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Leith van Onselen


    • Of course. The yokals will take it up the pooper because the prevailing thinking is ‘what are they gonna do? Leave the country? Ha, if they could, they would’ve by now, but they’re stuck… so, BOHICA boys and gals!’

    • Even better as Leo Sayer says, even Left Leaning Greenies are now wondering if mass immigration is a good idea.

      I feel sorry for the couple who probably want to preserve the area, but at the same time, saw an opportunity to make some money off their big block and have now had it backfire on them… not worth whatever they put in their pocket and some things are worth more than money!

      • The Traveling Wilbur

        No need to worry about them Gav. They incurred losses while developing a property and having a go. So someone will bail them out. It’s the Australian way.

      • innocent bystanderMEMBER

        seen this thing happen a few times.
        once you take the money and a separate title all bets are off.
        but more to this than meets the eye – “they attached this powerful clause to the title “ hmmm, if it was a covenant on the title it would not have got overruled by the council without going to court first?


    Economic logic???? Again Jericho thinks we should lower lower the rates and run a huge fiscal deficit without a single thought as to how this affects the external account and our need to sell off whatever remains of our sovereignty to foreigners. And that is promoted by The Guardian and MB as ‘economic logic’
    There is little to nothing that can be done to save us from recession except to sell ever more of our sovereignty, ever more of our children’s prosperity, to foreigners. What we are facing is the result of 60 years of totally WRONG economic policy of precisely the sort of tripe advocated by Jericho – and the solution is MORE of the same?

  2. Tulsi Gabbard
    ‏Verified account @TulsiGabbard

    Hillary & her gang of rich, powerful elite are going after me to send a msg to YOU: “Shut up, toe the line, or be destroyed.” But we, the people, will NOT be silenced. Join me in taking our Democratic Party back & leading a govt of, by & for the people!

    Mentions her support for Sanders last round, although I find her lack of mentioning GOP corruption an omission.

    • My favorite reply thus far to Tulsi’s tweet:

      “We need a well-defined economic and fiscal policy platform. Message me if you want some suggestions. I have a degree from the University of Chicago.”

      Oh and I liked liked the handle of one commenter: Neoliberalism is Woke Conservatism.


    Less tenant and investor demand for commercial property signalled, bank report … Marta Steeman … Stuff NZ

    Commercial property owners should brace for less demand from investors and tenants as the economy slows.

    Westpac’s “Economic Insight” on the commercial property market also warned that this coming year some low vacancy rates might rise and rent increases could be constrained.

    Commercial property had had a solid run in recent years and the two drivers were primarily the strength of tenant demand for space and investor appetite for properties, Westpac senior economist Satish Ranchhod said.

    The key question was the extent of the economic downturn. Westpac expected it to be moderate but the risks for it to be greater had increased. … read more via hyperlink above …