China to acquire ADF health data?

It might just be that we are the dumbest people on earth, via Domain:

A Chinese company’s plans to take over healthcare giant Healius is raising concerns in Canberra because the deal could compromise Australian Defence Force medical records, including those of elite special forces.

…The ADF’s prized Garrison Health Services contract was last year won by British-based international healthcare group Bupa after previously being held by Medibank Private. As part of the new deal Healius was engaged as a sub-contractor to provide imaging services for the entire Australian Defence Force.

The change meant Healius was handed years of historical data on military personnel including names, dates of birth, addresses, referral notes, pathology results, images and radiology reports.

Retired major general and former Liberal senator Jim Molan said protecting military data was critical and warned it should only be held by a trusted source.

“Intelligence laws in China require any company, Hong Kong or China-based companies to act in the best interests, when required, of the Chinese government,” he said.

Block it.


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  1. BoomToBustMEMBER

    I really should not be surprised at how dumb we are, but yet I am. I always thought I was more pessimistic than this.

  2. The Chinese already have more detailed data from everyone in the US government, acquired via the Office of Personnel Management hack of 2016. This was only discovered by accident.

    To think the Chinese PLA have not already penetrated the Aussie government much deeper is naive. Indeed, it is foolish, since much of the data is now stored offshore via Indian firms like Tata and WiPro.

  3. Just think that on account of how many Chinese nationals are in Australia at any one time ie circa 1Million that at least several 100’s of them are potentially sleeper agents who only have to be given the nod to do away with ranking military personnel and politicians given a moments notice. Opportunity on a plate freely given purely because of the political imperative of doing away with unionised jobs (ie manufacturing),making a quick buck on real estate schemes and scams and selling off our education standards to the highest bidders.(also for a quick buck)
    ie all our governments (LNP in particular) choices about what sort of economy and society we have leads to this potential outcome. F’ng traitors the lot of them..