Hong Kong simmers on

Via Hong Kong Free Press:

Police have fired tear gas, rubber bullets and water cannon containing dye and tear spray at pro-democracy protesters, as Hong Kong entered its fifteenth week of demonstrations.

September 15 china extradition

The march, originally organised by the Civil Human Rights Front, was cancelled after the police objected to the event.

But on Sunday, thousands still took to the streets in defiance of the ban.

September 15 china extradition

The march began at around 2:30pm at East Point Road in the commercial area of Causeway Bay, the original starting point of the protest.

The MTR Corporation enacted crowd control measures to deal with the influx of people, including halting some escalators.

Before the march started, Democratic Party lawmaker Lam Cheuk-ting told HKFP that he believed people would be undeterred by the police presence at MTR stations.

“Of course, the police force try to make use of the MTR system to deploy increased manpower to suppress our movement. But I do not think Hong Kong people will back down and if [police] try to use any excessive power to stop them, they will just spread to other parts of Hong Kong,” he said.

During the march, several police officers were stationed on an overpass near Arsenal Street leading to the police headquarters in Wan Chai.

As crowds walk past, some jeered at the officers while hurling insults such as “gangsters” and “black cops.”

As the procession moved from Causeway Bay to government headquarters in Admiralty, some vehicles – including a doubledecker on Jackson Road and on Connaught Road – became stuck briefly in the crowds.

Ms Chow, a 24-year-old registered nurse, told HKFP that she had attended most weekend rallies and wanted to do so again on Sunday to mark the International Day of Democracy.

“Even though the police rejected our march today we will still come out because it is our right to do it,” she said.

“I think the majority of Hong Kong people are not afraid of coming out.”

A large white banner was unfurled opposite the Central Government Offices reading “I want democracy.”

A 40-year-old teacher, who wished to remain anonymous, told HKFP she considered the police prohibition of Sunday’s original march to be unacceptable.

“We’re not satisfied with the withdrawal [of the extradition bill]. It’s too late,” she said.

Much more here. No end in sight.

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    • Shifty Politician

      4000 severely injured. 10 Killed.

      Mah Hong Kong – Duuurmocracy.


      There is no clearer, more stark, succinct example of American meddling than the Arab Spring – some countries were “meant” to rise up and were supported, obviously Iran – but not others, whoa there Egypt, not meant to be you guys, Bahrain – naah, Saudi – nope.

      Hilarious stuff if you weren’t being raped in the Cairo Tahir Square like Lara Logan – who was deemed racist because she accused Muslims of doing it…..not even a word of a lie.

      Who’s heard of Lara Logan ?

      Back to the only thing that matters with 100% pre-approval direct from HQ in the US – Hong Kong ! Get on it ! Also it was Iran who attacked Saudi Arabia – probably China too, maybe Russians involved – FREEEEEDOM FOR HONG KONG.

      • “Who’s heard of Lara Logan ?”

        Very few, and even less that she complained about her cultural enrichment. She said her raising the incident ended her career.

        The war on whites continues.

        • Shifty Politician

          Just so we are clear here – the US has a military budget of $1.5 trillion over two years. The vast majority of that is allocated to CIA and covert activities. (Hardware, pensions, health, active members and facilities being the remainder of high cost items).

          The primary objective or interest of the US as an adversarial aspect is China.

          The most important aspect of that interest is destabilizing China and allowing the US to gain footholds in surrounding territories (Japan, Taiwan, Korea etc)

          But the CIA would have nothing to do with Hong Kong – thats a “fair tale” in your view.

          You are the single dumbest person on this planet if actually believe that. Think about how stupid you look for posting that…..seriously. Wow.

          • SnappedUpSavvyMEMBER

            try this one then, if you believe the US magically got Chyna to get HK to propose the Extradition bill to make over 2 million people walk the streets in protest in stifling heat????? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL


            in fact your giving the US so much credit you look like a US fan boy and that may not be good for your social credit score

  1. Jimmy Lau and his criminal backers continue to fuel the unemployed mature age & old ‘students’ of Hong Kong into a confected made for the west ‘rebellion’ now demanding full separation from China.

    The real drivers of what’s going on.

    No Chinese in Hong Kong has ever had democracy or a representative vote. Never since 1846. Never.

    “There is no point giving the Chinese democracy. It’s not in their nature. It’s not how they think, they wouldn’t know what to do with it” Britain’s Governor to Hong Kong.

    No democracy was ever promised in handover by the British either.

    No ‘democracy’ has ever existed in Hong Kong.
    No Chinese in Hong Kong has ever participated in democracy in Hong Kong. None of them. It’s a lie.

    The Hong Kong judiciary is deeply and widely corrupted.
    It was a place that Britain sent their tainted judges and corrupt police to, renowned for the graft.

    Since handover and the last 2 decades – the entire Hong Kong judiciary is totally in the pocket of the Hong Kong and now Chinese mainland criminal elite that run the place.

    Hong Kong has 24% of its people in poverty.
    China has 1.5%
    Like in Australia their public housing got sold out – stopped or corrupted by the Hong Kong criminal elite acquired that land for housing development for the super rich elite. The business and merchant class in Hong Kong destroyed and separating into a rich criminal elite and everyone else poor.
    The cost of living & housing thru the roof.

    Mass unemployment in Hong Kong was caused by the global business & the factory’s churning out the Chinese junk – moving to the mainland China tier 1 cities.
    As a proof point – Hong Kong used to be 14% of china’s economy, now its only 1%.

    These are your real drivers.

    Hong Kong has 31 extradition treaties with other countries.
    China has 43 extradition treaties with other countries including in Europe.
    But not with each other..
    The Hong Kong criminal elite – (90 Tycoons own 83% of Hong Kong wealth) joined by a flood of super rich powerful mainland Chinese criminals hiding behind the lack of an extradition treaty & corrupt the Hong Kong courts and judiciary to protect their ‘safe haven’ in money laundering. drugs, arms, vice, migrant trafficking.

    Jimmy Lai’s the front man for the criminal elite has a long dirty sordid history. His origins are as the publisher of the prostitute advertising- Apple News – now thats the ‘social media organising’ behind the co-ordination of the criminal backed attacks and street violence.
    Hong Kong 50 year unemployed ‘students’ organised by a criminal & his vice rag.

    Now I’m not a China CCP backer. Far from it.

    But this is about a left wing fascist Chinese Han racist dictatorship (China CCP) quelling an even darker and uglier criminal and western backed rebellion in trying to preserve their little criminal safe haven under the usual guise of ‘freedom’ ‘democracy’ and other ‘made for the west lies and propaganda.

    The irony being that the Hong Kong and mainland criminals hiding out in their little criminal safe haven all have foreign PR or dual citizenship anyway.

    Their dirty money and exit plan is assured.

    But not the gullible youth and unemployed of Hong Kong who will be left stranded and forcibly put down.

    The sooner China sends in the tanks and armed soldiers to clean out the Hong Kong and mainland Chinese criminals behind this pseudo ‘revolt’ the better.

  2. Wow your deranged ranting has reached the next level! What happened to the pages and pages of disjointed copy pasted drivel you usually vomit onto these comments?

    • Shifty Politician

      Take a look at the news outside of BBC CNN palava.

      There are literally hundreds of kilos of western imported explosives being unearthed mate. Its a classic US coup.


      Its ridiculous even having to point out whats going on – its just absurd. No one with even a shred of intelligence believes the propaganda narrative being pushed – no one.

    • “What happened to the pages and pages of disjointed copy pasted drivel”

      Skippy may be busy, give it time.