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  1. Ban on cash payments above $10,000, under proposed law –

    Bugger off. If you really want to reduce tax evasion, put in a land tax and have jail for wage theft.

  2. NEW ZEALAND HOUSE BUILDING: What lessons are being learned from top performing Councils such as Waimakariri and Selwyn ? …

    Yesterday Urban Development Minister Phil Twyford and Environment Minister David Parker released the discussion paper on the proposed National Policy Statement on Urban Development …

    Helping our cities grow up and out … Hon Phil Twyford and Hon David Parker … New Zealand Government

    … The TV One News report …

    New urban growth plan touted as game changer that will fix NZ’s ‘dysfunctional’ housing market … Katie Bradford … TVNZ

    • Two commentaries from Newsroom this morning, where the funding impediments issue is discussed (an issue for some local authorities and not others it appears) …

      ‘Nice pointers, but show us the money,’ say councils … Marc Daalder … Newsroom

      Lecturing councils won’t work for Labour either … Bernard Hickey … Newsroom

      … although remarkably … there is no discussion on the ‘performance gulf’ of specific units of local government, and most importantly, why on a consents / build rate per 1000 population (standard industry measure) Waimakariri and Selwyn are clearly top performers … access graphs 5 & 6 (require updating) below …

      … The ‘rot’ really set in with the ill – conceived (by then Local Government Minister Michael Bassett) 1989 forced amalgamations within the local government sector … where in the main larger units of local government lost control of their costs and the capacity to meet their infrastructure responsibilities.

      Put another way … the bloated bureaucracies of the larger local authorities controlled patsy elected representatives (effectively becoming bureaucrats poodles) and ran things to suit themselves … as they went to war with their communities.

      There are two types of local government in this world … the small and the bad.

      Take the ‘local’ out of local government … and you bureaucratically bugger it.

      Generally … better balance between elected representatives and bureaucrats has been maintained within the smaller units of local government … and long overdue lessons need to be learned from the top performing Waimakariri and Selwyn Councils.

      Just because too many units of local government have screwed things up … it most certainly does not give them the unaccountable right to effectively BAN the provision of new affordable housing.

  3. They had to reboot the train this morning. I wasn’t going to make it on, but there it was, sitting on the tracks, doors closed, rebooting. 7 minutes late and still made it on that train. Woohoo! Lucky score, something went right today! 🥳

  4. 730 report doing the infrastructure / congestion angle right now.

    Is sportsbet still open to take a large wager that they won’t bother to mention the cause of all of this with the censored ‘I’ word?

    • Nope. What a sure bet that would have been

      They have even confined the punters shown suffering in the congestion to local born wh!teys. Not one Indian or asian migrant to be seen. It’s all a local thing, get the message!

      Gees that story looks like it barely made it through the ABC censor’s office