Trump derangement syndrome unites Right and Left

Blood sucking globalists unite! First up, Jennifer Hewitt at the AFR who’s only role is to endorse Davosian values with elegant prose daily:

The latest Twitter rockets from Trump lambasting the Federal Reserve and raising tariffs on Chinese imports sent the stockmarket reeling on Friday rather than allowing Wall Street types to relax into the last weekend of the August slowdown in the Hamptons and elsewhere.

…But it only finished off a particularly whacky week in politics where the US President had managed to even pick a fight with Denmark – of all countries – due to the President’s petulance about his plan to buy Greenland being dismissed as “absurd”.

…It’s now becoming more obvious to more people in the US that Trump’s America First motto usually translates into America Alone. And while a lot of Americans still believe the US has paid more than its fair share of any commitment to global security and economic liberalisation, the risks of the trade war and of the splintering of the framework of US alliances are also becoming clearer.

…Trump’s jocular line last week that he is the “chosen one” in terms of combating China seems even less funny after his subsequent tweet that American companies are “ordered” to start looking for an alternative to China and that America would be “far better off” without China.

We should expect this from the globalist right. They long abandoned any notion of national interests and liberal capitalism for plain greed and rentier profits.

Where it gets really ugly, though, is when you get indistinguishable abuse from the self-appointed globalist left, embodied again in Greg Jericho:

But at least this stupidity is just your standard conservative politician trying to find rationality in their illogical policies.

With Trump much worse forces are at work.

This week in the space of a day Trump announced he was cancelling a meeting with the Danish prime minister because she said his suggestions for the US to buy Greenland were absurd. He responded by calling her “nasty” – his favourite slur towards any woman who dares not genuflect and kiss his small hands.

Given the history of antisemites claiming Jews were not loyal to their countries, linking that with a suggestion of their lack of intelligence meant pretty much all he had to do was bring up cultural Marxism and he’d have the antisemitic trifecta.

He then, while referring to his trade war with China (for it truly is his, not the United States’), said he had to do it because he declared as he looked to the heavens: “I am the chosen one.”

…This of course came after his obligatory suggestion that “I am the least racist person ever to serve in office, OK? I am the least racist person” – a statement so dully idiotic that it now just breezes past the listener with barely a recognition that were any human being to say such a thing they would have lost all credibility.

How is it that two columns on the same topic from papers with diametrically opposite editorial points of view are virtually identical?

First, as a disrupter, Trump afflicts all weak intellects equally.

Second, he is deranged so the feeble-minded feel even more justified.

Third, and most important, the globalist left has dragged its traditional moorings. The traditional left is defined by the struggle against class suppression. The globalist left is defined by the struggle against racism to the detriment of the class struggle. This is why we call it the “fake left” at MB.

As such, when confronted with a nationalist like Trump, the globalist left becomes the useful idiot of the globalist right as both seek ever lower borders along with, by definition, ever less powerful workers, and ever richer oligarchs.

Of course, neither side likes what is going to matter most about the Trump era in the sweep of history, his confrontation with the Communist Party of China. For one side it hurts profits and for the other it’s racist.

Sadly, it occurs to neither that despite his clear foibles, in the long view Trump is defending freedom above all else. It was always going to take someone frighteningly unconventional to break the ideological spell that globalists had cast to cover the rise of the world’s greatest tyranny in the CPC.

In short, Trump may be a nut. But he’s our nut.

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