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    • UBI = more free market momentary stimulus in lieu of targeted government fiscal expenditure that would promote long term income for citizens …

    • Are you talking about Alaska’s ‘Permanent Fund Dividend’ or something else? I’d never heard of it before today but pretty sure the average $1k a year payout could hardly be called an income….

  1. The finances of the US are in a parlous state and financing the Federal deficit is increasingly going to starve the economy which now operates on a continuous flow of sub-prime credit from the Fed cohort

    The only saving grace for them is the LTO which has got rid of the petroleum deficit but this won’t last much more than another five years. QE 4 to finance the US gov. should give cover for the RBA to jump in. Twin deficits to the moon !

    • “Twin deficits to the moon !”
      That’s the plan. What could possibly go wrong! Just got to tidy up this BS where people think they should be able to control their own money and savings. It is necessary that banks be able to make infinite profits. The necessary legislation already passed.

    • Opinions based on erroneous and inaccurate monetary functions is bad enough, dripping with ideology is a special case ….

      • Please comment only when you have SOME idea of what is being discussed!!!! Maybe you DO know something about cars????

      • The Traveling Wilbur

        Well someone had their cartel operated c-corp supplied branding with a side of type II diabetes wheaties this morning?

      • Day trader fire sector sap suxers trying to time shorts are the paragon of capitalism you say ….


    … Are United States residential builders, due to competitive pressures, generally increasingly supplying more affordable housing ? …

    Homebuilders Have Already Had Their Recession … Seeking Alpha

    Amid the volatile backdrop of trade wars and geopolitical uncertainty, the US housing market may be an unlikely stabilizing force. As goes the housing sector, so goes the economy. … read more via hyperlink above …

    … Access recent MacroBusiness Au Dallas News D R Horton posting …

  3. … NEW ZEALAND …

    In its latest Monetary Policy Statement the Reserve Bank has expressed surprise that house price inflation has not picked up as it expected and it now forecasts very modest growth over the next few years … Interest Co NZ

    The Reserve Bank has slashed its house price projections for the rest of this year and is clearly baffled as to why actual prices have turned out so much weaker than it expected. … read more via hyperlink above …