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    • Hi nyleta, I can’t understand this – are you saying the govt is explicitly telling the companies to buy their own stock?

  1. UNITED STATES HOUSING: Perspectives from New Zealand …

    Americans scramble to find affordable homes as housing crisis spreads | Prashant Gopal, Reade Pickert and Noah Buhayar |

    Low mortgage rates and thriving employment should be the recipe for a strong housing market. Instead, they’re deepening America’s affordability crisis.

    What began on the coasts, in areas like New York and San Francisco, is now radiating into the nation’s heartland, as well as to cities from Las Vegas to Charleston, South Carolina.

    Entry-level buyers are scrambling to purchase homes that are in short supply, sending values soaring. … read more via hyperlink above …
    The average home price in every American state – and what you get for your money | Marissa Perino |–and-what-you-get-for-your-money?rm=m
    2019 15th Annual Demographia International Housing Affordability Survey

  2. A thread of Youtube comments from Joe Rogan’s podcast with Bernie Sanders.

    This caught my eye ….

    Joe Rogan podcast is super problematic with Alex Jones, Ben Shapiro, Jordan Peterson, Gavin McInnes and Rogan’s ability to normalize their hate.

    It is also where Bernie Sanders got 2M views in 17 hours, more than Rogan’s most popular episodes get in 30 days. – snip

    Go figure that an old man thats been around the block gets more views than a bunch of populist [waves at Bernays (sauce)] alt-r “original” thinkers … might have something to do with concrete benefits vs. the offerings from the vacuum of “thought” in the extenuation of ex ante never never land ….

    Have a good day all, off to fix some almost 100 year old weatherboard that has been abused for yonks …

    • Jordan Peterson normalises hate?
      Talk about insightlessly normalizing strange belief sets.

      • Olaf ….

        Comprehension please …. the statement was about the show having people “on the show” and due to the format – naturalize hate or its ilk speech. Might be a bit hard for people that accept the whole “free” thingy they so willingly consumed as a mental cornerstone as being just a bit of ideological propaganda or taken out of context e.g. free markets is a reference to Smith talking about free from rents, not free from government regulation i.e. markets are the result of laws via government dicta.

        As far as Jordan Peterson goes you can get the same action from your friendly self help book section at the public library e.g. those with identity issues that need coaching to overcome anxiety – as a result of life not working they way they think [ex ante reasoning] it should. Perfect vassals for someone else to fill with their good word …. chortle …

  3. Great article on Ken Hayne from SMH:-

    The former judge, who served on the High Court for 18 years, criticised all sides of politics for being “unable to conduct reasoned debates about policy matters”.

    Too true.

  4. Washington Post headline, North Korea, China and Russia are arming Myanmar’s military despite genocide accusations, U.N. report finds”,
    article, “HONG KONG — A U.N. report released Monday said that defense companies from North Korea, Russia, China, INDIA AND AT LEAST THREE OTHER NATIONS (who?) have supplied arms to Myanmar’s military in recent years, including weapons used in a crackdown against Rohingya Muslims that has been described as a genocide.”
    So selling arms to Myanmar is bad if you’re NK Russia or China but ok for everyone else?

    • having rates levied based on land size is the dumbest thing ever – so 18th century thing

      it makes a large family with 3 cars living in 4bd penthouse paying a fraction of what a single grandma without DL living in old tiny house pays

      The biggest problem Australia has is semi-feudal system we inherited from England that we cannot get rid off

  5. … NEW ZEALAND …

    Statistics NZ estimates New Zealand’s net migration gain increased 1% in the June year compared to the previous year to 49,427 … Greg Ninness … Interest Co NZ

    Statistics NZ estimates New Zealand experienced a net population gain from migration of 49,427 in the 12 months to June.

    That was up 1.0%, or 509, from the net gain of 48,918 in the previous 12 months, but well below the gains of between 53,243 in the 12 months to June 2015 and 58,688 in the 12 months to June 2017, with a peak of 63,834 in the 12 months to June 2016.

    The latest gain of 49,427 was the result of 145,292 new long term arrivals and 95,866 long term departures.

    The reduction in the net gain has mainly been driven by more people leaving the country long term, which has steadily risen for the last three years, while long term arrivals have remained near their June year 2016 peak of 145,831 for the last three years.

    There was a net loss of 13,427 New Zealand citizens in the 12 months to June, almost double the net loss of 6881 in the previous 12 months. … read more via hyperlink above …

  6. Vibrancy update! With PiB:

    Manpreet Singh, 28, was fraudulently using a friend’s Uber account when he saw the intoxicated woman walking in the rain through Richmond carrying her shoes in her hand.
    He drove the woman more than 20 kilometres to the home he shared in Mulgrave with five other Indian nationals, and raped her in his bedroom.

    His defence barrister Bradley Newton said his client would likely be deported back to India after serving jail time.

    Singh was on a bridging visa at the time of the attack, awaiting approval of his application for permanent residency after his student visa had expired.

    Mr Newton said Singh had originally moved to Australia in 2009 and worked at a string of car washes at Doncaster, Nunawading and Bulleen before beginning to drive Ubers in late 2016.

    Thankyou Scott Morrison, your open borders policies have truly enriched this woman’s life, not – you filthy piece of %$#

    Now of course we are not allowed to – so I won’t – point out that there are hundreds of thousands of low skilled single males living this marginal low paid service work existence in crammed share houses in Sydney and Melbourne who have come from a culture that treats women like crap and who have zero reason to behave differently to Mr Singh. Did I hear you utter that dreaded phrase ‘r#pe culture’????? I did !!! Wash that filthy mouth out, you bad person. Just because fringe loon news outlets like, well, umm, the BBC have reported on this as an Indian phenomenon:

    doesn’t mean you get to think it here in ‘Straya!! No way – here that term is allowed to be used only to refer to the tendencies of the that most wretched of species – the wh!te male.

    Got it? Now go write me a 5000 word essay on the joys of vibrancy as brought to you by our dear leader, Scummo.