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Leith van Onselen


  1. The birth certificate thing is bullsh!t. I want to be born on a different date, maybe two years earlier, can we enable that as well?

    • I wanted a birth certificate with DOB a decade earlier so I get hands on my own money (super) … 🙂

      what is interesting is that one can change many of details on birth certificate (all the names, parents, gender, ) so why not DOB
      if one feels more female than what BC says – fine change it. I feel older so please change my DOB

      • I’m sure if it can be demonstrated that your DOB was incorrectly recorded, it can be changed.

        Your age is probably the most important thing it defines (eg: dictates when you are legally an adult). What are the other things important for ?

        Why anyone cares about what gender is recorded on someone else’s birth certificate is beyond me, I must admit. Do yous all obsess about whether other people scrunch or fold, as well ?

    • It’s completely otherist that you have to be born before you can get a birth certificate.

    • innocent bystanderMEMBER

      this is the part that is bs:

      Liberals opposed the legislation, with the conservative Liberal MP Bernie Finn stating it would put his daughters in danger . He said the legislation was an “attack on our society”.
      “There are two genders. Of the two genders, there is the male – there is homosexual inclination and various paedophilic inclinations, there are a whole range of inclinations, and we could go on with that for quite some time. But in terms of gender, there are only two genders: male and female,” he said.

      since, at birth, something like 1% can’t have their gender determined, and it might be years before that person identifies one way or the other or somewhere in between or somewhere else.
      so the problem is that the gender on the bc is wrong to start with.

  2. NEW ZEALAND: What are Kiwi homebuilders learning from United States production builders … such as DR Horton … and how do the prices and build times currently compare ? …

    Kiwis’ obsession for building bespoke houses is costing them a fortune | OPINION Julien Leys, CE of the NZ Building Industry Federation |
    Is it really more expensive to build new in New Zealand? | Chris Hutching
    The ‘New Zealand Dream’ is still alive … Wendell Cox … New Geography
    ( noting the important Westpac Bank Dwelling Preference Survey)

    • Why a millennial housing boom is coming (U.S report) … Yahoo New Zealand
      How D.R. Horton, late in the cycle, lifted home closings 13%: ‘It’s all about price’ | Commentary | Mitchell Schnurman | Dallas News

      … extracts …

      … But take some comfort in the latest results from D.R. Horton, the nation’s largest homebuilder. On Wednesday, the Arlington company reported that home closings soared 13% in the latest quarter, extending a streak of double-digit gains that started in 2012.

      Horton is on pace to close almost 57,000 homes this fiscal year, finally topping its previous peak in 2006, just before the housing crash.

      Its stock price has roared back, too. Horton’s market value tops $17 billion, up from $2.9 billion eight years ago. And last week, the company’s board authorized $1 billion in stock buybacks. …

      One key to its run: Horton has ramped up construction of lower-priced homes, appealing to first-time buyers and empty-nesters looking for more affordable options. …

      … “The demand is there, if you can position and drive a price that they can buy,” Auld said.

      Horton has a deep supply of land — 300,000 lots either owned or controlled. And it operates in 87 markets in 29 states. … read more via hyperlink above …

      Horton’s edge on price
      Average selling price for select builders’ homes in second quarter of 2019, in thousands:
      D.R. Horton
      KB Home
      NVR Inc.
      M.D.C. Holdings
      Toll Brothers


      • ANZ Business Outlook Survey says there’s ‘nothing good to say’ about business confidence as it hits the lowest level in over 11 years while increasing numbers of firms intend to reduce staff numbers … David Hargreabes … Interest Co NZ

        Overall business confidence as measured by ANZ’s Business Outlook Survey has plunged to its lowest level since April 2008.

        The ANZ economists have summed it up neatly with their headline for the latest release, which simply says: “Business confidence: Nothing good to say about it”

        And there isn’t.

        The so-called ‘headline’ business confidence fell another 8 points to -52% in the August ANZ Business Outlook, the lowest since April 2008. … read more via hyperlink above …

  3. The Next Recession Will Destroy Millennials

    The Author has no idea about human nature
    It’s not what you have (Millennials never had any money or wealth) it’s about what you lose (literally and from your hopes and dreams – Millennials never hoped really to have money)
    so in that sense next recession is going to hit BBs the most, especially is Australia where ex factory workers became millionaires used to five star overseas traveling, >$100 wine and 5 day a week branching at fancy places ….

    Just watch their property portfolio equity disappearing, super balance disappearing, rental income halving, …