ABC: Melbourne’s outer migrant suburbs a “modern slum nightmare”

The ABC has published an interesting profile on the outer-Western Melbourne suburb of Tarneit, which is fast morphing into a modern migrant slum nightmare:

When the Bahadur family moved into their new home in Melbourne’s booming outer west four months ago, they dreamed of suburban bliss. But it turned out to be a nightmare.

“We feel cheated,” Binod Bahadur said.

“We bought this land on the promise that we will have a dedicated train station, and a bus stop within 300 metres of this development. But it looks like that was all a false promise.”

Their home is in Tarneit, one of Melbourne’s fastest growing fringe suburbs.

Getting to and from the city, where one in five Tarneit residents work, can take up to two hours each way by car or train.

Tarneit Station opened just over four years ago and quickly became the second-busiest V/Line station in Victoria, with a car park that overflows by 7:00am each weekday.

Wyndham City Council collects tens of thousands of dollars in fines for those who have no option but to leave their cars wherever they can.

Each afternoon, returning commuters run from the train to be first to their cars to avoid getting caught in the gridlock on the way out.

Another 400 parking spaces have been promised, but Tarneit resident Arnav Sati said that is “not going to do a damn thing”.

The alternative — driving to work — is no better. The roads are being widened, but it is unlikely to be enough. The area’s population is expected to double by 2036.

Warnings of a ‘modern slum’

The ABC’s Australia Talks National Survey revealed the federal electorate of Lalor, which includes Tarneit, is one of the least happy in Australia.

It topped the list for residents who would be happier if they spent less time commuting.

Mr Sati, who ran as an independent candidate for Tarneit in the 2018 state election, fears things could become worse still if nothing changes.

“If we don’t play catch up with infrastructure we’re going to become a modern slum, whether you like it or not,” he said.

It is a common picture across much of Australia’s outer suburbs…

The Bahadurs said they felt trapped in their new home.

“It’s already a nightmare,” Ms Bahadur said.

“But it will be a big chaos [if more people move here] because it will be inconvenient for everyone [to] live, kids can’t go to school or university, to the city or to western suburbs,” she said…

Demographer James O’Donnell, from the Australian National University, said the way rapid growth had been handled in Australia’s major cities was “very uneven”…

Mr O’Donnell said the demographics of many growing suburbs were shifting quickly too. In Tarneit, 19 per cent of the population is of Indian heritage.

“There’s a whole community infrastructure that has to come in with that to try and create some cohesion within these communities, and create these liveable environments for the growing population,” Mr O’Donnell said.

So, migrants from developing nations are piling into Sydney and Melbourne en masse in the search for a better quality of life, only to discover that the areas they move to are fast becoming “modern slums” of their own.

This is Australia’s mass immigration economy in all of its hideous glory: a growth model that is designed to fatten the wallets of the property industry, toll road operators, retailers and banks, while crushing the living standards of ordinary residents, who are forced to endure long and uncomfortable commutes, expensive housing, and crush-loaded public services.

This is the “vibrancy” the population boosters keep selling to us.

Leith van Onselen


    • When people visit Sydney, they take a trip on the Harbor or go to the Opera House or beeches on the Eastern Suburbs and they think, boy I could live here.. But they never visit Western Sydney and see where they are likely to be forced to live… seems we are good at selling the “false” dream.

        • A conveyor belt of Chinese Hukou underclass internal illegals, Indian lowlife & rural peasantry, North and South Asian slum clearance, end of life vice workers, petty criminals, whole Nepalese villages, Bangladeshi & Pakistani misfits and undesirables, African war criminals, Middle Eastern jihadi and radicals, the criminal class offspring from the slums of San Paulo…

          The foreign criminal trafficker run conveyor belt literally transporting this third world detritus from their third world slum to the Sydney or Melbourne equivalent slums.

          Sydney western suburbs.
          Where Guangzhou meets Mumbai / Cairo / Dhaka.
          Melbourne is the same.

          5 million trafficked in on PR, TR, NZ SCV & Tourist Visas.
          5 million of the absolute worst bottom of the barrel scrapings. Not the best or brightest.
          These are unskilled sick or old useless migrants that no one country wants or would even allow in.
          Migrants who bribe lie and cheat their way in and exploit our broken borders and corrupted visa system.

          90% concentration in 2 cities.
          Sydney. Pop 5.2 million.
          2.5 million or 48% = non Australian foreign nationals.
          (1.1 million PR. 1.3 million TR/SCV, 200k other)
          1 in 2 Persons a non Australian foreign national.
          The majority who are on TR / SCV or TV.

          Melbourne pop 5.0 million.
          Melbourne being the overflow for the bottom layer migrants who can’t make it in Sydney.
          1.92 million or 38% non Australian foreign nationals.
          (0.9 million PR, 1 million TR, 200k other)

          And 0.5 million elsewhere.
          Mostly in mini me migrant slums in our other major cities.

          We have more unskilled third world migrant guestworkers in Australia than Gaddafi at his peak.

          • Just did a hard waste collection at my place Mike. Old outdoor settings, flyscreen door, knick knacks all piled up perfectly on the front lawn. Within an hour no less than five elderly Chinese are picking through it. Pleasant people despite trespassing, but not a single word of English amongst them. WTF are they doing here and on what basis? Never seen them before, I’m in a dead end street so there’s no passing traffic. These people appeared out of thin air.

    • SnappedUpSavvyMEMBER

      how about Sydney’s cbd

      or homebush, or Hurstville, or rockdale, how about being stared at and threatened in beautiful casula.

    • I’ve lived in Western Sydney and it is literally the one place I would not live again. It is the very definition of a hole. I think on some liveability index, Blacktown council came last in all places in Australia, if you’ve been there it is easy to see why

  1. The Bahadurs said they felt trapped in their new home.

    “It’s already a nightmare,” Ms Bahadur said.

    “But it will be a big chaos [if more people move here] because it will be inconvenient for everyone [to] live, kids can’t go to school or university, to the city or to western suburbs,” she said…

    Sounds racist to me.

  2. Tarneit has been named by the Dan Andrews as an “Indian Cultural Precinct” along with Dandenong, can’t wait for the Punjabi separatist flags to start appearing above our civic buildings…….

    • HadronCollisionMEMBER

      Well fk it all sounds good as long as the bloody indian takeaway has some garlic free options.

    • blacktwin997MEMBER

      Once they start installing the external grab handles onto the trains then we’ll know that we’ve achieved Peak Vibrancy(TM)!

      • GOLD. Western Sydney train drivers will be on the hunt for similar ‘congestion-busting’ devices !

        • blacktwin997MEMBER

          Here’s a go – we could help Western Sydney with their congestion busting AND revitalise Victorian manufacturing in one go.

          How? We manufacture grab handles and export them in bulk to the Sydney rail operators! Manufacturing wins, vibrants win, train operators win, Lucy Turnbull wins, so much win. Once their trains are fully kitted out with handles we can get to work on phase 2, the roof mounted banana lounges for First Class.

      • Why are these people complaining?
        They have moved from Second World Slums to a First World Slum; in part, of their own making.

    • I thought you were joking. Naming *any* suburb as an area of indian cultural precinct is condemning it to be a monocultural slum. Seriously – what other nationalities / ethnicities would want to move there?

  3. Stewie GriffinMEMBER

    Cities are population sink holes – so long as the multicultural migrant infection doesn’t spread to our regions the cities will do their thing and eventually consume them all.

    • Mate, I’m in the outer reaches where the undesirables (white fatties) live, and there seems to be an explosion of sub-continental vibrancy here. Dunno if there’s some “do your time in the regions” visa they’ve snagged before buzzing off, but it seems vibrancy is spreading. You may not be spared.

  4. david collyerMEMBER

    “Relax” said the night man,
    “We are programmed to receive.”
    “You can check out any time you like,
    But you can never leave!”

    • Hotel California 🙂 Or is it Hotel Tarneit?

      Funny I always thought it was pronounced “tar nay”… like when people try and make “Target” sound posh, by calling it “Tar Jay”…

      But I think it’s pronounced “Tar Neat”?

  5. GunnamattaMEMBER

    As a Geelong resident who has regular need to go to Werribee/Hoppers Crossing and intermittently to Melbourne I can tell you (inter alia)

    Tarneit and Wyndham Vale are going to have major issues (as will Pt Cook) unless something results in real jobs being there (and i have been told broadband isnt flash in Tarneit)
    The traffic emanating from Tarneit, Wyndham Vale (and Pt Cook) means that road or public transport travel to Melbourne has already become a non viable proposition.

    • The sad thing is that no one cares.

      The federal government will just keep immigration high to keep the GDP growing. Meanwhile everyone’s standard of living goes backwards.

      All 3 major political parties want hordes of immigration. There seems to be no way to stop this destruction. I despair.

      • How about educating people about the disadvantages of population growth and informing them to vote for change by putting a 1 against the Sustainable Australia Party in the next election. The more and more people who do this, the more likely they’ll get a seat and a voice in parliament to cap the immigration rate. Lets not forget Sustainable Australia already has one seat in the senate of Victoria

        • [email protected]

          they campaign against the building of much needed housing. Because they’re too soft to take on the real issue. Don’t want to seem racist, etc. I mean the softc0cks even changed their name to exclude “population”, didn’t they?!

          One Nation is the only hope, because their brand excludes political correctness, from the get-go.

          • SAP seems fake.

            They should be like one of those hard line parties in Europe.

            Stop over development? Stop mass immigration. Especially now that most Aussies are against mass immigration.

      • Funny how we complain about how China treats it’s people,
        ……yet our Government operates in a similar way?

      • its all gone full-circle in Denmark… maybe Australia will get it soon enough?? #ForeignCorrespondent #ABC

      • I once cared but I’m past that now. I want Uber mass immigration on the off chance that I can get the pension while enjoying rural Europe 😘😘😘

      • cuturhairMEMBER

        Take a look at the floor plan.. what’s up with the two downstairs badrooms plus the reteat?? Almost like they’re making spelling mistakes on purpose. Great views however

      • Lol. I just started working at Racing Victoria and my boss is going to ask Darren Gauchi (who works here) if he knows whose place it is/was. The whole team was crowded around having a laugh at the listing!

        • 2002. S3 8L. Impressive little rocket. I was also considering a 2003 S6 but thought about fuelling a V8 with a collapse in the dollar.

    • Yep Real Jobs is the real issue, but real jobs require differentiated labour skills and that idea is practically unAustralian.
      See recent Harvard Economic Complexity Atlas results
      If our skilled labour is not cooperating and collaborating to build a better whatever than just what-the-F are all these people doing?
      Apparently they’re all commuting to the CBD and back each day …but to do what? the answer appears to be to compete for a limited number of Government and big business “trickle-down” jerbs.
      Real jobs with real enduring economic value are 100% the results of skilled labour cooperating, they have practically zero to do with the government creation of BS jobs.

      • Soon these people’s despair will be multiplied a tad when the economy tanks and their jobs in the ‘FIRE’ and services sector evaporate. Not having local amenities will be the least of their problems.


      People quite literally run to their cars at Tarneit station in afternoon peak times, so as to avoid the inevitable traffic bottleneck.

      I don’t think Geelong is much better. Very little down here but government and building houses. Don’t see where everyone is going to work. Already a serious issue for those that bought down here and thought the commute to Melbourne was a trade-off worth doing. Now you’re liable to be stuck in Heavy traffic if you leave later than 5am.

    • We’ve been looking at a private school in Geelong.

      We drove around the area, west of the city, and it was amongst the most depressing places I have ever visited – industrial waste land – school was amazing.

      Thought no matter we can live on the coast, peninsula.

      From the CBD to Port Arlington, back around to Barwon heads / Point Lonsdale and everything in between has to be some of the most poverty stricken regions I have ever seen in Victoria.

      Yes it is interspersed with immaculate wealthy looking properties – but the general vibe was couches, shopping trolleys, coffee tables on the over grown thistles of a lawn with beers, Bundy and vodka, or white wine bottles strewn about.

      It was literally disgusting. An utterly miserable hell hole.

      Point Lonsdale and onwards are lovely – enclaves.

      Geelong is dead in the water. Its in serious trouble when the construction collapse hits.

    • Charlie Daniels

      A schit Australia is still miles better than a great India.
      While the benefits (free health care etc.) of living in Straya outweigh the supposed hardship of getting around, wage theft and working multiple jerbs, they’ll continue to flock in. The rest of us will be ones who have their quality of life eroded, I suspect the vibrants will be happy enough, except the ones like the whinging cvnts in the ABC article.

  6. Many migrants come here to benefit from our high labour costs (ie getting decent incomes). But they should realise the flip side of this — the cost of high labour mean that new infrastructure just isn’t going to happen to anywhere near the degree that they want. It’s really up to buyers (whether recent migrants or not) to undertake due diligence. If unhappy with the infrastructure they can either pay more for a better located property, or if they can’t afford that then make do with a unit in a superior location.

    I agree that it’s better if we didn’t have mass migration in such large numbers but things are what they are.

    • Its like Australians moving to London for the high wages – they end up at the end of the cheapest underground+bus route they can find in a share house with 12 other Aussies living off digestives as a senior lawyer for KPMG.

    • Many come and are immediately hit square in the face by the living costs. So yes, the wages sound good but the extortionate hands in the pockets drive many home, like some of our friends. One such couple went back home ‘for a better life’! Not sure where they fit in the caste system over there but they had servants, whereas here the father worked at Toyota in middle management, the mum stayed home with the two kids and they wore the mortgage noose real tight. They realised Australia was just a mirage.

  7. Indians were buying houses in Tarneit in 2010.

    This guy moved into Tarneit in 2019?

    Enjoy the crush loading or vote against the 3 major parties.

  8. Ronin8317MEMBER

    For those people who don’t understand why these kind of articles prop up at the ABC : it’s a propaganda piece for toll roads. Expect Transurban’s boss to appear next week to describe how this can all be solved by having a tollway.

    • Mining BoganMEMBER

      I reckon they’re more worried about the lack of public transport for when they bring out the oldies for welfare purposes. If said oldies can’t go anywhere to deliver the death stare at any whitey that comes close then that death stare will be delivered over the dining table at their failures of children.

      Every day. Death stare. Over the table. Across the lounge. From the passenger seat on the regular drive to hospital. Every day.

      Death stare.

      Every day.

      • If an Indian granny hobbles down the street and casts a death stare, but no whitey is around to see it, does she really stare?

      • Yes, I get that when the Indian grandmother visits next door, she absolutely scowls at me. Oh, and the Chinese in the area are constantly raiding my bin for bottles to take to recycling. Some are really organised with bags on trolleys and the Mrs in tow. Also I went to the Chinese owned fishing tackle store the other day and happened to mention that all the apartment building is affecting the water quality of the local Sydney rivers. He shook his head and yelled at me ‘WHO TOLD YOU THAT”. He want’s Sydney to be like Shanghai with 20 million people apparently so you don’t have to drive a car but use a metro. I told him only 3% of Shanghai’s waterways are clean and I got more headshaking and another “WHO TOLD YOU THAT”.

  9. This is Australia’s mass immigration economy in all of its hideous glory: a growth model that is designed to fatten the wallets of the property industry, toll road operators, retailers and banks, while crushing the living standards of ordinary residents

    to be honest local residents don’t deserve even this reduced standard of living
    lazy, immoral, corrupt …

  10. Will the Aus government bulldoze these slums ? imagine? well its a reality in Denmark… sh!t’s getting real in Denmark… social upheaval driven entirely by decades of over-enthusiastic immigration intake

  11. Leith I reckon this could justify a special ‘from the front line’ post on these places. This weekend jump in the car, pick up Dave on the way, stop off in Tarneit, loop over to West Melton and check it out. Make sure your door locks are serviceable.

    Who needs a passport these days? In less than a decade we’ll have kids with parentally induced limb deformities begging the streets ala Delhi. Out of sight, out of mind for so many.

  12. “Wyndham City Council collects tens of thousands of dollars in fines”

    Oooooooh, Strayan business model at its finest.

  13. Meanwhile over at this corner of the web

    The Indian Uber drivers are desperately astro-turfing in between updating their gumtree listings for a nomination sale on the block they cannot now settle on. They get very touchy when one punter pointed out the reason for the glowing reviews of the place

    Most people who review here write false reviews because they are invested in the area. I have lived in the area and could not get out faster.

    Migrants lying to other migrants to get theirs. Who would have thought it?

    Straya 2019 – enough said.