Melbourne’s mega sprawl non-solution for hyper immigration

It’s amazing watching the idiotic non-solutions emerge for Australia’s hyper immigration-fuelled population growth.

With Melbourne’s population already having increased by around 1.6 million people this century, and projected to balloon by another 5.2 million people over the next 48 years:

University academics have proposed the hilariously stupid plan of building a series or regional cities the size of Canberra around Melbourne to ease the population crush:

Victoria needs to build a series of new cities housing up to 400,000 people each to offset Melbourne’s population crush.

The ring of cities — 100-250km from the CBD — would be built from scratch on greenfield sites…

The ambitious 20-year proposal, outlined in a plan from experts at three of Victoria’s top universities, would zero in on locations with existing rail infrastructure that could eventually be upgraded to run high-speed trains.

Around six new cities, which would each have a population of at least 100,000 people, could be eventually be filled over the two decades based on Melbourne’s population growth…

“Victorians will be attracted to them because they will offer new employment opportunities, new housing opportunities, and different sorts of living arrangements — as well as being hyperconnected to Melbourne,’’ [RMIT University deputy pro vice-chancellor Ralph Horne] said…

“Given the time frame over which Victoria’s population is growing, and current building rates, it is prudent to plan for 20-year time frames to establish sustainable new centres,” the report said…

Academics and urban planners are always the first to complain about ‘urban sprawl’, saying it is both environmentally destructive and inefficient. Yet, here are these same hypocrites proposing that we chew up the countryside so that Melbourne can sprawl into a series a far-flung commuter towns.

Prevention is always better than a cure. Instead of proposing to spend possibly trillions of dollars on new commuter towns, why not simply propose slashing immigration to historical levels? This would prevent the population pressures from occurring, spare Australia’s delicate ecology from over-development, and save trillions of dollars in housing and infrastructure malinvestment.

Cutting immigration can also be done with the stroke of a pen by the federal government. It’s easy and by far the lowest cost option to maintain living standards.

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  1. Sprawl is a great idea. Absolutely farken bonza.

    If we are to have immigration, that is. And we are to have immigration.

  2. Put a big fence around them and call them “gated communities” and Australia can become South Africa.

  3. SnappedUpSavvyMEMBER

    belly laugh for the day thanks to Ralph Horne…..oh deary me

    “Victorians will be attracted to them because they will offer new employment opportunities, new housing opportunities, and different sorts of living arrangements — as well as being hyperconnected to Melbourne,’’ [RMIT University
    deputy pro vice-chancellor Ralph Horne] said…

    and a new standard of living….

    “hyper connected” …..BHWAAAA HAAAAAAAAAA HAAAAAA…….oh gosh stop it

  4. There are various ways to grow a country’s human population:
    1) outward – building onto the edge of existing cities
    2) upward – building higher structures in existing cities
    3) afar – building new cities
    4) not at all – stabilising population

    My preference is 4, then 3, then 1 then 2.

  5. such a relatively large – 400k cities that far 150-250km away are almost never commuter towns (look at Woolongong or Newcastle) so very few people would daily commute to Melbourne
    cities that large (or larger) and that far from big cities in US or Europe are not considered to be part of the big city. Some of the biggest cities in US are not that far Philadelphia is 150km from NYC and 200km from DC, San Diego is less than 200km from LA
    since state borders not much than 250km away from Melbourne (in all directions) that would be almost maximal possible decentralisation of the state – quite refreshing
    if we have to grow population it would be crazy thing to have such a relatively small state have such a large population while the rest of country is empty

    • Yeah, but unless they have a magic jobs tree, the people living in these theoretical towns will have no option other than travel to the city for work.
      You would probably also be surprised at the numbers of people commuting to sydney from newcastle/woolongong/blue mountains or almost as far.

      • most of ordinary people jobs in Australia are local jobs – retail, education, tradies, REA, …

        I don’t think lots of upper level big corporate managers headquartered in CBD will live in these cities

        you would be surprised how personal observations can skew reality – yeah there may be two guys from Wollongong/Newcastle in each corporate office in Sydney CBD but they make just couple of percents of total workforce in those cities

        • Well they are currently widening the M1 north of wyong because it can’t handle the traffic loads placed on it.
          Who do you think is driving on it. Same with m2 and m7 west + whatever is headed south.
          In fact the complete gridlock across the entire greater sydney area at peak times suggest an awful lot of people don’t work local.
          I’d also add if the jobs existed in these new areas then people would already be living there. Towns just pop up around steady long term employment like magic.

      • Don’t forget the magic water tree! Oh wait that’s what trees do, create localised rain but hey we don’t need them in Victoria the education ponzi state cos our trees are super dooper special, they’re filled with this flammable oil that means…..


        you can’t escape the BURN in Victoria!

  6. Wasn’t this idea taken to the last Victorian election and the Guy opposition was thumped. Most of the population think that things are being built and we can out build the immigration rate and contrarian opinion is just rashist.

    • Most of the population wants immigration to be cut and they tried voted for Jacinda but she refuses to cut immigration.

      Britons voted for Brexit but the MPs refuse to provide Brexit.

      It is an astonishing phenomena.

      The PLA has lifted hundreds of millions of Chinese people out of poverty and the West is putting hundreds of millions of Europeans back into poverty. WTF.