Labor is going into opposition for twenty years

I’m afraid it’s true. Over the past eight years MB has tried, with limited success, to nudge the dills in the ALP towards government. They absorbed some policy ideas from MB to give themselves a decent economic platform. They followed some of our suggestions around rhetoric too. We did so to free the country from the yoke of a deeply corrupt Coalition that is intent on crushing workers, supplanting Australian liberalism with oligarchy.

Alas, we failed and I now see Labor at the top of an epochal slide that will last decades.

How can I make such an absurdly long prediction? It’s actually pretty easy. Labor now stands in such complete opposition to the emerging megatrends that it rules itself out by definition

The next two decades, and probably more, will be dominated by one force above all others: deglobalisation. That shouldn’t necessarily be a problem for Labor. It has good credentials over history of fighting the good fight for the national interest, especially in the Great Depression and WWII. But the defining split in the period ahead will be the two decades divorce between the US and China and that is not a conflict in which the current Labor Party can prosper.

Consider, it’s extant defining values are:

  • climate change;
  • social justice for minorities;
  • mass immigration and Asianisation, and
  • multilateralism.

I don’t even include workers. Labor is today the party of a feel good world joined in human enlightenment with the Next Generation on the Starship Enterprise.

As good as this sounds, in practice it means the party is deeply penetrated by Communist Party of China (CCP) stooges and apparatchiks from the very bottom to the very top.

There is no doubt whatsoever that CCP influence has also soaked deep into the Coalition. However, it is much better positioned to expunge it and appear credible on national security given its defining values are:

  • national security and ANZUS;
  • personal liberty;
  • mass immigration and border protection, and
  • unilateralism.

Some will argue that Australia will be able to negotiate the middle way between the great powers and that could serve Labor well.  I put the chances of that generously at 20%. The great likelihood is that as China goes ex-growth over the next few years it will become ever more hostile in its neighbourhood. In response, the US will become ever more belligerent in defense of its hegemony. There is a significant chance that at a certain point the US will insist we cut our major ties with China, and we will. At best, our economic ties are peaking now and will fall dramatically away, pushed away by both great powers.

There is also climate change and the need for global government to aid Labor but it’s pretty clear today that that will also have to be addressed via the nation state.

Thus Labor’s defining values will put it permanently on the defensive. Worse, it has nobody visible that can see these truths let alone respond to them. Albo’s pansies are as weak a bouquet of globalist apologists that I can recall. Right down to their gleeful selling out of Hong Kong.

Even if an apposite leader does emerge, the corruption of the party is so deep that he or she would have to virtually split it to win the leadership.

The press is fond of comparing ScoMo to John Howard. This is the wrong analogy. The historic parallel is Bob Menzies in the Cold War. With Labor divided and exhausted for decades.

I hope I am wrong. A defacto one party state won’t be good for Australia. But I have met many of Labor’s people and they are all seriously deluded about a happy clappy world.

Andrew Hastie is more likely to be Australian PM in the future than any of the current bouquet of Labor pansies.

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  1. TailorTrashMEMBER

    Wonder if Penny Wong reads this and has that gastly grimace of a smile on her face ……like on election night
    Labor is becoming irrelevant in the new Asian Straya ……it’s present members (Ermo excepted ) are too busy politicing among them
    selves while the great flood of newly arrived workers that could be members and votes are
    struggeling to survive as their wages are stolen . If they can’t tap into the newly imported working poor ( that they welcome with open arms ) then not only will they be in opposition but they will fade into obscurity …….become relics of their past time like chloth caps and hobnailed boots . Putting KK forward as their new star attraction really says a lot.

  2. I dunno why ACCC doesn’t go them for Deceptive and Misleading Advertising, over the “Labor” in the party name. With the new Albanese-Keneally axis for mass migration, no question they’re the Party of Screwing Workers and Wages. In May, 17m voters sent “Labor” a clear message on migration. Equally clear, they couldn’t care less.

    • Now, if they were called labour, then you might have a case.
      Clearly even back in the day they weren’t really about the workers. 🙂

  3. Absolutely correct. The ALP (LNP-lite) moved progressively towards the Right from the 90s onwards so that now, along with the ACTU, they are supporters of all the toxic ideologies that are undermining their base and the nation itself: mass immigration, identity politics, tertiary education ponzi schemes and pathetic wind-sock policies.

    The ALP under Hawke-Keating began the entire neoliberal catastrophe – i.e they stated the mess we are currently in through their “reforms”; deregulation of banks, sale of public assets and making universities “relevant”. It seems that no one cares to reflect that these were the same Thatcher / Reganite policies of 30 years back led us to the precipice globally.

    Conor Burns, a British MP once observed:

    “Late in 2002 Lady Thatcher came to Hampshire to speak at a dinner for me. Taking her round at the reception one of the guests asked her what was her greatest achievement. She replied, ‘Tony Blair and New Labour. We forced our opponents to change their minds’.”

    In Australia it was the other way around. Hawke-Keating emboldened Howard and Costello with the idea that they had never gone far enough and they picked up the neoliberal gauntlet and ran even further to the Right with the ALP snapping at their heals.

    Today they are The Greens-lite with social policy and LNP-lite on everything else. They went to an election behind an opposition leader so wooden that he managed to make happy clapping Scott Morrison look like a mammal.

    What’s to like? Gormless morons.

    • The Horrible Scott Morrison MP

      😂🤣 You’re accusing the right of identity politics?! What a delusional twit!

    • The virtue signalling might have began with Rudd. Gillard said she is passionate about education but she knew nothing about education. She gave us the VET rort. She decided to put 50% of year 12 finishers into “uni”. And she gave 457 visas to anyone who asked for one.

      In 1998, the ALP took EITC/UBI to the federal election.

      In 2004, Mark Latham had a policy of taking funding away from rich private schools.

      The pre-Rudd policies seem to be pro-poor and sensible.

      • Jumping jack flash

        Howard set the tone for the next few decades of government.
        After selling everything off there was nothing left for government to do.
        Rudd and Gillard were the first government that really couldn’t do anything so instead they fought among themselves.
        And every government since then has been the same.

        Politicians are now some of the highest paid and most bored people in Australia. No wonder they spend their time setting up and dreaming of their cushy, private-sector life after politics.

      • Gillard did right by Hillary though. Lots of Aus money into the Foundation.
        Gillard got a makeover and as a barren woman top job with international children’s thing of some sort my brain rejects retaining. Ten pound Pom with no loyalty to Aus, like Beto Orourke this week with his preprinted naughty word apparel, she had her parliamentary prewritten speech ready to demolish men.

  4. Twenty years is a long time. Politics can change quickly, and the ALP made immediate choices unrelated to woke reasoning made out of pure stupidity, the attack on self funded retirees and dividend imputation was one. To make it palatable all they needed to do was put a maximum amount as a ceiling and the phalanx of older voters would not have voted in this government. The election of the Andrews government in Victoria is a case in point. The change of a few people at the top can ensure success electorally notwithstanding an economic programme that is funded by the sale of the family silver and the stench of red shirt corruption. The electorate can be pretty stupid too.

  5. it won’t matter, all stimulus is gone and will fizzle into numberwang. Global crash ensues next year / end of this year, Aussie housing crash coincides. Coalition remembered as worst of all time, Labor rules for next 20 years…. they just need to sit tight and have already avoided the poison. Albanese will do his east coast super-hyper-mega-train and it’ll destroy any and all remaining land-bankers. Look mate our national symbols are the only animals that can’t move backwards…. both parties are wedded to mass-migration.

      • reusachtigeMEMBER

        We definitely need a new General McCarthy to purge the massively growing commie influence. I hope they start with the online Chinamen system lovers!!

    • With both parties wedded to mass migration and domestic highest on planet gas prices, two party system plus greens the great betrayer, is a joke. The farce shows. Labour nearly was different and then reverted a couple of weeks before the elections with the elderly relatives free importation gambit.

  6. Silly labour – if not for the elderly migrant visas I would have voted for them. The bi-partisan support to screw the nation through quantitative peopling is sickening.

  7. Considering the ALP is not interested in:

    Regional voters
    Outer suburban voters (though they will accept the votes of a few residual rusted on vibrant migrant communities…even if they voted NO to SSM)
    Manufacturing workers
    Agricultural workers
    Trade workers
    Small business owners
    Privileged legacy Australians (which now includes all post war European migration)

    And are only interested in virtue signalling white collar workers that work for the government and welfare recipients, perhaps people like Ermo should take the hint and join the Liberal and National parties in volume and drag it kicking and screaming away from the right and towards the centre.

    They will probably find they have more than a few allies amongst the wet end of the Liberal Party and nationalist end of the National Party. After all the ALP struggles to win any regional Federal seats anyway so why not just give up and take over the parties that have managed to pinch thousands of traditional ALP voters.

    If the inner city middle class Green voters can hijack the workers party and twist it to support their globalist, left wing socialist policy preferences why shouldn’t the workers abandon ship and hijack the conservatives party?

    The neoliberal right wingers are actually a very small minority of the Liberal and National Parties and expelling them as extremists should not be too difficult, certainly much easier than waiting for the chattering left to complete their migration from the ALP to the Greens.

    Abandon ship Ermo !

    • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

      It would be twice as easy to purge a party half filled with Globalists than a party completely comprised of Globalists.

    • Labor protects the logging union. It can’t support protection of old growth forests in any form or set up of the Victorian Great Forest as a result.

  8. Thanks, to dodgy voting system of ours they are going to get into government by people voting LNP out
    we have two party system where one of the two parties can be elected in or elected out.
    Once LNP is elected out Labor by default gets in

    in a more democratic single (or fewer constituencies) proportional system they would have been gone onto a dump of history together with LNP (like similar major parties in some countries)

    • I would agree if we only had one term governments as that would be consistent with both major parties being unpopular.

      Every election the voters would give the government the boot.

      But they don’t (plus they don’t even preference them last) so they are making a choice to vote someone in.

      The ALP have struggled since a lot of catholics switched to the Liberals and Nationals when Menzies started funding catholic schools and now it has turned itself into an inner city Greens style party it is doomed to only winning a term or 2 every generation when people are totally sick of the Libs.

      • people are aware that the choice is either of the two and that’s how they vote

        everyone who thinks there is a third option in Australia is delusional, this kind of voting system has been created long time ago by aristocracy to keep power in their hands forever

  9. GunnamattaMEMBER

    The question in my mind is not about whether the ALP is going into opposition for 20 years, but about the very existence of the party as a coherent political entity.

    The ALP has been central to:-

    The ultra debt propagation burdening ordinary Australians mainly though housing/mortgage debt. When in power the ALP has never done anything about banks and their behaviours, when out of power it has only been when the weight of public experience was so profound that it couldnt be ignored that they even started asking question. They have been complicit in turning what was once a world leading superannuation system into a tax avoidance scheme for the more affluent. They still dont get that and maintain the need for an increased contribution rate when it is obvious that even with the increased contribution rate [against the backdrop of ever more people not owning their own homes in retirement] a very very large number of people arent a hope in hell of funding a retirement, and that superannuation (as it currently works) simply makes no sense for anyone under the age of about 50-55.

    The Free Trade Agreements which have offshored value adding manufacturing jobs and complex service and tech jobs, and the complete abandonment of trying to craft an Australian economy which meaningfully engaged with the rest of the world in any way other than Australia as a quarry, Australia as a tourist destination, or Australia as a low value ‘education’ destination selling citizenship through University courses. All of which undermines the ability of Australians to service the debt they have taken on or been forced to take on.

    The setting up of the budget as an outlay side only spectacle, ignoring the raft of concessions, negative gears, and generally lightly examined concessions to people making deductions – all primarily to support ever rising house prices and to reward debt. Beyond that they have been equally complicit in the trashing of the public sector and the staffing of SES levels of the public service with a range of pointy headed ideologues for political point scoring purposes. All of which completely misallocates the national bequest in favor of the mainly aged present (and its beneficiaries who are all too often wealthier) and against the future of Australia, which is increasingly held to ransom for non tradable inflation items now, is facing a future in precarious short term jobs, and has asset prices (notably houses) priced out of their reach, while needing to tax the living shit out of them to support those entitlements in the short term future, for those aged Australians not in on the great national economic redirection, and which they themselves arent a hope in hell of ever getting.

    The population ponzi which has been used to give the appearance of economic substance in place of the above, and the whittling of Australia back into little more than a quarry with some nice beaches and tourist spots, which is the genesis of our infrastructure own goal. The population ponzi clicked into gear in 2006 (Vanstone was Minister) but then was turbocharged by Rudd as Prime Minister and has seen Australian Net Overseas Migration jump from a 30 year average of about 80k per year to running endless ponzinomic intakes of 250k per year, all backed by an ALP imprimatur to suggest anyone questioning the above dynamic is racist..

    The complete trashing of a once well respected education sector in the name of providing a ponzinomic backdoor, which is at the same time central to the only means ordinary Australians have of making themselves more globally competitive, but which has instead – on the back of the worlds most expensive university degrees, been used to make them ever more debt burdened, and ever more likely to be educated (expensively) in some field which is a national misallocation of resources at a policy level and an embittering disaster for too many at a personal level.

    The complete and utter trashing of any suggestion that binding Australia to a narrative where China is our major destination for commodity exports, while increasingly becoming a strategic threat, may have downsides for the national interest.

    The white hot iron up the anus of ordinary Australians embedded by our gas pipeline monopoly and liquefecation for export policy combined with our electricity generation and transmission policies. The ALP was the genesis of of policies designed to give the (cheap electricity creating) gas unused in Southern Australia over to exports. It should share the blame along with the imbeciles in government, for the fact that Australia currently has the worlds most expensive domestic gas, while it is the worlds largest gas exporter, in a global market awash with gas. Leaving the only real beneficiaries as the amortizing tax avoiding builders of white gas plant elephants in QLD.

    The trashing of Australian respect for Australian political process with an endless bipartisan array of politicians obviously in the game for the moolah and the post politics sinecures. Sure the LNP has the lead with Bishop et al, but the Conroy, the Fergusson, the Dastayari (and on and on and on) has anchored into the minds of the electorate that politicians are a batch of self serving psychopaths regardless of their branding.

    This isnt a party going through a rebuilding phase – it has been doing that for a generation. It is a party looking for a merger partner and at playing games in in far flung exotic locales away from the main supporter base, packed to the rafters with self serving psychopaths – again a different brand to the LNP self serving psychopaths but self serving psychopaths they remain. My overriding suspicion at the moment is that the Albanese version of the ALP are are thinking that if they tank a few issues then maybe they’ll get some draft choices and public sympathy. They are socio economic frauds.

    Ordinary Australians need only ask themselves – does the ALP look like the answer to Australia’s malaise, or is the ALP only going to add to Australia’s malaise if it comes to power and feed us the same specious pap the LNP is already feeding us?

    • you’ve done in again Gunna … a short but detailed, hard hitting summary that is absolutely spot on …
      as I posted a few years back – ‘poor fella my country’

      • The Horrible Scott Morrison MP

        You need to start thinking of original things to say. Your posts put everyone with half a brain to sleep.

    • Nice one Gunna.

      People still don’t realise federal Labor are never getting elected again. I made that prediction on here in 2013 when Abbott won the election. I almost had to eat those words after a string of the worst PMs the country has ever seen. Even that wasn’t enough for Labor to flop into government.

    • The weirdest thing I see, and you’ve touched on it, is the manifest destiny of China. We believe it, Muricans believe it.

      Dear God. I hope Trump and co change the world’s mind on that if nothing else.

      We don’t need or want a dictatorship hegemon.

      • Just to be picky, when referring to the Chinese, its not manifest destiny. Its known as the ‘Mandate of Heaven’.

        Sorry for being bit pedantic.

    • That’s exactly what I was gonna say. 🙂

      I don’t think the ALP will be out for 20 years. People these days don’t have that sort of persistence. They’re irrelevant and doomed. They’ll disappear like the democrats

      I hope there’s a few lurkers in ALP ministers offices reading this. Bail out now boys, you’re stuffed.

    • well said, Gunna. I would add where is the scope for good people in the Labor party?

      self serving the lot of them and those that have ever been in the working class have forgotten their roots. Have ethics, truth and justice in your heart? Labor’s not for you.

      Shorten was useless as a proponent of an alternative government. The LNP and its awfulness was fully exposed and he kept throwing soft jabs. Australians don’t vote for weak people and Albo and his ilk just don’t get anything. They’re there just for the pudding, have been my entire adult life.

      Bob Hawke could’ve been good. Instead, he wanted to be great and fell for the free trade, open the economy bullshit that he’d been hearing from the US, UK and so on, not to mention his side kick.

      The only times I have not voted Labor was in 93 and 96. Double-breasted was always too smart for everyone else and the recession Labor oversaw, inflation and so on, could all have been avoided. The problems have always been our choice of ‘friends’ imo and the ability of money to overtake our democracy

  10. reusachtigeMEMBER

    I so hope the Labor party is destroyed and we rid ourselves of that commie experiment! I hate the LBGTFs and anyone who looks like one of them!!!

    • Hear, hear. Hopefully when they have been eradicated we can give the mardi parade in Sydney the flick and replace it with tens of thousands of hot chicks marching through Sydney in bikinis. It can end in Hyde Park with the world’s largest wet tshirt contest. Winning, Straya style.

      • Labor needs to be the first to sign up for its own float in a Straight Pride march. Time to shake off their woke shackles and re-acquaint themselves with true Australian desires and ambitions.

        Since time immemorial women have owned sexuality but have now been usurped by queers and trans. Fine for them to expose themselves shamelessly in their march down Oxford street but should a young woman want to be a grid girl, a pageant entrant or a wet T-shirt entrant she is berated and degraded for expressing her own femininity and sexuality. A thin tier of Society has stolen sexuality for itself. Another group of elitist revolutionary guard thought police feminists demand that women tow the new #metoo line. A generation is being denied hetero sexual expression.

        • No… who would have thunked it? The progressive cult created a eunuch caste, and now is being out competed by it.. say it isn’t so.

          Excellent. More trans women in sports. Whats good for the goose is definitely good for the gander.

          Or are you a sexist? Are you saying women are not equal to men. Of course women are equal to men. Why should women not be equal to men with their dicks cut off. Women might be even more privileged in this case.


        • That’s the progressive Left for you. Never shy of telling other people how they should live and behave, what they should think, while using ‘virtue’ as justification.

          They are a modern-day Gestapo, adorned in flowers rather than military paraphernalia

        • “a young woman want to be a grid girl, a pageant entrant or a wet T-shirt entrant she is berated and degraded for expressing her own femininity and sexuality. A thin tier of Society has stolen sexuality for itself. Another group of elitist revolutionary guard thought police feminists demand… ”

          Well, they’ve only got themselves to blame, patriarchy was always there to protect women from themselves.

          A minority of women identify as feminists, so don’t think there is consensus through intellect,but through conformity and adherence to ‘authority’, women to a tee.

          Appearance is ideology, now looking at feminists who by a virtual 100% observation rate are sexually repulsive, have no meaningful education (well are indoctrinated with lies, no a ‘negative education ?”) and completely lacking in productivity that they are even more reliant on men (via way of wealth confiscation by the state), it beggars belief that they are viewed as they role models for women. In other words, we some have the dysfunctional guiding what it is to function?

          Before we used to stick them in a nunnery and have their genes die out, now we give them a $300k p.a. job with Fairfax or the ABC to pontificate to the rest of us.

          Trannies telling real women what it means to be a woman was an entirely predictable series of events.

          • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

            But surely all those childless feminist female politicians, like Bronwyn Bishop, Merkle and Theresa May are fighting to empower women who want children and families, and not simply to increase the opportunities for those women who want to beat men at being men?

          • Bronnie and May in a way, very likely.

            Bronnie is just pathologically greedy, and attracted to status.

            May’s motive is just status, she had no idea what to do once she go there, and proven completely incompetent.

            Merkle is something different, and very dangerous, hers is a hatred of her own people. Ever seen the footage of her with on stage with someone waving a German flag? A combination of ugly and communist.

            An ugly, single, childless woman has no nation. Combine that with communism, it’s fatal.

          • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

            Yeah I saw that video of her being handed a German flag – the look of complete embarrassment and shame on her face to be seen holding a German flag.

            Her allegiance definitely doesn’t lie with the German people.

    • I agree, watching the Labor party is like being forced to watch that Horrible Gillette commercial on repeat. Both keep telling me to feel bad about myself.

  11. True but it’s the voting system and federation that has permitted the parliamentary disconnect without genuine consequences.

  12. Someone will come along and take the carcass of the party and lead it to a new place. The question is who, and to where?

  13. And after 20 years, the ALP will disband like the Australian Democrats. The remaining Opposition Parties will be the Greens, the CCP, and the BJP.

  14. rob barrattMEMBER

    “Deeply corrupt Coalition”? Here we are in QLD looking at Jackie Trad – that pillar of socialism – unable to explain why she forgot about a $700k investment property and, at the time it all came to light, she was on a “business trip” to – wait for it – London, Paris & New York.
    Ha ha ha ha ha ha……. The Rum Corps was split into two divisions – the ALP and the LNP. Don’t for one instant think one is any better than the other.

  15. Jumping jack flash

    No wonder.

    They’ve been the same as the libs for at least 10 years – in so much as either party actually does nothing – and voters generally perceive the liberals as being “cleaner”.

  16. ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

    The ALP has only held power for 6 years over the last 23 years!
    After H&Hs 20 more years in opposition that’ll be only 6 years over 43 years after a period of not governing at all for 26 years!
    I do wonder if, in 20 Years time, the Corporate Press, the Libs and all the malcontents here today will still be blaming Labor for all our National Woes.

    Where is all the Fken criticism for the cnuts who are actually in Charge of our National Shyte show!?

    Labors being hijacked by metropolitan bourgeoisie Bohemians is disappointing but they are not in charge,…the fken LNP are!

      • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

        Being a big believer in a robust wealfare State I know we have our differences Reusa but I’m also a libertarian and big fan of the freedom to Party.
        When are you going to invite me to one of these relations shin Diggs of yours?

    • “The ALP has only held power for 6 years over the last 23 years!”

      And how did those 6 years pan out?

      “After H&Hs 20 more years in opposition that’ll be only 6 years over 43 years after a period of not governing at all for 26 years!
      I do wonder if, in 20 Years time, the Corporate Press, the Libs and all the malcontents here today will still be blaming Labor for all our National Woes.”

      No one is doing that now, most people recognise the malaise we suffer was sewn during the disastrous Howard years more than anything.

      However, Labor is responsible for Labor’s woes, and listening to the likes of Plibersek and Wong, it’s STILL not their fault.

      “Where is all the Fken criticism for the cnuts who are actually in Charge of our National Shyte show!?”

      We’re not lacking in that area. What needs to be understood in a respresentative democracy is that the ‘opposition’ serves a purpose, to present a credible alternative at all times. This role, while not given charter by the crown, or the majority of signatures for royal assent of law….

      Still is part of the governance mechanism of this country.

      Labor has completely forfeited it’s role to take government serious. At now times anymore does it present itself as a credible government in waiting for the people of this country, and is solely positioning itself as a eternal caretaker party for when the other mob gets kicked out. Considering the coalition has never introduced a meaningful policy in its history, this has been their position. The ALP should have some self respect and disband,

      “Labors being hijacked by metropolitan bourgeoisie Bohemians is disappointing but they are not in charge,…the fken LNP are!”

      Trump has an electoral college map of 2016 hanging in his office, Red vs Blue.

      Look at the 2019 federal election map…

      Outside the low population anomalies of NT and Tasmania, look at how poor distributed the softcock vote is.

      30km from a mainland State Capital GPO, the hunter valley, the high welfare seat on the goal coast, Geelong and the Southern NSW Riverina seats directly bordering the ACT.

      So no, don’t “Woe is us, the bourgeoisie Bohemians have captured us, but we’re not in charge !”….

      It is precisely “Shame on you, you’ve let the bourgeoisie Bohemians capture you, and you’re ensuring the other mob are in charge”

      • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

        More shame on those who relentlessly complain about our political reality and yet refuse to participate or get off their arse and actually fight for their families, friends and selves.

        • Made any inroads into reforming the Labor party yet ermo?
          Party membership is a useful distraction to keep people who would otherwise be working on effective means of change occupied.
          Of course I could be completely wrong, so feel free to ignore me:)
          Just think about why you think I’m wrong. Is it because you were told thats not how it works, or because you have observed that it’s not how it works.

          Proaganda, it’s not just a communist thing.

        • I have involved myself now. In fact one party has actively pursued me to run in a federal seat.

          Fighting for my family, my people and my nation is not going to happen joining the ALP to participate in their infighting.

          I joined twitter once around 5 years ago, I got banned after 5 weeks for ‘violating to community standards’

          it made me realise real quick, these people are not my community.

          They hate me for my political beliefs, and seek to oppress my view.
          They hate me for a raft of reasons, my gender, my skin colour, my sexuality, my productivity, my propensity to save a surplus, my intellect to deviate away from ‘group-think’, for my sanity around X & Y chromosones.

          They’re right, we are no longer of the same community, and the ALP is in that basket, because they chose to be.

    • Only one party ‘betrayed’ their supporter base, and I and many contributors here were members of that supporter base.
      I am surprised and concerned that this failed organisation still enjoys your unqualified support, defending the indefensible.

      • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

        The current leadership does not have my unqualified support.
        Being a member of a political party does not require one to become a Cheerleader.
        I noisily complain at all meetings about the parties current direction.
        If I Didn’t think it was so off course I probably wouldn’t even have joined and just vote for them instead.
        For those who think the Labor Party needs to be better for the sake of the Country then you should join up and fight.
        If you think they have no hope at all why are you even here commenting about the ALP especially if you believe they are in the wilderness never to return?

        To divert attention away from how Shyte the LNP is?

    • I agree wholeheartedly. The greatest trick the Devil pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist. We are a nation of victims grasping to our Stockholm Syndrome.

  17. SnappedUpSavvyMEMBER

    the rot really set in with Rudd, first thing he did when he got in was to go on a nation wide circus show with cate Blanchett making all the decisions on how we should live – Rudd is still out there now being a self righteous wanker and no lesson learned, its hard to believe the discomfort he must be in with his own head rammed that far up his ar$e

  18. Labor looks like it will make a comeback in Tassie!

    “As bad as the Liberal Government is on jobs — the Greens are just as bad,” Ms White’s speech reads.

    “I am tired of the Greens standing in the way of Tasmanian jobs.

    “They leave people behind. Working people. Our people.

    “It was a mistake to think Labor could ever work with the Greens. We will never make that mistake again.”

    Just got my vote!