Fake Greens’ immigration hypocrisy mushrooms

There’s nothing like the smell of Green’s immigration hypocrisy.

Recall last year’s Facebook post where The Greens attacked NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian’s sensible call to halve immigration:

As I noted at the time, we truly are living in Bizarro World when the self-proclaimed defenders of the environment and social justice champion the very policy – mass immigration-driven population growth – that is most destructive to Australia’s natural environment, causes mass disenfranchisement among working classes and youth, as well as robs developing nations of their talent. And all of this simply to favour a corporate clique of banks, realty and retailers.

With this background in mind, Greens councillor Tom Kiat has joined the hypocrites lamenting the destruction of housing affordability, amenity and the environment, while ignoring altogether the underlying mass immigration driver. From SBS News [my emphasis]:

A Liberal councillor inspired by US President Donald Trump’s immigration policies has proposed a border wall be built around inner-western Sydney to solve the area’s parking woes.

Councillor Julie Passas said she decided to submit the “tongue-in-cheek” motion to Inner West Council…

“It’s a wake-up call. I’m trying to say to the residents we cannot guarantee you a spot outside your home or even in your street.”

Cr Passas said Sydney’s Inner West had not had any major upgrades to its local streets in decades and the area struggled to keep up with the growing population…

Greens councillor and social justice lawyer Tom Kiat told SBS News the motion was in “bad taste”.

“We shouldn’t make a joke about the migration crisis we’ve got across the world and the way the governments are treating refugees,” he said…

Cr Kiat said he would not be voting in favour of the motion, and urged Cr Passas to spend more time on important issues rather than ­“publicity stunts”.

“Lack of affordable housing, chronic under-investment by the state government … lack of open and green space, and environmental degradation intensified by climate change and development pressures,” he said.

Sure, it was a publicity stunt by Councillor Julie Passas to highlight that Sydney’s West is being crush-loaded by endless population growth. That said, everything that Cr Kiat bemoans (bolded above) has been caused, to a significant extent, by Sydney’s relentless immigration. So why won’t he speak up and push back against the ‘Big Australia’ dogma?

The answer is simple: the Greens would rather see residents’ living standards burn than dare lower immigration back to sensible levels. Because to do so could be perceived as racist.

The irony is all of this is that mass immigration overwhelmingly favours corporations over ordinary Australians and recent migrants, as explained by former Treasury secretary and NAB chairman, Ken Henry:

Research NAB carried out earlier in the year showed that among our customers there’s not wholesale support for a larger Australia. For many, the prospect of a higher Australian population means more stress in the ability to buy a house, to live where you want to live, to get to work with a reasonable commute time. And many in the community are also concerned about our ability, as a nation, to maintain norms of Australian social and economic inclusion, and to continue to provide access to high quality services in areas such as healthcare and education…

But what is the business perspective? The same NAB research showed that most of our business customers would strongly prefer a larger population, which supports better business growth.

Former leader, Bob Brown, made a similar point:

“It’s no good in complaining about the world’s environmental problems if you vote for the people that want to put their foot on the accelerator of a growth economy.”

Given most corporations and wealthy families are headed by white males, the Greens’ support of open borders directly plays into their hands and perpetuates the racism and disadvantage that the Greens lament. As noted by Crispin Hull this month:

…the top end which benefits from high immigration has a much larger portion of white males in it than the rest of Australia.

The big corporations and their shareholders are dominated by wealthy white males. So you might well argue that the high immigration that favours them and helps keep them in a position of privilege perpetuates racism while hitting hard everyone else – including almost all recent immigrants from non-English-speaking countries – as they struggle to find and pay for health, education, transport and energy.

Basically, the identity politics ‘Fake’ Greens are the useful idiots of blood-sucking capitalism via their extreme support for environmental and worker destroying mass immigration.

Someone should sue them to get the name back.

Leith van Onselen


  1. Why is it every single time something comes from the Greens like “policy” or a comment about anything, I shake my head, ignore it and move on. I can’t be only one surely.
    And good on Gladys for saying what clearly needs to be said.

    • Yeah but, no but, who or what shut down Gladys’ migration probe? Featuring rent-a-brain Peter Shergold (why is it always Peter Shergold?) and was originally slated to report last December.

      I would have thought, this was a legit news story. I expect “independent, always” SMH will get on to it, soon as they’ve finished organising their $900 a head population love-in, starring “Robo Debt” Tudge and “Lucky Lucy” Turnbull.

  2. CraftsmanMEMBER

    How are people able to understand that suddenly letting in 30 unplanned guests for a party of 20 will screw up catering (which takes time to prepare BEFORE the event) and let everyone down, but not understand the same concept in regards to city planning?

    It would help if people:
    A) Assume that the FIRST thing they think of for any topic is wrong or represents an incomplete understanding.
    B) Due to this, then start a process of unbias deduction to see if they arrive at A or need to do C).

    In other words, when you want to eat something, look in the pantry before you go to the cook book.

  3. Thank goodness most greens supporters dont have kids so their leftie ways will be bred out

    Unfortunately green ideology is strong in schools from leftie teachers so need to make sure ur kids arent being indoctrinated to hate the west

  4. Jumping jack flash

    Well, I look at it from the point of view of the debt and then it makes the most sense, otherwise it makes absolutely none. People grapple with “why is this happening? It makes no sense to import more people” and the answer reveals itself if you simply change your perspective a little:

    Migrant workers provide two services when viewed in terms of the debt:
    1) they arrive with buckets of money from whocareswhere and purchase houses that nobody can afford from the people who can’t afford them either
    2) they are willing to work for super-cheap.

    I’d wager that the people in the Greens party are as capitalistic as anyone else these days.
    Debt is required.
    There is zero chance that an average worker will be able to simply save up enough money to purchase a house. Not in 200 years. Debt must be obtained, and after that, more debt must be obtained.

    At least some of these Greens party members are business owners, probably they sell authentic handcrafted knick-knacks from China and other such things in their smelly shops, while dressed in linen. Since more debt is required all the time to purchase the basic things we need, there comes a conundrum! These knick-knacks from China with 2000% markup on them already, can’t be increased in price. Not even if they moved their shop to Byron Bay! Nobody has any extra money and besides, Ali Express is here and you can buy those authentic handcrafted knick-knacks straight from the factory for a couple of dollars, if that.

    What to do? Well, fortunately Type 2 migrant workers are here, and they will work for super-cheap! If the shop owner puts one of those on to stand in the shop and smile and nod and point the eftpos machine at people, rather than a local, they can save a stack of wages money. Money which can go back into the owner’s pocket to obtain more debt with!


    Then there is another problem. Occasionally someone bites off a bit more debt than they can chew. They could also be a member of the Greens. Its a fair chance.

    Sometimes life gets in the way of repaying an enormous pile of debt, and so these unfortunate people need to sell their already overpriced shack for even more!

    Nobody wants to lose, and so everyone’s a winner in the economy of infinite debt!

    The problem is that nobody else can afford the overpriced shack either because everyone already has as much debt as they can take on.
    Luckily, Type 1 migrant workers are on the scene. Armed with buckets of cash, from whocareswhere, they’ll happily buy the house from the unfortunates for a profit!

    Everyone’s happy in the economy of infinite debt, infinite immigration, and money laundering.

    Why change perfection?

  5. HadronCollisionMEMBER

    I’ve been listening to Sam Harris a bit – Making Sense podcast. Have a listen y’all. He rips into the Fake Left and their stupendous stupidity.

  6. The Greens progressive ideology means immigration will always beat all their other policies including the environment.
    The Greens support the massive Third World immigration program, because it is changing Australia from a European society to an Asian society, what they believe will be a multiracial nirvana.
    Tragically this progressive ideology is also the key policy of the traitors in the Labor party … and the greedy business interest in the Liberals ensured this ruinous never ending program.
    An unholy alliance of the progressives and the neoliberals.

    • Because Asians are never rac1st!

      Just ask the Africans studying in India or that are unable to become citizens in China.

  7. Oh well said yet again! Why aren’t you and all sane like-minded, not in politics – because we’re too sane 🙂

    I and most people I know shake their heads in horror at the bleedingly obvious criminally insane bipartisan immigration policies of the last 30 years that will destroy this country sooner rather than later.

  8. So I’m getting fed up with the same old same old, I’m now deciding to write letters to these people to explain why I wont’ vote for them..

    Hi Tom,
    I just wanted to write to you about the article published at the SBS here.

    Specifically, this part of the article where you were quoted.

    Cr Kiat said he would not be voting in favour of the motion, and urged Cr Passas to spend more time on important issues rather than ­“publicity stunts”.

    “Lack of affordable housing, chronic under-investment by the state government … lack of open and green space, and environmental degradation intensified by climate change and development pressures,” he said.

    I want to say I completely agree with your assessment that these are key issues facing Sydney and Melbourne in particular.

    However where I think we are likely to disagree is that I believe these issues are being exacerbated by the high rate of immigration into Australia over the last 20 years. The historical average intake for many years in the 80s and 90s was around 70,000 people p/year. We’re now at closer to 250,000 p/year and have been for the last 10 at least.

    Then we have many other temporary visa holders, students or skilled migrants on temporary visas so some say closer to 300k per/year (many students stay on and don’t actually go home once they finish their studies).

    You see this all adds up over time and coupled with a lack of investment in infrastructure, poor build quality dog boxes (calling them apartments is being generous) thrown up to cater to these new residents.

    So we have a population crisis, a building crisis and congestion on our roads, over crowding in our schools and a lack of affordable homes. Which I believe are all related to, too much population growth in too short a period.

    I currently live in the Inner West, but plant to leave Sydney within the next year, it’s far too expensive and stressful to live here anymore. I am lucky in that I have off street parking because a rent a crumbling old home with a backyard which costs me close to $33k p/year in rent alone.

    I am looking to move to Melbourne’s green belt, Eltham, Hurstbridge, Greensborough areas, but I am afraid at this rate population growth will also destroy the attractiveness of these areas as more trees are destroyed to build ever bigger housing estates that are cO2 intensive to construct (construction counts for near 10% of Green house emissions each year (production on concrete etc..)).

    FYI, I’d love to vote for the Greens on Environmental policy, but I find their lack of action in population growth a big sticking point. Knowing that Environmental degradation is being caused by rapid development of green land (destruction of habitat for native species), extra pressure on water supplies etc.. it just seems odd to me to be pro mass immigration in light of all these issues.

    We can certainly still help genuine refugees and should continue to do so, but we should do so whilst simultaneously reducing our overall intake of skilled migrants and temporary students who in many cases outnumber local students at many Universities.

    Thanks for your attention and hope you have a good day.

    *Edit well that was good until the email bounced..
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    [email protected]
    The email address you entered couldn’t be found. Please check the recipient’s email address and try to resend the message. If the problem continues, please contact your email admin.

    • bolstroodMEMBER

      Good on you for trying to talk to them Gav.
      I spoke about these issues with my Greens candidate , for whom I have a lot of regard for her work as Chief Environmental Officer
      of the Environmental Defenders Office over 10 years.
      She is passionate about over logging of our native forests and habitat destruction…
      but she would not, or could not join the dots about mass immigration and environmental destruction.
      Very sad.

      • ‘She is passionate about over logging of our native forests and habitat destruction…’
        But not passionate enough it seems.
        Massive Third World immigration is the number one priority.
        Discussion about immigration is taboo.

        Q.How do you get the Greens to discuss reducing immigration?
        A. Return the immigration program to a predominately European base.

      • LOL the truth is that I’m leaving more so for family, but also sick of renting a dark cold dump (in winter) and hot oven in summer with cockroaches as a bonus. But if they hear of enough people deserting their parties or even Sydney because of the pressures put on the place it may give them pause. I say may, but I doubt it…

      • Yes, I was tempted to say at the end:
        PS: Build a wall around Inner West.

        But he wouldn’t have seen the joke behind that.. 😀

  9. It amuses me greatly that Greens are absolutely reviled in working class electorates – the very people Greens purport to champion. The people reject bicycles, personal sacrifice for mythological higher purpose, vegetarianism, self-ordination and cant. Why is anyone surprised?

    • reusachtigeMEMBER

      Balmain area of Sydney is now far from working class. It’s fully champagne socialist. It’s the Inner West’s progressive Bondi. People who’ve gained some success, mostly corporate, but can’t bring themselves to vote conservative and also aren’t Labor’s “workers”. I hate these sort of successful people as they don’t deserve their wins.