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    (Deputy Leader of the Opposition) Paula Bennett to Jacinda Ardern: Come clean on Labour staffer’s payout – NZ Herald

    The review into Labour’s handling of complaints against an ex-staffer must put Jacinda Ardern and Grant Robertson under scrutiny for what they knew and how they responded, National’s deputy leader Paula Bennett says. … read more via hyperlink above …
    Jacinda Ardern ‘absolutely can’t stay in the job’ if she lied – Paula Bennett | Newshub
    John Armstrong’s opinion: Are we witnessing the beginning of the end of Ardern’s administration? | 1 NEWS NOW | TVNZ

      • Janet … This is way way more serious …

        … David Farrar of Kiwiblogs perspective this morning …

        Why did Labour work so hard to protect the staffer? … David Farrar … KiwiBlog

        As someone who spent many years working in Parliament, and even longer alongside those who do, I know a fair bit about how political issues are managed, or mismanaged.

        Anyone who thinks the PM’s senior staff and Grant Robertson were not meeting regularly over at least the last six weeks on how to deal with this scandal is naive. They would have known exactly what is alleged, because they’re not that incompetent. They would have briefed the PM, but possibly not in full detail to give her some plausible deniability. The notion they were leaving this all to the Party President to sort out is risible. I know these people. They are not morons. There is no way they were not dealing with this issue as a priority.

        The real question is why didn’t they decide the staffer had to go six weeks ago when this went public, or even in the months before that as they learnt about the complaints. … read more via hyperlink above …
        If Farrar of Kiwiblogs perspective is anywhere near the mark, how do you expect Jacinda Ardern to remain as Prime Minister ?

        My view is that Jacinda Ardern is a goner.

  2. Could be a problem ahead for Mr Morrison’s virtual strategic oil reserve……….they are going to sell it early to get Mr Trump re-elected in light of the Aramco attacks

    Oil is a real asset like gold…..if you can’t put your hand on it in 20 minutes you don’t own it……oil in the US is useless to us in a war which is when you need your strategic reserve