Coalition senator calls for immigration to be slashed

Queensland LNP senator Gerard Rennick has used his maiden speech to call for Australia’s immigration levels to be slashed, likening Australia’s immigration program to ‘over stocking’ paddocks:

While economic growth is important, it should not come at a cost to our quality of life. It is time immigration levels were reduced so communities can deal with infrastructure, the environment and skills shortages. Despite almost a doubling of the population in the last 30 years, state governments have built very few base-load power stations or dams. They need to address declining services to everyday Australians before the population increases any further.

The greatest threat to our environment is not carbon dioxide but unsustainable immigration. As the son of a farmer, I was taught from a young age about carrying capacity and never to overstock your paddocks. Yet immigration is doing just that, causing major city congestion and overdevelopment on our city fringes. Meanwhile, regional communities are struggling as opportunities, from the lack of infrastructure, go begging. While I agree with the government’s wind-back of permanent visa places to 160,000 annually, the almost two million temporary visa holders living in Australia should also be reduced.

Skills based training through TAFE should take precedence over non-vocational university studies. Too many young people are graduating from university with massive debts but no employment prospects, while business import labour to fill skills shortages… It is a sad indictment of our education system that Australia, a First World country, has to import skilled labour, especially doctors, from developing countries…

Looks like the Coalition has a rogue patriot in its ranks. Definitely an MP to watch.

Leith van Onselen


  1. Only a Queenslander has the potential to get away with saying anything like that…even considering that he framed it as economic immigration (the only decent reason, IMHO) that needs to come down, he may still get howled down as being “racist” (he does not seem to be being racist, but people like to conflate….).

    Should we cue howls in 3, 2, 1….?

    • My response is always “its only racist if you name a race, immigration about numbers not where they come from”

  2. Already, Liberals are the Fake Party of Low Migration, Labor is the Real Party of High Migration. To smash Labor for a decade, Morrison only has to pivot to being the Real Party of Low Migration.

    • Harry wouldn’t allow it. In order to truly understand this, frankly, bizarre situation you need to understand who’s really in charge.

      Morry, Harry, Gerry. Moar warm bodies — now!

    • speaking of fakes i got told of a flyer from The member for Banks David Coleman a survey to judge support for building 6000 new apartments near the M5. (of course most people won’t want change) He is of course a fully paid up member of big Australia, just check oust his twitter feed nearly all photos of him with minorities, and yet he’s against building new accommodation in his own electorate! He’s as big a hyocrite as Bob Brown!

      Article from March

      • reusachtigeMEMBER

        Someone who comments on this blog has previously informed me that Riverwood has a great selection of massage lounges so adding 8000 new vibrants can only be a good thing for further choice. I must drop in there one day when out that way collecting payments in lieu of rent.

    • Yeah, and in reality they are all welded on high immigration (boost population by any means – in the home countries and the eventual destinations) as the elite/globalists demand it. We must not only be seen to consume, and f the planet, but actually drain the resourced at an ever faster pase because profits must always go up .. that’s the prime directive, and we can’t vote for anyone that’ll take the big picture issues seriously. What do we do?

  3. Right now Rennick is probably getting a stern talking about how the Aussie economy really works and that the value of his IP depends on immigration.

    This will probably be his one and only good speech.

  4. My guess would be he’ll be dis endorsed, and will be an independent by the next election. No way the Sydney and Melbourne neo-liberals and autocrats will put up with this sort of provincial muck-raking

  5. Speak for yourself. Last year’s card had an interesting pic of Reus and his, er, ‘relations’ playing a game of naked Twister. What a riot.

  6. Gerry for PM. More power to his arm and may his tribe (and not all the other tribes of worthless cnuts invading us) increase.

  7. Takes one rogue patriot to know one 😉 By the sounds of it macrobusiness is on his favorites bar

  8. Even StevenMEMBER

    Gerard Rennick. One of a few politicians who – perhaps – might bring some integrity back into politics. I’m ever the eternal optimist.

    Get me a dose of Peachy, stat.