Fake Left dills trash Trump Greenland purchase

The usual sneering of the anti-intellectual fake left has greeted President Donald Trump’s offer to buy Greenland from the Danes. Leading the way as usual was the insufferable Guardian bt a quote at Esquire nicely summarised the view:

This is Mad King stuff. He says he wants to buy something—and some people—who are not for sale, and he demands that Denmark take this bubbling insanity seriously, and when they don’t, he insults them by cancelling a state visit. For a while on Tuesday night, I thought it was funny. Then, I looked it up and realized that Denmark has been one hellaciously good ally. It lost 43 soldiers in Afghanistan before withdrawing its troops in 2013. Those 43 deaths represent the highest per capita death rate of any member of the coalition, including the United States. And now it declines to participate in the grandiose fantasy of an increasingly unmoored president*, and it gets rewarded with the worst kind of diplomatic insult.

The strategic merits of such a buy are obvious. Trump’s style is always off the wall. And?

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