Melbourne’s dystopian migrant-stuffed future revealed

The latest medium population projections from the ABS has Melbourne’s population more than doubling to 10.2 million by 2066, with the city’s population projected to increase by 109,000 people annually:

As you can see above, 89% of Melbourne’s population increase is projected to come from net overseas migration (NOM), meaning that without positive migration, Melbourne’s population would increase to only 5.5 million by 2066.

Yesterday, The Age analysed projections from the Victorian Government showing that the lion’s share of Melbourne’s population would occur in its growth corridors, crush-loading infrastructure, liveability and amenity:

Many of the areas expected to experience the greatest population growth are on Melbourne’s expanding suburban fringes.

In Melbourne’s west, Melton South, Tarneit, Werribee West, Werribee South, Wyndham Vale and Point Cook South are projected to double in size, along with Hillside, in Melbourne’s north-west…

The growth projections have sparked major concerns by planning experts on whether the areas have infrastructure needed to cope with the population boom…

RMIT professor of urban policy Jago Dodson said that under these population projections the Wyndham municipality, which takes in Werribee, will have a population in 2036, equivalent to that of Tasmania.

“You’ve got to ask – does the population in Wyndham have the full suite of services that you would see in a state?”…

Professor Dodson said there were some serious deficits in how growth suburbs were planned, particularly in regards to access to public transport, access to high-skilled jobs and a lack of cultural facilities.

As usual, the article failed to mention that a Giant Melbourne is a direct policy choice, not inevitable. It could be avoided with the stroke of a pen from the federal government by lowering Australia’s immigration intake back to historical levels:

As it stands, Melbourne is facing a dystopian future with increased traffic congestion, longer commute times, as well as reduced access to jobs, schools, hospitals and open space under every build-out scenario.

If you don’t believe me, check out the below scenario projections from Infrastructure Australia, assuming Melbourne’s population balloons to a projected 7.3 million people by 2046:

As you can see, all liveability indicators are projected to deteriorate irrespective of whether Melbourne builds up or out. Obviously, the situation would deteriorate further as Melbourne’s population increases by another 2.9 million people by 2066, as projected by the ABS.

Nobody voted for this. Australia’s policymakers should be hung, drawn and quartered for deliberately trashing residents’ living standards.

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  1. Not much political traction has been gained on this issue by those opposing it, I suggest all those opposed to these high rates be they come from the left, center left, right etc come together and form an unholy alliance on this issue. A win is a win and ethics will have to take 2nd place given the immense power the big Australia lobby have.
    The only guy around with the capability to push this issue is non other than Mark Latham, but he seems now distracted on state issues.
    The alliance needs to start forming now.

    • People opposing high rates of immigration:
      PHON – easy to call them racist
      KAP – ditto
      Andrew Bolt – ditto
      2GB – Alan Jones, so must be bad
      Matthew Guy – a snake oil salesman and unelectable
      Tony Abbott – ditto
      Gladys B – lip service to win an election
      Sustainable Australia Party – have turned into a bunch of NIMBYs to avoid upsetting people

      Which many of the above have put together rational arguments about mass immigration, their baggage and the fact they are hated by many has stalled the debate about mass immigration. Even to this day, you are called a racist for even suggesting that immigration should be slowed. The useful idiots on the left have practically played into the hands of the neoliberals and until we get a better person to take up the mass immigration debate, I can’t see anything changing.

      • If “Even to this day, you are called a racist for even suggesting that immigration should be slowed. ” is the litmus test, then be racist.

        When they only hire their own, they’re being racist.
        Your welfare is being sucked because they have racist views that they deserve to receive it, and you deserve to pay it.

        They’re paying to win, and you will be on the losing side.

        You can either

        i) Ensure the legacy built by your forebears resemble something functional into the future, and your children are gifted something worthwhile
        ii) Smugly think to yourself ‘at least no one called me racist’ as your children ensure apartheid conditions.

  2. Had the misfortune of going out to Wyndhamvale on the weekend to buy a second hand car (Audi S3 – paid peanuts for it) and it was a bleak vista that awaits the unwary visitor.
    The Jubilee Estate sits in a former sheep paddock surrounded by other rocky thistle infested sheep paddocks.
    This is Tim Pallas’ electorate. I wonder if he reconciles the stamp duty with the congestion and future slum he’s created? Probably not. I can’t imagine he’d actually drive out there unless he’d been car-jacked and abducted.
    Ooh, now THERE’S an idea!

    • Tim Pallas lives in Williamstown, so probably only goes to his office in Werribee when not sitting in parliament or being bribed by lobbyists. Has probably never been to the estate.

      • Ha – remember Williamstown in the late 90’s? An absolute s$%hole. And it was only 10 years ago a Canadian tourist was beaten to death outside the Railway Hotel in Yarraville. Look at the place now – heaving with hipsters.
        Amazing what the FIRE economy can do – a million bucks for those Wyndham Vale eave-less boxes in no time.

    • I’m surprised they didn’t use an aspirational name for the suburb, if you want to see something worse I suggest a drive on the road between Rockbank and Melton.

      • billygoatMEMBER

        @Jim Smith
        Ha Ha / lame car park all the way to Elton. Horror show.
        They’ve almost made it to Mt Cotterel Road…starving out the locals from early 70’s with epic rates due to land value increase.
        Wyndhamvale with 30 excavators on the go is only a fraction of future vision for rocky, snake & thistle infested paddocks..

  3. Given how fast and how dysfunctional the growth has been, Melbourne is sure to become another Jakarta within the next decade. However, it is quite likely that Victoria will run out of water before these population targets are hit or if it doesn’t run out of water, Melbourne will effectively take water from the north.

    • Charlie Daniels

      Just like the electricity they get from NSW. I make no apology in telling Daniel Andrews to go fvck himself and fix his own water and electricity issues.

      • Power issues in Victoria can be laid at the feet of the wonderful Jeffery K and the wonders of a “free” market in electricity.

  4. You would think the population would get angry about this, being stuck in traffic, waiting in ED’s etc. But they meekly keep their mouths shut for fear of being labelled a racist. What a con job the BA lobby has done to the country.

    • They don’t actually, they scream at their elected representatives about this and are disregarded even as members of the same political party, but for different reasons. In the liberal party it is the power of business looking for more customers in a country with a declining birth rate and a maxed out on debt local population. In the Labor party it is the ethnically based stacks and building unions. Legacy Australians have no say, notwithstanding they pay all the bills.

      • All that they have to do is put the major parties and the Greens last at every election, and put the sitting member last of all. It would work if even a relatively small number of people did it in marginal seats. What amazes me is that most people (of all generations) vote for one of the major parties that are wrecking their lives and will make conditions even worst for their children.

    • Anger simmers.

      Tunisia starting the Arab spring of 2011 was not evident on anyone’s radar.

      The future could catch everyone by surprise, my wife is Indian, and my son by his complexion would not be considered Caucasian. So I have been wary of this since the demonstration against Lebanese racism at Cronulla in 2005.

      The ‘racist’ term is now being as freely used for no other reason than permitting entitled non-whites to make whites walk on egg shells. They are exploiting the war on whites to the fullest advantage, but all it will take is

      Entitled non-white: You’re racist
      White: OK. Now what?
      Entitled non-white: …….

      The war on whites has undoubtedly built up a lot of frustration, and non-whites are too racist and too entitled to give whites a due apology. If whites resort to thinking ‘only we can be relied upon to look after our own, and it is clear you are a barrier to us achieving this’, what are non-whites going to do to resist?

      If they confrontation becomes violent, and without the ability to resist, it could turn ugly. I can’t believe anyone would want to awake that sleeping giant.

  5. chances are the population doesnt ven know or care, they might have seen traffic get worse in their life time but they cant figure out why or care enough to say anything or do anything about it. the biggest delusion that this blog has is the idea that australians by and large actually care about what’s happening to them, if they did they’d of voted (one of the many) anti-immigration parties into power a long time ago. the biggest source of anti-immigration sentiment comes from ppl who dont like moo slims, not ppl who are concerned about housing costs(australians love high house prices) and traffic.


      Spot on Stag wrt the apathy.
      Vibrancy and all the associated delights that come with invasion levels of immigration, has boosted house prices beyond anybody’s wildest dreams so for those ‘in the money’, it’s a small and almost trivial irritation the functional collapse of a once pretty nice place inside 20 years.
      # the futureisverybleakhere

  6. I have an image in my head of Nelson Muntz pointing his index finger towards Melbourne laughing “Ha Ha”.

  7. It could be avoided with the stroke of a pen from the federal government

    The states can cut immigration too. Gladys has put in a land tax on foreigners. Put in a railway land tax on foreigners too. Charge foreigners $40 per day for a train ticket – exempt the refugees – and the “skilled” immigrants will bugger off to Canada.

    30 September 2019

    Mark Latham says Gladys won’t halve migrant intake

    Mark Latham has accused Premier Gladys Berejiklian of dropping her pledge to cut NSW’s migrant intake by up to 50 per cent.

    • I’m not often the sort of person to celebrate others misfortune, but the day he departs earth I’ll crack a few beers.

  8. Professor Dodson said there were some serious deficits in how growth suburbs were planned, particularly in regards to access to public transport, access to high-skilled jobs and a lack of cultural facilities.

    There is no way known that these new growth suburbs slums will ever receive the funding needed to provide the facilities or amenity that has in the past been associated with Australia. If Governments were ever forced to provide that kind of funding, the mass importation of migrants would be such a massive loss making proposition that the whole scam would be shut down.

    • ” If Governments were ever forced to provide that kind of funding, the mass importation of migrants would be such a massive loss making proposition that the whole scam would be shut down.”
      But thanks to the wonders of our system of government, thwe funding of the infrastructure is a state responsibility while immigration is determined by the federal government, so it’s virtually impossible to make the decision makers actually fund the required infrastructure.

    • Know IdeaMEMBER

      It does not take long living in either of those vacuous places to find out. I’ll give you a hint: money and ego, and the resultant superficiality that comes from those.

    • Yep. Self flagellation is very popular!

      The gaslighting industry is enormous. The fake Guardian. Domainfax. Murdoch. ABC.

      ABS is now a part of it. “Australia is roomy compared to Brazil”.

      Yeah, there are not enough favelas in Australia yet.

      • The US will be Brazil in under 50 years. It will take longer for us but that is the ultimate globalist goal. They can take helicopters from high rise buildings (uber has just started a helicopter service in NYC) while they have infinite slave labour running around at street level.

    • Polls show people have been concerned about high levels of immigration for DECADES in the US, Australia and Britain. Our elites have colluded for decades to thwart the will of the people. Then they wonder why people voted Brexit or Trump.


    “Since the start of July, about 80 people every day have claimed protection after landing at an Australian airport.”

    How good is Straya? OnYa Dutto!

    Anecdote… Friend owns a lunchbar and had a Honky interview for a cooking job. Said he was claiming asylum from HK and got here about two weeks after the protests started. She didn’t hire him because she thought he was clearly gaming the system and wondered about his ethics.

    We truley have become the laughing stock where our government gives our country and everything that made it good away to foreigners.

  10. People keep thinking this is about Australia. It’s not. All those people coming from third world countries are going to get big improvement in living standards. It might look dytopian to us but more like heaven to them.

    • Seeing as we live in Australia, and this issue is causing falling standards of living for us, then yes, of course we think it’s about Australia. I don’t understand what your comment is even about. Why should current citizens be happy about their standard of living falling so we can import millions from the third world?

      • Of course I agree with you, but our opinions are seen as outdated by our betters in academia, the media and politics. They have delegitimised the nation state so that now our ‘responsibility’ is to the world. That’s globalism for you. If you argue that our responsibility is to current residents they portray you as a white supremacist.

  11. If the state governments are making planning decisions to expand suburbs around our capital cities how does this gel with the federal governments migrants to the regions policy?