A night at the charts – 28 November 2019

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    • From the link,

      “So, I would patiently urge all climate-change activists to direct their environmental concerns at those who really deserve it. They can start with the economists, developers and politicians who blissfully believe that the status quo of ‘perpetual growth’ still works. They can then move on to the religious zealots who still spout the mantra of ‘man’s dominion over nature’ and abhor the idea of contraceptives. After that, they can apportion a hefty dose of blame to the world leaders who purposefully sidestep the overpopulation issue like the political hot potato it is, despite the fact that it’s killing our planet and robbing future generations of the spectacular biodiversity and viable ecosystems that older generations took for granted. And finally, they can look in the mirror and ask themselves what they are personally doing (besides protesting in the streets) to make their planet a better place for all the life that dwells on it.”

      • LOl at them “protesting in the streets”. I think they mean “tweeting furiously whilst enjoying smashed avo and a chai latte with soy made by a skilled migrant getting paid $3 an hour”.

    • I was born in 1950, 70 years ago. The world POpuation was 2.5 billon.
      It is fossil Fuels tha have allowed our human population explosion and ALL the pollution of the planet.
      CC will ,if unchecked, be the cause of lowering our numbers.
      So , yeah /no.

  1. The Traveling Wilbur

    Someone is makin’ an awful lot of bacon.

    Is this a pork-belly-actuals led recovery? The entrails must be consulted to confirm.

    I know what I’m doing this Sat morning.

    • SnappedUpSavvyMEMBER

      this is blood on Innes Willox’s hands

      low iq brain dead fake indian students shouldn’t be allowed in 30 ton trucks

        • SnappedUpSavvyMEMBER

          there were reports of the phone being seized meaning he was obviously on it, however I know from having to deal with these indian truck drivers nearly every day how dangerous they are, this guy has apparently been in the country a few year but I can tell you most have been here for months only and can barely speak English and just holding out their phones with the pick up or drop off details. they are ALL hopeless at driving, one guy so bad he simply couldn’t reverse the truck into the driveway that is 3 times wider then the truck…. its a disgrace and more people will be killed because of Innes Willox and his skills shortage BS

      • Canada and NZ too:

        semi driver ran a stop sign.

        Fourteen people were killed in the collision

        at no time did Sidhu apply his brakes when he ran the stop sign, which was over-sized and four feet in diameter.


        The fake left has blood on its hands because it refuses to ban foreigners from driving trucks here. Allowing “skilled” immigrants to destroy IT systems is one thing, but to allow foreign “students” to kill us on the road is insane.

        • SnappedUpSavvyMEMBER

          I saw the picture of the 10 year old boy this arvo, just brutal, it will happen again, they are just not the people you want on the road in a lethal vehicle

  2. Mining BoganMEMBER

    I have a question of lawyerly minded types. Today the Liberals asked for a pair so that the fibber Angus could attend a conference in Europe. Well, that’s what he says but rumour is he just wants to go to avoid more questions and related unpleasantness…but anyhow, is he allowed to leave the country while under police investigation?

    Geez it would be fun to see him arrested while trying to skip the country

  3. “The Labour party in the UK has today committed to introducing unitary taxation by the end of the next parliamentary term. This is significant internationally because it marks the first such manifesto commitment from a major political party, with a realistic prospect of election success, in a major OECD member country. Coupled with the leadership of the G24 group of developing countries, the Labour commitment represents an important further normalisation of unitary taxation, and a potentially important step to ending the great damage done by corporate tax abuse internationally.

    But what is unitary taxation? We’ve put together an infographic below to illustrate how unitary tax works.

    Under a unitary tax approach, governments treat a multinational corporation as a group made up of all its local branches, instead of treating each local branch as an individual entity separated from the global chain. The profits that the multinational corporation declares as a group are then apportioned to each country where it operates based on how much of its real economic activity took place in that country.

    Simply, put a unitary approach requires multinational corporations to contribute tax based on where they employ workers and do business, not where they rent letter-boxes and hide ledgers. That means making sure corporations pay their fair share locally for the wealth created locally by people’s work.”


    Naw BJ would be better for … what ????? again …

    • Turns out that bush vibrants don’t give a fvck about the Nationals, and the yokals are not all of them into bestiality.

      I might suggest to the honorable sun dried tomato than he could sweeten the deal and offer that anyone who joins the party can kick him in the nuts after signing on the dotted line.

      • It’s almost as if bush vibrants only want:
        a) visas
        b) grandparent visas
        c) to move to Harris Park