And now for a truck driver shortage

It’s amazing that after 15 years of mass immigration:

Australia’s business groups claim we are experiencing ‘skills shortages’ across almost every industry, the latest example being truck drivers:

An impending truck driver shortage… [is a key theme] to emerge from the more than 60 public submissions made to a Senate committee reviewing safety and efficiency in Australia’s road transport sector.

Many of the submissions point to a looming staffing crisis in freight transport, with claims the sector is thought of as an unattractive and unsafe career path. In its submission, the Logistics Council, which represents some of Australia’s largest freight operator networks, said the sector also has trouble attracting women and workers from a varierty of backgrounds because of a perception it is an unwelcoming place…

It has called for a national strategy to address what it views as an impending crunch…

The number of jobs in the sector is set to climb beyond 220,000 over the next five years, though more than half the workforce is approaching retirement and aged over 45, according to Department of Employment, Skills, Small and Family Business data…

“Seriously, this industry is at a point where we’re entering crisis now” [said Senator Glenn Serle]…

Hilariously, the underlying cause of the increased demand for truck drivers is Australia’s growing population through immigration.

Of couse, the “shortage” could be easily solved by increasing wages and improving conditions. You know, labour economics 101. But who’d want to do that?

Leith van Onselen


  1. Short and devastatingly to the point.. btw I think this particulararticle in particular should be open to the public. Just a thought UE

  2. Almost 14% slack in the workforce (unemployed + under employed) and there is a shortage?

    Damn right. Huge shortage of truck drivers who will work for 30K a year

    • proofreadersMEMBER

      And for that wage they probably struggle to pay for the uppers and downers needed to work the illegal hours at the wheel?

    • In any market with a shortage, prices would rise to meet increased demand but for some reason, Australian businesses and the Coalition turn Bolshie when that applies to wages.

  3. Stewie GriffinMEMBER

    “Of couse, the “shortage” could be easily solved by increasing wages and improving conditions. You know, labour economics 101. But who’d want to do that?”

    We’re not a society any more, we’re an economic zone. Societies invest in themselves and seek to replenish themselves from within. Economic zones are just a place were you do business.

    EZFKA – This is who we are.

  4. SnappedUpSavvyMEMBER

    the Australian Logistics Council has successfully helped every logistics company operating in Sydney to replace their Australian employee on 23 an hour with an indian student on … well lets take a wild guess and say its probably f – all

    this is why we have to risk our lives on the roads with these Indians piloting 30 tons trucks who have a dodgy license and have been in the country a matter of months

    this is on their website – straight out corruption

    The ALC Council receives high level access to significant political leaders and brings together Managing Directors and Chief Executive Officers of the ALC Corporate membership.

    John Fullerton, Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director, Australian Rail Track Corporation
    Mark Mazurek, Chief Executive Officer, Linfox Logistics
    Anthony Jones, Group Chief Executive Officer, LINX Cargo Care Group
    Marika Calfas, Chief Executive Officer, NSW Ports
    Roy Cummins, Chief Executive Officer, Port of Brisbane
    Brendan Bourke, Chief Executive Officer, Port of Melbourne
    Craig Carmody, Chief Executive Officer, Port of Newcastle
    Maurice James, Managing Director, Qube Holdings Ltd
    Justin Speedy, Chief Executive Officer, SCF Group
    Michael Byrne, Managing Director, Toll Group
    Paul Graham, Chief Supply Chain Officer, Woolworths

  5. Cost IndexMEMBER

    There’s no shortage of anyone, just a shortage of local people unwilling to be slaves for a pittance.

    Boardrooms are realising; Just get your required job description on the list and immigrate externals with impunity!

    • There is a shortage of Australian drivers who will break the law on work and rest requirement as well.

      • That’s why you see the subcontinentals driving in pairs. One to steer and one to help reverse park.

        Unconfirmed stories filtering through that they will have 3 in the cab for interstate runs.

        /rent space in a freight company warehouse and get talking to the truckies quite a bit on weekends.

  6. Jumping jack flash

    Must be because being a truck driver isn’t a good way to obtain the necessary amounts of debt to survive?
    Maybe truck driving is now only for the immigrants?

    Its a bit odd because truck driving was always fairly lucrative and paid reasonably well, certainly enough to obtain a moderately-sized pile of debt.

  7. What is the TWU doing?

    Same as Enginerers Society, SDA. etc. facilitating while collecting union fees – ticket clippers.

  8. When the recession starts do 457’s (or whatever the number was changed to) get sent back?? Does that also suggest we now have an additional policy response available? Immigration policy. It may be the only way the gov can protect its surplus when the SHTF and keep the unemployment rate low enough to protect its precious property market.. As i was writing that I started imagining Scott DBag Morrison huddled in the dark over the REIA stats muttering “My Precious”.

  9. agreed, the fact we have unemployment means we should be going directly to those people and seeing if they want to drive those trucks if given the training and a reasonable wage, but hey thats not good for business profits so lets just import cheap immigrants to fill those and drive down/keep wages flat.

    • PalimpsestMEMBER

      Oh come now. Training existing Australian residents to drive trucks? Obviously all our previous generations of truck drivers arrived solely from immigration. They all arrived fully formed and qualified. This quaint idea of training locals will only crowd out overseas students and seriously damage the economy as a consequence.

  10. The quality of driver training is a great concern given how well vocational education and child care have been exploited but what also concerns me is the drivers awareness of vehicle safety and roadworthiness. We’ve seen a number of trucking companies shut down running dodgy operations, how many more will spring up as immigrants stay silent on the condition of their vehicle less they have their visa revoked. This country is so sh1t .

  11. MountainGuinMEMBER

    So aside from uber eats delivery drivers, are there any occupations that are not on the list of occupations “experiencing” skills shortages…?

  12. Govt: “How long does it take to become a fully qualified semi trailer driver?”

    Industry: shuffles feet nervously.

    End of discussion.

    • Industry: Hands over Pile of money, either literally, or in implied future opportunities.
      Government: Nothing to see here….