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  1. NEW ZEALAND: Belatedly getting sound policies in place to (just) restore normal and affordable housing markets …

    New Zealand’s best soils to be protected for food growing | Gerard Hutching |

    … with Local Government New Zealand’s responsible response …

    LGNZ cautious as government pits potatoes against houses | Scoop News

    LGNZ cautious as central government pits potatoes against houses

    LGNZ will be cautiously assessing the wider implications of the newly proposed National Position Statement on Highly Productive Land (NPS-HPL), noting that that it traverses a number of highly complex policy areas including housing affordability and property rights. … read more via hyperlink above …
    … New Zealanders dwelling preferences are crystal clear …

    Survey finds Kiwis’ backyard dream still alive and well – Westpac Bank Survey … Scoop NZ

    • The ‘New Zealand Dream’ is still alive … Wendell Cox … New Geography
      … Urban Development (then Housing) Minister Phil Twyford clearly explained the key issues late March …

      New Zealaned (then Housing) Urban Development Minister Phil Twyfords speech to the New Zealand Initiative Members Retreat … New Zealand Government / Beehive

      … extract …

      … In our view there are three big challenges that have to be addressed:

      1. A broken system for financing infrastructure

      2. A planning system based on urban containment

      3. The failure of governments until now, both local and central, to actively work with the private sector to enable urban growth and expansion. … read more via hyperlink above …

      … Access extensive background information via …
      Performance Urban Planning
      … Belated ( this should have happened out of the 2017 election … as promised … refer Performance Urban Planning above ) and comprehensive proposals are expected from the Government in the next week or two.

      Denying people access (whether renting or owning) to affordable housing is a serious breach of basic human rights.

      Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has described 2019 as ‘ … the year of delivery’.

  2. interested partyMEMBER

    Google “Machine Learning Fairness” Whistleblower Goes Public, says: “burden lifted off of my soul,” Leaks Hundreds of Internal Documents

    Google works with the china gov……and not with usa interests…….zuckerbergs wife is chinese………….join some dots
    Biden and son heavy connections to china………feinstein heavy connections……multiple others also

    • Isn’t Project Veritas the mob with ethics that would make a used car salesman blush that likes to secretly record people and then edit the footage to make it look like they said something they didn’t ?

    • Sigh … with the left association with any Thirdway – Washington Consensus DINO democrats after the Clinton’s reformed the party, not mention the Right Wing was already inebriated from consuming neoliberalism [privatize everything – EMH market is truth].

      What part about neoliberal economics being dominate since the mid 70s regardless of party is difficult to grok … then some must ponder why both the Republicans and DNC DINO both hate Sander et al so much ….

      • I think you’ll find that to “T”, we’ve been in the grip of leftist decadence ever since the French Revolution (if not the Magna Carta).

  3. interested partyMEMBER

    Bill Clinton in a blue dress, anyone?

    Several things jump out in this article.
    Red shoes……the significance on these will come out in time.
    A quick search gives these…..
    scroll slowly and explore…..
    Pope…….royals…….prime ministers (PK once wore them?) hollywood types , oh….and they are all over podestas creepy wall art. What is the link?

    The architecture of the doorway ( external stone work patterns in particular ). The similarities of the pattern to the “temple” on Little St James aka “pedo island” and a striking resemblance to the architecture of “Hammam Yalburgha” , a bathhouse in Allepo, Syria.
    Epstein island temple…

    There are dots to join here…….and the child trafficking is not the end of the story. It is the beginning. Are we at the door of exposing and breaking down sick historical activities?

    Popcorn and bullets….send more

    • News flash … Epstein’s dramas in Florida started when him and Trump were bidding for the same property …