MB Fund podcast: The ticking debt bomb

In today’s webinar and podcast, hear from MB Fund’s Head of Investment Damien Klassen, and Tim Fuller took a look into “The Ticking Debt Bomb”.

Unfunded liabilities, astronomical government debt, record consumer debt, soaring corporate loans – where does the buck stop? Join us this week as we delve into the world of debt and look at where we think the ticking is loudest.

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Tim Fuller is Head of Operations at the Macrobusiness Fund, which is powered by Nucleus Wealth.

The information on this blog contains general information and does not take into account your personal objectives, financial situation or needs. Past performance is not an indication of future performance. Tim Fuller is an authorised representative of Nucleus Wealth Management, a Corporate Authorised Representative of Nucleus Advice Pty Ltd – AFSL 515796.

Tim Fuller


  1. This was really really good. Damo was balanced and spot on. A chat about MMT is the logical next step – hope you can get to that topic soon

  2. So…Interest rates have been RAT (Real After Tax) negative virtually 100% of the time through my lifetime. Can somebody PLEASE demonstrate how debt has fallen in that period – let’s call it 55 years of economic consciousness.
    Second PLEASE demonstrate how inflation is a good thing and stimulates growth.
    Now if RAT negative rates reduced debt we would, surely after all this time, have zero debt in the whole economy. Second if inflation is such a great thing – why aren’t we growing at an extraordinary pace after, pretty much, sixty continuous years of it?

    Next!!! Can we do away with this baloney that debt in your own currency is just fine – you can just print it away. Foreign Debt in your own currency means foreigners are holding your currency and can buy whatever assets they want. The value of your currency, in the face of continuous chronic CAD’s, depends entirely on your willingness to sell your business and resource ASSETS to those foreigners. The moment you stop that possibility, or you finally run out of assets to sell, your currency collapses inj a more or less vertical fashion and you will have hyperinflation writ large. Oh! I forgot that’s a good thing right?
    The point is having debts in your own currency is exactly the same as having debts in USD or Yen – unless you allow foreigners to buy up your sovereignty with that debt in A$.

    There is too much wooly and plain WRONG thinking going on.
    Just because you can ‘get away with’ some policy for a time does not make it a good policy.

    • My guess is that the whole monetary system is wrong. It demands expanding debt to pay last years and the preceding years interest bill. Even worse is that it is open to abuse, as well we know it has been over and over for political and quick fix economic gain (for the 1%ers mostly)

  3. Sorry, but one of the most egregious extrapolations of recent times is: Japan is the roadmap.

    Trust me, it isn’t. Those believing that they have time their side because ‘Japan’ will get their ar$es handed to them.

    Just trying to help 🙂

    • Yup!!! This ignorant BS is amazing. Don’t any of these people, presented here as wise know-it-all advisers, grasp even the tiniest notion that there is one hell of a difference between the economy and society of Japan and Australia???
      Can’t we hear back from these blocks to answer some of the essential questions? Or is it more typical MBBS?