Aussies want stimulus, not surplus

It seems the majority of Aussies have a better idea on how to run the economy than the Morrison Government:

Voters are more inclined to argue the Morrison government should stimulate the economy to avoid a downturn than preserve the long-promised budget surplus at all costs, according to the latest Guardian Essential poll.

The latest survey of 1,033 respondents suggests more than half the sample, 56%, would prioritise stimulating the Australian economy and delaying the surplus to help prevent a downturn over pushing the budget back into black at all costs (33%), with 12% unsure.

The below is the breakdown by party:

Full polling results here.

Leith van Onselen


  1. West Australian Labor government embracing full-blown Population Quantitative Easing despite a grim labour market and widespread infrastructure bottlenecks.

    “Deputy Premier Roger Cook has justified the McGowan Government’s migration backflip by claiming growth and diversification of the WA economy will require overseas students and workers.” –

  2. Thank god the government is not listening to the people then. Stimulus will only prolong the destruction of this country, any stimulus will go straight into higher house prices one way or another. We need a productive economy and tax system aimed at productive investment before any stimulus.

    • “We need a productive economy and tax system aimed at productive investment before any stimulus.” – Labour offered that but was rejected at the elections. Hence why I laugh at the headline.
      People don’t give a sht about the economy. as long as house prices go up she’ll be right mate.

      • Labor didn’t offer anything and that’s why few voted for them

        not a single policy of labor party would move a country an inch toward “productive economy and tax system aimed at productive investment”
        they just want to suck blood via means other than NG and franking credits (e.g. via compulsory 12% super or giving money to mates via government spending)

      • All of the wealth stolen from rich older Australians by Labor would have been immediately gifted to poor older Indian, Chinese and Nepali grandparents with their bonkers geriatric visa scheme.

    • Agree. Time to take our medicine for our own good. We haven’t had a surplus for more than a decade. If not now, when?

    • +1
      Stimulus is funded by debt and public sector debt is just deferred taxation (which my children will be saddled with down the line)

      Stimulus benefits a few for a short period today at the expense of younger generations and the unborn.

  3. LOL
    All Australians want to quickly become blood sucking landlords
    basically, modern version of feudalism is the Australian dream

    • and why not? It’s been the easiest, tax free, low effort way to make money in the last decade. I feel stupid for not joining in – working for a living is for suckers.

      • Yup, agreed. I wish I’d been born pig ignorant. That way I too could be sitting on a large property portfolio right now.

  4. bigpadaricoMEMBER

    Hands up all those who want free stuff. That’s settled then – bring back the plasma bonus. Double the FHB bonus. Pink bats for all! What could go wrong? Nothing but blue skies..

    • You’ll be amazed at how many people like free stuff. I’ve seen queues for goods that cost 5 cents to make in China.

  5. It’s been said in MB before by another member …..

    Never stand between an Aussie and a free feed.