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Leith van Onselen


  1. robert2013MEMBER

    That link about russian science is awesome with many lessons for Australia.

    Here’s a quote: “They think that if they can get the latest big thing, the latest new technology, that they’re in like Flynn. But actually it won’t do anything for them, because the characteristics [of] a society that are necessary for commercial success in technology do not exist in Russia—and those characteristics are social and legal and political and economic. The political leadership fears strong entrepreneurs who get rich because they fear that they’ll be competitors.”

    Describes many of our “leaders” nicely.

    • Look into the history of the microwave oven, never replaced the traditional stove contra to the entrepreneurs desires.

        • For those that insist on spoon feeding …

          Basically the whole thing was ramped up on the expectation of taking over the traditional stoves market share. Vast sums of money, time, and PR marketing were devoted to changing consumers attitudes towards utilizing the Microwave oven as a stand alone food cooking white good. This also meant that the design of the Microwave oven necessitated size and features [gimmicks] to facilitate [lure] consumers into making the change.

          Almost completely imploded the industry, people were just not going to abandon traditional stoves – ovens electric or gas for reasons associated with traditional cooking from taste to processes E.g. how do you brown butter in a microwave through sight and smell.

          Anywho they finally got the message and down sized them, along with reducing the features to basics, most users only utilize them for warming or reheating.

          Moral of the story is they did not do their psychological – sociological homework and attempted to force a habit change E.g. they – believed – their goal was just a matter of time and money with a side of epic expectations.

  2. How Trade War Happens and Destroys Countries – YouTube

    One minute into the video, it sounds globalist. The working age population in Japan peaked in 1998 and the population overall peaked in 2008. So having 1% economic growth whilst having a shrinking population is actually fantastic and makes the average Japanese salaryman richer.

      • Yep. It was a fabulous decade rather than a lost decade.

        And now they are building a 500 km/h maglev line despite having a shrinking population since 2009! Proving that there is no link between population growth and improving infrastructure.

  3. – Mark Anthony Taylor joins Sean from the SGT Report – we learn the relationships between the ongoing coup against Trump, international intelligence agencies, Jeffrey Epstein’s blackmail ring, the Clinton Foundation, how all of the major bank CEOs are controlled and how this affects what projects do and don’t get financed.

    • it doesn’t say it is dumb, it says Australia is opting to take easy options.

      It’s a boomer phenomenon, spend it all (including gutting the country) on whatever shiny bauble advertisers wave in front of your face.

  4. Edwin Almeida dumping massively on new developments with mixed use plans. He seems to be very selective in which ones he stops and films. He even stops by that 6 individual dwellings on one site project that has been commented on here on MB and casually notes that ‘there might be a stop work order coming’, even though it has nothing to do with the mixed use theme.

    I would love to know the back story. He clearly has a vendetta against someone. I bet all the ones he showed are being managed by the same agent who double crossed him in the past.

      • I think it is all true and yet another indictment on the sector – though not news or surprising to me. Good on him for posting it. I just wonder about the focus on specific sites. No one else does that until long after the sound of the structural supports cracking or the building ‘moving in a downwards motion’ makes the story too loud not to name names.

    • WeWtF.. love that!

      Mind you all this reminds me of .com good times,… when it goes bang, we will see people imprinted as shadows on walls.