Crossbench patriots home in on Crown corruption

Thank goodness for the lunatic fringe, via The Guardian:

The Tasmanian independent Jacqui Lambie says she will consider telling the Morrison government “where to stick their bills” if the Coalition continues to pursue a suboptimal federal integrity commission.

Lambie made the threat during a show of unity by parliamentary crossbenchers on Wednesday about the necessity for stronger accountability measures in response to allegations aired by Nine this week against the casino operator Crown Resorts.

On Wednesday the Age reported that the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission will conduct a special investigation into organised crime in Australian casinos.

…The Centre Alliance senator Rex Patrick told reporters there was “no question” the crossbench would seek changes to the Morrison government’s bill to establish a federal anti-corruption commission to give it “proper jurisdiction and powers”.

Lambie said the Centre Alliance had already drawn up an alternative bill, which had been sent to drafters and will be presented when parliament resumes in five weeks after the winter recess. “Obviously I want it to have more teeth than Jaws,” she said.

Under the government’s proposal, the ALCEI will be converted into an anti-corruption commission – a model that has been criticised by some experts.

…Wilkie, who blasted Tuesday’s referral, said the Australian public would not accept the “weak integrity commission that has been proposed by the current government”.

“The public want something with teeth. And the public want to know what politicians in this place are trying to hide – because that’s the only reason you’d oppose an integrity commission.”

Wilkie noted the Nine investigation into Crown casino had included claims that two ministers and an MP had lobbied the home affairs department to facilitate entry of VIPs and high-roller gamblers to Australia by private jet.

The Greens MP Adam Bandt said while this conduct may not constitute a crime, it could possibly constitute corruption. Lambie declared there were “morally corrupt” politicians in the parliament.

Wilkie said the government’s Australian Commissioner for Law Enforcement Integrity inquiry was a “snow job” that was only “good as far as it goes” but could not directly investigate employees of Crown and other government agencies, such as the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation.

Meanwhile, the Crown oligarchs are printing ads:

There’s some hoi polloi for ya!  Read the Domain response here.

Go get ’em crossbench!

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  1. Jane Halton On the board FFS. Her of the Children Overboard scam. She actually looks like a rat too, demonstrating that physiognomy is not to be ignored.

  2. ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

    I use to think Lambie a fool and laughed at dopey Tasmanians for voting her in.
    But now I think her a shinning example of the kind of people we want,…nay really need in our Parliament.
    Now she has done her trade, she has become one of our best MPs

    • Mining BoganMEMBER

      Lambsie, Brick With Ears, car guy…they were lied to and triçked once and it hardened them all up to the reality of the gubmint. I’d rather have 50 of them and fist fights Italian style than what we’ve got.

    • “… Lambie a fool and laughed at dopey”
      Well, she would have to be, for she didn’t join the glorious party like you did. The fool chose the hard way to get in the “parliament”.

      • You can be a spoiler but without the architecture of a dominate party you won’t be able to intact any broad sweeping changes – see Sanders et al in the U.S.

        It took decades to change both political parties from within to forward the neoliberal agenda, not to mention the social perspective of those born into it without any reference points to the past.

    • I started thinking same few years back and same like you I thought same at the very beginning. Always happy to admit when wrong.

    • I like Lambie. She is a bit rough but I think she is there for the right reasons. If we had more like her and fewer professional politicians the whole process would work better.

      • Yes, she has really grown into the role. I like her no bs attitude and she’s not afraid to call the major parties out for weasel words and behaving badly.

        I also like Ricky Muir, good guy decent moral compass. Sadly he didn’t get re-elected.

    • Totally agree. I used to think she was an embarrassment and look down on her. That’s because I was (am?) a terrible fvckn snob.

      I was wrong.

      Now I think she’s brilliant. We really do need more like her!

      • Adapting to new information and being able to admit when wrong is a sign of intelligence.


      • Chapeau, mon ami. Me too.

        Professional politicians (Howard, Pyne et al) who’ve never had a real job and go straight from uni politics to parliament are a disaster for the nation. Not to mention political dynasties like the Downers. Ugh.

        More normal people and less narcissistic sociopaths who use office to enrich themselves FTW.

  3. SupernovaMEMBER

    Go “Crossbench”…..most of Australia are behind you and I hope the media will remain as well.

    • I don’t know why journo’s bother asking the opinions of LNP or Labor pollies. All they get is the regurgitated verbal vomit taught to them by the spin doctors and speech writers.