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  1. NEW ZEALAND … likely 12 months out to next General Election … this thrashing in poll …

    Jacinda Ardern, Labour take massive tumble in new Newshub-Reid Research poll … Newshub

    The age of Jacindamania is over. Brand Ardern has taken its biggest knock yet – and when Labour’s magic weapon loses its power, the party does too.

    The latest Newshub-Reid Research Poll shows just how wounded Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and Labour have been after the string of crises that have beset them.

    Labour was the only party to lose support in Newshub’s poll. It’s now on 41.6 percent – smacked down by 9.2 percent.

    Most of that went to National, which is on 43.9 percent – up 6.5. This is enough to overtake Labour, and that’s manna from heaven for the Nats and leader Simon Bridges. … VIEW & READ MORE via hyperlink above …
    The Labour Party has fallen dramatically in a new poll, falling behind National … NZ Herald

    Labour, PM down in latest poll … Thomas Coughlan … Stuff NZ

    • Spot on.
      ‘People were most likely to be without food or the means to pay for it due to an unexpected bill or expense’.

      I no longer give to these charities for that exact reason. Greedy people with eyes far bigger than their wallets, living way beyond their means. I personally know of one property developer who was turning over $200K a month, yet often made use of the Salvos after his Mrs had to hand the shopping back at Coles (accounts empty, cards maxed out…cashflow). Disgraceful.

  2. The habbening, its…

    US Attorney General Bill Barr: “This is not decay. This is organized destruction. Secularists and their allies have marshaled all the forces of mass communication, popular culture, the entertainment industry, and academia in an unremitting assault on religion & traditional values.”


    Time for leftists to get btfo’d. Can you all feel the tide turning. No wonder the left is getting more hysterical every day, as they feel the accumulated political capital of decades slip away, and it turns out everything they believe is lies.

    And soon the left’s acolytes will soon turn on their masters, its going to be beautiful.

    Behold, the butterfly war cometh.

      • The Traveling Wilbur

        Well, that was extremely odd – maybe that in itself would be sufficient reason to do so. Rather than the ‘bothering’ criterion.

        Otherwise you’ll be missing out on some great stuff done by god botherers universally. Like physics. And a lot of life saving medical techniques. But to each his own…

        Back to the butterflies… I’ve looked (in vain) for a /sarc tag and can’t find one. Can only assume someone has been watching too many Hannibal espisodes recently.

        All good T?

          • The Traveling Wilbur

            For some of us it would be a reaaaaaaaally long trip.

            Don’t forget to take your butterfly net. 😀
            And spare condoms.

          • It was early and I misread. However I’d call Dawkins and Harris Liberals in the traditional sense. You seem to be suggesting that any criticism of religion and conservatism is not to be tolerated.

          • It was early and I misread. However I’d call Dawkins and Harris Liberals in the traditional sense. You seem to be suggesting that any criticism of religion and conservatism is not to be tolerated.

            If you want to know where he’s coming from, you need to read up on Neoreactionaries and spend some time on Infowars.

      • @ David – I’ve been called many things over the years but never a god-botherer. Not sure how to respond. I’m not Christian, if thats what you mean.

        • Yes, but you have declared your own crown of thorns….

          “This is organized destruction. Secularists and their allies….”

          In the minds of the regressive left, there _IS_ guilt by association, and the associative link can be very spurious. We’re playing a game of moral superiority here, not something immaterial like sheep stations.

  3. True Lies: Mathias Cormann caught by his own department for economic fairy tales

    The main news from Friday’s report is that net debt was $399.1 billion at the end of August. That is a blow-out of $25.5 billion since June. In just two months. We know gross debt increased by $10.7 billion from $542.0 billion to $552.7 billion over that period. And we know that gross debt has increased by another $12.4 billion between the end of August and last Friday, when it hit $565.1 billion. Simple algebra suggests net debt is now, in mid October, close to $408.0 billion.