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    • Mining BoganMEMBER

      “They are understood to have launched an investigation to see whether any of the Brits have committed infractions at the wheel.”

      …and how large a bribe they can pay for all this to go away…

    • “A Wunch of Bankers: a year in the Hayne royal commission”

      Book by Daniel Ziffer

      On my to-read list..

  1. NEW ZEALAND: Following aborted KiwiBuild fiasco … government still has not learnt what peoples real need housing preferences are …

    In the trenches of our housing crisis (playing silly buggers with taxpayers money) … Marc Daalder … Newsroom / Stuff

    Housing New Zealand wants to build 37 state houses on a plot of Whangarei land that angry neighbours say is a park. The intensity of the clash shows how difficult it will be to solve growing homelessness where the haves don’t want to live next to the have nots. Marc Daalder reports. … read more via hyperlink above …
    Survey finds Kiwis’ backyard dream still alive and well (Westpac Bank) … Scoop New Zealand

    The vast majority of New Zealanders still dream of owning a home with a backyard, according to new research into Kiwis housing preferences commissioned by Westpac NZ.The vast majority of New Zealanders still dream of owning a home with a backyard, according to new research into Kiwi’s housing preferences commissioned by Westpac NZ.

    The online survey of more than 1,000 people found that despite the rise of apartment living, 49% consider a backyard “essential” when buying a home, while a further 42% think it would be “nice to have”.

    “It’s interesting to see that people consider having a backyard much more important than living close to work, public transport, parks or schools,” says Westpac NZ Hous-ing Lead, Robert Hill.

    “Owning a home with a nice backyard has traditionally been central to the Kiwi dream, and the recent rise in house prices and increase in apartments doesn’t seem to have dented that.” … read more via hyperlink above …
    When are politicians and public servants at central and local level going to start learning that public preferences will ALWAYS trump policy.

    Didn’t politicians and public servants learn anything from the recent (effectively) aborted KiwiBuild fiasco ?

    In contrast … market providers respect public preferences and do whatever it takes to meet the public’s needs. They must do this to survive financially … in contrast to politicians and public servants recklessly playing with taxpayer money … not their own.

    Just ALLOW responsible builders to provide real need affordable new housing on rural priced land out from the urban fringes.

    • … Just more pathetic political eyewash … no wonder Kiwis booking on cruises is up 28% yoy … local operators are way too expensive)

      Housing affordability crisis deepens in Queenstown Lakes … Tim Brown … Radio New Zealand

      Queenstown’s housing affordability crisis is deepening, despite the best efforts of the local council.

      Two years ago the Queenstown Lakes District Council launched ambitious plans to address housing affordability.

      Property values have levelled off but the crisis is still growing with high rental costs, low-wage workers resorting to sharing beds and issues for neighbouring Central Otago. … read more via hyperlink above …