ABC Q&A blames victim of Chinese international student thugs

Via News comes ABC Q&A at new lows:

Appearing on Q&A on Monday night, UQ philosophy student Drew Pavlou told the panel he had been assaulted by a “co-ordinated group of thugs” after helping to organise the protest on July 24.

[Tony Jones said]…”To be clear, there have been reports you also were sending some pretty inflammatory social media postings to the pro-Chinese students. Did the situation in the case of your demonstration become inflamed because both sides were behaving intolerantly?”

With a wry smile on his face, Mr Pavlou responded.

“Look, that’s a really, really embarrassing question, I think, Tony,” he said.

“I went into the protest completely peacefully. Look, I may have responded to death threats by being a bit immature and responding with insults but the fact that I went in as a peaceful protester and was assaulted by a co-ordinated group of masked thugs and I’m being called a violent protester and you’re saying that there is violence on ‘both sides’ it reminds me a bit of Trump, ‘there is fine people on both sides’ in the whole Charlottesville debacle. You know how it is.”

Mr Pavlou claims, after organising the protests at UQ, he was hit with a dozen death threats from people supporting the Chinese Communist Party and his enrolment was questioned by the university.

Perhaps Ita Buttrose has the answer:

Buttrose attended an Aussie Home Loans conference on Monday, appearing on a panel with ANZ boss Shayne Elliott and Aussie founder John Symond, moderated by Nine business editor Ross Greenwood.

Asked about the leadership upheaval at the broadcaster over the past year, Buttrose noted such changes were usually unsettling for staff – but particularly at the ABC.

“Creative people, the kind of people who work at the ABC, are very sensitive people,” she said.

“You’ve got to understand that – that’s why they do the sort of things that they do.

“So they’re a little more fragile than some workers. They have to be patted a bit, and reassured that all is well,” Buttrose said to laughter.

Or perhaps Tony just know who his new masters are, also at News:

Tony Jones is the man who gave us one of Australia’s finest traditions: screaming at the television on a Monday night while tweeting with enough anger to break your phone screen with your thumbs.

But now, the host of ABC’s weekly Q&A program has announced his intention to step down.

The 63-year-old presenter said he would “reluctantly” give up his role as the show’s main host before the end of 2019, The Australian reports.

He will travel to Asia with his wife, fellow ABC presenter Sarah Ferguson, as she takes on a new role as the ABC’S China bureau chief.

Ahh, the Fake Left, raging about injustice on the way to Davos via Beijing.

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    • Yeah he was, but in a balanced PC kind of way so that makes it alright. Love and peace man, love and peace!

  1. Good reporting MB. Couldn’t believe Tony Jones on the ‘Tony Jones Show’ was so shameless in responding to this questioner. Then linking it to Ita’s comments.. priceless.

  2. If they could just be straight up Honest & cut through the BS as they’re paid to do (& is all the people want), they wouldn’t need all that artful dodger ‘creativity’ layering! Or the concomitant meltdowns, but sociopaths are going to be sociopaths……

    Oh, but Ita sucked Jimmy in too –

    • For anyone too lazy to click the link

      Tony Jones is moving to china at the end of the year to pursue new opportunities

    • He might currently be waiting for Chinese government approval of his journalist visa. He will need to demonstrate that he is a ‘friend of China’ for them to let him in.

      • I very much doubt he is leaving his 400k/yr job working 1hour a week to be a freelancer in china

        They’re paying him

        A lot

        There is no doubt about it

      • C.M.BurnsMEMBER

        his wife is taking up the China Buereu positon for the ABC. So thats why he is moving.

        But I agree that he will likely end up with one of the other international broadcasters (also in China), or working in some sort of PR/Advisory/Consulting role for Chinese companies

        either way, he definitely needs to be on Poo Bear’s good side

      • China bureau pay < his current salary , not to mention the current salary of his wife

        Not to mention the compensation they would want to live in an ugly, dirty, soulless hellhole like china instead of Sydney’s prestige suburbs with all their abc friends and sycophants

        I’m thinking $1,000,000 + but that’s probably conservative

    • Should see all the Chinese trolls on smh comments section, people like Bob Sydney, David Smith, they always go down the path of “look at the US, CIA” , please don’t look at China, we are good people

    • They’re not communists. Just greedy, gutless weaklings who know which way the wind is blowing.

      Cowards, the lot of them!

    • Funny how anyone who wants to discuss an issue is instantly labeled. Being subjective requires looking at the data and commenting on the good and the bad side of facts about the issue. I believe someones intellect will decide just how subjective they can be. I have never been a fan of China but found myself commenting on China’s side as our Israeli sourced media is up to it’s old propaganda tricks of promoting USA and denigrating China. The whole reason we are all talking down China over the last few yeas is to then soften us up to make an excuse for a US airbase and US control over it’s vassal Australia.
      There is only one real threat to Australian sovereignty, they control who governs us, they control what the masses believe and think. Kevin Rudd said it himself, this is no theory!
      Imagine if they took out their own Pentagon to cover the truth about to be revealed what they would do to us if the need be.

      • You should look up the meaning of subjective. Either silly replies or labels. Even if a word was incorrect nitpicking an argument based not on the content is exactly what I mean when talking of intellect.