China sunders the Australian Parliament

The pretense that everything is OK in Australian democracy has cracked open and fallen on the floor. Let’s begin with the interview that kicked it all off, which every Australian should watch:

It gets worse today, via the ABC:

Gladys Liu’s association with Chinese figures who were deemed a security risk was the subject of an ASIO investigation even before she entered Parliament or became a Liberal Party candidate.The

ABC understands ASIO Director-General Duncan Lewis advised that then-prime minister Malcolm Turnbull, based on the guest list, should not attend a “meet and greet” organised by Ms Liu in the Victorian electorate of Chisholm for Chinese New Year in February 2018.

At the time, Julia Banks was the Liberal MP for the eastern Melbourne seat and Ms Liu was active in Chisholm Liberal Party circles.

Ms Liu had already earned a reputation as a supreme fundraiser.

In the wake of the Sam Dastyari affair the year before, Mr Turnbull’s office had developed a standard procedure to request the guest list for fundraisers or major organised events where the PM was invited.

About three or four weeks before the February 18 “meet and greet” in Box Hill, Mr Turnbull’s office asked for a guestlist from Ms Banks’s office.

It duly arrived on an A4 sheet of paper with about 30 names from the Chinese community.

This list was then forwarded to ASIO for vetting.

The advice from the Director-General was that Mr Turnbull should not attend the meeting.

The ABC understands Mr Turnbull was not directly told of Mr Lewis’s advice. Instead, Mr Turnbull attended Chinese New Year celebrations in inner Melbourne alongside Ms Banks, one of his loyalists.

After the leadership coup that saw Mr Turnbull ousted in August 2018, Ms Banks said she would not recontest the federal election for the Liberal Party in Chisholm.

Three months later, Ms Banks quit the Liberal Party altogether, putting the Morrison Government further into minority status.

Ms Liu won Liberal preselection in late October.

And is now in the Government sitting right next to the new PM every day. Ms Liu has today come out and changed her story again, via ABC:

Liberal backbencher Gladys Liu has confirmed she held membership of an organisation linked to China’s foreign interference operations, less than 24 hours after saying she could not recall being a part of it.

The Herald Sun confirms that the LNP was warned that Liu is unfit:

Senior Liberals say they were told the intelligence community warned the party against preselecting Gladys Liu for the seat of Chisholm before this year’s federal election.

Two state Liberal MPs and a former senior staffer have confirmed to the Herald Sun they were told in 2018 that “men in grey suits” had warned a senior party official there were concerns about Ms Liu’s links to the Chinese Communist Party and that it would not be wise for the Liberal Party to preselect her.

…The Herald Sun can now reveal senior Liberal figures were party to a conversation about the intelligence community’s concerns about Ms Liu with a party official in the lead-up to the Chisholm preselection in October last year.

According to one source present at the meeting, the party official said intelligence community sources had told him: “We can’t tell you what to do but we don’t think it would be a good idea.”

The sources agreed the party official had not said if the concerns had been raised by ASIO, but they said the official led them to believe the official had spoken with the intelligence community.

A source at the meeting said the official later discussed the concerns on another occasion.

Yet, yesterday, alas, with only a slim majority, the LNP put itself ahead of the national interest and dug in behind Ms Liu with various MPs defending her in bizarre scenes. Resource Minister Matt Canavan declared Xi Jinping is not a dictator, Marise Payne said all suggestions Ms Liu was unfit were “offensive” and Morrison said:

Mr Morrison defended Ms Liu in parliament and said she had clarified her support for the government’s stance on the South China Sea.

He then denied she should be held to the same standard as Mr Dastyari, as the former Labor senator had uttered pro-China comments after directly benefiting from Chinese money.

“Money changed hands between then senator Sam Dastyari (and Chinese donors) … Money changed hands …

“His position was bought … to off his legal expenses, and he was caught in his own web of corruption, Mr Speaker. He should have resigned, and he did.”

And how does that stack up against heading multiple CCP propagandist outfits for may years? Cripes.

The pressure on MS Liu will likely intensify in the days ahead but how much is an open question because Labor is just as split by CCP corruption with the NSW right sinking at ICAC, various grey beards gallivanting around defending China at every opportunity and the NSW leader representing another Chinese community. To wit, via The Australian:

Labor has set up a closed-door committee to examine Australia’s bilateral relationship with China, amid a split within the party over the security and economic ­challenges posed by Beijing.

The establishment of an eight-person caucus working group on China, to be led by senator Jenny McAllister, follows Labor’s decis­ion to join with the government to block a Senate inquiry into the key bilateral relationship.

On Tuesday, opposition foreign affairs spokeswoman Penny Wong reiterated her call for the government to allow China briefings for MPs by the Office of National­ Intelligence and other agencies.

She told a meeting of Australia’s ambassadors and high commissioner­s in Canberra that Australians were “understandably anxious” about the China relationship.

“It is reasonable and approp­riate for parliamentarians to want assurance that our national interest is being served,” she said.

But one Labor MP said the party was “trying to cover over that (it) has not proceeded with a Senate inquiry”.

In other words, how hard can the ALP afford to push?

Moreover, it is quite clear that the media is equally split and corrupted. LNP cheerleader, The Australian, has buried the story today throwing in behind the Government against the national interest. The AFR has virtually refused to cover it. It’s major contribution today is from Jennifer Hewitt, who often flies to pro-CCP diplomatic functions on the purse of Fortescue Metals Group:

Just as Labor appreciates its own “gotcha” furore over Liu’s past membership of some Chinese government authorised groups in Australia – leading to insidious if nebulous claims of guilt by association.

This is clearly different to Dastyari’s egregious behaviour warning the same $100,000 Huang that his phone was probably tapped by government agencies, accepting money for personal expenses and defending China’s actions in the South China Sea.

…Yet a combination of forces, including China’s more aggressive behaviour under Xi Jinping, means much of the public debate is veering close to a more extreme outbreak of Sinophobia. This is overwhelming traditional boasting rights about how well Australia embraces Chinese immigrants, tourists and students in a country where nearly 1.5 million Australians are of Chinese heritage and with 650,000 of the population Chinese-born.

Playing the race card at this juncture is as atrocious as it is predictable. Liu lied outright about heading various CCP-aligned propaganda groups. She refuses to declare loyalty to basic Australian foreign policy principles. ASIO is clearly disturbed by her links. She is embroiled in shadowy donations scandals with dark figures. A former PM refused to be seen with her.

If questioning this is “sinophobia” then the moon is made of cheese.

So, what’s the wash up? A few points stand out:

  • Scott Morrison is about to be feted at a White House dinner. What is Donald Trump going to say and do? Threaten to cut Five Eyes access?
  • Liu has to go. But everybody is clearly paranoid that when/if she does the following by-election will drive a wedge so deep into the China fracture that it will become a gulf. Good, we need just such a major national break to excoriate these links.
  • If ScoMo doesn’t cut Liu then this melt down will irradiate his entire government. Liu may look vulnerable but she is actually in a position of immense power, as the LNP’s scramble to protect her shows. CCP influence could literally now be pulling ScoMo’s strings.

Most important is this. One of either Australia’s mass immigration economic model or its democracy is collapsing before our eyes. I still think that our democratic institutions will eventually prevail. But it is not a sure thing. There are already two CCP seats in the Australian parliament and their power is on display for all to see. A few more years of Chinese inflows, a few more seats, and Beijing owns the joint. Prudent risk management suggests that you should get a dual passport if you can.

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    • They’ll give you a Chinese one anyway, a few years after the assimilation by the collective is complete.

      So get a US one.

      • For nearly 20 years lol Fear monga Martin Norths Jealousy and Envy knows no bounds it’s oozing more than a Gangrene sore oozes Puss. Both are poisonous, stink and signify he’s rotten to the core Feeding of Fear of Doomsday prepers just a perthetic way of making a crust sicknig ask Aaron Patrick

  1. If anyone would like to make a case that our politicians, our media, most of our corporate executives, our academics administrations, and our ‘elites’ are completely out of touch then the whole Australia – China issue is Exhibit Number 1.

    They just dont get it.

    • I think they do Gunna – they just don’t give a shyte.

      I hate to say it, but somehow we seem to have evolved into a society where the bulk of people – the sheeple – just don’t seem to care about the country. They know their personal living standards are declining (even those in the Sydney/Canberra/Melbourne axis who are doing well economically are being hit with overwhelmed infrastructure, the endless congestion, soon to be really serious water restrictions etc) yet do not hold their representatives to account.

      Australia has become a nation (yeh I know it’s a generalisation) of smug, self entitled whiners who are collectively so far up their own nether regions that they refuse to see how the elites and their commentariat are selling everybody and everything out for their own benefit.

      I’m with Peachy – think very carefully about options and include, if your circumstances permit it, residence in another country…

      • John Howards Bowling Coach

        David, the issue is made easier for those designing a society to have no loyalty by the fact that Australia has close to a 1/3rd of the people being foreign born. Of you look at the Chinese diaspora for example a large chunk of them cannot function effectively in English, so not only are the controlled by Beijing directed media, they cannot even understand what is happening around them, so how can they even care? So when 1/3rd of the people in Australia are not born here, how could we have any type of loyalty to our nation. Put into context, at their highest in history, the percentage of non local born residents in the USA is 14%, so we are the insane outlier in regards the migrant percentage, at it is well designed to undermine any loyalty or adhesion to Australia as a single nation. Divide and Conquer

    • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

      It’s all about leveraging power into more power and money.

      Demands for Real Democratic decision making and Accountabilitity,…across the board,… by a population with a genuine Anarchist mentality/expectation that power always be required to justify itself to the masses is the only solution to the Corruption of the democratic nation state.
      Great Solidarity and participation is what is needed,… not great (coruptable) “leaders”.

      The Politicians are mear pawns in all this,…the deep state in real.

      • When NZ was choosing a new electoral system (we eventually got MMP) there was an interview I saw, only once and I didn’t see it mentioned again, where the person mentioned that the academics that were assigned the process of recommending decision making/electoral systems all said direct democracy was the best method. Supposedly the security services were furious and they were told that direct democracy could not even be put forward as an option unless the academics wanted to kiss their careers goodbye. The security services will never allow the public to take control of the decision making.

      • interested partyMEMBER

        the deep state in real the global cabal is real……….fixed it for you. The deep state is just a primary mechanism.

        There are layers to everything…..this is just one example.

    • She has clearly violated S44:
      ” Is under any acknowledgement of allegiance, obedience, or adherence to a foreign power”.[1]

      Now she should resign or be booted out.


      • Then, yes, indeed, they should just get on with it.

        The LNP should be the “great adult leaders” they keep telling us they are, and “just get on with the job”, which in this case includes booting one of their own.

        Labor should just push anyway, despite the Dastyari affair.

        If not (and perhaps as well) the Greens, Centre Alliance, One Nation, etc…..just c’mon….

  2. the ccp is still less evil than the alp/lnp, at least the ccp doesnt actively work to destroy their own people

  3. Put the crime of praemunire back on the books. It was removed in the U.K. back in the 70’s to allow Common Market and EU activity since it would have been treason to plan for these.

    What little was on our books was abandoned so that UN treaties could supersede our laws likewise. These things happen when you give up sovereignty to anyone, so we made this rod for our own backs. These laws would also apply to activities surrounding the activities of the Five Eyes social credit system being brought on line.

  4. Steve Bannon Speaks at ‘Committee on the Present Danger: China’ Event –

    This was a solid talk. Bannon is going to go down as one of the great public intellectuals of the 21st century.

    The elites in Australia are treasonous scum, both they and their retarded progressive cult need to be ended with flame and sword.

    • Unfortunately (?) our family has been here too long so we have no access to ancestry citizenship, I actually wasted my years living overseas in a place that doesn’t give passports to foreigners (yup the country this article is about and I was there for a VERY long time) and I didn’t marry someonefrom a 3 rd party country. I don’t have it in me to try and migrate elsewhere. I’m struck with whatever this place devolves to. I’m not looking forward to it

    • Both of my kids and my wife are dual citizens – mainly because i am increasingly of the view Australia is in an economic cul de sac where entitlement smothers reform (and it is mainly aged and wealthy entitlement smothering reform which benefits the next generation).

      I am maybe 5-15 years from retirement, and almost certainly i will retire offshore too. As sad as it is to think (and my ancestry here includes the gold rushes and military service in 2 world wars and Vietnam) this place is screwed for my base case, and my optimistic case revolves around ‘reform’ being adopted which currently looks like being stillborn.

      • I hear you on all counts. If my health had been better I’d most likely be in a similar situation. However my offshore retirement plan currently consists of Tassie, which is quite parlous but the irony is delicious so you take what you can. I do however agree with EP below, fighting for a better future is honorable, though I’m fully aware it also is putting lipstick on a pig when you have no choice, and I’d never judge anyone for leaving. CFS is cruel though, it leaves no energy for taking on such a challenge

      • Australia is not a bad place to retire BUT you’ll need lots and lots of money.
        So maybe the answer is to join the Money Grubbing ba5tards club and sock your fair share away in some hidden foreign accounts (or physical assets). I’ve got the feeling that many Australian’s are way ahead of you in the implementation of this plan (hence the absurd prices being paid for RE (physical assets))

    • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

      It’s always nice to have “options” but nowhere will be free and safe from the reach of Chinese and US Plutocracy and the deep state apparatus that supports them.

      Standing your ground and fighting the real enemy is the more honorable choice in my view.

      • There’s iron in your words EP; a civil war is coming to Straya and we’ll finally leave the juvenile phase and mature once it concludes.

      • @Ermo i totally respect that viewpoint and for most of my life that would have been mine.

        However in this day and age, and i speak with 20+ years of observing management and media (and working within both) and following politics quite closely too i believe there is no sense of ‘honour’ to be found anywhere within them, with a possible exception of branding strategies and market positioning which can be made to superficially appear to be honour at first glance.

        From there i would observe that everyday people doing the ‘honourable thing’ has invariably been corralled to provide a profit maximising ticket clipping exercise, for those who dont have any notion of the concept.

        And i am sick of others trading on the ‘honour’ of people like you and I.

        • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

          “i would observe that everyday people doing the ‘honourable thing’ has invariably been corralled to provide a profit maximising ticket clipping exercise, for those who dont have any notion of the concept.”

          This is a reality all over the world.
          It is everywhere.
          The answer to me is to resist this phenomenon with counter argument and education with in our own communities.
          What happens when their are no more places to “runaway” to?

          • “What happens when their are no more places to “runaway” to?”

            Then you either cede every decision making process to the substandard minds like SHY, or those that seek to subvert your like Gladys Liu, or you die. It’s entirely predictable.

            But at least no one will accuse you of being racist.

          • I don’t think it’s ever a matter of “running away” but rather it’s always about living in and creating an environment where both your labour and your “savings” have enduring value.
            Your labour has value when it is priced correctly and sufficiently skilled to eliminate many others from doing the task
            Your Savings have value when accumulated Capital (aka savings) can enable projects that would otherwise be beyond the scope of any individual or any state (designing complex electronics, building a factory, building infrastructure, finding a cure for ….)
            Today we live in a country where average workers labour has no value AND our savings are not necessary to enable these mega projects (it is easier to get capital from elsewhere)
            Asset price Inflation is just the measure of labour’s diminished utility (value)
            Unfortunately you can’t run from this equation, it’s a global not a local phenomenon, however what you can do is to upskill your own(or your offspring’s labour) If you do that than suddenly the whole equation normalizes thereby removing any advantage that would be garnered by “running away”. Ah but there’s the catch the environment that you create must properly value their differentiated labour (otherwise it’s likely that the individual will withdraw their labour or simply sell it elsewhere)

    • But the fact that Australia is goingvto be at the forefront of new cold war makes it much more intetesting and worth staying

    • Actually as a female this is a good thing. Chinese women love getting facials, they spenda lot of time and money looking after their skin. I know what I should retrain as now!!! A facialist, as I’ll be guaranteed to be never out of a job

    • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

      Anyone who thinks this is a problem is a facialist!

      …or a hypocrite – this is what so many of them want, Multiculturalism and diversity – well here it is, diversity of political thought, diversity of cultural values, diversity of ancestral loyalties.

      The only other option would be to base our immigration policies around Assimilation and Integration, which would mean focusing our immigration intake on other nations with a similar cultural and historical ties with Australia and limiting (not banning) immigration from those countries and cultures that are culturally and ideologically opposed to our own…. but that would be racist. lol

      Ethics and morals require consistency, you can’t say on the one hand “Every one is welcome” and then turn around and say “No, we don’t want you because we don’t like the flavour of your political views” as you are doing now.

      It is far more morally consistent to say at the outset, no, we expect migrants who come to Australia to become Australian, and Australia ISN’T a multicultural nation (we’re still 85% white and over 50% Christian). If you come to Australia we expect you to take on our history, celebrate the good, acknowledge the bad, become white and/or Christian, or at least be prepared to be silently absorbed into it.

      That would be honest, truthful and lacking the contrived hypocrisy of what we’re experiencing now.

      • reusachtigeMEMBER

        Totally agree, hence why my deleted comment from earlier was along the lines of all this being democracy. If her constituents want a CCP member then so be it. That’s our system and we accept all cultural views here.

        • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

          Yup 100% agree (apologies for the “you” in my reply, it obviously wasn’t you specifically rather a generic ‘you’ the sanctimonious reader).

          As an interesting aside if you have 5 minutes wandering through this test on ethics is interesting:

          And then follow it up with:

          Consistency in terms of values, even if you don’t agree with them, helps create trust.

          There is a huge amount of inconsistency at the moment with those arguing for diversity and Multiculturalism and then turning around and saying we don’t like the diversity or Multiculturalism that doesn’t agree with our own contrived view points.

          You either do or you don’t support Multiculturalism, and accept all that goes along with it, otherwise you are simply choosing values that justify your existing interests and camouflaging it beneath an unfounded cloak of morality.

          • John Howards Bowling Coach

            I think the confronting part for the many here in Australia is that they don’t realise that they don’t actually support Multiculturalism. My own better half is from Mainland China, but I realise when I examined my own values that I don’t support a multicultural society for Australia. I don’t think true multiculturalism can really work anywhere because for a society and economy created by it to thrive the people need to be moving in the same direction for a common cause. Another example it attitudes and action towards the environment. Where people see it as the system that supports their life (oxygen, carbon sink, water etc) that is essentially not compatible with those who see it as a resource to be plundered for gain without a system of renewal and replenishment. Yes they can live together, but they will always be pulling each other in opposite directions.

      • johnoconnorMEMBER

        I find this instructive:

        and a reminder that this was dropped from official policy in 1973:

        Conditions of immigration into Australia
        Australia’s immigration policy is directed towards the maintenance of a socially cohesive and homogeneous nation. It seeks to avoid the creation of permanent minority groups resistant to integration even through successive generations. The policy does not exclude persons of any ethnic origin; but it does exercise prudent caution in the matter of accepting large numbers of people with substantially different backgrounds, characteristics and customs who may resist general integration even in the long term.

  5. Would she win another election if the Chinese in here electorate, that elected here, care about Australia…this is the real test for us now. As for the LNP it fails every test not to move on this, so do we assume the pushback is fake as well? Disgusting, and we are totally compromised on China. They’ll continue to hack and steal our future…the parties don’t openly admit this either.

  6. My partner is a Pom. For the first time in my life I’m thinking about foreign bailout options. What have we come to?

  7. Hum, Dave Sharma got his seat in part because he was such a good fund raiser and now this woman. So that’s how you get pre-selected. Who would have known.

    • reusachtigeMEMBER

      Or just look like the sort of chick the bogan masses would drool over like the member for Lindsay. Parliament needs more hot chicks that is for sure. It’s sadly lacking.

    • Dave Sharma got his seat because his religion was the same as the marginal voters in his electorate.
      Gladys is the same, but replace “religion” with “rac3”

        • reusachtigeMEMBER

          Well his dad was a curry and he definitely isn’t a joo. See, that’s why everyone should believe that the comments made on this blog are well informed… LOLOLOLOL!

          • John Howards Bowling Coach

            Gold again! Some people just assume from his time in Israel he must have been a Jew, when he is actually more Indian than otherwise.

  8. That last paragraph is dark.

    What concerns me is you’re very good at identifying risk long before most others know to even look…I fear you’ve just described our future.

    One day we may look back and wonder where it all started to turn (not openly, but quietly and to ourselves, because that’s all we’ll be permitted to do). Never forgot this time. Many of the small treasonous decisions that aggregated into the selling out of our country will be lost to history, and the decision makers will share this same anonymity. But shame on them.

    I don’t have a dual passport, but I do have a young son. Sometimes I wonder if in his lifetime, he’ll have to pick up arms and fight for things his fellow countrymen so willingly gave away. If he does, he’ll need a helluva lot more courage than that shown by our present “leaders”.

    • I’m with you. 2 young sons. I doubt we can access English, Irish or Scottish citizenship as I think it would be great-great grandparents born there. Having access to a small number of long arms isn’t going to help all that much

      • In agreement with Andrew that Ms Liu is a security threat/risk due to her previous associations with the CCP and her current associations with ASIO cautioned Chinese in Australia, despite her fundraising ability from those people. However, Andrew’s raising of the South China Sea issue is a lot more complicated than citing what the Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague (PCA) ruled. For starters the PCA does not have the jurisdiction to make rulings on sea boundaries…despite US efforts that it may. Secondly, the most appropriate legal entity to deal with the South China Sea issue is the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS)….to which I don’t think the US is a signatory.

  9. Mr SquiggleMEMBER

    This is just democracy at work. This lady represents her community. She is there at the request of the registered electors of Chisolm.
    If you don’t want Chinese sympathisers being elected to Parliament, you’d better stop the mass importation of Chinese electors.

  10. Based on the premise one doesn’t have a partner/parents, or a way to automatically qualify for dual cit – what are the most democratic (or otherwise) countries that are relatively easy to gain citizenship to?

    % of pop speaks English
    access to water

    Costa Rica?
    Anywhere in Africa?


  11. Gladys Liu is demonstrating her in-group preference which is a pathological trait which all races exhibit except for white Northern Europeans. I do note with irony Labor trying to take the moral high ground on this issue, when they’ve been exposed as accepting donations from Chinese influence peddlers in NSW and having Penny Wong as their foreign affairs spokesman.

    • Can you outline how Penny Wong may be subverting AU democracy along the lines that others appear to be doing?

      Not virtue signalling, that doesn’t count.

      I’m no Wong apologist, but let’s get real here

      • @HadronCollision Chinese have some of the highest in-group preference of any population in the world except for one other population we’re not allowed to mention. This is evident in the ghetto’s they have formed in every capital city in South-East Asia, Bangkok, Jakarta and Singapore, which is a prime example of a Chinese ethno-state, it’s simply human nature which white Northern European’s have difficulty understanding because of their highly individualistic nature.

        Secondly, I will draw your attention to the Federal Election where Penny Wong gave vague answers to any questions in relation to how the Labor Party would handle relations with China and one simply needs to refer to the findings of the NSW Corruption Commission in relation to the nefarious dealing’s between Labor and their Chinese handlers….. if there was ever a case of the fox guarding the hen house then this is one.

        • That’s not a Wong issue. That’s the modus operandi for both the Labor and LNP oligarchy. Witness Payne’s dissembling and redirection on this issue.

        • John Howards Bowling Coach

          Jim, while you are partly right and using the term Ghetto is technically correct, it is not used on general parlance to refer to just a clustering of a minority group but to refer to a low level subclass, so it’s not generally correct in South East Asia for the Chinese, who has been more akin to the Jewish in the USA/UK/Europe/Australia. They tend to own and control most of their host nation. The 21% in Malaysia essentially own the whole nation, as do the Chinese in Indo, and to a lesser extent in Thailand. Chinese have a passion for wealth and power par excellence, they also have a massive advantage in plundering a 3rd world nation such as South East Asia when the Hokkien and Hakka people migrated there, and more recently the flood into Africa, as the Chinese come from a messy, corrupt, and dirty place, they are ready and willing to operate at the lowest level as a base to build from. How many Aussies will leave Sydney to start from scratch in Africa? 100, 50? Probably almost none. Whereas millions of Chinese will jump at the chance and soon will be in control of the economic direction and own the place, take a look at the Pacific…
          Regarding Penny Wong, she is Eurasian as far as I know, Australian Mum and a Malaysian Chinese Dad, so while they would be happier with her than many others, the Chinese would see her as a lesser good, and she has at times been a critic of Beijing, they never forgive that stuff. Man with short tool have long memory…

  12. For all those that couldn’t bare to vote for someone as r*ci%t as PH.

    Suck sh%$ you morons.

    I hope your kids are forced to work in the mines.

    • I love how me never hear her wise words of “we will be swamped by Asians”. So bloody true now isn’t it.

    • The imperialist banks who control us have already made it necessary for our kids to forced to work in the mines. China bashing is a smoke screen to hide the gradual takeover of this country by zionists.
      My preference is we remain old school Aussie but the LNP already flooded us with immigrants so it is too late but do not bloody blame Asians. It is white men and women behind 99% of the decision making.

      • I don’t disagree.

        We had a solution and we didn’t take it because Australians are too stupid to see what was happening.

      • I like to refer to the Zionists as “The Termites”.
        They eat countries, societies and cultures from the inside.
        Unseen; until the whole structure is so weak from damage that it becomes blatantly obvious.
        Then they scurry off to their safe havens.

  13. For anyone interested in China content:
    – China: a century of revolution; a 3 part documentary
    – Jamestown Foundation: China Defense and Security Conference (4 panel videos each about 1 1/2 hrs)
    – Real Vision Finance: Youtube Macro channel that is covering alot of China with Kyle Bass

  14. I’m glad all this (i.e. Trump, Bannon, Trade Wars, IP theft, Dastaryi, Liu, Robb, $100,000 in Aldi shopping bags) is happening now, before it’s too late. The Americans seem capable of standing up for themselves. Not sure about us – we are being tested right now.

    • Completely agree. Bringing all this attention upon Gladys Liu has somewhat neutralised her. Im not sure she is that powerful even if she has a marinal Lib held seat.

    ABC publishing an article criticizing HK students for thinking for themselves. Can we please introduce that “liberal studies” subject into our school curriculum here?
    “Liberal studies is one of the causes that has led to the over-enthusiasm of our young kids in current politics,” Ms Leung said.
    Pro-Beijing politician Priscilla Leung is among those critical of Hong Kong’s schools.

  16. So many words when all that anyone needs to remember is:
    In most Confucian Cultures the true measure of your wealth is your “Sphere of Influence”
    If your Sphere of Influence is contracting than you are getting poorer
    If your Sphere of Influence is expanding than you are getting richer
    Simple ….it’s not really hard to understand….ah but where does that leave us?
    Maybe we have the same belief, in which case we’re obviously on the express train to the Poor House (what today is called the Tiny house)
    OR maybe an individuals (and a nations) true wealth has nothing to do with the their Sphere of Influence (lets call it the Swiss model) maybe China is just wasting its energy and power thumping its chest and proclaiming itself ruler over all of the 9 dash line and anyone else lacking the self respect to resit their Influence.
    In the end analysis China’s game plan is rather Transparent, however Our game plan is non-existent, so the Transparent wins every time.

  17. As long as our political parties uses the amount of donation as the criteria for pre-selection, they are open to foreign influence. It is not an insidious plot by the CCP to infiltrate Australian democracy. This is far worse, as the political fund raisers are the ones BEGGING the CCP for money.

  18. Wasn’t there a Jennifer Hewitt article a couple of years back on how she blew herself up financially?

    I mean…

  19. Australia has evolved to the point where if China were to now militarily invade Australia, it would considered “racist”, “offensive” and “sinophobic” to take up arms against them.

  20. An analogy I would draw to depict the Chinese is the Zerg. If you are familiar with the pc game Starcraft, the Zerg are an alien race that follows the absolute control of an “Overmind” (ie CCP) and do it’s bidding. They sacrifice the individual for the greater good and each Zerg is but a tool to achieve the overall objective of the overmind. They work together collectively, are plentiful in numbers and cunning. They multiply quickly and are low cost (can live very frugally). The most common way the Zerg achieves victory is through colonisation and overwhelming numbers.

  21. John Howards Bowling Coach

    The funny part is that Gladys Liu is nothing, just a greedy selfish migrant who understands that the political parties will do anything for money. In reality raising money from the Chinese is the easiest thing in the world. They have so much fiat currency available that raising a million for them can be done in 1 phone call in 5 minutes if you know how. The CCP will fund anything you want in return for their message being accepted. Her supposedly legendary ability to fund raise for the LNP is nothing special. The only thing she has on her side is that Chinese Aunty face, and the ability to converse in English/Cantonese/Mandarin, but in reality a white man like me could do the same thing if I was completely devoid of morals and willing to be a virus, invading and debilitating my host. Sometimes it sucks to have a conscience and national pride.