Communist Party China the new Nazi Germany?

So says Andrew Hastie, head of Parliament’s powerful intelligence committee:

“That intellectual failure makes us institutionally weak.

“If we don’t understand the challenge ahead for our civil society, in our parliaments, in our universities, in our private enterprises, in our charities – our little platoons – then choices will be made for us. Our sovereignty, our freedoms, will be diminished.

“The West once believed that economic liberalisation would naturally lead to democratisation in China. This was our Maginot Line. It would keep us safe, just as the French believed their series of steel and concrete forts would guard them against the German advance in 1940. But their thinking failed catastrophically. The French had failed to appreciate the evolution of mobile warfare.

“Like the French, Australia has failed to see how mobile our authoritarian neighbour has become. Even worse, we ignore the role that ideology plays in [Beijing’s] actions across the Indo-Pacific region.

“Our argument is not with the Chinese people themselves. We have many, many things in common, and we have many Chinese Australians here making a really invaluable contribution to our social fabric”.

A timely warning. The Maginot Line is a useful metaphor. But also a little misleading. CPC China has more in common with the Soviet Union and its system of gulags than it does the Nazis and its extermination camps.

That said, we’re only seeking to define differences in evil here, not kind. If you asked a Uighur or Tibetan, they wouldn’t care which label you used.

Angry China wasted no time in responding via its embassy:

“We strongly deplore the Australian federal MP Andrew Hastie’s rhetoric on ‘China threat’ which lays bare his Cold-War mentality and ideological bias.

“History has proven and will continue to prove that China’s peaceful development is an opportunity, not a threat to the world.

“We urge certain Australian politicians to take off their ‘coloured lens’ and view China’s development path in an objective and rational way.

“They should make efforts to promote mutual trust between China and Australia, instead of doing the opposite.”

I suggest the CPC simply do what it says it does and leave Australian sovereignty alone. Then we can do the same.

Meanwhile, the Fake Left Guardian, which just loves a multicultural tyrant, struck back with Labor’s China lacky’s:

On Thursday Labor’s shadow treasurer, Jim Chalmers, said Hastie’s comments were “extraordinary … extreme, overblown and unwelcome”.

Chalmers told Radio National Australia had to “navigate what are pretty complex and multilayered issues – to weigh up all of the economic, strategic and national security interests. And I think this type of intervention makes that task harder, not easier.”

He called on Morrison to clarify “whether this type of language is the government’s view or whether there are divisions in the government over the management of this really important relationship”.

Morrison told reporters in Townsville that Australia would “continue to have a cooperative arrangement with China” that was “far broader than just the economic [relationship]”.

“But equally our relationship with the United States is a very special one indeed and there’s a deep connection on values.

Hastie is responding to Chinese infiltration and corruption activities in Australian politics. He has every right to be angry about it. Not to mention, it has been grotesquely underplayed in the media from the beginning in some whacko effort to placate the CPC.

Good on him. As Malcolm Turnbull said, sunlight is the cure.

David Llewellyn-Smith
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    • The better analogy is the corrupt West to Britain and France in 1938-1940.
      Many in our political class have sold out to China, open corruption has been tolerated with Downer’s payment of $740,000 for the Port of Darwin, or Julie Bishop’s $500,000 “Glorious Foundation”.

      • Lots of balanced comments here. In fact every person commenting pretty well took the hook, line and sinker from Hastie.
        Do you people not understand how the world works? USA wants an airbase here, so as to not have too many protests or negative media(which is not possible as the media is rigged) our government which wants to pander to USA creates a propaganda campaign.
        If you find yourself unable to question or Doubt USA even for a second try to understand you have been brainwashed since a child to believe USA stands for justice and fights for freedom. A bit like a religious person who cannot doubt any part of the bible.
        China may be controlling but don’t be fooled Australia is also a police state were we are closely monitored, videoed and tracked by authority. USA is a country run by mega rich aristocratic senators closely linked to corporations, hardly free!
        Question is; In China can 99% of the citizens basically go about their lives as they choose according to the law? Can they date who they want, follow religion, play sport, start a business, own property, get schooling, hospitals etc. Compared to India the only similar country. Not so easy keeping the peace with 1.4 billion souls.

  1. Hastie is spot on in his assessment here, and already he is being crucified by the progressive fake left and money grubbing status quo seeking right. Someone has to stand up for the the integrity of this country – the Liberal and Labor parties sure has hell haven’t

    • I want to say I welcome the day when these useless hipster SJW types are marched in chains into a Chinese military-staffed Strayan prison – but actually I don’t, not unless we specifically round them up and mail them over there as a gift, in which case I’m good with that

    • So true! I hope we have the courage to resist as some in the country would sell us out no matter what. Probably have sold us out in some cases. Still no one, as far as I know, has taken Chairperson Dan to task on his belt and road sign up. Where is the ABC on this?? Good luck with hard brexit Boris.

    • Hmmm,

      What Hastie is saying is stock standard what the “money grabbers” will be saying with growing intensity. They need the small folk to rush to defend their money grubber interests from internal enemies not the Chinese.

      The so called Chinese Peril simply provides the pretext.

      If people don’t like China then stop trading with them and accepting capital from them!

      But the money grabbers and Hastie are no doubt not very keen on that idea.

      What they want to do is stop everybody else trading with China.


      Because they want Chinamen to have freedom and democracy?


      They are scared stiff of the competition and of alternatives to their control.

      Does that make China warm and fuzzy panda bears?


      • What Hastie is saying is stock standard what the “money grabbers” will be saying with growing intensity. They need the small folk to rush to defend their money grubber interests from internal enemies not the Chinese.

        Hmmm, well not quite.

        The issue is that the money grabbers ensure those calls don’t intensify

        And long enough for the public to be ignorant that there is in fact a Chinese Peril at all

        And if people don’t like China, then stop trading with them. Indeed ! And trade with who as an alternative, given those consumptions choices are never truly free once the money grubbers have effective control ?

        What they really want is China to stop being a totalitarian, fascist state that threatens our own institutions.

        Which is reasonable.

        Equivocation on this is unhelpful now as in the 1930s

      • “…What they really want is China to stop being a totalitarian, fascist state that threatens our own institutions…”

        Who is they?

        Hastie? The Liberal Party? The IPA? The ALP?

        I might be a bit too cynical these days but the Liberals have been running Australia for 17 out of the last 23 years which is the period when China really took off. That only happened with the agreement of the west and at no point did the Chinese ever promise anyone they were going to dance down the path to some form of warm and cuddly Liberal Democracy. China kept on being China and the west lead by the USA just kept on ignoring the bleeding obvious.

        These criticisms also apply to the ALP as they are as guilty as anyone of projecting globalist neoliberal fantasies onto China (and everyone else for that matter).

        And there is absolute nothing about those globalist neoliberal fantasies that should give an Eddy Burke Conservative or a small L liberal, anarcho syndicalist or a social democrat any comfort.

        If anything it is not surprising that neoliberal fantasists felt comfortable projecting a vision splendid onto China as they probably were quite impressed with what a strong authoritarian government could achieve. A big juicy new Singapore or Taiwan!

        Now that they have a case of buyers remorse, instead of actually disengaging from China until it actually reforms the way ‘we’ want it to, which is what ‘we’ should do if ‘we’ really believe the Hastie rhetoric, they are doing their level best to make a proxy war, at the very least, a near certainty.

        Australia could stop its coal and iron ore deliveries tomorrow morning.

        Australia could stop buying the cheap products of an authoritarian policy state where workers do what they are told and their pay is effectively docked for grand planning and mercantalist schemes tomorrow morning.

        If Hastie was saying that (or even some variant of it) then I would be more inclined to take him seriously.

        And at the same time as our pollies are huffing and puffing about China they are rushing off to India to find some new odious bed fellows .

  2. I’d say they’re a blend. Their economic system is more fascist than communist but their political system is pure Stalin.

    Our leadership class seem to be wilfully blind.

    Interestingly, Chinese historically have defined nationalism and citizenship by race, not by area. Hence their willingness to try to control the local Chinese population, many of whom have been here for a very long time and are definitely not CPC…

    • Tassie TomMEMBER

      So if there are enough Chinese-speakers (well, Mandarin-speakers) in Australia, is that the same as Russia’s duty of care to protect the Russian-speakers in Crimea?

  3. The CIA had the Whitlam government thrown out – don’t kid ourselves that we have sovereignty.

  4. Tassie TomMEMBER

    I’d be much more comfortable with Andrew Hastie as Prime Minister than I am with Scott Morrison. At least Hastie’s honest.

    • No he ain’t – he was involved in the mutilation of PoWs in Afghanistan, and then the coverup.

      • bobby bouygues

        No fan of Hastie in general ( agréé with him about China) but didn’t he raise concerns about the mutilation etc? I thought he came out quite well from the Afghan leaks stories

  5. Let’s at least have our eyes open, whilst we deal with a very powerful, very large, authoritarian regime.

    I think missiles in Darwin is too much; but strong laws, political transparency and warnings against complacency, are not.

  6. Even StevenMEMBER

    Hastie is spot on. Well done for calling out China’s increasing authoritarian behaviour.

  7. Hastie is correct.
    The Chinese regime is ‘Nazi’.
    They tick all the boxes 🔲✔️

    ‘Nazi’ is an acronym for The National Socialist German Workers Party.

    Left wing national socialists from their inception to their eventual defeat in WW2 — by the right wing libertarian conservative capitalist western and Soviet Union Leninist or pan ethnic communism.

    The Nazi ideology was Left wing national racially based socialist collectivism, as outlined in their party manifesto, speeches, contemporary media, economic & social policy and in the writings & memoirs of the surviving Nazi hierarchy after WW2.

    National (racially aligned & highly racist) left wing Socialism and ‘fascist’ (the word fascist means totalitarianism).

    ▪️Rascist, highly racist & intolerant of other ethnic groups cultures or ideologies 🔲✔️
    Socialist – left wing collectivism, the Chinese group before the individual. The Chinese group before other socialist regimes as well 🔲✔️
    Fascist – a military backed regime of dictatorship 🔲✔️

    Xi “Socialism with Chinese (racist & fascist) characteristics”


    All the communist regimes have now evolved to racist national socialism totalitarian or fascist regimes.

    Vietnam – highly racist National Socialist fascist military dictatorship.🔲✔️

    North Korea – highly racist National Socialist fascist military dictatorship.🔲✔️

    Cuba – racist & fascist left wing National Socialist military dictatorship. 🔲✔️

    Venezuela racist left wing fascist National Socialist military dictatorship. 🔲✔️

    Russia, Ukraine & the ‘Stans’ post soviet breakup..
    All highly racist left wing national socialist fascist dictatorship regimes.🔲✔️

    • I am reminded of what Adolf himself said about the difference between Communism and Naziism. He said “nationalizing the means of production” is a waste of effort, “just nationalize the people”.

      It is extremely easy to go from full Communism, to where China has gone, where the State no longer owns the means of production, but it owns everybody and gets to tell them what to do, just as effectively as if it owned “their” property. There is a bad-faith argument from the Left, that Naziism was “enabled by capitalist collaborators”, but if GM executives are ordered with a gun at their head, to produce Half-tracks for the army, is it “collaboration” to do so?

      • John Howards Bowling Coach

        Phil, in recent times they are trending the other way. I met with a few people late last year in Shanghai with my better half and they told us how they had had China government representatives added to their businesses along with a requirement to transfer some shares to the government to the point they had now decided to exit the country and hand over their businesses to the government. My better half’s parents, close to their 80s now, comment that it is feeling more like the time of Mao, living in China in present times.

    • drsmithyMEMBER

      The Nazis were left-wing socialists in the same way the Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea is, well, I’m sure you can figure the rest out.

  8. Oh please. Nobody said anything when the Chinese were throwing money around buying everything Australian and propping up our economy. Now that they have tightened their grip on their money the virtue signalling starts

    • Even StevenMEMBER

      You think the concerns of most of those posting here are about MONEY? I think you have completely misunderstood the situation.

      I would be happy to plunge our economy into recession to preserve our democratic freedoms.

  9. John Howards Bowling Coach

    Hastie is correct. I find him too right wing on a lot of issues, but regarding China he is almost the lone voice of reason on the issue in Parliament. I’d actually say he’s relatively balanced on the topic, I would have likely stayed away from the Comparisons with historical wars in Europe, albeit they helped him to make his point. Plenty of domestic battles in China throughout history actually show clearly the nature of the people, and more specifically those who throughout history have sought absolute power in the Middle Kingdom.

  10. robert2013MEMBER

    If the Chinese government is the problem and not the Chinese people then we should force all Chinese state owned businesses to sell their holdings in Australia. They should never have been allowed in in the first place. In future only demonstratively private Chinese enterprises should be allowed to do business here. Oh, and tear up the horrible FTA. That this will not happen shows we are already China’s lackey.

  11. Complex Carbon Unit

    Are they the new Nazis ? Fckn oath !
    I spent quite a bit of time here in oz with Chinese girls and some guys about 5 years ago, was a few really nice ones but the others OMG like computers with a virus ! The girls if you drive them home after they have had Beijing dumplings for dinner you will have to wear a gas mask in the car to protect your self from the halitosis, oh maybe that’s why they only have one kid !!!