LVO talks pharmacy reform on Radio 2GB

This morning I gave the above interview on Radio 2GB whereby I explained why Australia needs to reform pharmacy ownership rules to boost competition and lower prescription drug costs.

This interview is based largely on an article published last week entitled, Chemist Warehouse declares war on rent-seeking Pharmacy Guild.



Leith van Onselen


  1. On the weekend my partner and I drove past the massive and plush Pharmacy Guild House in Canberra and I had a good rant about the 1% going up against the wall, as I often do. I told her about the 1.5km rule for new pharmacies and she flat out refused to believe me so I downloadeded the document that contains the rules.

    Wow….if your proposed new pharmacy is close to the 1.5km limit you need to get a surveyor to do a survey from the centre of your main public acess door to the centre of the main public access door of the existing business etc etc. “Baroque” doesn’t begin to describe it.

  2. What use is a gubbermint if not to protect cronies and vested interests …. or worse, lavish them with your hard earned cash.