What happens to 100k Aussies if CPC smashes Hong Kong?

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Ambassador Cheng Jingye told The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age that the affairs of Hong Kong were “solely the internal affairs of China”, warning that any effort to “mess up” the former British outpost was doomed to fail as pro-democracy protesters there again gathered en masse on Sunday.

…The intervention follows escalating rhetoric between Canberra and Beijing after Prime Minister Scott Morrison urged Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam to “listen carefully” and work towards a peaceful resolution.

Those concerns have been elevated by several Liberal backbenchers, including Andrew Hastie, Amanda Stoker, Dave Sharma, Tim Wilson and James Paterson, who have argued that Australia has failed to respond effectively to the growing influence of China.

Labor’s foreign affairs spokeswoman, Penny Wong, has written to Foreign Affairs Minister Marise Payne, asking her to establish a specialised bipartisan intelligence briefing for all MPs on Australia’s relationship with China to avoid further antagonising the relationship.

…Senator Wong said “backbenchers out there making a whole range of comments” could further undermine the relationship.

There are 100k Aussies in Hong Kong. How is that not in the Australian people’s and Government’s direct interests? What happens if the Aussies join the protests? What will become of them if this violent CPC rhetoric turns into martial law and crackdown?

This is the only question currently coming to bear on the “relationship”.

I am not reassured that ScoMo has any idea what to do. But I’m sure glad Labor’s CPC apologists aren’t in power.

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