Sydneysiders told to sacrifice living standards for migrants

In the lead-up to its fake population summit, which has been hijacked by ‘Big Australia’ mafia, The SMH has released a report telling Sydneysiders to get used to longer and more uncomfortable commutes as another 1.3 million people overload the city by 2030:

Overcrowded trains and busier roads. An extra 1.3 million people in Sydney by 2030 means a longer and more uncomfortable commute, particularly for residents in the city’s fast-growing western suburbs…

Despite the projected growth in rail and road infrastructure, population growth raises the risk of gridlocked roads and overcrowded trains in Sydney.

And congestion is likely to extend beyond peak periods to other parts of the day.

For many people there will be no escaping the crush as Sydney’s road and rail network comes under further strain…

The man responsible for moving us around does not subscribe to the doomsday model. NSW Transport and Roads Minister Andrew Constance paints a far rosier picture in his vision for 2030…

He spruiks the concept of the “30-minute city” and claims 70 per cent of Sydneysiders will live within half an hour of work, education and recreation by 2036.

But that dream is a long way from becoming a reality… Despite unprecedented investment in recent years, the rail and roads network faces massive challenges. It is partly due to a lack of investment previously, but also because the pace of population growth will keep piling more people into cars, trains, buses and ferries…

Sydney’s train lines are often overcrowded during morning and evening peak, with many services failing to run on time…

Meanwhile on the roads, major arterial routes including the M4, M5, the Harbour Tunnel and the Harbour Bridge will remain choked as traffic grinds to a standstill during peak… Add in some rain and Sydney seems to shut down…

Ultimately, the overriding question is: will crippling congestion render Sydney unliveable by 2030?

As usual, the 1.3 million extra people by 2030 are presented by The SMH as inevitable, rather than a direct policy choice. Transport and planning academics are also quoted in the article claiming that Sydney’s growth problems are manageable and can be alleviated by ‘better planning’, more investment in public transit, congestion taxes, and the like.

All are lying through their teeth.

The fact of the matter is that Infrastructure Australia’s modelling has projected worsening traffic congestion, longer commute times, and reduced access to jobs, schools, hospitals and green space as Sydney swells to a projected 7.4 million people by 2046 under ongoing mass immigration, regardless of whether Sydney builds up or builds out:

The hopes for a “30-minute city” were also crushed by Infrastructure Australia’s modelling, as illustrated clearly in the above table.

The fact of the matter is that net overseas migration (NOM) will drive all of Sydney’s future population growth, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics:

Therefore, rather than resorting to expensive policy band aids, the population pressures can be prevented by simply abandoning a ‘Big Australia’ and turning off the immigration tap:

The comments to this SMH article are worth reading for the disconnect between the Sydney elite and the majority that want immigration numbers reduced:

All these series of articles keep presenting an extra 1.3M people as a fait accompli. Government needs to reduce immigration dramatically, and no extra 1.3M people. See how simple that is!

“An option to alleviate the burden” might be to reduce the number of immigrants? Nobody seems to have thought of that.


You don’t have to take in another few million you know.

Le parc vert
Sydney was once a beautiful, vibrant city. It has already lost much of its character, but these plans will reduce it to a soulless megalopolis. The population might increase by another 1.5 million in 10 years, but I have no faith that the government can make the place livable. Doomed to be a second Jakarta?

Impartial observer
This ridiculous growth is utterly ruinous for the environment, completely unwanted by the existent population and actually compromises the security of our nation by placing extreme demands on finite resources…

The people of Australia have given no mandate for this unsustainable growth…

Who is it that decides for Sydney to have such a large population? Have we got nothing to say? In a democracy people can vote on such an important matter. Over the last decades the once beautiful Sydney has become overcrowded and almost unbearable to life in. You think you have water shortages now! Give people a vote!

What a horrendous city it has become

And why exactly do we need another 1.3million people in Sydney (alone) over the next 11 years? Can someone please explain the objective of our current immigration policy?

The first major party that fully taps into this voter discontent will rule for decades.

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    • Now, having your comment feature in a MB article, that is truly a scenario more prestigious than even the first comment on the weekend links.

      • I am kicking myself for being too late to that party. I did tweet out the article soon after it was posted, though.

    • it’s just a lead in promotion for their exclusive $900 a head ‘Population Summit’ held on the 23rd of September.
      Look at the speakers. Lucy, Albanese etc….
      Possibly Dick Smith and Mark Latham could gatecrash the event?
      I’m sure the Canberra press branch and elements of the TV media would get free tickets for them if there was a televised big blue shout off between Latham and Albanese over population growth.
      Now there’s an idea, Dick Smith and Mark Latham together at this event. Possibly Andrew Bolt? How can we organise that?
      There needs to be an unholy coalition to counter this population issue a win on a issue like this is a BIG win politically, no minor party can achieve this on its own. ON, SA and whoever.

      • Everybody loses their mind, over whether or not Gladys Liu is betraying Australia, by putting overseas interests first. With the population junta, SMH, Lucy Turnbull, Alan Tudge, and Anthony Albanese, it’s what they do every day.

      • good lord look at the discussion points for the presentations at 11.05, 12.05 and 2.10. you just know there is no point in the discussion apart from ‘how do we make these awful ideas viable’.

        • I’ve been to these sorts of events, they are rather boring but there’s always a Q&A at the end of the speech, they are rarely reported in the media. Everyone seems to ask favorable questions. We need to liven it up, Latham and Smith attending would get the event into the TV news.

  1. ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

    The Coalition has been sending mixed messages regarding its position on immigration visas, writes Abul Rizvi.

    “A STRING of immigration-related articles in The Australian on 5 September 2019 and on 7 September 2019 again dutifully conveyed the Government’s mixed messages on immigration policy without asking a single question about the inherent inconsistencies and loss of control over Australia’s visa system. The Government continues to promote three very separate messages on immigration to three separate constituencies.”

    The LNP plays both sides on many issues.
    Keeps the punters nicely confused.

    “If the Government’s net overseas migration forecasts are realised, the number of long-term temporary entrants in Australia will need to increase from around 2 million presently to over 3.5 million by 2030.

    By conveying this message via an appendix to Budget Paper No 3, the Government ensures most people hearing ‘Message 1’ will not learn about ‘Message 2’.”,13104

  2. they were not told to sacrifice their lives for immigrants (none cares about immigrant well-being – none even pretends)
    what people are being told is to sacrifice their lives to keep ponzi going, to keep property prices high and to stay paper wealthy, to sacrifice their lives to keep economy going,… so they are being asked to self-sacrifice for their own “good”

    in reality they are being tricked to sacrifice their lives for rich to be bale to make more money (rich they probably have no plans to stay and live in Sydney much longer, and definitely don’t plan their kids to live here)

    • That’s the elephant that even the SMH won’t touch.
      If it does come up it is presented as record low inflows to the catchments as though all the new arrivals don’t consume water..
      They censor comments on it too.

      • Are you the same Olaf as in the SMH comments?


        3 hours ago

        When your standing on a train with your head in someone’s armpit trying desperately not to touch anybody else with any part of your body just close your eyes and celebrate the vibrancy.

        • I would say yes but that would be acknowledging the rather embarrassing faux pas of using your when it should be you’re.

        • Yes. He rants against the poor on Whirlpool, Domainfax, MB, and goodness knows where else.

          Interesting that he uses trains instead of subsidised toll roads. Full time astro surfer?

    • More jam packed humans creates greater perspiration which will collect and become rain clouds which will fill up the water levels.

    • It won’t. They are are already forecasting water shortages (more like no water) for a number of regional towns by November. The people that are running (ruining) this country are both venal and insane.

    • Easy. It’ll import bottled water.

      And being Sydney it’ll be Evian — Lucy just wouldn’t tolerate anything less, dahling …

  3. The Horrible Scott Morrison MP

    What a great opportunity for true Aussies to enter the property market and take full advantage of the inevitable strong price growth we’re going to enjoy over the next 5 years. Mind you, many people like to make trouble instead of making money.

  4. SnappedUpSavvyMEMBER

    was in the cbd yesterday afternoon, honestly may as well have been in HK or Taipei, I don’t know the place any more and it definitely doesn’t know me

    • I really do love the multicultural flavour….

      But the pace of change has been breathtaking!

      Again, I don’t mind the types of changes, but the rate of change makes me feel like we have lost control of our own country…

    • I went to DeeWhy to walk around the Narrabeen reserve with the dog and Mrs. 8kms all up. Nice scenery. But my lord it took 2 hours to drive there from the Inner West, finding parking was impossible for lunch and I just couldn’t help but think, is this what Sydney has come down to now?

  5. An anecdotal from me on how the demand for high rise is leading to a loss of amenity. My favourite fine dining restaurant in Sydney, Courtney’s Brassaries, will be closing its door on Friday after 35 years of operation. A new high rise development is being built behind them, and they cannot survive the disruption caused by the trucks and cranes operating outside. Courtney’s Brassaries is the ONLY fine dining restaurant west of the ‘Red Rooster Line’, so those of us in Western Sydney should resign to a fate of eating fast food only.

    I had my wedding function there, and go back there each year on our wedding anniversary. It would be sorely missed.

    • But now you can get the lovely powered animal fat mashed potato and gravy delivered to your door!

      I don’t know what you’re complaining about.

    • You’re lying.

      Everybody tells me there is ZERO demand for high rise. And all the Mexicans are about to go home. And something something about a credit shortage, too.

      Shame on you.

  6. Sydney pop 5.2 million last ABS round – now about 5.4 million. Third world unskilled migrants on PR or TR / SCV are already 2.5 million or 46% of Sydney’s pop.

    The call by the corrupt or totally out of touch politicians, planning authorities and lobbyists is to now increase Sydney to over 10 million in a decade.

    That means the Third world unskilled non assimilated migrants would be 6.9 million of a 10 million Sydney pop. 69%.

    Over 2 of every 3 people will be a third world unskilled dependent, or illegally working migrant.

    You can bet that none of the attendees of this planning conference have ever been out to the Sydney western suburbs.

    So a repeat & a long post here – but worth a read if you have never been to Sydney or out in the migrant zones in the western suburbs.


    ‘The Sydney Western Suburbs Migrant Vibrancy Tour’.

    🔹Audience : Australians, new Australians, Politicians, Federal & State planning authorities, Economists, Social Academics, the ABC and other pro-migrant Media commentators.

    Australia now has onshore over 5 million migrants in the last decade.
    The majority are permanent or very long stay Temporary Visa (TR) holders (2.561 million), then the PR/Citizen grants (1.9 million), and another 440,000 illegally working long/repeat stay ‘tourists’ (TVWI) & 65,000 migrant overstayers.

    5 million. 1 in five people onshore.
    Most of these migrants are located in Sydney & Melbourne (87% or 4.35 million).

    … 🎥 and action..

    “Today we are going to visit the migrant zones in Sydney. A tour of the Sydney CBD, then the inner and outer South & Western Sydney suburbs.”

    “It will be a daring & exciting adventure, into locations rarely visited or even known about by our political leaders, authorities or social commentators”

    “This tour will provide a valuable insight to the viewers of our migrant intake, their lifestyles, housing & employment and their ‘vibrant’ social & economic contribution to Australia.”
    🎥 Cut to an infographic.

    Bob Birrell of The Australian Population Research Institute in a sombre voiceover.
    “Australian National migrant numbers by residency/visa type & city locations :
    2.561 million Temporary Visa holders (Dec 2018), the majority being third world, adult & unskilled.
    1.45 million TR / SCV reside in Sydney.
    0.9 million TR / SCV reside in Melbourne.
    0.25 million TR / SCV elsewhere.

    We also allowed in 1.9 million PR & citizen grants in the last decade – mostly third world unskilled migrants, but with a very high ratio of family elderly or young dependents.
    0.9 million PR are in Sydney,
    0.7 million PR are in Melbourne.
    0.3 million elsewhere. (ABS / DHA 2018)

    We then have 440,000 illegally working third world Tourist visitors (ABF estimates to a Parliamentary committee) being 5% of the 8.8 million ‘tourist arrivals’ who enter to work illegally.
    Almost all are adult unskilled Chinese, Indian or South East Asian.
    220,00 reside in Sydney.
    190,000 in Melbourne.
    50,000 elsewhere.
    We then have 65,000 overstayers.
    Agustin highly concentrated in the third world migrant enclaves of Sydney (20,000), Melbourne (15,000) & the rest elsewhere. (DHA 2017).

    ➡️The Sydney number of third world unskilled migrant intake is 2.5 million.
    That is 46% of Sydney’s pop of 5.4 million (ABS est Aug 2019) increasing to be nearly every 2nd person.
    A global record.

    The 1.45 million TR migrants in Sydney alone are 24% or 1 in 4 people in Sydney.

    🔹Viewers need to think about that statistic.
    The 0.9 mil PR in Sydney are 17% of the Sydney Population, or 1 in every 6 people.
    And 0.22 million TV working illegally & 20k overstayers are 1 in every 22 people”.

    🎥 Back to the tour.

    “The tour will focus on the Sydney migrant influx and how they ‘live’ in what is both a global as well as Australia’s highest & most concentrated migrant intake impact.

    Similar tours are planned for Melbourne as our 2nd most concentrated migrant area, or regional cities such as Brisbane, Adelaide etc who now have mini me replicas of the vast Sydney & Melbourne migrant slums.


    🎥The Tour.
    🔻9am. The camera & recording crew are filming the politicians, planners, academics & social commentators meeting at Sydney Town Hall steps.

    The tour group then threads thru the clutter and barricades of the Sydney Light Rail debacle (a $4 billion non integrated Australian taxpayer & ratepayer funded debacle).

    The premise being to replace buses conveying 90,000 international students from their CBD bunk & mattress share dwellings to UNSW Randwick.

    But the real basis of the project is as a catalyst in conversion of South East Sydney into a massive foreign owned & foreign migrant occupied high density slum – with a string of new high rise tower blocks planned from the CBD out to & along Anzac parade.

    🔹Cross over to HSBC steps, the tour group hands out a few coins to the throng of Australian homeless sleeping out on the concrete or on cardboard mats.

    The irony being these poor vulnerable and unemployed Australians sleeping out on the HSBC steps – one of main foreign banks used by foreign criminals & onshore proxies to launder their foreign black money to buy the housing these Australians used to live in.

    Across the road now & the morning Migrant influx pours up out of Town Hall station, the migrants swirling around or actually stepping over these Australian homeless.

    The commentary voiceover explains these migrants are are coming from, or to the ex Australian housing these homeless used to live in.

    And going to or from the ‘ex Australian jobs’ these Australians homeless & unemployed used to do.

    🔹Short walk over to Lumiere, Skyline, Summit & World Square Tower blocks as the Asian ‘international students’ get dropped off by the shop driver after their night shift.

    The cameraman zooms in on the tattooed, bleached hair & nose straightened Chinese, Thai & other ‘students’ or ‘tourists’ laundering their night shift earnings of hundreds of dollars cash via the CBA ATM or XWing back to their foreign agent procurers.

    Then huddling outside their unit block, waiting for the bunkshare unit ‘manager’ with the lift pass & room key.

    This is what comes in as international students & illegally working tourists- such work being legal (international students) high cash untaxed income for many.

    Off now to the Regis, Regis Pitt Tower where Chinatown, Korea Town, Thai town and Euro trash / backpacker town converge. Noting the strip of foreign language signage massage parlours as the main industry of the area. The Chinese & Thai spruikers in each doorway under the gaudy neon signs offering ‘massage’ and ‘relaxation’.

    🔹The Regis Pitt Street Towers.
    282 units and 1,900 occupants / mostly Asian temporary visa holders.

    A typical Sydney CBD building full of migrant illicit housing & activity, in what now stretches from the CBD way out to the far suburbs.

    Intensifying, despite media since 2011 in the migrant overcrowding & illegal migrant subletting. And with fires & deaths of foreign migrants trapped inside the partitioned & divided units, often housing 8, 10, 12 temporary visa students or sponsored guestworkers – nothing has been done.

    The Politicians and Economists on the tour take note of how the owners in this typical CBD building manage to collect $17 million a year in sublet room & bunk share cash rental income, but only declare $4 million of it. And that many of these foreign landlord owners also claim negative gearing..

    Who is paying off who in the building managers, Sydney City Council & the Fire & Emergency Services?

    Sydney now holds two world class gold records in foreign owned cash in hand sub let migrant occupancy density.

    🏆 44 Nepalese in a 2 bed house in North Parramatta – 22 per bedroom. $340,000 yearly foreign landlord income.

    🏆 58 Asian & Indian migrants in a very small 3 bed house in Pyrmont – 19 per bedroom. $452,000 a year cash in hand sub let foreign owner landlord income.

    🔹Into the bus now, off to Broadway and a visit to a typical ‘English language & VET’ international student institute.

    The ACE International College & University Academy, with classrooms full of Asian ‘leisure & hospitality’ workers or the less comely Asians as illegal factory & restaurants workers.

    They lounge around, sleeping off their night shift or multiple illegal jobs.

    And Indians – shelf stackers & pizza delivery males, much older 30+ on their Fake ID & faked Health check & other documents.

    The ‘courses’ borrowed or plagiarised from 8 year old primary school English textbooks, or 14 year old high school courses dressed up as Certificates & Diplomas. The courses delivered by backpackers / casuals or visa racket sponsored Asians & Indians who can barely speak English themselves.

    None of this recognised as an genuine international qualification, and the same education being available online globally, or in the migrants home country for free.

    All the ‘students & teachers’ in symbiotic collusion of widespread visa & course fraud, cheating & faked assignments & fake attendance as part of their migrant guestworker student visa alibi.

    🔻85% of the 712,000 foreign students & fake partners onshore are doing low level nonsense education – with only 3.9% ever gaining a high income professional vocation in Australia or their home country.
    75% of these foreign students (Sydney Uni & UTS studies) work illegally in visa breach – that’s 534,000 Australian jobs stolen.
    The ones who do secure the PR then join the unemployment queue as they are typically unemployable, and many continue to work illegally / after 4 or more years of conditioning in working illegally in the onshore migrant black market economy what do we expect?
    They continue to be non productive non tax paying and non contributors to Australia.

    The economics of our international student program are then discussed by the Tour group.

    In our entire 2.561 million TR/SCV intake – all visa groups, including foreign students – only $4.5 billion of funds is ever declared, self declared or routinely faked.
    The 712,000 temporary visa holders as foreign students then form a $33 bllion sub set $18 billion of this as illegal earnings – creating massive employment & other pressures for Australians.
    Almost every dollar of their money is earned here, usually illegally in visa breach.

    🔹Not an ‘export’ at all.

    The foreign students then pay only $8.2 billion in ‘fees’ (Deloitte Access Economics) for the nonsense courses and onshore visa pretext. They locally xfer to their foreign criminal agent procurers/ loan sharks or send back via remittances some $9 billion in a money outflow.
    But the Australian taxpayer unemployment cost of 534,000 Australians now unemployed is $9.6 billion…
    More than all the foreign student ‘fees paid’

    These international students form one of the most financially & socially destructive migrant guestworker program in any OECD or other country.

    And all along we ‘pretend to teach them & they pretend to learn’ in an ‘international student’ visa alibi.

    The simple fact is these foreign students intake are third world unskilled, in debt to a foreign agent procurer, only here to work illegally – and are all willing participants, organised before they even arrive in illicit & blackmarket work.

    They are here to repay foreign agent procurer loan debt, to send back remittances, to secure a PR and be an anchor to bring in the rest of their third world burden.

    It’s a core part of the overall migrant guestworker vice & labour and chain migration racket – top to bottom.

    A journalist accompanying the tour blurts out “surely a Royal Commission into this whole foreign student racket is needed!!”.

    Silence in the bus tour group.

    🔹Quick stops at Sydney Park & then Waterloo Oval to talk to the Australian homeless sleeping rough or in cars.

    The cameras slow pan the young homeless Australian mum & her two children huddled crying in the rain as their cardboard shelter is wet.

    They cant get affordable housing.

    The NRAS (national rental affordability scheme) intended for them got by diverted by Labor / Tanya Pilbeserk to the developers & foreign investment owners to instead house ‘international students’.

    The Labor politicians in the tour throw the young mother a few pieces of coins, hoping for redemption.

    🔹Zetland – ugly cheap tower block cage housing – filling every available gap like bamboo shoots.
    Then down to Mascot Square, another faithful recreation of a new third world migrant slum, the building’s literally cracking under the weight of foreign criminal dirty money and migrant bunk share slum housing.

    🔹11 am. Burwood (Burwoo) – this time a home visit inside the previously low cost / FHB level unit blocks along Railway Parade. No Australians left behind here.

    Packed full of old broken down PRC Chinese factory workers & elderly.

    Inside each unit is divided into filthy little plywood partitions, 3 or more families per unit or else rows of bunks and floor mattresses occupied by ‘students’ or ‘sponsored visas’ or ‘tourist visitors or ‘bridging & protection visas’.

    A faithful recreation of the Guangzhou slum they lived in before being exported to Australia as part of China’s Hukou slum clearance program.

    🔹Onto a train as part of the ‘vibrancy and multicultural’ experience.

    The Stations and older trains are packed with foreign migrants, staring wide eyed & wary of this unexpected sight of a group of well dressed Australians.

    Whistle stop at Strathfield (Strathfoo) – much the same, but with a Korean flavour.

    🔹Onto a old fuming public bus – retired a decade ago from the East & Northern suburbs – to go to Auburn for another local walking tour.

    The public transport out west was always third world, and now it’s fully consumed by third world migrant TR & PR occupants, it’s really third world. Just like the housing.

    The tour notes the sharp demarcation in the non assimilated & non integrated Chinese, South Asian & Muslim Arabic, Indian communities.

    No pretence at multiculturalism here or any common bond of English language & Australian values.

    The shops, housing, pedestrian traffic in separated sharia or non sharia zones, the Arab, Lebanese, Indians, Africans & Asians all keeping to their zones of demarcation.
    Old Chinese & Indians squat in the gutter, selling fruit, vegetables & counterfeit junk.

    🔹Now a visit to Centrelink – queues out the door as the Hijabi clad Somali & Sudanese with a clump of African child welfare dependents in tow, Lebanese & Arab’s, Bangladeshi, Indians all line up for the great Australian dream – Australian funded welfare & the Medicare card.

    🔹Off to the medical centre. It’s typical.

    Packed full of old sick & unwell lChinese elderly, bent & crooked old Indian mothers & Arab second & third wives each with five children. All waving their Medicare card (or someone’s card they can use).

    🔹Granville industrial area as the massage parlours, car repair, wholesale and light industry all vie for squalor.

    Jobs. Inside a typical factory now – surprise visit. The non English speaking TR & Tourist workers fleeing at the unexpected sight of Australians. Some stalwart PR migrants remain, and via an interpreter explain they also are employed via a migrant Labour Syndicate in well below award wages & conditions.

    🔻3pm. Time to harden up as the tour enters the real outer west migrant zones.
    Back onto the tour bus.

    Doors locked, the tour group instructed not to stare as it may upset the locals, but eyes straight ahead, glancing out only.

    Road rage even chainsaw attacks on people out in these congested, angry, chaotic wild western suburb migrant zones.

    Even the migrants there complain about the migrant influx.
    It’s not the Australia they want, but an ugly squalid recreation of the third world slum violence, terror, ethnic division and migrant on migrant racism they fled or illegally entered Australia to escape.

    Chain migration, selling off their Australian born as Child Brides, backyard illegal weddings of 12 year olds, fake partners, multiple wives & families on welfare, fake family reunion or else the ubiquitous ‘foreign student’ or ‘tourist visitor’ pretexts to gain entry into Australia.

    The gowned bearded men glare angrily the infidel straying into their Sharia zone.
    No Catholics or Christian’s welcome here.

    A recent proposal for a Christian Youth Centre (for migrants) sparking community outrage and threatened violence.

    Such exclusionary & non tolerant views between the migrants to each other all part of the diversity & vibrancy.

    🔹Bankstown- 83% non English speaking & HQ for the Lebanese, Arab, and other crime syndicates.

    Litter, wrecked cars, graffiti.
    Household garbage is thrown directly out the unit block windows like in Cairo or Mumbai – the plastic bags of rubbish burst open on the street for the rats & birds. Go there and see the reality.

    Street after ugly street full of multiple families or temporary visa migrant guestworkers in each unit or small old ex Australian fibro or brick clad humpys, sleepouts & garages now converted into migrant accommodation.

    🔹North Parramatta/ Mumbai & then out to Blacktown. Again kilometre after kilometre of dirty squalid ex Australian and migrant occupied slums rolls past.

    The old Indian hunched sari clad mothers out on the footpath or squatting in the gutter, colourful reminders of what is brought in by their mummy boy son to be abandoned onto our Australian welfare & health care system.

    🔹Blacktown, a circuit around the high density migrant only housing, then walk thru the mall covered in African, Indian, Arab graffiti and tags.

    The African, Polynesian & Arab gang members limber up on the street furniture for the night action ahead.

    Taunting the other migrants or poor Aussie skippies who haven’t yet escaped this hell hole.

    It’s getting dark, it’s not safe.

    Time to return.

    🔹Heading East & back to the CBD now, inching thru heavy gridlocked traffic, the tour is now asked to discretely observe the vehicles & occupants around them.

    Almost all the vehicles are old bombs, occupied by non Australians.

    Buddhist temples, Ganesha ornaments on the dash, or Islamic jihadi slogans & homage to Allah, as their swarthy, bearded, swaddled or turbaned drivers most on ‘international drivers licences*’ studiously avoid the Toll ways & traffic funnelling attempts by WestConnex & the RMS to force them onto the Tollways.

    *No SDRO collection of fines due by a vehicle owned by an international drivers licence, no one in government, federal or state knows who the 2.2 million TR & the 8.8 million tourist visitors (440k who work illegally) are, or where they live, or what they are doing here. Many have driven for years on faked ID & international drivers licences, as they would never pass any English or Australian driving licence test.

    🔻And there’s your traffic congestion & overload. 2.3 million new foreign migrants (of which 1.35 million are Temporary Resident Visa holders in Sydney alone).
    As the migrant influx spread out along the railway lines, converting low cost ex Australian dwellings into migrant slum share, it penetrated far out into the western suburbs.

    The public transport out west was already poor a decade ago. So many migrant guestworkers (TR, Tourist Visa illegals) purchase an old bomb to travel to & from the massage shop or their illegal factory, cleaning or restaurant work.

    An estimated 340,000 migrant temporary guestworkers extra vehicles in Sydney alone – heavily concentrated in the western suburbs migrant zones.

    And back to the city, along the nearly empty M4, as Parramatta road alongside is choked with the migrant driven cars who refuse or can’t afford to pay the tolls.

    ➡️The tour group is quiet now.

    Some are in shock, others digesting the experience.

    🔹The economists & ‘planners’ on the tour are busy with their calculations.

    Yes, the 2.8 million non PR migrant guestworkers at an average of $47,300 each do create a migrant guestworker sub economy of some $133 billion or an 8% GDP lift.

    But they also lower the GDP per capita by a factor of 9% of $5,500 for over 15 million Australian citizens in suppressed wages and reduced tax intake by $84 billion.

    So economically negative overall.
    In yearly money flows.

    The total TR intake only bring in some $4.2 billion as declared funds, often/routinely frauded.

    Australia has 1.4 million unemployed & 1.1 million seeking work (Roy Morgan 8/18).
    116,000 homeless & 340,000 seeking affordable housing.

    The migrant guestworker intake creates a direct unemployment impact to Australians of at least 500,000 of these or $9.6 billion Centrelink cost.

    Add on outlays to homelessness of $2.4 billion.

    Then add impacts in mass mortgage indebtedness/ overvalued housing to at least 500,000 mortgage or renters of some $11 billion. And another $12 billion in taxpayer misguided infrastructure projects.

    Plus add on another $7 billion in congestion, productivity loss and other social impacts.
    Then dams running dry, public infrastructure overload & remember that none of what would be the future majority of the population are paying tax or a net taxation contribution…

    Easily a negative $40 billion or $14,200 per each migrant individual yearly cost impact to Australia.

    This doesn’t include the billions lost in a degraded education system that has prostituted itself as a migrant visa alibi, degraded apprenticeship, degraded job tenure / casualization, degraded living standards, degraded transport, health & community services, environmental impact and so on – all tens of billions more.

    Yep – all up more than $50 billion negative.

    Only the academics are talking now.

    Muttering forlorn excuses such as ‘but.. its all part of the diversity’ or ‘well they go back to their country’ or ‘we just need to spread them out more, so they don’t concentrate in these slums’.

    Someone mumbles ‘it’s a crisis – surely there is a political solution to all this..’

    The politicians stare out the window – each recalling their covert pledges & nod & wink obligations to their lobbyists, donors & campaign contributors.

    “It’s a federal issue – Canberra is to blame” they all chorus..

    “We need a Royal Commission!”

    (There, that will make sure nothing gets done..)

    On the distant horizon the Sydney CBD lights act as a beacon to the tour group.
    Safety in sight.

    Back, back to their homes in the remaining ‘Australian bubble safe zones’ over in the East & North Shore

    • Nice outline of the situation. Should be circulated to other sites.

      MB has a Crazy China headline, but its really Oz that is crazy.

  7. We need to build a rail through Neutral Bay, Mosmon, on to Manly Beach and up to Curl Curl and Narabreen. Once the great unwashed start to soil the beaches on the north shore they’ll quickly change their tune.

  8. Tiliqua scincoidesMEMBER

    Getting out of Sydney was the best thing we ever did. Can’t stand the place. I make my parents visit me so I can avoid going back there as much as possible.

  9. and what do the City of Sydney Council members have to say about this density epidemic ? Do they even acknowledge having it rammed down their throat by the federal government, or the fact that its 100% immigration-led and within our fed government’s sphere of control ? Any rebellion of affected residents must start at the local government level, with pitch forks in hand.