MB Fund Podcast: Return of the Housing Boom with Catherine Cashmore LIVE TODAY

In today’s LIVE webinar (12:30 pm AEST, Thursday 5th September), hear from MB Fund’s Head of Investment Damien Klassen, Chief Economist Leith van Onselen, Tim Fuller and special guest Catherine Cashmore as they cover the “Return of the Housing Boom”.

The recent Australian Housing report from CoreLogic shows it could be boom time once again in Australian Housing. Today we cover what the data shows, the reasons for the rebound, Catherine’s thoughts on the landscape, and most importantly, is it sustainable?

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    • Catherine has recently taken over the role of editor from Phil Anderson of a Port Philip Publishing (PPP) publication called Cycles, Trends and Forecasts which spruiks the housing boom that is supposed to last until around 2016.

      Yeah, I know, its embarrassing to admit to being a subscriber of PPP, but in my defense I started out trying to get some insight into goldies and I do not pay much for their services, which are pretty low grade in terms of my needs.

      • typo – 2026.
        The long-wave theorists are like a cult in their ‘ability’ to predict the exact years of runaway bull market (2018, and how did that pan out?) and skinned bears (2023-2026 iirc). I guess credit may be due to ‘predicting’ the colossal bubble we’re (still) in though.

  1. Goldstandard1MEMBER

    Her job is to sell houses and name should be changed to Catherine “Debtmore”. Can’t really pay too much attention. By her own admission her opinion is formed on what is happening in the field. This includes taking calls from people who watched an abc show that says property prices might go up in Townsville and they are will to drop 100s of thousands on that advice. The puppets do not control domestic and global economic puppeteers…… Debt must be paid back and we must be near peak.

  2. She’s a buyer’s agent ffs – she’s not holding a gun to anyone’s head and is simply reporting (accurately) what’s happening on the ground.

    Some of you blokes just want to believe that price rises are not happening – in 12 months you’ll be even more bitter (rightly or wrongly), the facts won’t change.