Are Chinese international students morphing into insurgents?

From Communist Party of China’s foreign ministry late yesterday:

“It is totally understandable and reasonable for Chinese students and other Chinese citizens overseas to express indignation and opposition against such words and deeds that attempt to separate China and smear its image’”

“Second, we also hope overseas Chinese can express their patriotism and protect themselves from harm.”

“Third, the Chinese government asks overseas Chinese to observe local laws and regulations. In the meantime, we hope relevant countries can understand and respect their legal activities and protect their lawful rights and interests.”

This after two CPC consulate-generals egged on violent local protestors in Australian cities recent weeks. Double standards anyone? On Monday the CPC ambassador blurted out:

“Foreign governments and entities should strictly abide by international law and basic norms governing international relations, not support violent radicals, not interfere in Hong Kong’s affairs and China’s internal affairs in whatever form.”

“Any attempt to mess up Hong Kong is doomed to fail. A prosperous and stable Hong Kong serves the interests of international community including Australia.”

“We sincerely hope that people from all walks of life in Australia will see the real picture of situation in Hong Kong, act in the interests of Hong Kong’s prosperity, stability and rule of law.”

So, it’s fine for Chinese students to suppress Hong Kong voices wherever they like but forbidden for anyone to support Hong Kong. The CPC appears determined to morph its student diaspora into a kind of anti-intellectual, anti-democratic insurgency worldwide.

Yet it is vital that we remember that these kids are neither intrinsically anti-democratic not anti-intellectual, they are the brainwashed subjects of the CPC, at The Australian:

An online community of young Chinese living around the world has morphed from a group set up to ridicule a Chinese soccer player to a Chinese communist party-backed movement targeting Hong Kong protesters.

The group called Di Bar, or D8, has joined forces with “Fan Girls” — who promote their celebrity idols in the online world — to hit back at Hong Kong protesters by flooding overseas social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram and posting eye-catching memes, slogans and posters in both Chinese and English.

China’s CCTV nightly news, the most watched news program in China and one of the favoured mediums for the state to promote government policy, on Sunday night praised the patriotism of Di Bar. Several other state media outlets echoed the praise.

Black is white. Up is down. Cold is hot. China has sovereignty. You do not.

Meanwhile, push back in the university sphere continues. Via The Australian:

Universities are “taking massive fin­ancial risks” through over­exposure to the Chinese student market that will prove costly if China has a financial crisis, a University of Sydney academic says.

In a paper for the Centre for Independent Studies, China scholar Salvatore Babones also accused universities of compromising Eng­lish language standards to boost international student enrolments. He said seven top universities — Melbourne, ANU, Sydney, UNSW, UTS, Adelaide and Queensland — relied heavily on international students for revenue and revenue growth and seemed to have “extraordinary levels of exposure to the Chinese market”.

The most China-reliant is the University of Sydney, which earned more than $500 million in Chinese student tuition fees in 2017, 23 per cent of its revenue, the report estimated. Others with high China exposure include UNSW (22 per cent of revenue) and UTS (19 per cent). “They should act now to mitigate the risk of a sudden revenue collapse by raising admissions standards and reducing international student enrolments,” said the report.

One can only marvel at the elasticity of the CIS which has spent the past forty years privatising everything not bolted down. Still, bravo! Government is listening, at the AFR:

Education department officials as well as national security and cybersecurity experts will meet university representatives on Wednesday to thrash out guidelines governing collaborative research, amid government concerns over growing Chinese encroachment.

Senior sources said the government was especially concerned with collaboration in such areas as artificial intelligence, quantum physics and some engineering disciplines.

In addition, the government worries that the access China has secured to the sector may have enabled the massive data breach at the Australian National University in late 2018, and only discovered in June, which resulted in two decades of student and staff date being accessed.

Slash immigration or, if you must, impose discriminatory immigration to resolve the issue once and for all.

Welcome to life under the world’s greatest tyranny.

David Llewellyn-Smith
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    • 1.361 million mainland born Chinese communists onshore.
      Time to get the internment camps & deportation process ready.
      We have 1.361 million Chinese mainland born communists onshore in Australia.

      1.213 million onshore in Australia are as non Australian Chinese Nationals on Chinese passports.

      Fact check & breakdown.
      ▫️238,000 Chinese mainland born communists as citizen grants/ Australia passports. (ABS)
      These are the early waves – many are old, sick, non contributing, on Australia welfare as the first wave of hard core communists in the ‘South Guangzhou’ colonisation of Australia. Many have been here a decade or more, no assimilation, no English, Chinese only enclaves.
      A social, healthcare & welfare burden.
      Now we stuck with these mainland born chinese communists given citizen grants, but a retrospective vetting program, tracking, surveillance is warranted given the constant media exposure of them as communist lobbyists, corroding our political parties or as Chinese lords of criminal & vice activity here.

      ▫️483,000 as Chinese Nationals on Chinese passports but granted PR – (ABS again). This is primarily from the Chinese Hukuo underclass being exported from the Chinese tier 1 cities to be our welfare & Medicare burden.
      $2k in Zhuhai buys an Australian PR.
      The Hukuo underclass are given priority, false documents, fake health checks, falsified ages & identities.
      China has over 100 million of these people to somehow resettle, the internal relocations app failed (eg the resulting ghost cities) so now the focus is on exporting their problem.

      I don’t think the Mb readership understand the sheer scale industry scale conveyor belt of this Chinese Hukuo trafficking. Literally a transplantion of 2nd generation Chinese peasantry from a mainland Chinese slum to an Australian Sydney or Melbourne Chinese slum.
      The trafficking run collaboratively by the CCP & Chinese criminal syndicates in exporting their socially undesirable to other countries.
      As ‘mules’ to carry & wash the Chinese criminal syndicates dirty money, to run or participate in the foreign crime & vice operations, to work illegally & repay the agent procurer loan debt repayments, for remittances, the Chinese slum clearance of the Hukuo, and actively supported at every level by the corrupt Chinese government officialdom in China First colonisation.
      No English, no assimilation, not even a pretence of a contribution, only here as China First communist colonists. And Australia somewhat uniquely graves them work rights, welfare, Medicare whilst they rental Chinese Nationals!
      A massive social, healthcare & welfare burden on the Australian people.

      ▫️340,000 TR (of the 1.8 million TR – DHA & VisaSure April 2019. Chinese mainland born communists on Chinese passports as fake ‘students’ or partners, fake skilled, fake regional, fake whatever visas – also the Hukou underclass trafficked in to work illegally or in vice. Again a massive social and economic burden to Australian society.

      ▫️130,000 Chinese mainland born communists as NZ SCV (of 696,000) trafficked in via the NZ SCV passport stamp loophole, NZ being one of the ‘stepping stone’ routes to get into Australia. (DHA & NZ Stats) yet another social & economic burden.

      ▫️Another 150,000 or more Chinese mainland born communists on Chinese passports as illegally working & living tourist & visitor visa holders. (Of 440,000 or 5% of the 8.8 million Chinese Indian etc so called tourist visitors working illegally- Aust Parliamentary submission) Long stay & repeat stay.
      A social and economic burden.

      ▫️Plus at least 20,000 Chinese mainland born communists as overstayers. (Of 65,000 DHA). Same.


      => That’s 1.36 million Chinese mainland born communists in Australia of which over 1.1 million are non Australian citizens as Chinese 🇨🇳China First🇨🇳mainland born communists.

      90% (ABS) or 1.2 million Chinese mainland born communists in just 2 cities – Sydney & Melbourne, in vast Chinese only non assimilated slums.

      Of which at least 1 million who should never have been allowed in.

      These Chinese destroy jobs, wages, housing, education, our infrastructure, social amenity, the environment, congestion & overload our water & electricity.

      They are the epi-centre of foreign run criminal activities in vice, drugs. crime, money laundering & black market. They corrupt our politicians and have no loyalty to Australia, only China.

      They are a social, economic, political & security threat to all Australians.

  1. “Protect their lawful rights and interests” – you guys have some great protections over there in the west, which we can’t try to dismantle quick enough in HK. OK thanks, got it.

  2. The Horrible Scott Morrison MP

    You’re missing the point. What about the diversity of restaurant food we have?

  3. reusachtigeMEMBER

    I hope we get the Chinamen system imposed here as it will allow me to build my profits in property while giving me some power to crush dissenters, whatever and whoever that may be, as I’ll join up so as to increase my profits further!

  4. Hill Billy 55MEMBER

    so, we’ll just sell more dirt, um – to China. Oops, Houston, we have a problem!

  5. I pretty sure The Centre for Independent Studies has tried to privatise everything that is bolted down too.

  6. SnappedUpSavvyMEMBER

    Every rub and tug shop is a PLA cell, explains the rough hands ruesa complains about

  7. It really all comes down to your position on HK.
    Is HK just another part of China OR is HK something special?
    Ask any HK citizen and you’ll hear just how different HK is and why they’re so much better
    Ask almost any Mainland Chinese and they see HK as a part of China, no different from any other part expect for the fact that it was stolen from them by the British after the Opium wars, this was China’s greatest shame, a wrong that needs to be righted.
    So when HK students in Australia tell Mainland students in Australia that they’re better than them …well it doesn’t go down well.

    Personally I love HK just the way it is, it’s HK and it’s like nowhere else in the world so yes if you ask me personally it needs to be left alone, a kind of treasure, a global heritage area that it’d be sinful to lose. BUT trust me I know plenty of rich mainland Chinese that would gladly give up all their wealth if China’s national shame wrt HK could be undone.
    Whichever way you view this it’s an issue that both sides are passionate about, and that means that your cold hard logicalism has little place in this discussion, In the end passions will boil over and the heart will have its way.

    • No, it really doesn’t come down to your position on HK
      It comes down to your position on Australia.

      • Australia has the absolute right to impose Australian laws within Australia, no one is questioning this.
        but last I checked HK wasn’t part of Australia. so what’s your point?

      • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

        And your position on Democracy v Authoritarian military dictatorship.

        Of Course HK should remain part of China.
        A Democratic China

    • Even StevenMEMBER

      And in the meantime, deportation for anyone breaking the law in Australia – whether they are ‘impassioned’ or not.

      Respectful protest is fine. Violence is not.

      You would be amazed how quickly they would toe the line once a few examples are made. After all, they’ve been doing that all their life.

      • I’ve got no problem with that ,but I suspect if this is your solution than you’ll need to go one step further and deport anyone engaged in deliberately taunting the other side.
        Passions are a matter of the heart.

      • “if this is your solution than you’ll need to go one step further and deport anyone engaged in deliberately taunting the other side.”

        Sure. I’d put them on seats next to each other on the first flight out.

      • bolstroodMEMBER

        It is what e do to Kiwis, so why not other nationalities.
        Calling Minister Dutton, Calling Minister Dutton there are 5th columnists in the country, and they do not all work for Murdoch.

    • Ronin8317MEMBER

      The issue is not HK independence, it is Carrie Lam being a complete idiot, but she remains in place in order for Beijing not to ‘lose face’. Just arrest her on some triumphed up corruption charge ( like one of her predecessor), and the protest movement will go away.

      Nobody with sense will push through an HK extradition treaty with China in the middle of a US-China trade war, and close to a Taiwanese election as well. I honestly believe she is suffering from early onset of dementia.

    • Hong Kong was meant to be autonomous until 2047.

      Britons took some new territories on a 99 year lease and handed those back in 1997.

      Not sure why the PLA can not let Hong Kong remain autonomous until 2047 or 2097.

      A lot of mainlanders go to Hong Kong to buy baby milk powder – because the mainland is so corrupt. But if Hong Kong comes directly under PLA rule, it just becomes like the mainland with widespread corruption and poorly constructed buildings.

      Post-handover, the colony of Hong Kong became the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR) and for official purposes is a part of China. But, for all intents and purposes, it is allowed to operate as an independent country.

  8. Let the fake education system die. What kind of country builds its economy on an ‘industry’ that grants worthless qualifications to foreigners who in any case are only coming to leech off the welfare system. This is beyond crazy

    • The fake Chinese police cars intimidating people needs to be sorted IMO. In most countries I lived in that’d be an offence and you’d end up in big trouble if not jail. Is this the tip of them taking over even more? If a foreigner steps out of line in China they will go to jail or worse….how is it ok here??

  9. TailorTrashMEMBER

    Are straya’s lemon chickens coming home to roost .?……….hate to think what an insurgeny might look like in a real conflict ……..and it will come …

  10. I realise this will sound overblown to many, but I think the parallels with nazism are becoming too hard to ignore. They even have their own hitler youth now. Not bad people, but subjected to such a pervasive program of indoctrination and propaganda from birth that they are moved to engage in political defence of the Fatherland (by violent means if necessary) even while studying abroad. The violence inflicted in subduing and maintaining their “natural” territories in the borderlands – how is this qualitatively different from, say, the Sudetenland or the Anschluss? They even have a parallel narrative of national humiliation on which to draw. Remember Germany’s “stab in the back”?

    Btw, let’s get real about HKG. It would be less than nothing without the British takeover. The Hong Kongers of today are by and large economic or political refugees from other parts of China, drawn to the opportunities offered by the Hong Kong created by the British. I don’t condone the theft of the territory Hong Kong by Britain, but let’s dispense with the BS that it’s the physical location that’s important. Once China takes over it’ll be nothing again. And they’ll be fine with that.

    • John Howards Bowling Coach

      McPaddy I feel that the symbolism of HKG is very important to the CPC. It shows the domestic market they are able to push back and take back from the outside world, to win against the world, to have the might to grasp what they feel is their birthright and that is a powerful message also to embolden the people as well as threaten the globe. By extension then the creeping takeover of the South China Sea for example has gotten a precedent.
      Secondly I feel that HKG is important to the CPC because it is such a financial success and shows Chinese getting rich and influencing the world by extension, an example that the CPC likes to show, as now the western world have made China rich through allowing them to cheat in the WTO, they have as much fake money as they can print to engage in financial invasion war (no need to fire a bullet when you already own Australia for example).

      For mine, HKG is great but partly lost already, it’s charm is gone, washed away in a flood of rich mainland crooks and tourists.


    Some interesting context here. It’s so easy to fall into the trap of letting the CCP represent “China” in your mind. After all, that’s what they want you to think. And it’s what they focus all their efforts on convincing their own subjects to think. And that’s what we’re predisposed to think. But it’s wrong. Hong Kong proves it.

      • The CCP doesn’t represent China any more than ScoMo represents me or Australians as a whole. Same for Trump and Americans. At least in those latter cases we have some basis for linking the leaders to the nation as they were elected by at least something close to a majority of the population in a free election (with all the usual caveats). In the CCP’s case, we have even less evidence to support their legitimacy. Once you strip away the propaganda, Chinese people are pretty clear eyed about what the CCP represents.

  12. John Howards Bowling Coach

    I find it almost ironic that the the Hongkies are going mad to protect themselves from being extradited in a way because from my understanding those with the most to fear are the 100s of 1000s of rich Mainland Chinese crooks hiding their money and themselves in HKG. Given they are uncivilised and the Hongkies hate them with a passion they would largely by happy to see them all marched back over the border to be punished and their ill gotten gains extracted by the CPC.
    My sometimes better half has a sort of friend who is essentially hiding out in Australia, husband in the clink back in China, who departed to HKG with a lot of ill gotten gains, and is unable to visit home, as I suspect she’d be arrested as well. She’d be very put out if their was an extradition treaty in place, personally I’d love to see the back of those types, Australia might be well served signing up an extradition treaty of their own, or putting something in place to allow the 1000s of Chines criminals living here to be deported.