
      As did the argonistas of the Australian govt. over many decades

  4. just wait few weeks (after the referendum) for new nation of Republic of the North Solomons in “full communion” with Beijing

  5. Failure to repay a massive Chinese debt? Wow, fancy that? Who would’ve thought it!

    Small islands make great naval bases, and “owning” them cuts us off from US naval assistance, if required.

    Mate, you’ve got to stop just defending the status quo – basically everything you say comes across that way…

    • “This is the China way.”

      Which is now opposing OUR way… I’d saying pick a side, but you’re already collaborating.

  6. Chairman MeowMEMBER

    “Oi nah nah nah nah ayyyy wots our bloody government giving foreign aid for? THEY SHOULD HELP THE BLOODY FARMERS! Wot do we have to spend money overseas for ayyyyyy?”
    *China spends foreign aid for strategic purposes*
    “Oi nah nah nah, China shouldn’t be allowed to do that why doesn’t the government ban these bloody Pacific countries from wanting development!”

  7. At certain point in the not too distant future we will have to stand up to this with our allies or our democracy will collapse.

    Is it a binary choice?
    Actually neither has to occur (in spite the later being debatable)

      • To simplify: multipolar world is similar a Mexian standoff

        Chinese influence in Pacific is more of a symbolic than real geostrategic.
        100yrs ago it made sense to hold remote islands to anchor your fleet. Naval fleet are now mere sitting ducks and I’d like to see non-ideological evidence that China will want to have its soldiers uninvited on the foreign soil

          • “keep us from being taken over,”

            We already gave ourselves to China for the margin in 1%’s coffers.
            China needs nothing more.
            Why would they slaughter a sheep that they can shear year round?

  8. How long until the fools in this country blithely line up to enter reeducation camps. them get transferred to the organ donation factory. Plenty of rich party men will live long lives thanks to the havesting of organs from here I think. And you know there won’t be any rioting or even swearing. We will all line up to be harvested when told and not a murmur will be raised.

    • “How long until the fools in this country blithely line up to enter reeducation camps”

      We’ve already got re-genderising camps, and tax payer dollars are used to sterlise mentally ill people.

      Why invade when we won’t be giving birth to the next generation.

      There’s no such thing as s successful species that doesn’t sufficiently breed.

      We’ve implemented policies that has a birthrate of 1.6. That’s not success.

  9. “We’ve got to value the economic relationship and the other positive aspects of our relationship. But that can never come at the expense of our values.”
    – Victorian Senator James Paterson

    • It has always been the problem of the rich who never earned it.

      Unearned wealth crystalises privilege more than anything, then they become to see their middle and working classes trying to eek out their fair share as a threat. They will then seek out foreign robber barons, seeing more in common with them, than their own country men.

      Then they have no problem degrading a nation and it’s culture to preserve their unearned wealth. In many instances, this degrade the nation to the point of degeneracy with no common unity. Hence the nations can’t accomplish anything.