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Leith van Onselen


  1. Who are these people who are selling their short term bonds back to the AOFM in the current situation……madness !

    They are still steadfast in not issuing any 2 or 3 year bonds like the market is screaming for,, but I see the issuance of Treasury Notes is starting to creep up, these are discounted securities, so maybe someone who can’t be denied needs safe short term paper.


    Fonterra says it is set to lose between $590 mln and $675 mln in the just-completed financial year after writing down the value of more of its assets … David Hargreaves … Interest Co NZ

    The ailing giant dairy co-operative Fonterra is set to rack up a massive loss for the financial year just completed (end of July) and says it won’t be paying a dividend.

    Fonterra said in a statement on Monday that it had been necessary to further write-down the value of some of its assets.

    This would mean that the company would be reporting a full-year loss, for the year to the end of July, of between $590 million and $675 million.

    There would be no dividend paid.

    This is the full statement from Fonterra: … read more via hyperlink above …

    • omg, have you learned nothing?

      by building quality apartments and selling them to foreigners.

      • I guess you’re right. The Chinese probably aren’t going to buy any more apartments (and they were only ever really interested in the North Shore and Easter suburbs) so we need to find greater fools new customers for our brand new Western Sydney apartments (btw did I mention they’re near the airport) what a once in a life time opportunity! be the first on your block to own a 20 floor apartment with unobstructed views of Badgerys Creek (sorry the new Sydney harbour) …in the process you’ll even make the brother of a convicted killer very happy and guarantee the free flow of Developer contributions to NSW politicians… that’s an industry that needs support.

  3. Food production and consumption habits need to change if we are to minimise the effects of climate change.

    Here’s a PBS Newshour intverview on the topic.
    “The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is warning of a devastating global feedback loop around how humans produce and consume food. A new report urges immediate action on agricultural practices that contribute to greenhouse gas emissions, which exacerbate climate change and, in turn, make soil less productive. William Brangham talks to the World Resources Institute’s Janet Ranganathan.”

    • Yep! We need to destroy farms, farmers and their families. However we must keep the over-bloated ABC.
      Larfs…I see the Methane BS, so long held as a major climate change cause, has finally disappeared in the face of science that can’t be denied.