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Swine flu latest….. (if it gets into the wild pig populations in Northern Australia there will be no getting rid of it)



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Millionaire Migration

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    • GunnamattaMEMBER

      Almost certainly for the best. Nobody owning an apartment there was ever going to sell it. Of course we hope all the insurers will be doing the payouts – not taxpayers.

      The real question is how many other apartment buildings out there have like issues?

      • The Traveling Wilbur

        Re: The first inaugural (lol) A night with the chunts, thank you Gunna. Thank you.

        Everyone’s mental health will benefit greatly from this. Much good done alround.

    • Ronin8317MEMBER

      Peak tower, right next to it and potentially responsible for the cracks, is not in a good place either.

    • I’m just wondering when the developer will have “break failure” while driving near a cliff.

    • Yeah, live in a harsh country, corrupt the system… get your hands on the dough and think to yourself, I want to pay $AUD1.2 million to live the Australian ream.


      Low rent Russian oligarchs dream of this.

      Disclaimer: I spent 3 years as a kid in Merrylands, one block over actually in Malvern avenue. Rah-rah was amatuer back then and walking to Granville oval to watch the two blues for free was simple innocence

      In all seriousness, could this include Australians repatriating, and coming back to their minted Aussie property they bought a decade before?

      • “or developers searching that excellent opportunity for duplex development subject to council approval”

        There is the answer. It is not the price of the Australian Dream. It is the opportunity to profit from the Population Ponzi.

        • In Merrylands?

          I can imagine pushing up the price in the lower North shore, but battery-hen living from where you can hear the train line.

          Millionaire migration isn’t pushing these up, historically these have been redeveloped into ultra-low cost slums, think Military road near the train station.

          • I agree that is not your typical migrant millionaire’s house. They would be coming in on a SIV, “investing” $5m with Macquarie Bank, who in turn “lends” them $5m for a mortgage.

          • Merrylands/Granville is an absolute dive of an area, along with Fairfield. Flat earth, hotter than hell in summer and no breeze to cool it down. Just the absolute last place I’d want to live. Then to top it all off, asbestos sheeting / cladding and an unkept garden (at least they mowed it for a photo haha). Not only is it a nightmare commute to Sydney CBD, but the house is an absolute dump inside and looks like I’d get hepatitis from the shower/bathroom alone. Something like that, in a non insane ultra low interest rate Environment shouldn’t exceed $350k..

            If a developer bought it and stuck 3 units on there, they would need to sell them for $650k each (at least) to make it worth the effort. $650k for a unit/house out there is crazy in many parts of the world. Here though it’s an opportunity.

          • 1984, 85, 86 I lived there from age 9 to 11.

            I really liked Merrylands back then, it was 21 minutes by train along the western line.

      • Ronin8317MEMBER

        That can only be the price of a R4 block. Sunstone just know something about it being rezoned..

      • SnappedUpSavvyMEMBER

        Lots of vibrant spiv developers put duplexes on these and with the 50 grand profit from 2 years work buy a 15 year old Bentley and swan about pretending their rich at the Westfield car park.
        That’s right this is what this country has become

      • https://www.realestate.com.au/sold/property-house-nsw-merrylands-131931186

        similar block, same frontage 15m they built a new duplex each selling at $850k
        1.2m for block, + 60k stamp duty/buying costs + development for 2 x 170sqm duplex of that quality is probably around $500k (including paperwork, construction and demolition) + cost of finance over 1 year period ~50k, + 30k sele costs

        if sold for 2 x 900k (closer to station) that gives $50k profit. if all of this done by someone from construction industry maybe building costs can be a bit lower but hardly much profit after spending a year working on it a person would barely make a minimum wage

        one needs to built more than duplex on this block to make much money

    • Lol, Salsbury Downs. Just about anyone living there knows well what real cops look like! Not sure they’ll be able to find many non-maxxed out credit cards around there either!

    • “Asian appearance…and the other in his 40s with an American accent.”

      Most likely Filipino.

  1. “if (swine fever) gets into the wild pig populations in Northern Australia there will be no getting rid of it”
    Now how on earth would it get there? Or perhaps, more appropriately, who would want to put it there?

    • GunnamattaMEMBER

      Yeah I know its alarmist, but after the jump from Philippines to East Timor I find myself wondering how long before it gets into New Guinea or Irian Jaya, and hearing on the news some woman lost her Australian visa after trying to bring in 10Kg worth of meat from Vietnam recently. As you can see the African swine flu is right into Vietnam.

      African swine fever fears spike in Australia as woman deported for smuggling pork into Sydney airport

      I hope those sniffer dogs they sent to Darwin are sniffing overtime….

      • GunnamattaMEMBER

        I agree. I would be checking all flights into Australia at the point of origin.

        Anyone turning up in Australia with anything remotely capable of sustaining the virus should be drenched, have their visa shredded and be booted straight out (if a foreign national). Any Australian national should be drenched, lightly seared on a hot skillet and given some quality time in a slammer with an ice addict and a pork sword fetish

      • I really wonder why someone would choose to smuggle raw pork into Australia. It’s not expensive or exotic. What possible reason could someone have to do this?

    • Mining BoganMEMBER

      There’s still lots of native island hopping up in those parts plus there’s always been dodgy smuggling stuff going on through the Cape. Wouldn’t be hard for a virus to sneak through. I’ve always thought that would be the way it sneaks into Oz.

      That, or like Gunna’s Vietnamese lady. The only people who care about quarantine is those of us who care about Oz, and that number is getting lower by the day.

      • Even just rubbish washing up could do it considering how hard this virus is to kill. You have to see it to believe how much rubbish washes up on the western side of the Cape which is prime feral pig country.

      • There’s also the regular shipping trade between Darwin and Timor. I’ve no idea what biosecurity measures the shipping companies have in place but it would be hard to stop the crew from buying and brining on board infected pork products.

  2. Many thanks, Gunna. Even as an occasional participant on MB, I have no doubt that the site would be much less without your intelligent and considered input.

  3. I wonder where the Saudi millionaires are moving to? I guess the UAE but I know nothing about the region and their rivalries/hostilities. Can anyone enlighten me? A good friend is as esl teacher at a well known regional uni and she’s had lots of Saudi students arrive to study there in the past few years. She hates teaching them, says the gender restrictions on what canbe donein the classroom are insane, so maybe they’re coming here? Who knows?

    I’m also curious about who the Indonesian millionaires migrating are and where they’re going to. Are they ethnic Chinese?

    • “I’m also curious about who the Indonesian millionaires migrating are and where they’re going to”


    • I thought actual Saudis basically didn’t work and just collected welfare or worked in highly paid BS jobs? Why would you leave that for this rat race? Maybe they are rich, if they’re moving here, because they don’t plan to work here either?

      • My friend is guessing that with Saudi having some fiscal problems coming up and a massive young population they’re hoping that by paying young families to be foreign students they fall in love with wherethey go and don’t return home afterwards so they reduce their welfare burden going forward. But that’s just her guess because she thinks they’re the most fish out of water foreign students she’s ever come across.

      • Does London get the millionaire Arabs in addition to the billionaire ones? There’s a huge difference between the two these days.
        Is Australia getting much of the billionaire migration or just the millionaire/multi millionaire migrants?

    • Well, not sure how many remember the horse flu from some time ago… boy, were we unprepared for that horse manure hitting the fan.

      When pig manure hits the fan, it will really get interesting…

      • Manure of Any type hitting the fan is ALWAYS interesting (and usually you can find something entertaining despite how crappy things get)

      • I worked at a horse racing track during the equine influenza outbreak, we were one of few still operating. Was very surprised that all I had to do was wash my boots on the way in and out. Crazy times though, I remember sky racing showing Camel races from the red dirt tracks with TAB taking bets on it just to fill the card.

  4. evidence suggested that the positive effects of lower interest rates on aggregate household cash flows via lower debt repayments was likely to support household spending, given that household interest payments exceed receipts by more than two to one

    Just catching up on RBA minutes and picked up on bit in bold.

    EDIT: I think I read it too literally. They mean the change in interest rates affects payments to receipts by that ratio.

    • “And there was no way we could let our kids sit on the sofa again so we gave it away.”

      LOL, what a turnip. I’m sure the kids wouldn’t climb into his bed in the morning knowing it’s has sexytimes in it either. And WTF decides to go to the press with this low level smut? What a dweeb.

  5. 6 hours ago

    Lift your game or lose your ‘university’ status: Minister backs shake-up
    University of Notre Dame, Bond University and Charles Sturt University might be at risk of losing their status.


    Headline sounds good but not sure if they will be banned from calling themselves a uni for the right reason.

    if we want our universities to be world-class, it follows that your research should be world-class

    What? The corrupt unis currently spend most of their money on producing research papers – to stay up in the global rankings – but no money into hiring smart teachers and putting Aussie graduates into jobs. Aussies spend 3 years at “uni” to be better off – not worse off FFS.

    • At least this one doesn’t shoot you on a suspicion of walking while brown and an accessory to being brown…

    • Not yet Ino, but they’re working on a new feature set to allow this functionality. Just gotta add a method call
      _shootBlackFella(string “he’s reaching for his weapon”);

      I suddenly feel like a mask like the HKers have on their faces and big brown potato sacks would be really useful here. And a few broken broom handles outta trip up this robot. :).