Angry China slams Australia over diplomatic hostage

Via The Australian:

China has told Australia to “stop hyping up” the case of arrested Chinese-Australian writer Yang Hengjun as concern grows in Australia over his detention and treatment in Beijing.

“We urge the Australian side to respect China’s judicial sovereignty, stop hyping up the issue and pressuring China and stop interfering in any way in China’s handling of the case,” Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman Geng Shuang said last night.

Mr Geng hit out at recent criticisms in Australia over the case calling them “baseless and irresponsible.”

The CPC is a charming beast. Greg Sheridan is onto it:

Yang, though only just formally arrested and indeed not yet formally charged, has been in a harsh form of detention for six months. His real crime is to be modestly in favour of democracy. Payne reminded Beijing of its human rights obligations, including not to engage in torture.

…Beijing here is completely unreasonable. An Australian citizen is detained in inhumane conditions for six months, then formally arrested for espionage, and our Foreign Minister makes clear there is no espionage and asks Beijing to live up to its international obligations. I can’t wait for the wilder reaches of the China lobby to now tell us how ill-advised Payne has been and how we must respect differences in political culture and all the usual cliches.

…We can never know all of Beijing’s motivations. However, Beijing has a history of “hostage diplomacy”, arresting citizens of nations it is having arguments with. This is obviously the case with two Canadians in custody in China, one of them a former diplomat and respected semi-official interlocutor with Beijing officials. Very often, these cases involve foreign citizens of Chinese ethnicity, such as Yang. Beijing believes it has authority over all ethnic Chinese in the world.

No one has made more foolish or dismaying comments in this whole area this week than Michael Spence, the vice-chancellor of the University of Sydney. While acknowledging there is a legitimate debate about Australia’s national interest in relation to China, he argued that some of the debate was taking on the tones of the White Australia policy. This is untrue, and grievously irresponsible, rhetoric. Spence claims he is worried some ethnic Chinese students feel the debate is waged against them. I think that can be a real problem. It would be good therefore to call the Chinese government by its correct name, the People’s Republic of China, so the word Chinese is not used both for a nation-state and an ethnicity.

Damn right. Time to flush the unis of CPC influence.

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  1. – Time for Spence to go. He interviews badly, as well. University of Sydney deserves a VC with much stronger cognitive skills.

    • Strange EconomicsMEMBER

      He gets say $ 1 million per year (from the 50% foreign students) and his shallow analysis is to play the racist card like in a primary school debate.

      Can’t they find say a PhD to pay 10% of this too that can do better?

  2. So we need to “respect China’s judicial sovereignty” while China completely disrespects “its human rights obligations, including not to engage in torture” not to mention diplomatic norms. Do as we say you Aussie bitches!!

  3. Ronin8317MEMBER

    Using the word ‘judicial sovereignty’ in this case is a complete farce. The anti-spy law, passed in 2014 allows for indefinite detention without charge. so a person will be detained indefinitely until they admit to being a spy.

    • 2+2=5
      The Party’s will is all; objective reality only exists insofar as it conforms to the Party’s program.

  4. Why would someone who has twisted the panda’s tail think they can go back without issues? Not smart must be a real stralyan?

    • Fair comment.

      It requires cognitive gymnastics to treat China as a country that shares Australian or western values and secular process while it flashes a big neon sign at us that it has no interest in such things.

      This delusion is required to do business with China. To those filling their pockets criticism of China is dressed up as racism and ignorance as they are imagined to be everyone’s equal, when in terms of basic human right they are quite obviously not.

      If you believe this sort of fluffy tosh you best also have ambition for anonymous martyrdom if you play with the CCP.

      Pulling away from China is the only way to make it reform . If it ever will, this will come from within. And that is the right of the Chinese people to determine – not us.

      But filling your pockets and pretending to be naive about the CCP is simply pathetic. Australia has been led by the nose to a period of systemic risk by pretend do-gooders who are only really interested in loot and their deregulated economy. I dislike them far more than the CCP.

      • In a hypothetical situation if government employee of Yang Hengjun’s ranking working for US State Department defected to Iran or China then years later landed back at JFK airport in New York as if nothing had happened, do people honestly think that individual would not be thrown by the FBI in the slammer?
        And why was he residing in the USA dabbling in the Diagou trade?
        Is he one of those Chinese who collects foreign passports and residency right like some people collect stamps?
        There’s more to this story than I feel the media is reporting,
        According to this Herald report he went back to China for Diagou trade reasons.
        He DEFECTED from China, then thinks all is forgiven & forgotten.
        What was this guy thinking!
        I prefer the old cold war defections – the rule was one never went back!

        • Yep. If you speak to well informed and connected Chinese they totally accept that a tidal wave of dodgy stuff is happening that requires western nations to be asleep at the wheel – and stay asleep. This largely depends upon the conjoined Left and Right narrative of peace, love and free trade without looking too closely at the consequences. I suspect that those like Yang Hengjun started to believe in the western rhetoric too much, just as people like Paul Keating trot out the miracle of Chinese development as if smiles, trade tours and koala hugging is all there is to the issue.

          A couple of months back I made a comment on MB to the effect that the Chinese economic miracle was almost 100% dependent upon western technology and science that has been shared willingly (and not so willingly) with China. That some do-gooder jumped on this comment as ‘racist’ tells you everything you need to know about how historical reality has been supplanted by rhetoric and fairyland thinking and an ignorance of history.

          There has been an industry of technology transfer to China from the west. China has been absolutely dependent upon it and its state apparatus wants to see that continue – fair or foul. The penny has finally dropped with some nations that the West cannot compete against itself. Industrial espionage is rampant and encouraged by the CCP. In Australia we have not even got to first base – the ANU’s troubles are the tip of the iceberg. This is the reality of “Globalisation” that our politicians have deluded themselves into believing is in out best interest.

          It’s time for the delusion to end. Cool headed analysis is required before a clash of irrational ideology on either side brings this to a crisis and a hot war. The worst thing we can do is to live in deluded bubbles we create. China has every right to form its domestic and international policy, but western nations must also do so in a way that reflects reality, ethical standards and the interests of their own people.

          To date our politicians have sold out and dumbed down the community with simplistic advertisements of what globalisation and trade with China means. We’ve been sold down the Yellow River. Yang Hengjun is a dodgy canary in a very fetid coal mine full of methane.

    • Jevons ghostMEMBER

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    • St JacquesMEMBER

      I find it very amusing. It just shows what pathetic knuckeheads the Western elite who led us into this situation are.