SMH Population Summit hijacked by ‘Big Australia’ mafia

On 23 September, The SMH will hold a Population Summit to discuss “where key decision-makers and thought-leaders in government, transport, property, planning, banking, finance, architecture, economics and the law will come together to discuss how we successfully plan for a growing Sydney”.

The topics for discussion are:

  • Towards a coordinated population policy
  • Congestion costs and congestion busters
  • Demography and immigration
  • Social and affordable housing
  • Urban density and avoiding anonymous sprawl
  • Making infrastructure dollars go further
  • Western Sydney Airport and Aerotropolis
  • Towards a polycentric city
  • Fast rail and a Newcastle-Sydney-Wollongong mega-region
  • Lessons from some other fast-growing international cities
  • Jobs, innovation and workplaces of tomorrow
  • Congestion and road-user charging
  • Sydney vs Melbourne – Australia’s heavyweight title bout

As usual, the speakers list features a grab-bag of ‘Big Australia’ mafia, with nobody from the opposing side represented:

  • The Hon Alan Tudge MP Minister for Population, Cities and Urban Infrastructure
  • The Hon Anthony Albanese The Leader of the Opposition
  • Lucy Hughes Turnbull AO Chief Commissioner, Greater Sydney Commission
  • The Hon. Rob Stokes MP Minister for Planning and Public Spaces, NSW
  • Kiersten Fishburn hief Executive Officer, Liverpool City Council
  • Romilly Madew AO CEO, Infrastructure Australia
  • Kristin Brookfield Chief Executive Industry Policy, Housing Industry Association (HIA)
  • Lisa Davies Editor, The Sydney Morning Herald
  • Leilani Frew Chief Executive, Infrastructure and Project Financing Agency (IPFA)
  • John Brogden AM CEO, Landcom
  • Lord Mayor Nuatali Nelmes City of Newcastle
  • Dig Howitt CEO & President, Cochlear
  • Melissa Widner Managing Director, NAB Ventures, National Australia Bank
  • Gabriel Metcalf CEO, Committee for Sydney
  • Professor Attila Brungs Vice-Chancellor and President, UTS
  • Marion Terrill Transport & Cities Program Director, Grattan Institute
  • Wendy Hayhurst Chief Executive, Community Housing Industry Association
  • Jillian Kilby CEO & Civil Engineer, The Infrastructure Collaborative
  • Gary Barnes Coordinator-General, Regions, Industry, Agriculture and Resources, Department of Planning, Industry & Environment (DPIE)
  • Craig Blair Co Founder and Managing Partner, AirTree
  • Scott Langford Chief Executive, St George Community Housing
  • Professor David Hensher Founding Director, Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies, University of Sydney
  • Guy Templeton President & CEO, Australia & NZ, WSP and Chair of Business Council of Australia, Infrastructure and Growth Committee
  • Steve O’Connor Partner, KDC and President, Planning Institute Australia
  • Adrian Dwyer Chief Executive, Infrastructure Partnerships Australia
  • Wes Ballantine Group Executive Victoria and Group Strategy, Transurban
  • Mark McCrindle Principal, McCrindle Research
  • Chris McNeill Director, Ethos Urban
  • Paul Plowman GM- Liveable City Solutions, Sydney Water

Expect lots of pontification on the need for policy band aids like: ‘better planning’, more infrastructure investment, dense living, congestion pricing, and polycentric cities. But don’t expect anybody to prosecute the case to slash immigration back to historical levels:

This would prevent Sydney’s population from doubling over the next 50 years and avoid the myriad of problems that come alongside this manic growth:

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  1. It is not really surprising.
    The summit is predicated on a growing population.
    There is not a moment’s thought given to slowing population growth.

    • Exactly, zero surprise.Big Australia ™ represents the vested interests that run this country and so surprise, surprise, they are determined to keep the ponzi going, come hell or high water, so let’s have a conference where we spout magical solutions. It’s a propaganda exercise, though no doubt many of the half wits taking part actually believe this dribble. .

      • “Big Australia” is the default position, and nothing else will be tolerated. But what they don’t tell us is once we get to the much vaunted 8 or 9 million in both Melb and Sydney, what then? We’re not going to stop growing, are we so then it’s a race to 16 million each and 32 million. Why don’t they just be honest and say we want our cities to be ten and twenty times bigger than they are?

    • Severe economic slow down will bring it to a grinding halt. All the ingredients are there for that to happen. It is the only thing that will as these morons can’t be reasoned with.

      • I’ll drink to that!

        My only concern is that it will be a global downturn & people will still want to come as we’ll be the best looking poo the cesspit of the world economy.

        • Might not be the worst crap-hole of many but it will hard to migrate here if the jobs market is contracting while simultaneously the parasitic ‘FIRE’ sector is shedding thousands of jobs.

    • Yes (Olaf) – there is nothing on agenda in this ‘“plan for a growing Sydney” to even consider options to slow or reduce Sydney’s population…

      So first some basic stats, and then the counter argument which is actually to reduce Sydney’s population back to ‘normal’ for Australian citizens .

      This event at the Amora Hotel Jamison Sydney, is a cohort of corrupt politicians, developers, the foreign criminal migrant trafficking lobbyists and open border fanatic sellouts.

      All colluding to ‘shape’ public opinion in how to ‘cram in’ yet another 3 million third unskilled migrants on pretext visas into Sydney. That’s their ‘vision’
      8.5 million in 10 years.
      This is on top of the 5.2 million already crammed into Sydney which now consist of 45% or 2.35 million* being non citizen migrant PR & TR guestworkers.

      Alarming? Yes. But true? Yes.

      🔹Sydney – PR – 850,000 of the 1.9 million PR third world unskilled migrants nationally.
      Another 650,000 PR are in Melbourne.
      78% in just 2 cities.
      And 418,000 PR elsewhere in other cities in mini me migrant slum enclaves.
      Reference: ABS.

      🔹Sydney TR 1.34 million TR / SCV of the 2.561 million nationally. 52% of the influx. (ABS)
      Plus 240,000 TV (tourist visitors) working illegally.
      (Reference: DHA parliamentary submission 2018)
      Plus OS (overstayers), 25,000 of the 65,000.
      References: DHA, VisaSure & Tourism Australia.

      => Thats 1.5 million third world unskilled migrant guestworker foreign nationals on pretext visas in just Sydney.
      The TR/SCV/TV & OS foreign nationals are double the number of PR foreign nationals in Sydney.

      (Another 900,000 TR in Melbourne & 200k tourist visitors working illegally. The remaining 300k TR/SCV/TR in other towns in mini me migrant slums.

      => Add it all up, and that is 2,350,000 foreign nationals non citizen migrant guestworkers in just Sydney alone.

      45% of the Sydney population (5.2 million 2016 ABS)
      Trending to 1 in 2 or almost every 2nd person.
      Either a third world foreign national on a PR sucking up our welfare & Medicare, or the vast bulk a TR / SCV or TV migrant living and working illegally on a pretext visa.

      Melbourne, as the overflow, is catching up quickly.
      1.8 million non Australian foreign passport holding third world migrants in Melbourne. 36%. 1 in 3 people.


      Nearly half (45%) of Sydney’s population is now s third world unskilled non assimilated migrant foreign passport holding non citizen.

      Sydney now?
      A vast congested fetid squalor of third world migrant guestworker slums and enclaves.
      That stretches out from the CBD – out along the railway lines & transport corridors for 15 kilometres to the south and for over 80 kilometres out west.

      Entire suburbs modest housing acquired by foreign dirty money, ethnically cleansed of the Australians and converted into migrant only slum share.

      First the migrant guestworkers stole their jobs.
      Then the migrant guestworkers stole their education, opportunity and standard of living.
      Then they stole their housing.
      The Australians, either turfed on the street to be homeless, or fleeing to the regional towns, many to be unemployed & trying to survive on Newstart.

      Australia is now in recession.
      And yet still the migrant influx continues.

      And these corrupt politicians, the open border nutters, the migrant trafficking lobbyists and the vested interests all gather in a hotel in Sydney and collude to ‘cram even more in’

      Why aren’t hundreds of thousands Australian unemployed youth & old people, the homeless, the Australians denied fair wages, affordable housing, affordable education, affordable health care, being forced to live & pay for this migrant overshoot, our dams dry, our environment degraded, congestion, filth, squalor, crime and vice brought in by this migrant trafficking…

      Why aren’t they planning to be out in the streets in protest?

      To show this corrupt and out of touch cohort that Australians want a real choice & decisions made in border control and migrant intake.

      And as you say.

      Where in all this is the ‘counter argument’ against continuing the migrant influx?

      Here is some counter points to what would be a more a ‘liveable Sydney’ – for Australians.

      ▪️Shut down all migrant intake.
      ▪️Revalidate the PR foreign passport holders – revoke and exit at least half or a million who should never have been allowed in.
      ▪️Sydney & Melbourne pass controls for all TR / SCV / TV. Electronic tracking.
      ▪️Mandatory reporting for any long stay visitor over 1 month to the local police station on their funds, activities, where they are living, who they are paying rent to, work & income.
      Just like most other countries (China, India, Bangladesh, Thailand, Malaysia)

      ▪️Set and enforce quotas that only 10% or 300,000 non citizens can live in Sydney – 10% of what would be a 3 million or so ‘normal population’ capacity of Sydney.

      That cleans out at least 2 million third world foreign nationals from Sydney.

      That restores the gdp per Capita✔️
      That restores jobs, employment for our young & old✔️
      That restores wages growth✔️
      That removes congestion, filth, squalor, crime & vice✔️
      That shuts down misguided infrastructure projects✔️
      That restores housing availability✔️
      That restores our education & youth opportunity✔️
      That restores our health care & welfare services✔️
      That restores Sydney capacity in power, water and environmental balance✔️

      And that restores our standard of living to the 2.85 million actual Australian citizens left in Sydney.

      Who unlike the 2.35 million migrant PR & TR / SCV – ‘can vote’.
      If they could be given a choice.

  2. As I posted earlier. There is a quick fix to this.
    It’s all good until it starts to put pressure on the ‘nice’ suburbs…. then suddenly I hear outrage and squealing!
    Good to see some higher density chickens coming home to roost.

    “The 130-year-old brick house was razed last week to make way for 14 apartments…”
    “Mr Blanden’s wife, Rose, said she feared “many, many beautiful houses across the whole of Boroondara can be demolished’’”
    “Mrs Blanden said it was vandalism that the “beautiful’’ house with established trees would be replaced by units she believed would be more suited to the Gold Coast.”

    aaaaah…. Now you know how many of us felt a while back Mrs Blanden, but where was your fear and loathing then? I want to see more of this and soon. Then, finally, the worm might turn.

    • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

      We need more Greenfield land releases instead of more of these Revolting medium and maximum density zonings.

      • Totally agree with you, but the only way change will get any traction is when this infill starts happening to the lush and lovely tree lined streets in Melbourne’s (or Skidknee’s) inner east. Then they will wake up spluttering and saying shouting – “hey – wait a minute!”.

      • reusachtigeMEMBER

        I find that parks a mostly useless and underutilized at the best of times. Most could be turned into apartments or at least reduced substantially in size with the rest going to apartment livers. Hey, maybe then they might get some use. But I doubt it.

    • Reminds me of all the crap blocks they built in the UK in the late 60’s and 70’s or those blocks they built in Soviet Russia.

  3. Thanks for taking my Independent Australia piece to the next level, Leith. It seemed to me this corrupt ‘love-in’ deserved wider scrutiny than it was getting, and of course it wasn’t going to come from SMH itself, was it?

    I particularly object to the fact that Lucy Turnbull, Chief Commissioner for further enrichment of the north-east side of the latte line, is a protected species in both ‘left’ and ‘right’ media. More so than Keneally herself.

  4. come together to discuss how we successfully plan for a growing Sydney

    So there will be talking. Lots of talking. About planning. A meta discussion, in other words. They don’t know how to fix the problems the city is experiencing, so they will talk about how to more effectively plan to fix the problems. Meanwhile, the problems continue unabated.

    The end result of this in a few years time may even be the production of reams of fabulous plans. We’ll probably have plans out the wazoo. Because we’ve been so great at planning in the past. And you don’t need to actually do anything, you just need to plan to do things.

    It’s like some sort of weird cargo cult. Just develop plans, and everything will be OK. There will be houses, infrastructure and water for everybody, no matter how many people there are and no matter what it costs. As the jumbo loads of useless immigrant trolley pushers flood in every day, the money to implement all the plans will no doubt fall from the heavens, just like the rain. Oh….wait…

    • “So there will be talking. Lots of talking.”
      You’re missing the point. Think of all the lovely canapes and top quality white wine; coffee and cake; beautiful lunches! All to sustain them through a rigorous day of sitting on their while not allowing a single objectionable thought run through what passes for a brain.

    • “It’s like some sort of weird cargo cult. Just develop plans, and everything will be OK.”
      You misunderstand the purpose, it is to plan how to quell the unrest of the general populace while shovelling population growth down their throats.
      Of course propaganda liek that is far less effective if you blatantly spell it out to the plebs.

  5. “how we successfully plan for a growing Sydney”
    I mean this line says it all really, the discussion is purely on how we can accommodate the people that we will inevitably let in.

  6. People of this psychology do not know when to stop. They are like the Wall Street Masters of the Universe. When the multicultural consensus breaks down in Australia and ferments violence, mental illness, slum culture and great suffering they will somehow feel that it had nothing to do with them. The writing is on the wall but those with delusion the size of their own massive self interest cannot see it and will never admit to it, even to themselves.

    The internet age is a bitch. Such people will eventually be fingered as the Bernie Madoffs of the Australian population Ponzi scheme. Print out that speakers list and put it on the fridge.

    • Jevons ghostMEMBER

      And its hard to make a budding Master of The Universe understand something when His (or Her) seat at the Top Table depends on Him (or Her) not understanding it.

      (with apologies to Upton Sinclair, who understood these higher order thingos. Not that it did him much good)

  7. SnappedUpSavvyMEMBER

    – Lessons from some other fast-growing international cities

    yeah like these fastest in the world – hmmmm set your standards real high there Lucy Turdball

    Ouagadougou Burkina Faso
    Dar es Salaam Tanzania
    Bamako Mali
    Kampala Uganda
    Lusaka Zambia
    Huambo Angola
    Abuja Nigeria
    Antananarivo Madagascar
    Mogadishu Somalia
    Onitsha Nigeria

    • reusachtigeMEMBER

      Wow, those darkies are really getting it on! Good on them, although it’s not as fun when you’ve got lots of juniors to look after, but you can always deny they’re yours of course. “Could be anyones”.

      • SnappedUpSavvyMEMBER

        well at least they are growing their own population with relations and not decimating the locals way of life?

  8. Jevons ghostMEMBER

    And here’s some descriptive words for them to bandy around the table…… A bit dated but what the heck

    Game Changer
    A person who is a visionary or a company that alters its business strategy and conceives an entirely new business plan.

    A trendier way to say game changer.

    Has Legs
    A concept or plan that is inherently credible or enduring that will stand the test of time.

    These are often social groups linked by a leader, shared purpose or goal, common culture or organizational boundary.

    An integrated sales and/or marketing approach that leads a consumer through various stages or key milestones.

    A leading authority on business practices and can be defined as ‘a person with influential ideas or theories about business.

    A time-based plan that defines where a business is, where it wants to go, and how to get it there.

    Take it Offline
    To avoid running over time in a meeting due to a topic that has inspired an impassioned discussion, you can “take it offline” to be raised later with relevant colleagues.

    A growing list of records called blocks, which are linked using cryptography. It is an open, distributed ledger that can record transactions between two parties efficiently and in a verifiable and permanent way.

    To move from one place to another, information to detailed data by focusing in on something. A more detailed analysis.

    The mechanism that actuates another mechanism, or initiates one or a chain of changes or reactions.

    Low-Hanging Fruit
    An easy-to-accomplish task or easy-to-solve problem in a particular situation. Tasks described as “low-hanging fruit” are inconsequential to the larger challenges.

    Growth Hacking
    A process of rapid experimentation across marketing funnel, product development, sales segments, and other areas of the business to identify the most efficient ways to grow a business.

    Best in class
    The highest current performance level in an industry, used as a standard or benchmark to be equaled or exceeded.

    Thought leadership
    This means you provide the best and deepest answers, to your customers’ biggest questions, in the formats your audience likes to consume.

    Move the needle
    To change a situation to a noticeable degree.

      • Jevons ghostMEMBER

        I retrieved that list simply to offer it to those posturing pooh bahs as a comforting aide memoire. Accepting nods would confirm to each of them that they are indeed moving in the right company. And help to allay any creeping sense of their being simply grimy purveyors of high level bs.

  9. Jevons ghostMEMBER

    $900 bucks a head… Whose going? And be interesting to find out if they will be taking questions from “the floor”

    • The 1.5 million Australians unemployed
      And 1.1 million Australians seeking work
      And the 116,000 Australians permanent homeless
      And the 360,000 Australians seeking affordable housing
      And the 15 million Australian wage earners who have had declining incomes and quality of life since the 2.561 million TR / SCV third world lowlife migrant influx destroyed their standard of living..

      They should all be out in the streets surrounding this hotel and event – and ‘protesting’.

  10. $900 bones for a ticket – nearly a patriotic duty to buy one to do some rabble rousing.

    So many targets, too few shoes …

  11. This gabfest is a way of managing the public’s concerns about BigOz program and the problems it is generating.

    It may appear to many of the great unwashed that the best minds are getting together to solve public problems when in fact they are getting together to hide the real situation and propose a few dummy ideas that may for a time distract the general public.

    Its great to see both sides of parliament represented as well as all those groups that have their snouts in the BigOz program. Australians will know who to blame for the unfolding mess.

    From reading comments on other chat sites it appears that there is growing opposition to the BigOz program, including from younger people. This gabfest is really a major sign that the masterminds of BigOz are getting concerned that they are losing support for their program. A wake up call for all sides will come when Oz has its next major recession/depression – that could start in another 18 months(TM) or 18 years.