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Leith van Onselen


  1. Re the so called ‘recycling crisis’, there were a couple of fake Green types yammering on in the work tea room about environment this protest that blah blah etc etc recently. So, I thought to myself, “here’s a golden opportunity to toss a grenade in!”. So I announced said that I had suspended all recycling at my place to protest the environment wrecking policies of the Morrison Government that were creating so much waste in the first place. I explained that my logic was to attack the problem at the source.

    That brought a few quizzical looks, but the enthusiasm to join in anything labelled a protest got the better of them. After some mumbling that I took to be some verbalisation of groupthink, one timidly enquired ‘which policies do you think are doing the most harm in this respect?’ and I said ‘excessive population growth fuelled by hyper immigration’. Splutter, splutter … Cue time to depart the vicinity, a job well done.

      • No, but I hear on the grapevine I may be due for a call from HR to assist with their enquiries into a ‘potential microaggression with aggravating circumstances, namely being wh!te whilst male’

    • oh boi, people fighting for social equality and Egalitarian principles are the scumbags while the Authoritarian and Nationalistic right wing can do no evil. History of the last 50 years begs to differ..

      • WTF, the left are just as Authoritarian as the right, if not more so, the last 100 years of history has proven this.

      • Last 50 years… so 1969 onwards? has there even been a nationalistic right wing government in an influential country in all that time?

        The highest body counts always happen under socialist governments, there has never been a federal/national socialist government that has failed to end up being tyrannical and brutal.

    • Right signal lights are new, never used, left signal lights just replaced with new bulbs.

      Advise buyer to drive around Perth only if they don’t mind being flipped the bird and be yelled at the stop lights ‘Ternoffya’leftsignalya’tosser!’ … whatever that means!