An open letter to Donald Trump from the Australian people

Dear Mr President,

This week the Prime Minister of Australia, Scott Morrison, will attend a state dinner at the White House. This is terrific honour. But there are several critical issues that you should raise with him.

The first is to ask PM Morrison why his government is defending MP Gladys Liu, an ethnic Chinese that Australia’s own intelligence agencies have fingered as compromised, who has recently lied repeatedly about links the Chinese Communist Party, who is embroiled in a series of bribery scandals, who has refused to personally endorse Australian and US foreign policy on the South China Sea, and has recently been described in the Australian press as the “CCP spokesperson in Australia”.

You must also query PM Morrison on what favours have been done for CCP interests resulting from Glady’s Liu corruption, not to mention her ongoing support for the Government, without which it will lose its majority.

The second question you must ask PM Morrison is why Australia has taken no steps to remedy the Chinese takeover of its universities, which includes student unions now universally in the hands of  nationalist Chinese minority movements, the complete shut down of support for the Hong Kong freedom movement by ultra-nationalist bullies, the occupation of campuses by Confucion Institutes, the involvement of three Australian “Ivy League” universities in the production of surveillance equipment used by the Chinese dictator to control and erase millions of his own peoples, as well as other military technologies that may well be deployed against the US military.

The third question you must ask PM Morrison is why Australia has done nothing to mitigate its economic exposure to China. There are many ways to run an economy and Australia could easily have counter-balanced Chinese trade links, and diminished its dependence on that nation, without compromising its prosperity and alliance with the US. Why has it not done so?

The fourth question you must ask PM Morrison is why does Australia continue to run an out of control mass immigration program in complete opposition to its people’s wishes that is dramatically exacerbating all of the above risks.

These four questions must be asked before American lives are risked in further protection of the Australian land mass. If they can’t be answered satisfactorily then the simple truth is that Australia has abandoned the ANZUS alliance in all but name and America should recognise as much. Two conclusions flow from that:

  • America must force Australia to come to heel on the above four questions as pre-conditions for alliance protection, or
  • withdraw from the alliance itself.

Do not get the Australian people wrong, Mr President. Its people and security personnel are great admirers of the US democracy and very committed to ANZUS.

However, Australian political leadership across the spectrum is deeply corrupted by CCP bribery. If you are to rely upon us to do our part in the great struggle of preserving US liberal hegemony against the rise of CCP illiberal empire, then that corruption must be expunged or America is being played for a fool.

Yours sincerely,

The Australian People

David Llewellyn-Smith
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    • Far better idea.

      These meetings tend to have a preset agenda, devised by some flunkies in the shadows. ScoMo will be sent this in advance so that he and his entourage are prepared and that there are no ambushes. It’ll be a ‘great’ meeting with a great friend, no doubt.

  1. david collyerMEMBER

    I think this articulates the views of the overwhelming majority of Australians.

    Fuller details on our national convictions are in the excellent Lowy poll, though Trump may not be impressed by our low regard of him:

    We also need to end the lease to a Chinese company of the Port of Darwin. Every Australian, from left, centre and right, I have spoken to on this has expressed grave disquiet and willingness to meet the economic cost of undoing this error.

  2. All the US wants to hear is that under no circumstances will accept yuan for our exports and if needed we will stand with them everything else is noise.

  3. I can’t see how this is reflective of the vast majority of the Australian people given those Lowy numbers.

    • because the majority of Australian people are to naive to realize whats going on and are to busy reading all the liberal American media BS being printed.
      Its a shame Australia has sold its country/soul to the Chinese and you all will regret it. The sad thing is the people dont stand up for this country and fight the politicians. Being American I just dont see the fight in Australia as everyone here just goes with what the government tells them etc… hence THE NANNY COUNTRY. I cant get out of here fast enough come on Dec.

      • It certainly isn’t the liberal American media. There has been a huge anti-US streak in Australia for as long as I can remember. And the fools can effing pound sand for all I care. I’m in New York right now and I’d leave Australia in a heartbeat. The USA in the Australian media bears no resemblance to the country I’ve lived in for over 30 years.

        • Alot of it is the media I think. I do have conversations where Australian run their mouths about America in a bad way. I just simply say well if Australia got attacked who do you think the first country would be to come help. The US. It wont be long till Australia is a part of China….. Its smart what the Chinese are doing to this country. Buying everything up and the dumb a$$ govt is letting them and the Australian people are doing nothing about it. Some are but most arent just going with the flow….. very sad….

          • The media is just a reflection of the people’s opinions, I think. China can take over Australia militarily for all I care. Australia has vacillated too close to the greed side instead of fear. It’s time for them to experience fear again. And they can do it without the safety of a defense alliance and walk the effing walk. And I’ll be reading about in the New York Times.

          • “I just simply say well if Australia got attacked who do you think the first country would be to come help”, probably NZ with it’s one frigate and no air force, but at least they would try. The USA on the other hand may do exactly what they did when Argentina attacked the Falklands and Britain asked for help, they weighed up their interests and decided to do nothing.

          • Hey Jarrod – this isn’t the first “Dear Mr. President” speech. Curtin wrote one to FDR. You know where you can stick those frigates?

        • HadronCollisionMEMBER

          OK OK we get it, you hate Australia now or whatever
          It’s getting a bit odious

          I think you need a hug?

          • Kodiak, is seriously deranged Hadron. I think it comes from the extreme amounts of propaganda that gets shoved down yanks throats from birth, to the point where their history of Genocide and imperialism is seen by most Americans as spreading a just enlightenment to the world.

          • It comes from living in a place like Australia where you are a pariah for being American and the Aussies are the good guys by their objective standards. How out of your mind do you need to be to believe that? And yet the place is packed with such fools.

            As an Aussie, who are you to lecture me about genocide?

          • Most Australians have come to realise that the country was founded on the genocide of the bulk of the Aboriginal population and government has done a lot to recognise this. I think Aus is at least a few decades ahead of the US in our treatment of Aboriginals verses theirs of the native americans.

          • “I think it comes from the extreme amounts of propaganda that gets shoved down yanks throats from birth, to the point where their history of Genocide and imperialism is seen by most Americans as spreading a just enlightenment to the world.”

            Why restrict it to Australia and the US?

            How do you think Islam spread? Genghis Khan? the Kyev Rus? The Bantu? The Iroquois? The Han? There hasn’t been a civilisation that hasn’t been engaged in violent conflict. Australia or the US aren’t displaying some unique cultural malignancy.

            In fact the fate of chattel slaves in the Arabian gulf (which occurred up to the 1960’s) is magnitudes worse than even Antebellum United States.

            But hey, if we’re the evil ones, I propose we endorse aborginal concerns of January 26 being renamed Invasion Day, under one condition,.

            We call it “Successful Invasion Day”

        • “The media is just a reflection of the people’s opinions, I think”.

          I hope you’re wrong on that bit. From what I see most think the Media is a shill for the State & have done so for some time. But there seems to more conflicted ideas coming in as the overwhelming noise & wedges are being shrilly hammered home. A lot seem to be waiting for a true messiah to rally behind & that pool seem’s pretty shallow, or bought off…..

          • I hope I’m wrong, too, but the editorialisation in the “factual” stories has disavowed me of that notion.

      • From what I’ve seen of this world some very strange ideas invade the minds of those that allow themselves to become detached from reality. The more detached they allow themselves to become, the stranger their dreams. Eventually even their social ideals and mores are no longer recognizable to anyone that’s not living their dream ….and then we have Australia.
        Everyone here knows in their heart of hearts that all real money is derived from flipping houses…you can’t make real serious money any other way …your labour is valueless, even the accumulated savings of labour are valueless because real enduring appreciating value only accrues in houses
        …see what I mean, strange ideas invade the minds of those that allow themselves to remain detached from reality…
        Of course Reality doesn’t give a RA about their dreams.

      • LBS, it is a shame your move to Aust hasn’t worked out, but I entirely understand you POV and agree for the most part with what both yourself and kodiak have commented. The media have a big part in this…but they don’t make the narrative. They spread it. The common people have been brainwashed mostly….see it here on mb all the time.
        My opinion?
        We ( generally ) don’t fight the gov because they feed us….literally. Since any semblance of manufacturing has been sold off the only economic strength remaining is the political economy. Both my wife and I would move to the US in the blink of an eye, because it is the home of the entrepreneur……and we have a little bit of that in us. But home is here……and it hurts to see the damage being done all for the sake of a dollar ( housing related….not business building ). Still, there is opportunity amongst the rubble for those willing to look.

        I envy the US for having someone like Trump step up and repair the damage of globalism, and a multitude of other things….and sure, he ain’t no angel, but i’ll take one of him over any ten of our lot; warts and all.
        Just not comparable.

        The humorous thing in all of this is how the article/letter above is looking to the very same leader that they have disparaged endlessly since the start to help our situation……deliciously ironic.

          • You read between the lines its saying you need a Trump for Australia….. You need a leader to come in and Australia 1st ……. Your owned by China…..

        • Great comment here interested party VERY WELL SAID. We lived in Perth from end of 2001 till Jan 2005 and then Brisbane from 05 till Aug 2009. Moved back from US Dec 2018 and now moving back Dec 2019.

          I got to say when we were here from 2001-2009 it was a great country. We almost didnt leave but I knew the writing was on the wall. The politicians were selling everything, houses prices going through the roof, dirt/ real estate was all that Australia had really. Now Australia is gone and pretty much F$%K$D. Back in 2001 -2009 Australia encourage entrepreneurship and small business. Now they just put so much red tape, taxes and regulations that there is no incentive anymore to start a small business or business at all. I wished Australia could go back to that time as we might have stayed. The biggest thing is the opportunities in the US. I got a booming business over there and my tax rate is half of what it is here. My kids will have tons of opportunities.

          As far as the Australian people its a shame they tolerate all the government BS but you are right they are so dependent on the govt that they have no choice. My boys 12 and 10 have been here now for a year and hate it. Like I said they have so many opportunities in the US. I do hope that Australia will one day get a leader like Trump and make the people realize that the NANNY COUNTRY is BS and govt should have so much control on your life. I do hope the best for Australia but no offense YOU ALL CAN HAVE THIS S$%T…. Dec 4th I hope on a plan back to the US and cant freakin wait.

          PS We are taking our boys to Tasmania on a trip for 4 weeks driving from Brisbane and back in Nov. Looking forward to that but my GOD the cost to do that luckily I am making US Dollars still with my US Business. I can see why Aussies dont holiday in Australia anymore its so expensive. Thats another subject…..

          • I got to say when we were here from 2001-2009 it was a great country.

            LOL. So while the place was in the process of being fvcked it was awesome, but now having reached the inevitable end state it sucks.

      • I loved living/working in the US over many years, though I did see bad sh1t as well that scared me, but if you look at the US they sold out to China in a bigger way than most (manufacturing), and China stole the rest (IP) just like they did here and because Oz has very little well based science and engineering we’ll get hit badly when this all breaks down…as it will. I saw Chinese IP theft in my company big time and not much was said in the press circa 2010. Slightly off topic, but the liberal press since then are way worse IMO that what they used to be, and I thought they were very reasonable while I lived there. The Dems now are bat sh1t crazy, and as I go over for work regularly and mix in some high places via friends there. I find it hard to listen to there virtue signalling about what the rest of the country needs to comply with as they just do what they like. I think we in the west are stuffed and massive problems ahead socially and economically. It seems we could be at war before long with China and others .. WTF. I’m so over the politics and the state of our so called society, and you are right we’re the nanny state and worse than most countries I’ve lived in. When I moved back here it took a while to realise this, but now I just want to move.

        • A lot of people did, particularly after WWII.

          During WWI, 50% of the male population were in uniform between ages 18-45 at the height of the Japanese threat. So deleterious was this to the rest of the economy, that when the threat subsided by 1943, at least one Australian army division was disbanded as the troops told to go back to work.

          By VJ day, both our air force and navy were in the top 5 largest in the world. We at one stage had 13 auto manufacturers on our soil.

          Nice and industrious yeah? It wasn’t just that, some sacrificed from a science career perspective. Prior to WWII, they all went oversea.

          One was this chap, Mark Oliphant –

          A brilliant physicist, part of inventing Radar tech for the Brits and at one stage the leading nuclear scientist in the world. Part of the MAUD committee, they merged with the yanks to form the Manhatten project. World renowned by 1945, he was however asked to return to Australia to head research at the school of physics at ANU.

          Talk about a sacrifice for a future aspiration.

          Meant to be our our world leading research university, rather than a PR mill it is today.

          A lot of sacrifice, only in most cases to have their descendants when a crown of thorns for the colour of their skin.

        • “The Dems now are bat sh1t crazy,”


  4. The Horrible Scott Morrison MP

    ‘The first is to ask PM Morrison why his government is defending MP Gladys Liu, an ethic Chinese that Australia’s own intelligence agencies have fingered’
    Isn’t this more of a question for Bill Clinton?

  5. I believe the more acute issue right now is Gulf War 3.0. A land invasion would be worse than Vietnam.

    • The neo-cons want it. As do the Israelis.

      So bad, it hurts.

      Iran is where WWIII starts so we’d better pray. Russia and China will be extremely unhappy.

      These attacks are another false flag set up – Pompeo took all of 3 minutes to blame the Iranians (he has proof! No, really ….)

      • Pompeo no doubt gets his intelligence from the same place you and I do.
        He probably read about the attacks in the paper then jumped to a conclusion.

      • +1 Dom. I talked about US looking for soft target few months back and listed Iran as potential place US may try to loot as they are about to get bankrupt. But to go after Iran US must ensure ME oilfields are protected or will face $200 p/b price that will send the US and rest of the world into depression. Means it will backfire.

          • I don’t have time to go and search old articles but some will remember I also added a link from Orlov who published really good article on the subject. But then again, I don’t need to prove anything to you or anyone else.

  6. Dear Mr President: Can you keep him on, as a butler? We’re stuck with him for six years minimum, not coping.

  7. Is describing her as an “ethic” Chinese a typo or freudian slip? Because I’m totally sure she’s ethical. All politicians are.

  8. I assume that with Scott Morrison over there bludging for access to the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, Donald will also make sure ScoMo is drug tested, and any oil benefits are put on an EBT card to make sure the oil is spent wisely. i.e, on American made products, and not used in the chauffeuring of politicians.

  9. Stewie GriffinMEMBER

    “The second question you must ask PM Morrison is why Australia has taken no steps to remedy the Chinese takeover of its universities, which includes student unions now universally in the hands of nationalist Chinese minority movements…”

    LOL – H&H is still smarting over Student politics.

    They’re Australian now H&H – or soon will be within the EZFKA. Their loyalties are to their community, their culture and their historical ancestry…. there is nothing wrong with that.

    This is Multiculturalism, this is what ‘we’ want. Such scenarios as to what you’ve just complained about, is the natural outcome of supporting policies of diversity and Multiculturalism over Integration and Assimilation – this one is on YOU and everyone who supports Multiculturalism as much as it is on Scomo.

    You can’t pick and chose the cultures and the values that you want to accept under Multiculturalism, because then you are making a valued judgement about other cultures and the values you approve or don’t approve of, from the perspective of your own cultural biases.

    It is far more racist than simply saying: “I want what is mine and to see it continue.”

    Own it.

    • The90kwbeastMEMBER

      It is certainly interesting that there has never really been much of national discussion over the decades as to what we want our country to look like, how big it should be, really anything approaching meaningful self determination for the average Australian.
      Just the illusion of choice via our voting system which approximately leads to the same outcome anyway, which is dictated to by wealthy political benefactors.

      I think you place too much emphasis on this being a conscious choice of sorts, as the average person in Australia in fact has no choice but to run with the policies the government dictates. I don’t ever recall there being a vote for multiculturalism.

      • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

        I’ll admit Beast, I am a little hard on H&H – ever since he wrote the lines “Multiculturalism – it’s who we are” I’m not sure if he wrote it as tongue in cheek or whether he really truly believed it, but whatever the reason behind it as a 7th generation Australian I found it truly offensive.

        I am Australian, I’m not Indian-Australian, Sudanese-Australian, Lebanese-Australian, there is no hyphen in my national identity “No man can serve two masters.”

        My ancestors, who include indigenous Australians, helped carve Australia out of the dusty and dirt, they founded our cities, our farms, our mines – every institution that made Australia such a great place to live was founded by Colonial Australians and the distinctive Anglo-Celtic hybrid culture that developed out here, such that with in a very short period of time there were already noted differences in values, language and culture between Australian born and those from the old country.

        I will admit that subsequent immigration has played a part in enriching us – BUT that immigration was within the context of immigration policies built around assimilation and integration, where the immigrant was expected to integrate into existing Australian society and culture, and not be given the right to bulldoze it aside to establish their own parallel communities in my nation like some cuckoo expecting us to raise its young.

        THIS is the immigration policy that I support and that most Australians who were born here actually believe in:

        Conditions of immigration into Australia
        Australia’s immigration policy is directed towards the maintenance of a socially cohesive and homogeneous nation. It seeks to avoid the creation of permanent minority groups resistant to integration even through successive generations. The policy does not exclude persons of any ethnic origin; but it does exercise prudent caution in the matter of accepting large numbers of people with substantially different backgrounds, characteristics and customs who may resist general integration even in the long term.

        It is not racist to say “I want what is mine and to see it continue’

        Well God damn it, I am Australian and I want to see Australia continue, not some crony capitalist Chinese province, not some Indian shyt hole filled with Indians clambering over each other to escape their own people and culture, only to re-establish it over here. Not to fill Australia with Africans and then blame the resulting entropy and social decay on racist Australians over the inevitable actions of importing a population group where 90% of the population have an IQ below 100, with all the attendant social problems that follow.

        We are lectured constantly by the Govt and big business and their perfidious CEO’s that we should accept diversity and be tolerant – I say phuck that.

        It isn’t tolerance to march into a Mosque and say that they have to accept Christians coming into their halls, it isn’t tolerant to march into Africa and say you are all barbarians and this is the way you should live.

        Yet that is the underlying message of Multiculturalism, our country, our culture our people are not good enough and need to be enriched by values that played no part in the founding of Australia.

        You are right, there has been no vote over Multiculturalism, and those who sing its praises should acknowledge this fact – imposed diversity, imposed tolerance, imposed cultural values is not freedom, it is oppression.

        Forcing the existing Australian culture and society to adapt and accommodate (make room) for competing cultures and values within the economy and society that ours built is tyranny, and over the long term it is a form of cultural genocide no less malevolent and immoral as what is going on in China.

        The bitching and moaning about the outcomes of the ‘polite policies of tolerance and understanding’ is on the phuckers who support them. What we are seeing today is the natural outcome of saying ‘Everyone is welcome, so long as they support tolerance’

        It is their cultural cringe for all things Australian, their preference for the novel and the new, over the trusted and the known, who have brought this on us, and is about phucking time they owned it.

        • Fantastic Stewie, you echo my thoughts and no doubt those in the past who worked and died to make Australia a worthwhile place for their descendants.

        • The90kwbeastMEMBER

          Great post.

          I would add for extra context it is not just Australia that is experiencing the issues with multiculturalism and globalisation of populace we are seeing. It is also much of the western world, in particular the global cities that are their ‘centerpieces’ in places like NZ, Canada, USA, UK, Germany, France.

          Tolerance, diversity and acceptance of others has been pushed onto the populace to never before seen heights driven via a white guilt reaction to colonial times in the past from the left wing in western democracies. From the right then comes capitalist greed wanting ever more populace to make money from, without caring that this is only possible by ruining the living standards and marginalizing the culture of the incumbent population. The fact as an aside on that last point that 1/3 of our exports are sent to a communist dictatorship beggars belief when we went to war *against* communism only a couple of decades ago.

          My personal take is that I don’t care where people come from or what they look like, but they do need to learn English and make an effort to integrate into wider Australian society. The incentive to do this is reducing over time because a) there is now no real national understanding that one needs to do these things or what Australian society was in the first place and b) there are so many people already like our new arrivals already here now in Syd/Mel that there is little need to venture past the suburbs where they already exist. Religion I care little for but I tend to also be of the view that the less of it in our society, the better.

          I have the utmost of respect for anyone that has moved to Australia looking to escape the place from where they came and who wants to make an effort to be a hardworking, socially integrated Australian. I also have a very dim view of those looking to move here, game the visa system, get free healthcare, education, clean air, all the benefits of a developed country but then put in no effort to become a socially integrated citizen or resident of the country that gave them this opportunity.

          Ultimately it is our government that makes these decisions so we have little else to blame but them when their policies lead to socially undesirable outcomes and the views of the majority are not actually addressed.

          • You’re right, one new group sees another group not integrating (such as speaking non-English loudly in public), and then adopt that same attitude – there is a multiplier effect.

        • There is a lot of merit in this SG.

          One point that is seldom discussed relates to:

          “BUT that immigration was within the context of immigration policies built around assimilation and integration”

          It was my understanding that ‘assimilation’ was the goal post WWII. ‘Integration’ can imply that separate cultures slots into a society built from a multiplicity of independent cultures that do not change. This is the ‘multiculturalism’ of London and Europe – lots of different cultures but less common and shared values (i.e. more “diversity”). Australian’s multiculturalism was successful as it was based on ‘assimilation’ – cultures were expected to adapt their values.

          What we have now is the rise of ‘integration’ multiculturalism in the UK model and people defending the right to transplant values and rights that are the antithesis of what Australia was built to enshrine.

          • The90kwbeastMEMBER

            “What we have now is the rise of ‘integration’ multiculturalism in the UK model and people defending the right to transplant values and rights that are the antithesis of what Australia was built to enshrine.”

            Indeed, although integration multiculturalism as you describe it is really just good old fashioned multiculturalism. You either have a multicultural society or a monocultural society, the latter of which may or may not have different ethnicities existing under the one culture.

        • Stewie, I agree with you. I honestly feel this country peaked in the 1980s in terms of livability. I was thinking about it recently and all our achievements as a nation given our population size etc.. As someone who was an immigrant to Ireland, I always felt a sense of identity as an Australian, but I also accepted that Ireland had it’s own ideals, values and culture and was always interested in it and respected it (since that’s my own heritage), but I’d never seek to impose turning Ireland into Australia or form an “Aussie Ghetto” or Australian mentality. I think having a different background over there can work to your advantage for sure, and I have no problem with bringing in people who are hard working, with different experiences to Australia, what I do have issues with is backwards cultures that try and impose their belief systems on us and force tolerance on us.

          It’s as offensive as going to Bali and acting a right pillock and disrespecting the locals or traveling to Dubai and wearing a Bikini as a woman our in public. You respect the local culture and it’s values and if you don’t like it, don’t choose to live there. Simple.

      • “It is certainly interesting that there has never really been much of national discussion”

        Well it hasn’t been permitted.

      • “You are right, there has been no vote over Multiculturalism ….. imposed tolerance”.

        4,000 middle eastern refugees settled in Fairfield…..10 middle eastern refugees settled in Leichardt.

        Those imposing the tolerance, don’t have to tolerate a lot themselves.

  10. The90kwbeastMEMBER

    The answer to all of your questions from the Donald to Scummo H&H is simply – money and greed by key Australian capital holders.

    The government (LNP/ALP) is doing what its wealthy benefactors dictate, which is to grow the economy at all costs, always. They do not care for whether the growth comes organically from existing Australians or from ‘new’ Australians or what the ‘externalities’ are that you mention. Always follow the money.

  11. it’s been 60 years since Alaska and Hawaii became the 49th and 50th US states ( Jan and Aug of 1959).. We’d prosper with a US state government system far better than out current Westminster. Compared to where we’re headed on the current vector to be a prefecture of China, being 51st may be our only worthwhile option. The question would be for the USA: “will they accept us?”

    • Yeah, I’d add a few more superlatives.

      A tremendous threat. Greatest alliance. Bestest admirers.

      You know, a bit of spicy shit like that.

  12. This letter is treasonous. Asking another govt to interfere with in national matter is simply treasonous. If you have a problem with Australia, you seek to change it from within, failing which, you accept that the majority have spoken, and things as they are, not matter how dysfunctional in your eyes, are as the majority wills them to be.

    • “This letter is treasonous. Asking another govt to interfere with in national matter is simply treasonous.”

      So, he’s proving his credentials to run for parliament?

      Running in 2022 Leith?

    • If you have a problem with Australia, you seek to change it from within – like CCP is doing?

      Accept the boot on your throat then? No debate has been had, or anyone given a choice as any potential to gauge where the average Aussie sits on the subject is howled down by righteous empty vessels. So No Majority for you to claim! Unless You claim Silenced as consent? We don’t even know what the usually silent majority want!

  13. Oops.. America ordered by its master Saudi Arabia to cancel Gulf war 3.0

    US tells Saudi Arabia that devastating weekend missile and drone attack was launched FROM Iran, not Iraq or Yemen. Riyadh has yet to reach that conclusion. American assessment comes as Trump suggests he could strike Tehran in response:
    Saudi officials say they have NOT reached the same conclusion that Iran launched the attack and indicate that the information shared by the US is not definitive.

  14. Reposting without tweet link to avoid moderation hell:

    Oops.. America ordered by its master Saudi Arabia to cancel Gulf war 3.0

    US tells Saudi Arabia that devastating weekend missile and drone attack was launched FROM Iran, not Iraq or Yemen. Riyadh has yet to reach that conclusion. American assessment comes as Trump suggests he could strike Tehran in response:
    Saudi officials say they have NOT reached the same conclusion that Iran launched the attack and indicate that the information shared by the US is not definitive.

  15. Lovely fairytale,
    The best part was the claim it comes “from Australoan people” and not from “some Australoan people”.

    Nope, that’s not a typo.

  16. What a sight …. phew …

    Neoliberal global free markets was a export by the U.S. since the 70s, sometimes at the point of a gun or by financial weaponization ….

    See central and south America, post USSR Chicago boy antics [failed] and perception that China would be subservient. So all this gashing of teeth and pulling of hair is the result of the machinations behind neoliberalism E.g. totally self inflicted, I mean the GFC did not emanate from China or the E.U. it was the direct result of wonky economics built up over decades and funded by its elites.

    The sad fact is many nations in the world are actually reevaluating their connections with the U.S. after all this and endless wars … I guess self awarded exceptionalism will get you only so far ….

    • I think that you could accuse a lot of places of self-awarded exceptionalism.

      A re-evaluation of connections with the US is going leave a lot of countries worse off – certainly AUS/ NZ/ Nato and those countries in close proximity to China. As well as those who run a trade surplus. So who stands to gain, really? That’s rhetorical. I care next to nothing for your opinion.

      • Firstly – care – is not an evaluation tool I use to analyze economics or geopolitical on goings, not to mention exceptionalism in the form of the worlds police does not scale to any other nation I know of.

        The E.U. is already laying the ground work for a non NATO ‘defense’ force, not giving in to the demands of the U.K. far right wing nuts – U.S. poodles in guise – remember the lies for the Gulf wars. Trump is currently deregulating everything in sight, environmental, finance, workers rights, tax gimmes for the wealthy, and best for last is mad at the FED for not lowering IR …. then to top it all off starts a trade war on the advice of Kudlow 8ball – fond memory’s of FOX [Murdock] business news talking head …. remember … we just have to grow the pie bigger …. chortle …

        Guess some people live in a binary world … good luck with that …

          • I have no preference for anyone single country Kodiak, its always a balance sheet of pro and con which changes over time. Pointing out the machinations of U.S. neoliberalism and fellow travelers – neocons, christian dominanints, corporatists, Washington Consensus, American century sorts et al is not being binary.

            My point is the U.S. has had more influence on the way the world is shaped post WWII than any other country, including China, so if one wants to discuss currant dramas around the world it would seem to be a reasonable place to start. This is not a permanent state of affairs, pre neoliberalism the U.S. had a more uplift based approach to its own citizens as well as other nations, for a bit, remember that corporatism via colonialism preceded that brief time. If the elites in America went back to a more Eisenhower sort of outlook my position would change.

            Does all of that make China the best … no … but at least we can discuss the topic from an evidence based approach without fogging the mirror with ideological propaganda.

            I think is absolutely bizarre that those that promoted libertarian pro corporate economic ideology, which was anti state – nation and that not unlike the Marxists would one day mean the totalitarian state would not be needed – all – the sudden get religion about the state when they start to lose due to cultural idpol.

            Put it this way kodiak, everything people complain about here in Oz, universities, health care, immigration, privatization of public goods, RE speculation and prices, et al was imported from the U.S. as best “business” practices, heck even our politics or were you unaware that Australia was a member of the Washington Consensus … but look over there … ev’bal Communist Capitalist China … Chortle dude …

          • Can I get a sugar to accompany all that foam …

            Please provide anything that contradicts what I said kodiak, making disparaging comments in the Royal We case is not compelling on any level.

  17. reusachtigeMEMBER

    If I were to write a letter to Donald Trump it would be none of this boring sh1t that normal people don’t give a toss about. I’d be asking him for his secrets to pulling chicks. That guy has done alright!

    • Moments like these you need a Minsky

      I thought you got the memo…..Mr Bannon takes all correspondence on relations matters.
      When asked “what does winning against China look like?” he confirmed “free and unfettered access to their markets!”.

      Wouldn’t confirm if it was bilateral relations parties or a continuation of Washington consensus.

  18. Australia is a joke.. a mining colony run for profit.. to pretend anything else…. corrupt stupid laughable