What did Gladys Liu say to ScoMo about Hong Kong?

Liugate day whatever. The questions continue to mount. Today Domain has a good podcast on Gladys Liu, starring Dave Crowe and Chris Uhlmann, which leaks that Ms Liu addressed the Coalition party room on Hong Kong last week, leaving everyone bemused and concerned. At 15.40:

What did she say? Why don’t we know? Why is she buried in cotton wool?

This corruption is besmirching everything the Government says on China. The normally solid Marise Payne sounds like a hollow vessel, also at Domain:

Australia will not sacrifice its geopolitical interests because of Chinese business pressure, Foreign Minister Marise Payne has told an audience of corporate leaders, arguing the global order that has been established has allowed those interests to flourish.

…”At times that will mean speaking our mind or taking actions that seem disagreeable,” she said. “In my view it is in our long-term interest to remember our core values.

“Our values are good for business because they underpin predictability and consistency.”

How can we know if that’s the case if we don’t know what Gladys Liu stands for in the Coalition party room. Especially so given she is the one MP that is holding the Government’s majority in the palm of her hand?

The answer can be found in NSW where state ALP is giving us a nice demonstration of why the Government has closed ranks around Liu, also at Domain:

NSW Labor MP Chris Minns is taking “immediate steps” to forfeit a $900 donation after a witness at a NSW corruption inquiry gave evidence that he was reimbursed by a figure linked to the Labor Party after he signed a cheque made out to Mr Minns before the March 2015 state election.

Johnnie Lin, a former assistant manager at the Emperor’s Garden restaurant in Sydney’s Chinatown, told the Independent Commission Against Corruption on Thursday that his boss Jonathan Yee reimbursed him with cash after he signed the cheque for $900, dated March 8, 2015.

He said he left blank the recipient of the $900 cheque, which was later added to read “ALP Chris Minns”. Mr Minns was then running for election in the seat of Kogarah.

And this clangor, also at Domain:

A NSW Labor staffer has stepped aside from a leading Chinese-Australian organisation after it emerged he had travelled to China to attend a propaganda training course.

John Zhang, who works for NSW MLC Shaoquett Moselmane, has left his position as vice-chairman of the Australia China Economics, Trade and Culture Association (ACETCA), which some China experts say has become a leading Chinese Communist Party (CCP)-aligned organisation in Australia.

It comes after the Herald revealed Mr Zhang participated in a training course in 2013 organised by the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office and the Chinese Academy of Governance — the same institution which trains senior cadres of the CCP.

How about you leave the ALP mate.

Shanghai Scott is off to Washington today. Perhaps the Americans can ask him what Gladys Liu said and they can tell us poor forgotten Australians.

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  1. The Traveling Wilbur

    Just the peoples’ congress trying to restore balance to the major political parties in Australia?

  2. Don’t think so, it’s building a strong divide between us and the CCP, SMH comments are 90% against them, it’s only the China huggers/hackers promoting them

  3. ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

    I think the line,
    “the global order that has been established has allowed those interests (CCP/Chinese business interests) to flourish.”
    Is the real story here.
    The Democracy subverting Globalised system of corporate Plutocracy that has been thrust upon the World’s Population without consultation is being gamed very effectively by this State actor who entertains no pretense of Democratic accountabilitity what so ever.
    This Authoritarian Nation state of 1400 million people may well be
    heralding in a new age in the evolution of Capitalism and Human Civilization.
    This all needs to be discussed continuously and openly.

    Those who are financially benefiting from the rise of this totalitarian actor have little in protest to say on the matter and yet once Democracy is extinguished across the Globe what percentage of the Population, anywhere, is going to be better off?

    There is a lot of people scrambling to be in that 1% who will serve the 0.1%.
    They are the enemy of anyone who believes in Democracy.

  4. ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

    Says 6 comments ( with this one 7) and only 3 shown,…Mine was removed along with 3 others.
    (Fisho, Mine and Gavs)


    • Ironically, real “adults” would have let her go by now, in the interest of protection of democracy, and the peoples’ confidence in their elected officials…

      I really wish the LNP would stop promoting themselves as the grown-ups – they act in their interests and the interests of their “mates” consistently, or it seems – and, you know what? It’s up to them to actually demonstrate the opposite, not for us to accept their platitudes and reassurances.

    • HadronCollisionMEMBER

      The climate strike folks have the know

      The climate is indubitably the preeminent issue but i hope the attendees can focus their minds on this issue also